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March 25, 1921     The Palouse Republic
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March 25, 1921

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192i; their ~esourceswere loss {,ban January 1, 1919. GRIEF GENERAL NEWS q?ll~~ Washington sta~e auditor says ,:[o~e Io ,qT,000 soldier:~' bonlls v~avrants will be issued. Andrew Bonar Law, lord of the privy seal, has resigned from ttw British cabinet. I11 health was given as the reason. Japan will stand firmly on her maw date over the island of Yap, Viscoum l'elxid~, foreign minister, declal'ed t~l a meeting of a diet committee. ('hwa Smith }lumen was acquitted on a eharge of murdering Jake I,. Humeri, Oklahama republican national committeeman and millionaire oil man. Dr. F~rank W. Gunsaulus, noted ~du- eat;or, preacher and writer, and since 18:~2 president of the Armour Instilute of Technology. died suddenly a~ his iu Chicago. By a vote of 21,482 to :'07 union workers ]n Chicago packing plants wellt on record ill favor of a strike if Ihay arc "/inable to induce ~he packers to maintain tile eight-hour work day." The railroads operating west ot Chi- cago have voluntarily reduced lh*~ rates on lumber fron'~ the Parific cons! a.s far east as Pittsburg. The reduc- tion amounts to aholtt $2 a thousand feeT~ I U, $, IN 30 0HTSS / NEEDS 17 BILLI0H$t Weeks Declares That Task Is Greatest Ever Undertaken In Peace Times. Pittsbtn'g, Pa.--Some~.hing like $17,- 000,000,000 must be provided by the federal government will, in 30 month~ to meet its running expenses alld re- funding operations, Secretary Weeks declared here in an address before ~tle Pittsbt~rg chamber of c~mmerce. "This," he said, "is a greater task than was ever nndertaken by any na- tion in time of peace ~nd there is no one who does not ~,icw the prosl)ec~ with more or less alarm. I~ is the height of folly to undertake new com- mitments if they can be avoided." The secretary discussed economy In government operations, recognition of tedera2 activities in Washington, alien dud the tarifL He m-ged repeal of the excess proflls tax, declaring that with falling prices it v,'a.s not a.n effective tax- tie said there were In- numerable inslanccs where concerllS which made large profits in 1919, pay- Ing a tax on these profits, lost. so. l~tflch dul'il~a, 1970 t.ll~;v 1~ II ~~'eth~"tFer: il __ El ~fl s..,.hi.,, ca,. li ~a~ho,~. il. Ro,~e. I ~ I ~ cups granu} || ~ed .~ugnr, 2!} II ~i~k~n~ II ~~,. 1 ,e~= than thirty yeaz s. II ~.__ _.~_ | GERMANY WINS " .... .... " o !-~ %o .., ill/{l ' IN UPPEN SILESIA':' LO :. :i: -'- :i: Electric Cooking is one of the greatest modern aids to housekeeping. Science has proved a saving in weight, and hence cost, .','. of meats electrically roasted, sometimes as high as thirty -_-- per cent, The G-E ranges have made scientific cookery a - reality, saving a world of time, labor, discomfort and - inconvenience. 13 The G-E electric range involves no new methods of cook- cry, but insures better and more uniform results. These ranges can be had with or without warming closer, with high (w low oven, and with arrangement of vegetable = cookers anti hot-plates to su/t your requirements. All types of G-E range are thoroughly practical and reliable. We have them at a variety of prices to suit almost every ~rse. Water Power Co ~Ynt LOVed ~w h( a~e t( O:O ~'8. ~e,-,,,a., ~, ,,,,~ pe,'eeot. ":" dispose of our entire line of International Harvester Z ,0~y In I-]irlden])ur'g tile Germans cast **-~ ~,,.