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March 25, 1921     The Palouse Republic
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March 25, 1921

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W.~ .....~ ,.~.. la ,,aronylism that is rapidly sup-1 Ill r'AIII'R/O LUOE [plan,ing theparent. The childrenI _ lare being fed and clothed by the state~' DONIROL OF P, HILOB[N~.hi~,,l is,,l~ocaring'or thoirintellee- .................... !tuai and moral training We have! ......... i becolne so enamored of the suprelne IL is believed by many, and with po\vcr of i)ub[ic opinion !list we el- good reason, tim! the paren| of toda.'v most believe a little girl can be kept is ;lot exercising the same care and at- sure, a little boy preserved in hones- tention over his children as was done ty, by a majority vote. in the days of one or two generation~ "Recently in one of our large cities ago. In this connection there ha:, th0 bed) of ;t young girl was taken been brought to our attention an ar- from the river and brought to the tiele published in an eastern news- public morgue. The next morning Paper, dealing with this subject in ~ ovec two hundred me!hers called to manner which should drive home '~ ~ee the body Two hundred mothers few troths. The arlieleis as follows" "'More laws are urged to save wha~ little is left: of the family. It is freely ~;and frankly admitted that ~l),e founda- tion of society is crumbling. The hearlded panaceas have failed. The little red school house, the juvenile Court, the municipal playground and swimming pool have disappointed. All of which points a serious lesson if the "nlany idle adults who have ~, mania for theorizing about the morals of human beings" will only learn., '%Vhen the natural and Divine law are set aside, no civil statutes can take their place. The primary auth- ority over the child reposes in par- eats. When parents lose control over their child, or the state arrogates the Parental rights of authority, a fah, e Position and relationship is created The tendency to magnify the power of civil authority over the individual IaUst cause apl)rehension. DI no par- licular is it more fraught with dan- ger than in the care and edneation of Children. If the duties of family life in individual case,~ mus~ be insisted on by the state, and the parental dis-! Cipline and control of children Ira! '~l~pplanted by civil officers, the righ~s:l a~d dutie.~ of parents must not be set! did not know where their daughters had spent the night.. This may be an extreme ease, but it is the logical re- ,~uh. of parental neglect. Parents often wonder that they have lost con- trol of their chihlren. They did not lose it, they gave it up. Am soon us the child was old enough to walk a few bloc, ks unattended, it was sent to the kindergarten to learn to play un- der the guidance of strangers. From the kindergarten it entered the schoo! and i he parents handed over their child at tile critical time of life to the entire care of persons whose interest i:: ice frequently nleasured by the sal- ary received from a none too generous school board. What the child is learning, and how much, is a mystery to the parents. In the old days the play time of children was spent in the home or close lo its doors with com- panions who were known to the par- eats. Now the afternoon is passed in lhe muuicit)al plqy Kround. "Many of us still remember *b~) evenings of our childhood, spent in ~he charmed circle of the family. where father and mother were all L'-, u~. They beard our lessons and help- ed lib over the hard problems that wouhl confront us the next day in aside, nor the integrity of family lifelthe school room. They tohl us storie:.~ be damaged' by unwarranted imerrer- that !wen n(~w are familiar, or read Cure. ~to us of men and things that made "If parent~ have In u great exton:! our hearts beal aud fired us witt~ lost control of ~heir children, it i~i ambition 1o live great and good lives They will be home about ten o'clock ~ - - - and in a few minutes they will be in] ~$[ ~I bed The next morning they are off.