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May 20, 1921     The Palouse Republic
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May 20, 1921

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CAUSE OF SHOCK ir Ca,~on of Harvard and | Announce Results of Ex- ieriments During War. FROM SHELL DAZE !ion Usually Develops Some ~rs After Serieul Wound er end Tillues B=- Toxic and PoiaonouL =bridge, Mass,--Discoverles made Waiter B. Cannon of tile }Jar- school and other Amerl- and Freucll medical .iT- lhe close ,jr the World Ve brought forth new evidence the l'ause and nature ot tile Phase ~aown as "sh~'k.'" a that led In Innumerably I111 war titae and frequenilv has lsr resuh after aecldent, itime or wol~nd-shock, == It ia has long baffled the medl- [~n]tor q,annou sald ~ress, on being o describe tim l'e~llt~ of Iris If, l- Work. After Any Accident. eondhion, which, by the way. ant be Confused with shell- aa entirely different phenome- aSUally develops some hours wound or accident It followed grave shell la the war, and often comes a person has been serlousl.~ an accident In times of peace, example, he has had a limb a ral/roa0 accident have been numerous theorles nature of shock. Some doctors Ihock resulted froai aerw*us Other~ that it came from a Of blood vessels by fat from i~llle tl]at It was due to Pa- of the nerves controlling the Others that the adrenal gland affected so as to do the sled ~o oh. In France gave us oppor- Study shock in the utmost d~- by one we threw out the advanced in former year~ Eltablieh Real Cau~. length finally tested and ca- the fact that the condition from the tearing or crushln~ or other tissues by missiles With terrific veloclty. The dam- .or (lead tissue soon beeome~ In other words acts like a This toxin causes an lmrraeability ~ff the smallest the capillaries, and thus l~t through their .walls quan- the fluid portim~ nf the blood lhould be lu circulation. The Is SOmewhat shnllar to that t,f of blood from the body." British and French merit- Surgical oflicer~ co-operated some of which Bethune In 19!7, some In others at Dijon In 1918 In of the Xmerican e~pedl- uad~tr D0etor C#anon's the end of the war," con- Doctor Cannon. "we had about methods of trea~ ea~s, finding that It was k~eI) the patient ampl) give him quantttle~ of wa- lt necessary, to transfuse nto the system from somebod.~ BUT EDUCATE GIRLS Men Leld In 8endinil 'e to College Slyl Statlatloa, Mass.--Professional met], their proverbial niggardly Predomlna~e In sanding theh- to college. made public today from u COndocted by Mount Holyoke Show that although slightly 8 per cent of the entire of the country are men, yet 888.10 per cent Students registered their as Professional men. are least i~terested, the Thirty-slx per cent of are In agriculture, but only 8 of the girls come from r~e to the professional men, the are most Interested In their daughlers. Ten per. the male populatlm~ are In 24 per cent have trades- Ring With Doughnuts. Pa.--A hag of dough- at $800.10 was sold re an woman for 10 cents the 11~ a bakery here, Mrs. clerk In the bakery says her ring, valued at $300. went doughnuts. She has asked to locate tile woman who the bag. She believes the l~ one of the doughnuts fliiger. " She her l~s soon afterwsrd unable to trace the customer straat crowds. Hilt= City Council. w. Yd. -- Mol~m postponement of the moztth- the,city c#mmlssioa o~ The city fathers g~- ~eetlng room, only to la tlbe anti it their e.ha~a BUT ONE HAREM LEFT Frenchman Now Has 0nly One Remaining in Constantinople. Disaster Which Carried Down Turk- Ish Empire Has Left Its Mark end There Is Little Gayety. In the investigation regarding the pos- sibllitles of increased utilization of l,he northwestern lignite, for whlch the suui c,f $100.~)0 n'a.~ approprt- atcd hy the ~ixty-fifth congress. POLES MOVE ROUMANIA GRAIN . Now Republic's Food Supply Suffered Last Year From Bolshevik Offensive. Constantinople.---There ~s col3 oriel Warsaw.--Tralns made up entirely hsrem left in Constantinople and the; i uf Polish rolling stock and matured Is oV,lle~t bY 1. Frezl~.h]llan. I I)) Polish crews began making reg- _& Freuctt correspondent wlto spent ular trip.