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Palouse, Washington
May 6, 1921     The Palouse Republic
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May 6, 1921

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EVERY-DAY AFFMR t-Mothers With Small Sons Will This ;as Strictly Accord. "ing to Schedule. AW, mother, not yet ! Ju.~t lenmle a little longer--Just live rain- Just one minute? Aw, gee! read)-7 Why, ain't I all right to way? Why uot? Aw, go~h, shirt.' Yes, I see those edges the cuffs, but [ can keep my coat down over them. Gee whiz. Perttckler. Why do you have to Shoes? l dld black them Just rm all done washing; no, dido't tOO ninth. Lemme ahme---m}. all right! Well, I'm sure I why those dark places are _my bands: why, l Just washed Ditch! Dotal brush my hair so Well, the place tllat sticks up~ Over the bump, so that's wi|y brush It there. No. I haven'| lay nails yet; I was just getting r to when you made me wash ]ny J again. need anything. Well, then, not my overcoat. Aw. 1 don't know where my 1 don't need them, anyhow. not my rubbers! Aw, motherl Isn't very deep, and it takes to pitt the darn things on. g'by! Yes, l am hurrying. gonna start right off. SODa lo Bill a minute; he's right istratioil hoards reads "to mteresUng personal revelations shout their eel '-'h b ors. A m~m who holds a i,)sition In tile city government had always given his real age. now 4~. before women sat on the hoards. When ILL,, wife went in to register for Hie tirst time one ot the WOllD2n Oil [tie board said to ]let: "Oh. Mrs. Blank. isn't your husband an 01d codger?" 'Wily. no." said Mrs. Blank. "I don't think 41 is so ~ery oh]. "But he registered as 47, Silence fell and Mrs. Blank entered the boo/h to fill out her enrollmen- bal- lot. .N'eXl year, ~*,hen dle hushail~] en- lered die registration place and was asked by a man on the board hi.~ a:4e, he replied. "42." The woman whose tin'hie interest had evidently caused a family Bible meeting looked at him and her look said volua}es. But he .~tared her down, lind so the record stauds.--New York Evening POST. Fill Fountain Pen Withaut Dropper. How can the fountain per~ be tilled ~'lthout having a dropper handy'., A man does not usually carry a dropper with hire. But in the crowd at hand there is likely to be, someone ~'lio has a self-filling fountain pen. If he can be induced to lend it for a moment the trick is done..,:~tys the Popular Scieu,.,- Monthly. Take the self-filling p~n and steel, ir In ink until it is fll]l. Assure the the coruer, and he might be{ owner That no damage will be done to way, Aw. why not? lhe point of his v~htablo suit'-tiller vnd S'iong! i permit him re ~x aD.h I he f()lh)wing with the hHg and ~qnilel performance: cancel all his sins, aml a groat. Press the lever of the borrowed p{-,n, settles upon the ho,lsehohl.)__l and through its point discharge its i contents of ink into the barrel of your own pen. Then reiill tile borrowed Pea FULL OF INTEREST and return it. Retired to Private Life. Interesting Annual Exhi. ,,,~, ,~ hat .+ t)econle Gf ( ongressman That Are Held North of Twoblile. who need t- pose as the the Arctic Circle. th~ vicinity of the Kobuk river, ,50 mlle~ north of the Arctic there are held annual "rodeo~." for PiCturesqueness. skill of ex- and in popularity are com- te the "'rou~tdup.~" of the we.~t- trt of the Unitetl ~tates---yet not a Sillklp horse or Steer (}r or "'six-gnn" within hundr(+(ls of tile scehe. are conducted under of tile United States hu- for natives of Alas- advancement of tile rein- There are 150,t~)0 rein- territory, according to Pol~ Magazine, fair all matters pertaining are discussed, and the t Come to an understallding re-I man of tile Imur in thl~ part of the country ?" "He met the U~.lh).l fare or "sixty-ms- ate nteli.' " ~nld Squire Wltherheo." 'How was rhfll:"' "'A lot of his ('onstituents ~zo! lo- gether and dechlod his llour wa~ up." ~Birmingham Age-lterald. Wasn't Addressing Tramp. On her way downtown the other u]orning the u/onlfln slopped to see u sick friend, who lives on lhe flrsl floor of a remodeled private house with a bedroom overlooking a nice old-fash- ioned back yard. The window was open and suddenly a loud voh,e broke the calm of the sick-room. "You dirty bum, that's what you are," said the voice. "Of course you'll be rosin' home now for your break- ground rights and sis./ fast--and look at you. covered wlrh (]overnlileni repre~4on-~ dirt, It's a htinl yon are anti nol a give talks on reindeer hrced. ] drop of blue blood In you. Quit your Offer scientific guidance l'ort whlnin.' you hungry stayout, Me look- of an improved .~tock. t in' and waltln' for you last night and serious con~ld,~ratlo, has wm'rying about yon ! And now I slip- to a means of exporting tilt., thousands of surl)lus deer to States. the next year er two. It is a market for distributing will be established in the It costs less than $3 to raise deer, whleh will pounds of choicest meal Age Proposition. ell|zeus ell the reg- pose you want to sleep all day and rest up for another night. You're Just like the rest of your kind. It's a bum you are and nothln' else,," The woman leaned out of the open window that she might see the wreck of humanity .the tirade had visualized. And there was the comfortably built. immaculately clean Janltress letting In her prlze-wlnnlng Angora cat. Dough- boy had come home for broakfast.~ New York Sun. RECOGNIZED AN OLD FRIEND Countryman VtsitLng in City Had No Fear of Being Harmed by "Thrashing Machine." An. ehlerly counrrylnfln StOOd i)n a Broadway curb with more fear in Ills heart than lie had ever exl)erienced in his home county and more than his son had experienced in Argonne forest. To him the crossing of that crowded street was truly the "great adventure." In the middle of It were two lines of tracks, up and down wh',ch hurtled great "'tanks" of sti~eer cars Jugger- nauts, seemingly intended for the sole purpose of crushing his agetl thnb~ should he venture into their path. On either side of them were endles.~ lines of chugging trucks, with all oc- casional horse-drawlJ ~ehiclc. and dodging In and about were touring cars and autos of all kinds. Now and then the sharp whlslle of {rnllic policeman wouhl spell safety re the acrobatic and lnitlated, who (lashed across the street, skillfully dodging traffic, which tamed tile cor- net' In a way no one hut an old New Yorker can understand and even he cannot explain. Finally there rumbled down the street a steam roller used Ill asphalt pavement work, belchlug clouds of smoke but attracting no alteniion. Tlle old countryman was electrified. Reso- lutely he deserted Ills shore of safety and plunged across the street ill It,~ very path. "Hub," he grunted as he reached the oiher side. "Thai'~ one thing I ain't afraid of. They u.~ed to ~care horses whorl I was fl ki