-. IF" /__.11 J _1____ to schoel after a hurried breakfast. ~.t: .... ..... Ti'ev d'd nt see father because he *i* rlr~[]~.V OIIO.NitllO I/rfiitliOlPN , had" to start ~or work before theyl*~* ..... / .......... ~ ....... got up. The parents and children are].~ strangers. The parents know nothing,.A.O~O , ., , of the life and companions of tbeirl_~. _ ' the whole direction of their, lives is in the hands of outsiders. {~.~ "'Parents wonder that their chil-{~;~ dren are drifting away from them, l+;. 4, that they no longer have their confi-{~O dence. If parents wouhl exercise the[;i; control over their e, hildren that God expects, it should begin with the birth DE the child and never relax until the child leaves the parental roof to set up a home of its own. The parents must thave a conscientious realize. lion that: their chihh'en belong in the first place to Almighty God. The:," are neither personal burdens nor pri- vate luxuries. When God gives chil- dren to parents He gives them to be hehl in trust. The rights Of parents over children are delegated from God. and the responsibilities that parents have are responsibilities to God. EASTEB-OiF[~I-~O8 SUFFERING IN NEAR EAST Victims of War and :Famine Are to Receive Offerings on Easter Day Throughout the NoVd~west, Spokane. March 23 -.-Churches, womeu's orgauizations and lodges throughout the northwest states wilt take the lead in a great Easter offer- ins, urged by Major General Leonard Wood o tile U. S. army, heading a special Lenten appeal in behalf of the destitute and homeless'victims of war and famine in Armenia anti other Near E~st countries allied with America in the great world war. {:i: The beauty of cotton and mercer- ": ill al .: .:. ized voiles for summer w appe o~.o Sh to any artistic taste, own m .: light tints and dark shades. Taste- ~ ii fu ecorated w era or con- ":,* lly d ith fl 1 ~:. !~i ventional designs.. '~'.:~ "~ Seasonable Goods-- Reasonable Price ~ , 4, , 4, , Crisp, sheer, washable organdies. , White, flesh, rose and flowered. i} Daintily colored and unusually at- 3!; tractwe. ~,* "?POPULAR IN STYLE AND PRICE ~" o;, 4,~ .? , due in no small degree to that morall After family prayer we were ready These hungry and nnsheltered people O~O ~ ~for bed, m~d we fell asleep with the:receive nothing from the European}~O " Weakness of our age which would ifirnl conviction that God had blessed relief fund gathered by Herbert Hoov-];~; 4 ~lHftshouldersresponsibilitieSof living frOmpeoplethe toactualth~ti us with the happiest homo iu the er some time ago. " [ ~ , ' '. Shoulders of that intangible thin,~i~orl(l- ttow long'is it. since you vis- The present fund for their aid is/O~O ~' Whi,ch we call the state, Tile philo- ~ted {n a honle hke thin? Go to tile being ralsed throngh the Near East , , , , ,,,,,, ,,,, , , , I!, OSOphy of tile day would find ;tll the hollses of your friends and you v,,ill relief eomnlittee, with its northwest-El ~_~O not find l he children there. They ;are} era he.tdquarter~ ut 417 Pevton}#~, sins and wrongs of society in the vie- at the municil)al concert or the pie- buihting. Spokane. " :;~; - " ~ ~ ~ ~'~ 41 the Same !line would place "ill iae I lation of oonventh)nal laws, and at tare show. 'rile boys went out right Nearly every county in the north--! ~ {r~rtlton I "amoral/ hard Work ~tnd obligations on society, after supper, and the nlother is not west has considerable yet to raise for ?i? I ~ ~ ~%-~~~,~ ~~'~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ l Otlr Public school system h:~s adopted quit~ sure whether they went to the the rescue of the children remaining ~O %~' ~ / ~l "~---- , _._ uneared for among orphans of tile O~O . Near Easl, asMgned to them for re- ~'o , . , .. ~ .... ., w. ~ ~ .~. ~ ~ 0 0 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ,~. ~ ~ ~ r@. ,~, ~ ~ ,~, ~ lt(.f last tall. The Easter sa(,rtiice ~.~.~'~.