< into Boumanla recently to aeverM weeks here thought Itiat hi~ ViSIt ~olt]d noI be coinlde/e IIII|H he had visited a hflroul, tie uskPtl une uf his 'I'tirkish t'rlend~ to arrunge It. "'Bat there is only one hareill h,ft." repll~l the Turk. "It ls znalntah~-d with very strh.f dlr.,:Ipllne and a(.('ord- ing to the b@st Iruditious. [~ut per- hal,S yell would have a din]ice TO see- ing It. f.r this last harem beh,ngs to one of your compalx'lot~, the ~arou Durdesu Bey. The last real Turk i~ a Frenohln ate." The w,uneu of Conattmtlnople ha~e been emancipated It Is true. but In ~he streets they wear what appears almost like a uniform. The cut of all [he Sit'eel COStHHIItS IS uinlosl the same. ihw IKlly dlt'['~':'eln'e beil'~g In Ihe colors. .~l~t]l)' Wlt|l|ell WhO '~lill Ilave R~lllle re- spool flit" tile t,ld I'O',tllllIt'S 'Aeiir ,-iliial] veils ro lildo II,.h" fueP~. In Ihe nllt~4(lllt.S linll evt>n hi lhe Sfl'eel (,ll]'~i and rsll',','li~ trulns speelal c.n l)~ll't- ]liel]Is with curtiilliS ure i'e.~ei'ved for them. presenting :1 ellrlous inixrtlr0 or modern and allol~nI CU~IO]ll bring grain [o tile new repnbllc, which suffered terribly in (']'Ol, losses last )'ear OWilig to file Bolslievik offensive. Boli]ll;]rlil WaS unable to deliver gt'..lhi to l'ol~lid because of lack of usable roiling ,took, This grain Is milled Into flour fro" tile population ~f (lalit:la. N,irthern l'lllalld, hiclud- ing \Vflrsaw. receivers its supply of l~Otlr i.hietIv front:klnerica. "l'~,*. i trains it i!;ty, trltlis[lOl'l lug ab,,nt 7~.lit)lj Tons {it grain it nionth. are l]llw nltlklllg regular lr|lJg frolo t.enti'al l{oumania. I,]xpei'cs have rcp, d'ted excellent [irospccts Iui" l'olaud'8 crops ]text bar* ,lest and It is expetted that with a sulunler of peace the country will raise enough grain Io supply all nee,!s. ARMISTICE CAR TO MUSEUM Will Get Ptaoe of Honor Among Mill. tory Trophies on Terracs ef Invalids =n Paris. PaNs. France.--The ralhvay earrla:4~ In Wllich [lie {Jel'lfian representative.~ In splte of the znun~ foreigners at-i signed the nrmistlce is. with MarShal rl~;lng here Mnce the war, Constanti- nople (,all|mr be culled s gay city, The dlsa.~ter whhqi cariqed down the Ttlrk- [ heslde tile [rophies of the Crimeao lsh einplre lla.~ left llS mark. and not even the appearance of thousands of l strangers, many ,)f them bent on a i "blg time," can sa'eep this away, .t few niovle shows, t~o or thI'e~ theaters Ufh| the Rtl~slan restaurants form the clty'~ nl~hl life All American l,ays nb.ut $7 to $8 a day for a room in a good hotel. A hah'cut, ~vlth toni,?, costs 75 cents, and a bottle of heer 65 cents. An automo- bile may h~ hired for $5 an lnJur, but all these prives fail re take Into (.on- slderathln llp~, whh'll are aluinrmally high. lake New York. (',hlcago, Paris and many of ihe o~her large cliles of the w,Jr|(l I~onstanthlopl@ is flow suffering frou] a "eril'fie wart:." Before the -war. say the Tnrks, they could leave thelr doors olden at night without serqotts ri,~k. Now sbootlng~ uxtd robberies oe~ cur every night. WILL SURVEY LIGNITE AREAS Dieter Zimmerman of MIIlikin Unl. vcrsity Appointed by United States Government. %Vashiri~ hln.--1-)r. Erlch %V, Zlm- nlerl~flan professor of commerce Of the James Mi]llkln university. Deeu- tur. Ill.. has been detailed by the Uni- ted Stated bureau of mines to make sn investigation regarding the fttel situation in the Dakotas. Minnesota and near-by states with a-view to de- terminInz, llie extent to whleh car- bonlzed ignile n]lghl, find a market In that general region. Docrnr Zhnmerman will make a eh~se study nf the fuel supplies avail- able la the Northwest, the character- islie~ of {]' fllol~ and the prices obta ht~d. Detailing ot" Doctor Zimmennan to this w orl marks a fut't.