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April 22, 1921     The Palouse Republic
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April 22, 1921

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ffT, e Palouse Republic BROWN M. SCHICK. PUBLISHER Engered at toe posuo~hc.e at Palousc Washingtofl. as seconfl-olass realtor. - SUBSCRIPTIONS : One Year .................. $2.90 Six months ................ $1.00 Telephone Main 67. further prove the nnselfishness of the t titled lo or. it we are rightly inform- blvo ell, that the COUllty is nol ill a position ~to give them Fht~ Palouse country has not in a ,:~Jn~i t~rable number of years had so FRIDAY, APRIL 22. 1921. m,.,cl~ moisture stored in the soil as toe, re ts now. The rains throughout ~he fail. winter and spring have been The nan who erect.~, u tmil]in,~ A . . , J nL0(:h IllOrL' abundant than usual. the side bill in Palouse 1so t raven , , I I \*~'tI e Juniper crops nave oeen grown better off than the mo.n wh:~ })ttllt'I ......... I W1LII lnuon less nlOlSi.ure, toe pros- I ouse u on the sands los h . . upon [he sanu~ I [,~cts are not in any manner les,~ened ] ...... I .... " " ' e / Summing tip. says the Tekoa Blade.i 0.~ ha',u~g the motstur . I a commercial club is the concentrated~ ~ ] " t Palouse farm products are bringing brains efforts, ambitiom: aria pro- ' as ~(}o(1 or better prices than before gressive desires of [be buf-'illess, pro- fessional, social, religious and odtwa--Ithe war, bill are bringing icw prices when compared with those of the war ltonal forces of the comLuunit v I period and the period immediately at- The biggest men in the world to-tier' the war, The tiling that hurts is day, the biggest men in history, the,tile fact that the 1920 crop, which men who have made the most money.[ has been sold little by little on a fall- done the mo.~t good. :Lnd in every wayliing market, was produced when the been tat Jnost suece~sftl], have beeTi ~t('l;!~[ Of ]el)or seed etc.. was at the what Is termed God-fearing men. No peak use trying to dodge facts, anti this I~i ................. one of them.-- i~xehauge. The extra session of congress fanes ~c)wns. and because of this great love, this city to the Idaho state line, a pressing if one takes things to() tntwh warm hearts to love and adniire. ! 8rate of Ohio, City of Toledo, they want a better highway between ~ distance of about four and one-half] to heart. One can easily discover there Don't think in ternls of self, I)tlt thinkl Lueas County, ss. - Frank J. Cheney makes oath tltat he the two places. We would sHgge~t as[mile,'~ are entitled to ~onsideratinn ...... , ' " " IS :t lOt n/ llnllLipl)lneNs Ill toe worla, ill lerms el ~;ervice Lo the worhl; of ia senior partner of the tirol of F. J. ~t sign to be cnnspieuously di,3piayed[ ~l] are heaw- taxpayers aud all are Cheney & Co., doing business in the City " " " - " l have eolne to the determinatt)n Ill:it (h;ing a hit of good bert and there as of Toledo. County and State aforesaid, willing to their share toward an awful lllll)lber {)i' l)eollle are Illl- l{*ll:;' ;IS Wc live. I llltIO to see thus,, and that ~aid firm will pay the sum of ill the stores: "~.Velcome to Clip Ciiy,I 0;ly ONE HUNI)I4EI) DOLLARS for each but Spend 'four Money with Vonr~ building the coati. They are not ask- happy heeause of ill health. It. doesn't v, orried faces one meals on the street; ann every case el Catarrh tha,t cannot be cured by the use of HALL/S CATARRH H')me Met'chant," This in order to[ ins for anything that they are not en- do to worry about this ttealth Imsi- t;,)w t w,mhl like - make them all I~,IEDICINE. FRANK J. C'tlENI~Y. According to the newspal)ers Mrs Mary Roberts Rinehart. noted writer, is to visit the northwest lhe e,ming slimmer, aecoml)anied hy her hushand and their two sons. A number ,)2 communities have already annoollce(l