~:,, ,-~tos to ~,.,.~, ~,, ,he ,'o,os. , company goods below cost. :!: ,,,,, while iu Kreuzburg the German ,vote , ld I}it W~S 33,980 to 155(; for the Poles o O_ le ~,, ', ~. ha ............)ppeln--Ent,,nt~ for'es i,, lpper 0": Here Are a Few of the Przces: "~ ~, Silesia will pronlptlv suppress any el- 0~,0 o 0~0 ~ e,-,~ fort on the. part of ,.he Polish army to ~* "I a..~.u o.-~.~ ,~l~w *12o DO .:. b,o,, override the decision ia the plebiseit.e, ~ -I-at:'lllk*ll e,'~'~ v,,, ..................... ,+" v,..--. .f. i000~ or to antie.ipai, tlte action o~: the court- '0~0 1 n V,',,,+ h,',,,~,l,~ dkqo drill ~(-~ '1'~ ,~, &'. ~xs cc rd|n ~ l.k/ l.k)t3t~ Llk3t,tUl% ~OLI,_~., ~.a~-*aa ~wv,.~.VV c'l Of alnbassadors in Pa '" a. 'O g O~, " " ..................... ;~; bee! to Genez'al Lerond, head of the inter- ~ ,--, * . t ~ 1" 1 "1 I ,~"~,",,~",~ f,~t,~ ~ allied plebiscite commission He said O:* ~'IO0~ (IOUDIe Glee Grill ~UU,UU *t* [~a .... I0 ......................... ,~. |- oe rumors That the Poles bad been .on- [O=O . ~ -- ,, r, ,'~ . "~ ~'~ -~ ~ ~2" ~e i centrati~;g ;.~ army";n the Silesi~al~ One and one-halt H. ~', engine _ _ ~o.oo,=- .i- [~07 frontier was "wlmlly without fo!Jnda .O .... ~,~ A ~ '~,Oa [th n tins" .... , ::'1 3-inch Webber wagon ............. 175.00 3.~3 K ':Should they ero.~s the tmraer," con- } o ......... o , 00 ~0 tinued General l~rond, ' they would be { ~ 0 | ." 0 * ~I, ~et by machine ~,,~ an,l r,~e~. Anew'-l'i* .-~.-- ~ -- " " "- "1 ...... "--- *;*i C01 ica and the rest of *he world may[o:o utner Articles in L,I~e r'roporuon ..** l-" depend nllOll me to mainta.ill the old- I O~0 / t~nte'~ win here" IX . . , , :t { HARDING UPHOLDS T 1:- :; ouuituAn/uf..utoiuil 1;~; W ~ 1H~ ~ Iolfl~ 1~1 ~1~ IF~ ii~ ;$; }", -~- Washington D. C.--The deeision of{ ~ ~ | ' . . O~q* qi.'O Chief Jttstlce Willie in the Pall~tlIla, I . PALOU$E, WASH. I i~ Cosla Ric, a boundary dispute "must be ] 04~0 " " ' 0~.0 ,, ~. the uu',aterable pomtlon of the Umted ] o~ ..... ,, A.. ,,,. .... ,*~ ["~" States government, President Harding ] ;:~::":~~**"z:e~`.:~:~.*~:":*:~::":::~*~:z*~";;";`.;9?;~;;~.:i:"~ ~ [ .... .e~ta,.a in ~eply ~o a~ a.pea, *tom I ............ .... i / President Porras of Pauama. { } | tte expressed regret that Panama[ {I " " should Iesl wounded by the deci,ion, { l! [ | described by Perry8 as "peiaful and | [I .,-~.. T~ ~1,1 II * I ~{ hum!llat'ng;h~n. " " "~1 il ! !1 t t2heaper tmn wasn ng o2 =; I /I at Iome I{ ' partment awaited Panama's reply t*I {I i { Its note. Costa Rica has accepted the ] We have htaugurated thNET WASH system in our laundry, White award, i ...... hO wish to do ...... President Porras recalled the ex { making it possxble for znoset tllelr own S~al'~Dlllg pressLons of frieRdship for Pauama] and ironing to have theh. ~hing done at a minimum cost. We ,lven by Mr ttarding ]a,st November ! . . " " " "" " - ' " a i will call for your fanuly wh and dehver it adam to your home, ~, (siring nzs visit tJaere ann vmcea , hope that the Panamaniau people doing the work at a miairm cost of 75 cents for 90 pounds, mlghi nnt be d~s,tppomted In ?hew " , , "s' " " " Twenty pounds will c~wthe average family wash, so you