~_g_r advance Foeh's consent to In be glven a place of honor OD the terrace of the [nvalldes. war. J[ was originally lnlended i- prese]l~ the hlstorlc relic lo tn,. Louvre ILltlsenm. but It l,a:s been decided that, J[~ vlew of Its ndlltar) significance, It ahouhl be exhibited a[ the Iuvaltdes. COAL ASHES ON HEAVY SOIL Particularly Valuable to Loosen ~oll and Make It Workable~No Good as Fertilizer. Coal ashes have little value a~ fe~- lilizcr, their use being ntahdy to lena- en the ~oll and make It workable. They are most valuable on heavy day soil. bul sbouhi be screened to take out {?otil'S{.~ materla| before they are aI~ plied, and shouht be .pread evenly ov- ~v lhe slirfaee nnd thoroughly mixed v,'lth the s,ll. "~Vood ashes have fertl. I!zing value, but ~honld be applied be- [=,ire tile% becoltle leached. }BEGIN WITH POPULAR B~REED ~ot Wise for Beginner to Experiment With So.Called New or Untried Kind of Fowli, Urllo~s imbued with the true fan- ('ler ~plrit, beginners In poultry cul- ture httd better nor enter their no~l- at,. with a ~o-catled "new" or non-pop- ul,,i" llrced As a general rule Sales nf stock in this class are always lira, fte'.l, he]lee to hulhl Up a trad~ is ~at he~t u ,~i,,w lu'oeess, There wlll alSO 1,:, taokin~ a t'ellowshlp between nel~h- ta-ws breeding the kind of poultry, .all there will be less Interest manIl'est~d; 3crier hcgln wllh a popular breed f~r which illere~ls an established dema~, and one ilmt possesses commercial it:lportance, either for eggs or me~t, ilr h,-it h. yOU certainly want to save nmney, and. you would like to have better naKnng~. Then use Calumet. It's the biggest thir.g you can do to ira. prove the quality o! your baking~ --and lower baking costs. Calumet is made in the larg- e, st, most sanitai y Baking Powder Factories in the World, No Bak- ing Powder ia made under better conditions--none can be better tn qualiW. It contains only such ingre- dients as have been officially en. dorsed by the U. S. Pure Food Authorities. An absolute guaran- tee that it Is pure. CALU,MICT It received M~he~t Award,c,il World's l ure Food F.xposition, Chi- I! cage -- Paris Exposition, Paris, ! I France--positive proof of its sP.per- |i ior merit. ! I c.!-..o.- It ;a used by more house-/i , c,~o wives, domestic scientistss. ch,,s I! ~,*. than any other brand. That w0ukl II -" 3 c ups pa~try not be the ca~e, it it were possible || flogr. 3 level tea. Baking Powder. to secure a higherquality leavener..II c a, o .., It is sold ate moderate price. ii ~.o~.~r, iV. ~.v, granulates suaa~ All you have to do i~ to compare N| YolksofSeggs.~ costs to determine how much you II c,~ cold water, can save trF bu~ing Calumet. IiWh,t,,o,,e,,, teasl~oa or anile Pound can of C~ilumet contains full II FARMERS LOSE MUCH ] TIME KILLING WEEDS[ Survey Has Recently Been Con- ducted by Experts, Borne of Worlit Plants Have Been Gtven Special Attention and BuI- letins on Belt Methods of Erad. Icatlon Have Been Issued. (Prepared by the Unlted State~ Depart- meat of Ag'riculture.~ Fighting weeds occupies about 80 ~er cent of all the time a farmer spends In cultivation of crops, accord- htg to experts in the United States Department of Agriculture. who re- cently have been conducting a weed survey. Special attention has heen given to the best methods of conquer- lng some of the worst weeds, and lbe follnwlng publleatlons on theh" eradl- eatloli or control may be obtained hy wrltlng to the department: Farmers' bulletins: 610, Wild Onlon; 660, Weeds in General; 838, Wild Oats In Hard Sprlng-Whem Area: 945, Ber- muda Grass; 1161. Dodder; 1166, Pal- son Ivy and Poison Sumac; 1002., Canadian Thistle. Department circulars: 108, Chicory; 12,0 (five cents a copy), ttawkwveds or Palni Brushes. Department hulletlns : 511 (ten venls), Farm Practice In the Cultlva- lion of ('otton. ht addlthm to these tile folh)wlng multIgraphed leaflets on special weed.~ :" :" * ":'~i .... i;~c "~;'..".:':~ .i'~:: ~:.'~il}:} !~:~e~.::... ': ii:':'"' "::':~i~ WelbCuttivated Corn Field Frse of Weede~Food, Not Waitl, Pl~dtlcel on This Land. CTab=Orass ; Kllll-fii'@-Da-n~-ello--~-s lfi Lawns; Sheep Sorrel; Chlckkweed In Lawns; Eradication of Quack Grass; Wild Moriiing Glory, or IIind-Weed; Honeysuckle as a Weed; Perennial SQtv Thtstle. FINDS $1,100 ON TRASH PILE Outhrle, Okla.