that the)" are ca the faiflous writer's itinerary, among them being the lil tle town of Ju]iaetta. Idaho, where the family will visiL h'iends. The towns of Moscow and Pulhrmn love each other dearly, aceor(iing to the newspapers of the ~wo colleue a formidable legislative program and if a~ effort is n]ade to carry out all of the recommendations of the chief ex- ecutive, the session will last through the summer and fall President f[artting has put all his pre-el'ection pledges squarely up to eongre:~s to fulfill, evidently considering 01edges something made. to be kept and not just used as a means of getting into office. : _ _ : ..2-- ..... 2 - - The farmers iu the district south of Patouse. who are one hundred per cent sirens for a Donahue road from I I i I Paint Saves Prop- erty The wise houseowner will not suffer his property to go long unpainted, especially if the buildings be of frame, for unpainted wood will soon warp and rot. An occasional coat of paint not only preserves the timbers, but actually freahens them up and renews the whole appearance of the house or buildings, We keep the best line of paints, ready mixed, in town. We have it in all ahades and at honest prices. SIve The Sudfaoe a~d You S~ve All lnkc0rn Hardware Co. III I I II Interest in the public schools. which s~an(t fir.~t in importance tn any community, should be great enough to bring every school patron, at least, out to the polls Satttrday al'- ~ ternoon to vote for the nine-mill spe-I cial tax, which is needed to keep theI schools up to their present high stan-] dart1. The levy has the unanimou:: endorsement of the Palouse chamber of commerce, among the members of which are many of the heaviest tax- payers m the district, and practically every business luan ill the city We often see statistics showing thai less than 5 per cent of the popu- hltion of tile United States controls a large part ,)f ihe national wealth. Of the total annual income received by the people of this country it is new ~nown that about $8 per cent goes ~(~ those receiving $5.000 and less a year. As the country grows older its wealth is more equally distributed. A cen- tury or more ago less than 5 per cent of the population owned more than one-half the eourtry's wealth.---- Ken- drick Gazette Tbcre were those who thought that Mr. [-Iughes was not the best man for secretary of state because of his lack or experience in (tiplomacy But the new secretary's notes to Panaltla and his reply to the soviet trade invita- tion leave nothing to be desired. The best mental equipment that a secre- lless..--life isn'l worth it. If one get,q stnile and ~o al)l~recia{(~ how little sick the best tiling one can do is try their trouble:~ arc conlpured to their and get well In order to get well one Ol)portuniHes for joy and laughter. must think health and think.of the I)on't lake the world too seriously. body not as something mysterious, but folks Things generally were here a a machine that only needs a little en- long time before you arrived and couragement to restore itself to nor- countless ages will I)ass after you P, rc lll.[d Don't think in terms of medi- gone iIlid forgollen. The Ollly herit-} --. cine and doctors so nluch as irl terms ;~ge that vou C~ll l)Ossiblv leave be-; i of common sense, with good, practi-lhind, will I,e the memory of you,' | PROFE31OHAL cat. scientific medical advice. Above smih,, votH, kind words and ~antiQ ! all think in terms of a brave heart; deeds. o!le that is not afraid to die and one So wipe away lhat troubled hsok that knows how to live; think in.and illuminate )'our face with a smile. [ terms of laughter and song and love. Life i:~ wonderful, but it isn'l worth ~, of beautiful flowers, not for dead' worry. --C, hal'lo~ O'Neill. Editor Pres- hands to unfeelingly clasp, bill for ('o([ SI)eclat0F. GRASS SEEDS SEE US BEFORE BUYING YOUR