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The Palouse Republic
Palouse, Washington
May 13, 1921     The Palouse Republic
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May 13, 1921

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~..~-~-~ .... I ] I 7111 . ~il J li]U|L li ~. J Ill i i --7nmlliiilii all i i i i m,~ ~ ..... _T2~-~ ii ~' ....... , , ......... fiflllNTV AOi:NT APTIUITIC [ger frolu worms fouland lotsOt"e'and W ne!"nd e,a es w iehit may contain TIll: MNTINN PlfiTiil i:fli:A/M 'rhe tro s wwill "d Thursday, i]lariufaet~fizlg town of Boonton, N, vMUg1|| MUL||| ~|i~|||LOltroubles. Avoid pas- e~ch selling at different prices perlall'-111~llwl! ll~i~uLil~.nLiH May and it be Miss Sedg- 3., for tha flIming~ The production ~ ~pound rather than selling locally in --===-=== :=== = .... - ..... = = wick's first appearance in this corn- was on a hugo scale, and nothing but Weed Oontro] Demonstration Tours ................ ., ~ .......... ,.,~ ..., .... ,~. .,..^ The Most Dating Woman in Pictures munity as a eerial star in her own the actual streets, houses and facto- ' I lne woo1 l~l.axgeDAlg ~lvilavlon. [_ .u.,p ,,t ,~ ~at~, vttc~. ~,~v us= Eiieen Sedgwick, the star ill "The right, ries of an American city could be fo}h:ll:Ch:dl~ll:sh::i2eto:rt:gbdI [hogU:~:s eo:ld~lclae:e bh ltetdi:rge 7:o~ to .tile clip ~elling at a later date in i t)lalnon(i .............. t~ueen, ' tne trnlversal serial i used. ~1::held [li~lYi!iii!~!iitw~li!~lf~-!U~nlthe Morning[ a~}:~ a the year, there shouhl be some slightI Bell Theatle Has Great :Fox Special " ,in commel~cc at the Bell Theatre next improvement later in tile season irf ........ ~ For Sunday and Monday May 22-23 Madlaine Traverse in New Fox D . ~ ~PtPlYe ;~th:=p:?at~=i IWe,tnes(,aY is one ot the ,~est Knowni a ar the Fordney tariff goes into effect ..... The American Leglon is the heroic! From the chorus of a New York c~'" ' ' - for two years, not counting the, ivoung Wonlen in lnOVlllg plc[ul'es, no~i i ~'~y as to the plans for the tour ~ " ~ ~lf the "Truth in Fabrics" bill l" !figure of "The Face at Your Win-: revue to the garish surroundings of _.,., ' . " " " spring "ool clip which is being shorn~ (French and Capper'~ ) becomes a ~ r t , anu the [arms to be visited If you at this time. However, as a matter1 ~only because of her long succession ........... iof popular screen roles, bU~t because dew',, the new \~illiam Fox special:a western miners dance hall goes are interested, get in touch with the of fact, under normal conditions it law. Also the educational value, de-of her many years as an actress in!production which is coming to the i"Champalgne Nell" in "The Spirit has bern our policy to have one rived from the grading of the wools vaudeville and in the legitimateIBell Theatre on Sunday and Monday, of Good," the W'illlam Fox photoplay Dlan to join the party at tile start year's requirements on hand in ad-is not to be underrated, \Vhen the drama ~ ' . ' } May 29 .and 2'),. When tile forces of which is coming to the Bell Theatre Monday, May 23rd, demonstration vance so that at this time there Miss: Sedgwick for:;ook tile stage levil are set loose to destroy Amert~an on Sunday and Monday, May 15 and at Palouse, Ira Long In charge, wouhl be around 650 to 700 million woolgrower learns that he has re- in her early teens to enter movingI t nines and American ideals, the meu 16. The star is Madlaine Traverse, Hog' Hints. pounds of wool ill the grease on hand celved perhaps a third less per pound iActures. She played in a few pboto-iwho fought for America in France i and tlle story is admirably suited to After farrowing, the essential fae- more ihan is normally the case. on certain wool marked "tender," )l'~ys for Imbin and then was engag-~rise (,) smash the foe. This mighty her emotional power. It is a story tors in swine production are: Wool growers will readily under-! that there is a difference of perhaps ed by Universal to take an important!concei)tion is from the pen of Max of the regeneration of a mining camp 1. A properly balanced ration,~ stand that If this spring's clip of twenty per cent in returns from i part in "The Isle of I,ife," a colorful i Marcia. author of "Eyes of Youth," by this girl from the city. But in 300 million pounds is thrown uponlcombin_ is corn area ~l ...... ' from the standpoint of protein, car- ~ g, : p' "'tn ciotnmgi screen thriller staged in Mexico t"Cheating Cheaters," and "The House saving others she comes near to los- hohydrated and fats, in orden to de- a market (if one may be said to ex-,. o ........ iWith her weallh of blonde hair, shelof Glass. Mr. Marcin has set out to!ing all that she herself holds dear. ! W0 ~ IS ; :tn(l thaT. WOOLS nlarKeu } velop larger hogs carrying heavier tst) which is already demoralized ] b .... ~ made such a pretty heroine, that Uni- I s:how what will happen unless Ameri- ! It is said to be intensely dramatie~ . " . " '~" urry" or "cotter" are very cneal}j bone. A splendid ration for regis- conditions may.., be expected ..... to oecomelwoois,~ " he- oegins" to awaken to the !* Versal officialsl determined, r . to keeplicans awake to the evil intent of thosela splendid~ vehicle for "the empress of tered boars nnd gilts consists of even worse Hlan they. are at Tne'fact that there is a marked" differ_ t~ her permanent y for Umversal pic-t who preach doctrines subversive of istormy emotion." The authors are Ouqal parts of ground barley, ground ])resent' and that if the wool clip i~nce i] ..... totes. That was four years ago. She American iedals. The United States lClifford Howard and Burke Jenkins - ' : I woom, in their value ann. i Oats, and millrun or shorts, in con- ' t at w~tn more thonght 'rod less] is so handled that it reaches the mar-:,h .... ' still is one of Universal's leading he- oovernment encouraged ~,Villiam Fox and the scenario is by Denlson Cllft. ke~ slowly during the course of the ...... " ~. i section with ona part of takage or . :tnougnt~essness ne can easily growIrines" iv making this picture, and it was Paul Cazeneuve directed the produe- fish meal. Corn or wheat may-be!year that there should be, logically, superior wools. I She soon bec~m}e a great favorite in due to the request of the'government~tion. The east includes Frederick SUl)slituted for barley if cheaper. :a tendency toward a firmer market l Any advance which Lhe grower i/;niver~al comedies, being featured in that Richard Stanton, the director, IStanton. Dick La Reno, Charles Smlly 2. A pasture furnishing a maxl- ~than at present. ' ~no less th'm thirty one and two-reel was able to obtain the free use of the!and Clo King. mum amount of muscles and bone Should the wool be held on theI nay receive on wools consigned tel "' ' ('ollzloission houses or sol .... "" .. Imirth pro lu(ers She then was ell- ..., ~ .... " u m[er ~n the building constituents; also furinsh- farms a,nd r'mches, sold to local buy- county noel ~ill de')end in enezal [trnsted with the supporting role in lag a sufficiency of the all-important ers, or pooled and consigned to a re- upon the length, s rength d fit- Ed(h I'o ~c o s , i in exerciee. Good pasture also lowers liable con]mission house for grading ne:--.s of fiber, and upon tile shrink- Ol)po.' te " .; " ~ ~ . thecost ofproduetion. Alfalfa, elo_ a.nd for storage until such time as ...... ai,, ....... , ........ , western pictures, in which Polo play- LU-' MBER .~,.. .............. e .... anu characterI d "Cyclone Smith," a continued role. Ver, peas, or rape all make excel- the grower desires, or finds it neees-lof the fleece. In other words any[e lent pasture for hogs. sarv to sell. This depends in a meas-lmoney advanced, as well as the!It was with Polo that Miss Sedg- 3. Mineral mixture to act as a ure to the financial status of the wick had her first experience in serf Vermifuge and to furnish bone build- woolgrower, or whether he must sell ~ eventual sale price per pound, de- i als. She played opposite him in "The irtg material. Equal parts of salt, or receive an advance on iris wools, heads not only on market conditionS]Lure of the Circus," one of the most but also upon the qnality of theI Charcoal and bone meal, in a