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Palouse, Washington
April 29, 1921     The Palouse Republic
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April 29, 1921

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BROWN M. SCHICK, PD~r~LISHER' Entered at the posLoihce at Palouse Washington, as seeono-eiass matter. Si~IBSCRIP;I'i0N S--- - One Year .................. $2.00 Six months ................ $1.00 Palouse Republic for delivering to '2,t of the leading This leaves a wron~ impression. .,%s~ the class room. Activities prov.~ ;~ p~rls of the country. The citrus a matter of facl, if e~lch ll(li~i( lilt lll~t['t'A V, Ol'll} II3oI'~3 Iil;lla (he fairc~,: growers wilt fnrnish 4500 carloads! was pinned down 1o a definite reason [ tt~sl exer devised. A man with it ~lor:' and Yakima and Wenatchee each! for hi:~ belief regarding ihe schools,~, el Itn()wlp.dKe which iu i.~. unahle t~: 20(10 carloads, at one-half the present he could, in all probability, lind Dllt f II'~'e is i'~ lllaU with a showq, bill wht/~,! irancl)ntiuent[ll, freight rate. The little fault olher thalt thitt tl COSlSi b~illds blister at llle firnl hil of worll. co;,,,tal reginn uf the United States!nloney IO operale the seilools, and h~i 'i'hcre in (lll]V ont:~ way to [e:lrll --the territory within 9,00 miles of}has to p~y part of the molev, 'Fhe};ib~mt, man and thai h,; 1.o s ud him-- .............................. Telephone Main 67. the coast, on both the Atlantic and bald statement thai the expenditure'~ not hooks about him. not what oth,,r Pacific---has 58 per cent of the total~of the taxpayers' nioney on the state ipeople, say about him---but him FRIDAY, APRIL ~9, 19~1, pt!l~tl~tion of the country and pro- ;~ educational institutions, high andiThere i:~ only one w~ty to learn how duces 80 per cent of the perishables.! low, has not been justified by the re-ire ge~ along ~viZh hint and ~ttat is to That wa~ a fairly good little elec-iIt is believed that within ashort time lsults, serves only ~o further prejudice}do it There is one wa) to lear~ hey; lion Saturday. It reminded one of a large part of the fruit crop will be l the mireD, of tho,,.:e who would gladly ito handle him and dial i~ to hartdie old times anti silowed that the corn- moved by water. I withdraw financial support I~rorn the ihh~ All these one does when en- munlty has some real interest in its schools, regardless or the effect upon la, aging in activities. ~;chools PUBLIC OPINION REFLECTED. i the future of the yOUllg people seek- i College life is assailed on the bzlsi:~ ins an education, if the expenditure!of being impractical The one point .................. the Wenatchee Daily World, of of money on the schools is not justi-': x~,here the student comes into diree~ 'the girl who dances all night and which Rufus Woods, one of the 'most fled by the results, where tlas the conlact with the rcr/] thing is th:/'ough works all the next day il-~ a store, successful and progressive newspaper taxpayers' money been exl)ended with :3ctivi~les. Here he is raced by prac- knows that the reason she is so th'ed men of zhe state, in publisher, re- satisfactory results? ~e would sug- ileal problems, that is i,roDlems deal- is because .he had to help her mothert .. . ..... I cenuy sent out a rather exhaustive gest that The l)~dly World quiz its with the housework m " " t .....~questinnaire to the voters tn Che-' " tile evening, patrons a little further with regard I~2x. I lan, Douglas, Grant and Okanogan to the matter o~' education in the ........ { .. .77. ........ 7-.--- . ........ ,countie~ in order to sound out public state. "one ot tae things tllal ougiit tl.) oe I ~' ........ PIpinin on some 45 questions relat- done weals i)e to nave governnie~ -I " " " enl ins tO national and state affairs. It MAKING 'EM UNDERSTABD. clerks work eight lnstehd el sev, ~, - . . ~ls to be presunled th'tt the four couP.- hours a daY, Then, right at once, we/ ' , . One of the fir~t requisites to final " " ..... s lties mentioned above are but little settlement with Germany and (o sen-! could get alol;rg witn one-elgnLtl le,'sl ' . ...... , ....... .,,~sidifferent from a majority of other feral reconstruction in Europe is that', clerks." q'nls Ilne sugg(lstto~ t.ul,,e. | . . " , ....... t counties, both in the state and in tile tile fact shall penelrate the German i from Citizen ThonlaS IK. 3larsnal~. | .... at|P;Hion and that tile answers might Inind that internal (el trover,sv! former vice presitlent, WhO, now tn" | " ' . . " " " - - I be conshlered to reflect the sentiment, ttnlong allies and associates regard- he has been relieved of his ]oe ot tnc " ........ . past" eight" years, prumisez it)" De- e.onle, of the public on the matters men- ins the Versailles, it;is tier zt[-i a really useful citizen. He is it real tioned. Especially is this true in re- tered the l)osition of this (,ountry! philosopher and has an opportnni~y gard to state lnatters, with regard to Germany and th~!] A few of the questions, with th~ l)oints now in dis/lute between [h;tI iI noV It) give the people tile belief it of his wholesome ideas, nun)her faw)rable and the number up- collll|ry add lhe allies. As It> thei] l)osed, are given below: tnaln nurpose with whr, h they ioinedi! It is evident that the United States Generally speaking are you satis-i the allies in war on Germany, Ihei will at last do business under the fled with the present national prohi-opinion of the American petiole is', budget system, which should haw~, hilton law? Yes 260; Nell6. uneanged and will not change, [or been adopted years ago, and which, Are you favorahle to the use [)f they concern fun(lauwntal principles , if properly handle(i, wouhl have saved 1lunch" boards and other similar nell- ot liberty, law and hunianiZy its U) the nation millions of dollars. The Jn~ devices involving slight elements wil/ell we ~lre at one, with the allies measure, which has passed the senate, of gambling? Yes 46; No 327. and which Germany defied. [:hill and which, it is assured, will pass the in school affairs do you favor Gerntany proves acceptance to tht)se house, provides for a bureau of ti~e;women for nchool board members?!prineiples by con|plying4 with just de-. budget in the treasury dei)artment Yes 7141 ; No 100. nlantts for rel);~rati(m, disarmamenl |o prepare all estimate of ti~e appro- Do you faw)r stricter discipline il~land pnnishment of war criminal~;, priations needed by tl~e departments, th~ schools': Yes 376; No 87. enmity of Germany will live in the A lot of guess work in the mailer of Do you favor stricter regulation of min(t~ of the American people. It ............ ' ' ' ' appropriations should thus tie eliml- ipublic dances? Yes 318; No 61. is not. to be expected that, when this nated. I)o you favor the use of the initia-~country makes peace, it will neglect itive and referendum? Yes 314; No to agree and cooperate with l.he at- Dr. W, J. HindleY[ the Spokane era--141, lies on tl~ese points, for in principle tor, is a mighty ahle and useful man,] For genera legislallol| of a I we are agreed with then and we but he failed to ctn~e up to the tti} d- km~s. "Yes ~0" " 9- " I '" u, . ".. 2 q" ~O .;4. ineed only to agree on applicationt ley measurement this week when h- .. , ~ ' '' " .... ~)r only for major questions affect-{and ulethods of enforcement. { refused to deliver the. comnmncen~ent, mS" the state' as a whole and as at Germany is being made to under-t address at Davenport because he had ....... . . o~ check on the |egm|ature. ~'es .'.2; island that the differences of opinion recently been arrested and fined for No 41 i which have arisen between the traffic violations in that city. The lie you favor the encouragement ofIUnited States and the allies in re-I doctor stated that he couh/ not see Japanese settlement in your eommu-[gard to the settlement do 11oi t:on-I his way clear to go to Davenport nitv? Yes 11: No 499. Icern it, for they do not affect the1 again and subject himself to arrest fie you favor prohibiting the own- purposes that we have ill common and publicity. It is safe tu say that ership of land by orientals? Yes!with the allies, l)isagreenlent as it)] he has damaged himself 'infinitely 454; No 4L'. the form and method of cooperationI more through his attitude than ire ou satisfied with President i among nations to preserve peace, citrus growers of Califurnia to fur-lwas that tlle school system of the ol)poMtion, tte puts into iracticeling with men, and forced to evolve /i~te 0~' Oh|o, City of Toledo, i a " I nish tonnage to refrigerator shipst state is not functioning stle(,es~fullv i the theory whivh he ha, Kalned it, t practical solutions. Luea~ County, es. ' Frank J. Cheney makes oath thl i ~t is dog~natie, theol, to condemn 1. senior partner of the firm of, :o 'f- l; mt all ;t~ tivities, on Ihe gI'OUll~~- Cheney & (2o.. doing busioes$ In the of Toledo. County and State afor~ Ihal they inlerferp with education They tire e(]dc.atit)~t, |he part of it which will heip ill(' student alo)o~;t more ilian anything else in after-life. "l'hey are not all-important, hut very important they are,---U, t)f \V. Daily GRASS EEDS SEE US BEFORE BUYING YOUR GRASS SEEDS. NORTHRUP KING'S ALFALFA SEED WILL PLEASE YOU. NOT THE CHEAPEST. BUT THE BEST. WE HAVE A LIMITED AMOUNT OF GYPSUM LAND PLASTER ON K.a~ND. Farmers" Union Co. TELEPHONE 58. arm that said firm will pay the su ONE I-1UNI)I{ED DOLLARS for 8lid every case t)[ Catarrh that ca~ cared I)y the use of HALL'S CAT~ :h'IEDICINE, FRANK J. CHtgI Sworn O) before nle and sttbscri~ my pre~enee this 6th day of Dec~I A. D. 15~6. ' A. %'V. GLE ~S01 (Seal) Notary 1~"~ Hall'~ Catarrh Medicin~ is taR~ ternally and acts through the ~1o~ the 2~tlCoils Surfaces of xhe Syatem,! for ~estimomials, free, F J, CHENEY & CO.. To/e40 ,~old by all druggists, 75, ttall's Family Pills for constlDatl~ 7= ......... __~ J PSOFE31ONAL GARO! W. F. Morris~n i s Attorney at Law Practice i:~ All Courts. I,' Ofliee over Security State B~ a, Paiouse, Washington il " t,: Weldon & LaFolletti a, Lawver:~ ~t , i fu Will practice in a[ courtS} t,v Government l}epartmeltts, i io l,lol,itt, bids- (:olfaL'~ c(ii Dr. John W. Stevenaa ~,ll EYE, EAR. NOSE AND T}IRO~ Yll( GI,ASSES FITTFI) ()Hice in new Creighton Bldl Third and Main Moscow, i Dr. Walter Farnham Physician and Surge01 Residence Phone 16Z-E Office ['hone I62-Y Office in National Bauk bldg.,1~ Dr. E. K. Wolfe Physiean and Surgeco Office in Security Slate building. (~fl-ice and resider|re phon A SPRING AND SUMMER STORE The be~t in the line of confection- cry, cigars and tobacco is to be found here. During the warm weather you will want to cool off. Try our ice cream and soft drinks. Ice cream sold in any quautity. Special or- Dr. J. M. 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