GRASS SEEDS. NORTHRUP KING'S ALFALFA SEED WILL PLEASE YOU. NOT THE CHEAPEST. BUT THE BEST WE HAVE A LIMITED AMOUNT OF GYPSUM LAND PLASTER ON HILND tary ofstatecanhaveisanabiding Farmers Umon Co. faith in the United States and a firm determination to uphold American }dignity and rights. Secretary Hughes TELEPHONE 58. possesses those qualifications in the highest, degree, and knows how to put his sentiments into vigorous language that all may comprehend. A recent issue of the Boston Her- ~ tf~A. aid,contains aa article portraying cue ~ ~c~t reason, ill its opinion, why houses 1 A SPRING are scarce, the blame, In this ease, AND SUMMER by the carpenters', bricklayers' and ~ STORE iron workers' unions. It ts shown that about twice ~ The best in the line of confection- ~1 brick masons are paid as much as they formerly received, ~ ,,~[ while the 'owner pays ten times as ~ cry, cigars and tobacco i~ to be found , much for his wMls, because the brick- ~ here, ~I layer who formerly laid 2000 bricks a day, is now limited to 500 bricks. ~ During the warm weather you will want to ~] The union painter, according to the ~ cool off. Try our ice cream and soft drinks. ~I story, must use a brush these days of ~ Ice cream sold in any quaut'ty.1 Special or- ~]~' certain dimensions, which limits the amount of space he can cover. With .... ~1 ders filled for parties, banquets and pmmcs. lathers. concrete mixers. etc., rules are enforced which limtt the amount ~ Don't be forced to regret that you have not ~i of work that can be handled. All ~ recorded the summer's activities with a kodak. ~] this, The Herald states, helps to cur- ~ ~] tall the amount of building and con- We have the best, with supplies always instock ~equently has its effect on bringing ototaoo-- B lr pl o !1 D,SPARAZ S- E D, uR,.s 1 s ac It is a rather surprising fact that the amount of money spent for chew- which amounted to $50,000,000, was more than all the states and cities ~ spent for the higher education. Also that, this amount was two and a half times as much as was spent for nor- We feel somewhat coneeit- mal. schools in which to train teach- PH [ LOS 0 P~Y . . . " ers. ~ ;i':~'~'~" ~ ea aria puffe, up over the The amount spent for automobiles i~.~'*~(~ it f "~ ~.~ flour we are making. Your last year was estimated at $6,000,- ~L__~.~.~//~j bread will be "puffed up," 000,000. one ha~ of this expense was incurred for business ~,~ too, if you'll u,e purposes, but this is probably a large estimate. Even at that there remains x. ./ Sunbeam an expenditure for operation of pleasure cars that exceeds the cost of the public schools last year by about Hour four times. The tax payers growl terribly about the cost of schools, which are the foundation of all American prosperi- ty, efficiency, and stability. Without "The flour with the ~ood flavor." It's the best flour from every standpoint. Bet- ter flour can not be m~de. Wheat and oats taken in ex- change for flour and feed at any time. Palouse Milling Co. N. B. HUNSPERGER. Manager. Palouse Washington Washington, Idaho & Montana Railway Company Wells-Fargo & Co. Express. General Offices. Potlatch, Idaho. No.4 No. 2 Mi STATIONS No. 1 " No. 3 6;iy-ex-S-un -'~, f~; -ex" S-~m .......................... D-Vl~;exun " -b~ f "ex'~un- 01 ........ PALOUSE ...... 1 .... 8:15 a m 3:45 p m 3:34 p m 3:27 m 3:20 p m 3:01i) m 2:48 D m 2:34 i) m 2:25 m : p 1:58 pp m ; 1:56 m 1:40 p m 4:25 pm ll:05am 4:36 p m 11:16 a m 4i ......... x Wellesley ............ 8:04 a m 4:43pm 11:23am ~: ........ Kennedy Ford .... 7:57am 4:50 p m II:34 a m II .......... POTLATCH ........... 7:50 a In I1:44 a m 141 .......... Princeton ............ 12:01 p m 20 .......... Harvard .............. 12:15 p m ~ 251 ........... x Yale ............. 12:23 n m 29 ......... x Stanford .... 12.'~p m 31 ............ Vassar .............. 