are 1 faith in tile new a,dministration. To , i lids t'resident ttardiug r~newed his getting your week s wamg done f0f 7~ cents. avowals of vordiality, but added ~hat Call us over thehone or call at the laurtdry and we will the ex~reise of frieudly retat/ons al- ways mus, be ,~,mpered by, explain the plan to y, or, better yet, try the plan out by ltaving_ .............................. us do your wa~hinWxt week. TW0 DIE IN BIG EXPLOSION Palous, @team Laundry = Spontano~s Combustion Caused De. atruction of Armour Elevator. James J. Davis of Plttsborgt'b who elephone 62 ('hicag( ...... Two persons are known is secretary of labor in Pr'e~ident Hard- " .... lug's cabinet, t ...... "' to be dead alld folar other's &re nllSS --- : ....... = ..... = ,, ' " ..... J ing ill lhe grain dust explosion which ~ ' : ...... -- rocked South (Thieago and wrecked one Dr'DCUIMfi ~PflDE~ ]............ Sr of the world's largest grain elevatorg. [[-I1OllillU OUUIII.O { The elevator, which consistoM of steel I - --_ ' and eoncrete tower% wa,s located in{ I/IFN IGiTITi]RSll - . th sonttlerll otltsRirts of the city o~{ ,,==,~=,. ,=~.--=-=~--~r, ,* the hanks of the Calumet river. I,i .................... ~(,'as built a,t a ebst of more than $10..]' N~xv York,--General John J, Persh- 000,000 and was operated by the{ ing, ~peaking before a crowd which 1' Armour Grain eo~npany, i paeked Ma~lison Square (larden at one ]~. J. C. McDonnelL chief of the fire l)re~'entlon bureau, said his investiga- ties had convinced him the explosi(m was due to spontalleous combustion. Euglneers said damage to the el~ vat,or would approximate $1.,500,000.' The value of the grain destroyed was estimated at $1,000,000. 856 Oregon Msn In R=nks Wounded. Salem, Or.~A total o~ 856 Oregon men, who served in the ranks during the recent war, were wounded accord- ing to statistica compiled by AdJu. taut. General White. This list doe~ not include wounded, officers nor en. listed men serving in the maline corp~ or the navy, which is expected to brtn~ the total I~ ~pproximately 1000. 24 B~lieved Dead In Irish Di,orde~ Dublin,~"A bl~ck week end" ha~ just been experienced by the crowr forces in IreIRnd. According tO o~ ficial report, 11 members of the gov ernment forces were killed and 1] wounded in a~bushe~, whUe tt la be lieved 18 as~tlmatl~ were Iddle~ &n~ of the greatest patrlolie demonstra- tions here since the signing ef the- armistice, bitterly (tone, unreal' persons of foreign birth wllo seek {he freedom of this country 1,,) spread "political and warlike propaganda" 1o weakml Lile ties of friendship estab]ish~l be- lween the United States and its allies in the wa/'. The meeting ~as hehl under the auspices of fhe Amerieau Legion and other patriotic societies as a protest against the recent mass meeting ar- ranged to voice objection to the pres- , ence of French colonial troops In oc- cupied Germany described as the "hor- ror of the Rhine." {;olonel Frank Galbraith Jr., na- tional commander of the American Legion. presided. Tennea=ee Will Honor Tailor Preaident Nashville, Tenn.~4~ bilI appropr[ab tug $15,000 for the purchase and pres- ervation of the Little building iu Gree~ ville, Tenn., which Andrew Johnson, 17th president, used as a tailor shop before his entrance Into politics pas~m(j the legl~ttu~. ............................. " i-.7 .:Z :L~..L:.,2..,