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May 13, 1921     The Palouse Republic
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May 13, 1921

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GOVERNOR NORBECK Peter Norbeck of South Dako. Who will become United States On March 4 LIVELY EVENING Thief Leaps 40 Feet and Lands oil Auto. Hs Tries to Take 30.Foot Plunge to Railroad Tracks~ but Potice. man Gets Him. York.--ThL,= i~ how Alex Ur- twenty-six, an unemployed tail- of having r.l,bed u woman ~r Pocketbook contMning $10 an evening. returned the purse containing at the Bridge I'iaza sic- Station in l+ong Island city, he is accused of purloining it, his alleged victim confronted When his accuser, Mrs. Mary of 322 Crescent street for the police, from the end of +:he s~ution to the tracks. record speed for four blocks PUrsued by a special policeman a crOWd of men. a Point ,)vet. the Diagonal street :t he almost ran tale an ap+ train. ~ave hinlself he leaped 40 feet Inhaled on top of a swift pass. lUtOtnobiie and was bounoed off rOadway. saw Mounted PaOli=an Kay- coming toward hhn, ran to of the viaduct and was i to leap to ~he tracks of the sland railroad, a distance of 40 When he was inter~pted. to Hunter's Point police ate- was finger-printed. from shock and other iu- he was removed to St. John'~ he was found to have sus- a bad injury to bis left leg and ar and possibly internal inJur- ITS BLIND COMPkNION Stockman Tells of Bullock Took Care of Another Which Was SIghtleas. t~r ~. Mitchell, e stock r~iser from Australia, st ys that the c:~t. Isltiess Is at present ihe heat in of Australia. tie stays that enl)lo are hard at work restoring to normal anti that they anxl++ ~ to get thc world trade to Iwe-x+ :tr .ondltl )ITS. i~ather wall first re bring the Poll Cattle into Audtralia 40 ago,', said Mr. Mitcbeli at ~w "and they have developed Io he for our section. They are nourish on ferns, tro.e leaves where other cattle would and the), grow to g(eat size, Peigllt evenly distributed, and running in hair liues through steaks even. There ~ a raarket for anything on the hoof Is fairly fat, and prices are very discovered a td!nd ))Illlo~'I~; lU the herds that came in, and an- bullock had adopted - tt and ~d it all the tittle. It was fotlnd )lind only when we noti,:ed tbat signaie~l to it conslantty it to water, through gates and rains. If at any time it got lost ad Wouhl never re~.t antil lie had It. the olher hullocks p,'tld ally to the blind one and lhe pro- the foster parent gave to the bullock was a never end- Of eolnnlenl gad .qpecu- When both. fattened after ~tha on out" place, wore driven to station 60 miles distant all oar was led through the dlffl. by his friend and generally MUST PAY ' +o+With pPoof of much set'vice GERMkNY within six months after the date of Firemen Are Called to the first publication of this notice, to-wit: ~Vithin six months after the Washington, D C.--Acilag Treasur er Allen announced that a total of $13,- $83,8~6.36 in cash and aecurtties was found in the treaaury as a result of the count necessitated by the [.eslgaa lion of Jc4m Burke as tl'easurer. This total ls abou~ *10,000,000,00~i greater than u~ual and is accounted fDr by approximately that amount of notes deposited by fureiku govern- nteuts' war loans. The actual cash on hand at the time of the count was $97A10,g83.02. The last previous count, in 1913, showed a grand total of $1,~2~,422,- 051.48, of which the total cash amouat- led to $1,199,231,91190. The present couttt showed $41,716,- 553.11 in gold coin, 145,T90,572 in standard silver dollars, compared with gold coin of $2,505,722.95 and standard silver dollars totaling $153,893,659 In 1913. 226 BILLION MARKS ,es0u~ FaMi,y R0a$, 6th clay of May, 1921, and if you fail .... so to do, )'our claim or claims will he Louisville, Ky..--.l A. Crow. forever barred. ford was resting in his ham,~, Premiers Reach Agreenlellt 011 loco Portland avenue while Reparations and 0therim- members of the family were away. H~ fell asleep, but portant Ouestions. a~,~:e,ed. Something was bt,'n, tag. HI~ nostril. told him that. rnstantly hi~ feet caught the NOTICE TO CREDITORS. Paris.