~Slx weeks ago W. F. Davls of thls city fouud an old vallse under a house be was movlng and Lbrew It on a trash plle In the yard. It latd there until he started to haul the trash away and on close examlna- tlon found $1,100 In War Savings stamps umler a false bottom. Inquiry developed the fact that the vallse was ence stolen from In front of a local hotel last sprlng and belonged to Do- old Secko, a traveling man from Eald. The stamps were all registered In his name. Result of a Lack of $tgnpoetl. Camp Sherman, O.~There are two vaults In the quartermaster's were- house. One contalns 400 quarts of whlsky and a large amount of alco- hol, the other military stationery and literature. Thleves seeklng the whls- ky broke Into the wrong vault, and to show their displeasure scattered the contents over the floor. * LEGAL PUBLICATIONS * NOTICE TO CREDITOR& in the Superior Court or the State of Washington, In and for the County of Whitman. In the Matter of the Estate of 1de M. James, deceased. To All Persmns Having Claims against the above named estate: You are hereby notified that the undersigned, Marion James, has been appointed and has qualified as ex-. eautor of the above entitled estate. You are further notified and re- quired to make out your claim or claims, properly verify the same and serve the same on the under~gned executor In the City of Palouse, Washington, or upon his attorney, W. F. MQrrison, at his office in said Clty of Pa~louse. or file the same with the clerk of the above entitled court, to- gether with proof of such service within six months after the date of the first publication of this notice, to-wit: Within six months after the 6th day of May, 1921, and if you fail so to do, your claim or claims will be forever barred. MARION JAM~S, Executor. W. F. MORRISON, Attorney for Executor, P. O. ad- dress, Palouse. Wa~hington. NOTICg TO C~EDrro~. In the superior Court of the State of may be obtained by wri0ng dh'ect to I Washington, In and for the County Forage Crop investigations: Bureau oft of Whitman. Plant lnduslry, United States l~epart- ] In the Matter of the Estate of Sarah ment ot Agriculture. Washington, I A. Hughes, deeeased. D, C. : Chemical Weed Killers : Eradl- I To All Persons Having Claims against ~ o Nut G_rass~V_Jd_ Carrgt;[ the above named estate: I III I I / II I You are hereby notified that the undersigned, M. D. McPherson, has been appointed and has qualified as executor of the above entitled estate. You are further notified and re- quired to make out your claim or cl~tlms, properly verify the same and serve the same on the undersigned executor at his office in the City of Palouse, Washington, or upon his at- torney, ~V. F. Morrlson, at his o2fiee In said City of Palouse, and file the same with the clerk of the above en- titled court, together with proof of such servlce, within six months after the date of the first publication of this notice, to-wit: Within slx months after the 29th day of April, 1921. and if you fail so to do, your claim or claims win be forever barred. M. D. M'PHERSON, Executor. W. F. MORRISON, Attorney for Executor. P. O. ad- dress, Palouse, Washington. 7-4t MADAME MAJER Hyde Bldg. Spokane, Wash. Aooordian-Knife.Side.Box Pleating Hemestitohing, Braiding, Buttons, Buttonholes, HaL and Feather Work. MAIL ORDERS GIVEN PROMPT ATTENTION KILL Tll ~OUI~ and A V TH @II?.AIN The formula we use in our power- ful Me~hleto 8quiP~l Poison is the one recommen4ed by the U. S. Department of Agriculture. At the low price we quote it is more economical to use Maphisto than to buy the strychnine and pre- pare your own poison. Sold only in packag~ a~ fol- lows: Each lib carton, $ .50 5ib carton 1.75 10Ib carton 3.25 3411) can.. 8 75 Full directions for using on every package. Got it from your dealer or, If he can't supply you, write us. SPOKANE DRUG CO. Wholesale Druggists Spokane Wasiiington ii ]]DDSE.BRDTHER5 " MOTOR EAI t 0rders placed now will insure you prompt spring deliv- ery. Prices guaranteed Sold on[easy terms. The gasoline consumption~is unusually low. The tire mileage unnsually high. BNNETT BROTI'IER Garfield, Washington I I J I tlI I \