12:44 p m I 34 ........... Deary ............... ' 12:56 a m I 38 ........... Helmer .............. ].2:59 a m 391~ .......... x Cornell ............ 1:16 p m 471 .......... BOVILL ....... 2 ..... schools the country would go to ruin. And yet we burn up four times the cost of the schools for pleasure cap driving. It would seem good policy to main- tain a heavy tax on luxuries as a means of raising sufficient funds for great community objects like the schools. It would seem as if such as- sessments should be made a perma- nent part of the federal taxation sys- tem, so as to discourage too free spending in these directions. The people who are masticating $50,000,000 worth every year in the form of chewing gum, would uot ~robably feel very badly if they paid an increase tax on that amount. If they noted the assessment they could escape it by chewing less gum. More could be gotten for good roads by a higher tax on pleasure automobiles, and so on. While people dislike to see their favorite diversions assessed, yet they feel it much less than to have such taxes laid on business and enter- prise discouraged and industrial de- pression created. THAT TROUBLED L00K. We have lately been engaged in noting the expression on people's faces one passea on the street. It is an Interesting study, though a bit de- Sworn to before in~ and subscribed i~ my presence, tbls 6th day of December, A. D. 1856. A. "~V. GL/~ASON, (Seal) Notary Public. Hall's C~larrh Medicine is taken in- ternally and acts through the Blood on the Mucous Surfaces of the System Send for testimonials, free. F. J. CHENEY & CO.. Toledo. O. Sold by all druggists. 75c. Z-Iall's Family Pills for conetipation. OARDS W. F. Morrison Attorney a~ Law Practice i:~ All Courts. Office over Security State Bank Palouse. Washington Weldon & LaFollette Lawyers Will practice in all courts and Government Departments. Lippitt bldg Colfax. Wash. Dr. John W. Stevenson EYE, EAR, NOSEAND THROAT Gt,ASSES F[TTF'D Office in new Creighton tildg, Third and Main Moscow. Idah~ Dr. Walter Farnham Physician and Surgeon Residence Phone 162-R Offiee Phone 162-Y OtIiee in National Bau : bhtg. t Dr. E. K. Wolfe Physiean and Surgeon ] Offlee in Seeuritv State hank l)uilding. iOffice and residence phou No. :),2 L~ Dr. J. M. Risley, Dentist Ofl%o over National Bank ! ,,I" Valouse. I Telephone 55 Palouse, Wasl L Palouse Lodge Directory[ W (~ ~ Star Camp Ns. 97. Woodme~ " "J* * the World. meets in Red~ Hall every Monday eventng Vis tin~ mem~ cordially welcomed. E, L. Holt~ C. C. j Alla~ I,amphere. CIe] F and A. M ~ed~,, No. ~,l " and A. M.. :me.~ts se,~ and fourth Wedneeday evenings of each mon@[ 7.30 p.m. Visiting members alwaEs welcome.~ Lester Daily, W.M. I.C. Pet~rson. Secre~ ! I n O F Oriental Lod~e No."7. I.O:l a. '~J. " " F., meets every~tturdaynt~ in Masonic Hail Palouse National Bank buildt~ Stanley Andersun, N.G. A. 'reekeaburg, S~ ~aa~r~ Easter Rebekah Lodge N0,~ ~..~.aarffi~a meets second and fourth Tu~ of each month. ViMting zaembexa jnvlted. _j Olffa West, N.G. FloreneeM. Burtou, ~ | g'~ 1~ ~ Palouse Tribe. No. 58..,I a. ~.~. a~. ave. proved Order of Red I~} meet in W. O. W. Hall every Wednesday eve~ Vieiting members cordially welcomed. [ R..T Silvey, Sachem J Lester Carroll Chief of RecOils._ O. ~..-S. Constance Ci~apii;i NO. Order Eastern Star. Meets sec and fourth Fridays in each nol Visiting members welcome. Janet O Scott, Secretary. Anna Miller, W, Does lisht and heavy haulin9 Sells wood and coal. Handles freight, baggage express. Au~o:~service to and from trains. Large store room for goods. Teams fed by day or week. Office in Farnsworth Livery Day phone 38 Night phone AUCIIONEER My pasl sales are my best erence. Parm and Pedi Stock Bales a specialty. right and satisfaction teed. Call Phon~ 911xl or Main 45. R. D. Moscow. Idaho. Also of Shorthorn Cattle and C. Hogs. Dates ean be D. Kincaid's office.