~ ,t, ~ 0 ~O~Too~oo:~I~:it4,:OO:l~:~:oO:O.:~:~:~:~:~:~i~i~iO~O~~~~ offerings, tn which evervbo(lv is be-- ~ ,,,.,., ~, DOOLEY'S 125 E. Third St., Mostow, Idaho We have a fine line of dinner ware in several different patterns. Hand Painted China, Glassware, Crockery We pay the freigbt and guarantee safe delivery on any set of dishes. We invite you to call and ~ee what we h~tve when in Moscow. finest Assortment of Iland Paint- ed China in Moscow ALBERTA Wheat Farms Dairy Farms Stock Farms : Cattle Ranches I~aw Lands Investments IN Trig CALGARY DISTRICT Don't Delay Write loday L. B. KIRBY 30;3 Gr~in Exch~,nge, C~Igar~ Now at PALACE HOTEL Pullman, Wash. ing prevailed upon to contribute, are expected to save the lives of thou~- 0ads of those not yet provided for. Fear is expressed by Major General Wood and men and women of national: prominence associated with ,him in the Lenten appeal, that most of !he children who cannot be fed and shel- tered with funds gathered by Easter Sunday or shortly after, will have to be abaudoned to their fate hy the Near Ea.nt relief. Some of these chil- dren have already been fed for I he last two or three years, and are being educated through American charity to become the future backhone of the new Near East, whose friendship and loyalty, it is pointed out, America needs for the security of her own future in world affairs. It costs $5 a month, or $60 per year, per child to provide food an~. care in one of the 229 orphanage~ maintained hy the Near East relief committ~, hence, it is pointed out that for every 60 people of any corn- reunity giving $1 to this cause, one orphan call be eared for one year. or 12 children can be kept from hun- ger one mon~h. New Law Establishes Legal Rate. When tile bills passed at the la-~t se,~sion become operative in June the cost of publication of legal notices will become uniform throughout the l slate. Each newspaper---except those: ot more than 20,000 circulation---will be obliged to charge $1.40 per folio of 100 words for the first insertion and 80 cents per folio for each subsequent insertion of any legal notice required or allowed by law. The affidavit of publication must show that this rate has been charged and collected. Thls bill not only protects legitimate new~. papers against mushroom publication,~ but also insures attorneys and others that they will not be discriminated against. The new rate, however, doe~ not necessarily apply to any legal no- tice or advertisement of a school dis- trict, village, town, city or 'county, state, municipal or quasi municipal corporation of the Unlted States gov- ernment. Farmers. Dairymen, Now is the ttme to bulhl up tha~ devitalized animal with Dr. Baile.v,~ inorganic Stock Tonic. It will make the work horse more efficient for the spring Work, He will utilize more nutriment .from the same amount of feed. ]t will qualify the cow to give a better grade of milk. It will make her les susceptible to milk-fever and other communicable diseases. Phone 131R. Mail orders filled. Guaran- teed as represented. 50-t4. DR. J. H. BAILEY. Titan Tractor Back to the Old Price $1,OOO W E have reduced t.he price of the Titan 10-20 to its former low pnce of $1,000 f. o. b. Chicago. This is the same Titan tractor which 75,000 farmers have put into remarkably successful service--the same tractor, plus 1921 impwoements and additions. A full set of removable extension angle lugs sold as extra equip- ment under the former $1,000 price is now included w~thout extra cost. Fenders, Platform, Angle Lugs, Throtde Governor, Friction Clutch Pulley, Wide Range Adiustable Drawbar, Watex Air Cleaner--all are included in the $1,000 price. International Also Farmers WhO want a lighter tractor, built like a high-grade automobile but with the same sturdiness and reliability of the Titan, can now get'the Interna- tional 8-16 at $I,000 f.o.b. Chicago. We have long restricted the sale of this model to a limited territory, but increased production enables us to re- 8.16 and 15.30 Tractors Reduced in Price lease it to all sections of theUnitedSlate~ The International 15-30 tractor haa been ~educed to $1,950 f.o.b. Chicago. Bear in mind that we give un~lualled service, made possible through 92 hranch houses and thousands of local dealers, to every International tractor owner, no matter where located. Prices of Other Lines Reduced Prices have also been reduced on chilled plows, tractor plows, cream separators, kerosene e~es, seeding mach:ne$~ Inter- national threshers, harveater-threshers, wa~on~, hay pr~a~ and a number of other lines on which your dealer can p you full information. }NTERNATIONAL HARVESTER tOM PAN