self-Inthefirstplaeeilmaybesaidthat, wools andthe'waytheyareprepared poptllar Universal sertalsever made. FROM ONE BOARD TO feeder, make a simple mineral mix- for this year, wool turned over to !'or the market. The daring shown by the young we- lure which gives splendid results, country buyers will as a rule be At this writing it :~eems advisable man in this serial prompted Universal '. A "pig creep" for the little practically give,, away:ifw,all _._it,,tIle either market cooperatively, the to continue her in serials. A CARLOAD Pigs, when they are about fifteen to farm wools in the country ere ne~a;farm woolgrowers of each county Her next appearance in chaptered twenty days of "]ge. Feed shorts and I on the farms for a sufficient period i working together, or If an adwnce screen drama was In "The Grent Ra- ~kim, milk at the start, later change i for the market to become firmer such! on the clip is not necessary, store in[dium Mystery." in which she was co- ]]eaver board, doors, windows, shingles, lllmber of all kindn, -,~ tae growing rations suggested a course might be the nest. But as]the barn at home As most farm lstarred" Then followed her starring Everything in the way of building supplies at right pri0es. ~tOOVe. many lnust make some disposition lnolr ,~..~ - ....... [ role In "The Diamond~ Queen," a | , ....~,. .*,t~o~*o ar~ UllUel' luore or less l 5. All possible access to sunlight I of their clip in order to meet oblt- ~ ........ [screen adaptation of the late Jacques ' ' " "~ ' . i llIlanclal stress, snipping the wool to tor the young litters Sunlight en-|gations and in-as-mucn as growers .......... Futrelle's famous novel, "The Dta- ' ' I ' " " } lllarKet cooperallvelv snoulu appeal : erglzes young pigs. It is the cheap-ttnay consign to certain houses and i~~ ..... ~, ,~, ,~ .... " imond Master." C~R 0~ ~R'E, SI'I C~.~T SUST ~RRI'~r~:D st form of energy and makes the l receive a srnall advance (paving in-! " i In "The. Diamond Queen" Miss feeds fed go farther, terest thereon) in many cases prob-i .................... e-n Sedgwick has several episodes in 6. A sufficiency of clean i)ure ably ~mounting to as much as the! ~T0~AGI~ HOU~,1" 1"1315 ININ/t'.ti which she has to act with wild ant- drinking water. Stale, foul water is~itotal local sale price, it would appearl ................ reals, being charged upon by lions, " Car of 16-inch wood; fir and tamarack, at $11.00 per ~ord. a splendid place to pick up disease. !that pooling the country wool clip Proper Plate for Keeping Apples or tigers, elephants and other dangerous 7. A hog wallow to keep the hog i offers the best solution to the prob- Petards Is Often Lacking beasts. This is*considered the most COol during the hot weather. The: lem. on Farms. nerve-wrackfng of all screen acting. ...... Crane Creek Lumber hog's hide has no pores so that its: Thrugh the cooperative marketing can not sweat; this makes it essen-' of weols "t number of advantages will The grower of either q)~ te~ -r po- Although Miss Sedgwick is twenty- Dltoes who l|as no stura'~o is freqh~:~nt- one years of age, she is known by all tial to provide some means of keel)-iacerue. The cost of shipping to mar- her acquaintances as "Babe'" Sedg- lag them cool. ket in carload lots is considerably efficient storage house ~';,~Id mnke wick. This nick-name was attached 8. Utlllze fresh pasture each i lower than In shipping smaller lots. these men independent (,f ~he b,iye~ to her when she wa:~. the baby of the Year; or, better still, change year':The price received per pound should and beyond the ,]ange-x of l,-~sir~g their Sedgwiek family, Retail Yard East Main Street, Paloas hogs to fresh pasture every twoi be larger, due to the fact that the crops throuzh a car shc,v~age or by When the first episode of "The Dia- Weeks. This generally lessens dan-i clip is divided into the various grades ~'r6st in the fall. mend Queen" is shown ai the Bell men in charge in your district, and YOU ARE INVITED To Attend Our Special Chi-Namel Demonstration MAY 18 and 19 Come (! /i And bring your friends. 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