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April 22, 1921     The Palouse Republic
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April 22, 1921

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COUNTY AGENT ACTIVITIES SquhTel poison schedule for week of April 25th: Monday, April 25, Te- ken. Tuesday, April 26, Pulhnan. \Vednesday. April 27th, Steptoe. through the drill while damp need not be dried. A note about the hard jelly in the bottle: Sometimes the jelly breaks down into a jelutinedike glass dur- ing shipment. This does not injure the culture whatever. Such a cul- Thursday, April 38th. Thornton. tare win be just as effective as one Saturday, April 30, Colfax. fin which the jelly has not broken Return your empty poison sacks, l down. if it is used promptly within To ~oeulate Peas, Clover and ALfalfa! r,. ~vee]: or len days Cautmn: Thls jelly may, how- Seed Before Seeding. :e~'er, cause :~ome trouble if mixed It ha!~ come to lay attention that:with ~mall seed. On drying, it be- Some of the farmers are not using th-f come~' very hqrd 'rod briltle There- . . , ,, . e. , . , . Proper method of applying mocula-I fore. places of it n,~v c-mhe clog- tion. The practice or rinsing the{ gins i~, lhe drill, or a few seeds may bacteri:~ from tim culture bottle mt~Ibecome coated witil it and be uuable a pail of water and then dipping the to gerndwxte. The danger of injury seed in the water is not the righl of this kind, is only slight but it may method. Chances for effective inocu- be prevented by tying a snlall pleee keep a man "waiting here for yell and then find that you have already hired anotber. Potatoes For Seed, The ideal seed potato is one that is grown for that purpose, according to F. Benz. the I)otutO specialist o~i Too pen ish. Tbe malure ttlber does not have the reproducing qualities that the smaller sized ones have and it is a kncwn fact that the latter type will nend tip more s;proulg mueb sooner ai, d l)rOdt|ce a ~'tronger plant than me m-~s ttrvtdecl tile e(Jtllitry into six regional districts,, with an officer tr~ charge of the distrlbutiou in each. Anlerh,an Legion posts wlil again be asked to assist in facilitaling the dis- tribution of the medals. Jacksonville Banker Gets 10 Years Med*'ord, Or.---William ft. Johnson, form-r president and cashier of the Ba:~l: of Jacksonville, pleaded gnilty in circuit court at Jacksonville to four of tile X0 mdictment~ against trim for wr,,'king the b&nl~ slid wag g[\'bli will {he :mad from the larger tubers, indeterminate sentem:e of 10 b~ If it is desired to obtain -~ largei qtluntity of seed, a .,:peeial fiehl shollld I Judge (?alkins on the (.hurge of lnttk- be plnnie(I witlt the best seed to be] ins a false report or the condition of hail of the variety ttesired. ] ti~etvadenl.balik to the State bttlik superia- Wllen these tubers have reached ,'m] ............................................ _=. average size of fronl four lo six SPOKANE'S ounces, thc vine shouht be pulled'|li lotion may be reduced fifty per een: by such a process. Folh)wing is a description of how 1o apply the bacteria to the seed: Heap up the seed in a pile on u clean, smooth hoard surfac~L or in a Illb. If one or nlore bottles of cul- ture are to be used on the seed, fill each one about half full of cool, clean Water. Shake the bottle until l.he bacteria are washed off the surface of{ the hard jelly. You will then have[ ap. emulshm which is milky in color, i due to the heuvy suspension of buc-i tecta ill tilt. wuter. I'our this emui-J sion directly onto the pile of seed 1 Rinse the bottle. ()tit with lucre wafer, I I {IS lllany t)ucteria slill renlain ill Itt after the first emptying. Add thisI Water to the seed also. Continue this{ Process until only eumgil water has been added to moisten all the seed The seed should be stirred with the hands while the water is heing added. so that every seed will be eoute(I with { a film of tl~e emulsion containingi the bacteria. 11 too much water is added, it: will run off from the seed and carry many of the bacteria with it. Suci~ a Ios~ might eusily mean the difference between success und failure of the inoculation. After the bacteria have been ap-!spect. or g tuso of co ,rue cloth ()vet the o ~ ... . :, v .... ,. 'lor(ter to check the drowth. If th~ mouih of the hottle *ere, re pourhv~. -- .. ..... ~ " "- | fiem is umber irrigation tile wate,' the ([uulsloli over tile se(d , s' " .... '-" ~ean be' withheld at the proper time. Cu]ltlros shotlhl be used proniplly/Tbe crop shollhl retm:lin ill lhe grouud qfter you obtain them. If ~t is nee-]l0 days after pulling the vines. By e:-;sary ~,o keep lhEm ;t few days keep them ia a cool damp ploee It is not likely that much uncer- taintsi of the resulls of inoculation can be linlited by proper upl)licatfon of the bm:teria to tlle seed. Weeds. At'(, you ,01arming tm getting behind the "get rid of the weed" movement in your vommunity this yelr? Will you do your sbare in keeping the weeds from going to seed in the road- fence way:~? \\'ill yon keel) v(n r I rows clean? Willc you keel) yourl sunlmerfallow clean? " If you will do lhese three t.tfings you will have done] your share in lowering the cost of{ prodllcin,.4 yours ;lad you neighbor'st wheat crop. The Employment Office. The Farm lhlreau bas established all eluploylllent of rice und ilas put the county agent in charge. The county agent wants t() give you the be~t ser- vice possibh, in this respeet and ex- pects 3"i)llr t'ooper;ltion in every re- If yt)~t wuut us to furnish ~,~toring such |ubers i~{ a cellar with u temperature of frt>m 30 to 40 fie- crees there slmuld be uo danger or their sprouting or wilting and they will produce a crop quicker titan if the seed is selected in the customary m::uner.--. Washington Farmer. GRAIN GROWERS FORM MARKETING COMPINg Big Concern Expected to Curb Speculation and Lower ,, Marketing Cost. VIRGIN ~VO(IL' B'ILOTHIER & TA iLO {~ It Isn't Affright ring lt Back L..R. Dolby Co". LEGAL PUBLICATIONS . . + .~ ~.