--Full agreement on repsra- message and carried ttlm to the In the Superior Court of the State of VCashington. in and for the County tions. German dt.-.mrmamenL aud all fire alarm box on the ('orner. of Whitman. other important questions before it When ti~e firemen nrrh'od rim In the Matter of the Estate of Sarah had been reached by the supreme coun- house was filled ~r]th smoke. A. Hughes, deceased. ell ~hen it adjoltrned re meet In Lon- ,More wn~ c~mtng from the To All Persons Having Claims against kitchen, from tile ov~n, wl)+~ro Ihe above named e~tate: don l~',~bl'uury 21. the oau.~e of the It',) h O Wa~, ~'()n are hereby notifie.d that lifo A protocol t~as reigned a.ppvovizqg the 'found--;+ largo pork r)a~l. (;old undersigned, 31. 1) McPherson, ila~ ,'epavatioas sei~eme aa agreed on by meat was served f,)r dinner at been apl)ointed and has qualified :as the special committee and also the re- ~he Crawford homo. executor of the above entitled estate. potq en the disarmament of German3 You are further notified and re-. qnired to make out, your claim or a~ presenied by (he military commi~- ......................... claims, properly verify the same lind toe. Got'many mus~ disarm by July 1, IO0-YEAR WINE IS FOUND serve the sanle on the undersigned disbanding all her civic guards sot executor al his office in the City of Palousc, Washington. or upon his at- provided ~br in th~ peace treaty. Ca~e Unearthed by Excavating in torney. ~,V. F. Morrison, at his offioe (;erman.~ will be called on to pay in Ruins of Old Building in said City of Palouse, and file the 42 annuities on a slidi.qg seats 22~i.- in Florida. ~ame with the clerk of the above en- 000.fl00,000 gold marks, lier exports. ----- titled court, togeLller with proof .)f, iu addition, bear" ~n export duty of 12 Port St..lee. Ha.--A cfl~o of +'b,i,.e per cent ior the allies. On the basis wills, helh+ved bnrit.| over ll~ ,~t,ar~ at last year's erports this would give ago, +,v.qs excavaled I),, workmen ,an. the allies 1,250,000,000 gold marks or gaged in dismantling lhe rains of t)n old building i1) Port St, .Iosei)h, twnr 12 per cent of ~hatever money in here which was ,io.~er-tod In l;q40, !+~I. which the exports are paid for, Thus lowing a ximllenr yelP,w i't:+or ef)i. it is eslimated the first payment made de=It. by (terma ~y will be 3,250,000,000 gohl The wine was humid in wt'.at had marks. ~he 'xport tax being pahi ta been lhe cellar of the house. cash. Se.iztlre Of Germsu customs .,\'as add. And Dew Drops. NOTICE TO CREDITORS. ed as fourth of lhe pelialtie:: adopted Struck hy the n-tire "'Iron Mtks' [n the Superior Court of the State of t'or violaliou of agreements. The other in a hardware shop win(tow, a wag Washington. in and for the County of Whitman. tkree are: ExU~uulon ,f tile area of went lnmlde and ~ahl timt hc w~ per- Ill the Matter of the Estate of John occupation; occupation of die Ruhr fectly no, are of the fret thai "iron G ribhle Range, deceased. district: refusal to admit Germany to sank." I To All Pcrsons Having Clalm~ +he league at nations. " .,t-live PO the oceania:). Ihc -q~:t:~r/i Against Ihe Above Entitled Estate: shopkeeper retaliated: You are hereby notified that the As re Austria it ~as agreed that the "Yes, and time Ili(.% bnl wine tmdersigned has been appointed :and allies should forego reparations, t.he vaults, sulphur springs, :in rolls, has qualified as executrix of the cost of tim army of occu!~ation and grass slopes, mash. stand+. N .'lgara above enlitled estate, an(I you are hereby notified to make out and veri- certain other Austrian debt~ to enable falls, aloonllght w~tiks ~iL,i h,,lhlay fy your eh,inls and serve the same Austria to obtain aid more easily. It trips, scandal st)r~ads, standard with the necessary vo.uchers, upon (The total of 226,000,060,000 gold weight~0 India rubber tire,% the organ the undersigned executrix, who re- marks of German reparation payments steps, trade retnrns, and-." ~idf.~ up(HI tbe farm of the late John called for by the plau would equal ap- But the visitor had b,h+,,l. Afrcr Gribhle Range, deceased, in Whitman proximateh $56,000.0)0.000 at normal collecting Ida thoughts l~e rc~urn