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May 27, 1921     The Palouse Republic
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May 27, 1921

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~, _ .... ..... n t . " ........... ii I I i i , - ...... . ....................................................... -A ~u..T vnim L,r~unnnp tQn Dirlilll(~ tl)1!" {1Nlil{'ll.~50,0n0 te.mplt~. Other loca! Elksl,l.,l,,l*.l,,l.,l.,l.,li.,I, Wl, 4, $, q, ,l- ,I, 4,; ' _ _._= '- _ filial IUUri IIEl0i'iDUfl0 AIWU rl'llriWu,) {ink UUln0 wiu' ~( i~ er in the wee~ The cle- AMON6TKgCHURCHES 4, ............ ' ..... - ' ' ;bratloD ('onllnenced ~ edDesdav and *lb ~ ~ ~ ~ 41 ~ ~ ~ ~ gl~ ~ Ill ~ ~ Dr, J. VV "l'hom|)son cff I)oth|feh ~h'HS In t:):lh)llNe fill bnsiiles5 ,~loIld~Ly Altorlley \~:. F. 3.1orri.~ol~ \'., a~ in Mr, ano Mrs. E C..qmith ao(I Alle:n l~anil)here drove ~(, Colfax oil b~tsine~ Thursday. Miss Agnes Gillesple ~}l Orofiuo is :%~endin~ the week in Palouse. the 11"11]'4t" .t~l(/lrd~l.y ~tr][d will spend solllel l iloe K,,lests aI lhe l|olne (1[ Mrs. ~{os- ,',"~ l)arm,I~ Mr. ;,rid MT'~ 'h~rl(,.~ M M e'k le.tIL .t. I'. ]tiehards nod family, o Step- FL,= ~Pt'e gUC.SP.~ at the I-I. M. ,qehicR l,mw Sun(|;ly. Miss Artie-Lyn ltieh- ;~ ros lind r~lltrnod tt few days pre- vious xrom Berkeley. California-. v hor~, she had been alt.Pnding school. guest (d" Miss Th(.qm;~ Johnsot} , b'ielding Potter. son el .',lr. ;tad Mr. and ,Mrs. ~' H Amers. Sr.. ~fi .,des. A. Potter of this (.'it)'. is visiting ~pokan,. are ]l: I'aloase this week. x l,is parent.~ thi~ week, The young visitilxg their ,~ho (' tl Ame% Jr. , mn i~ employs,( by the Wosteru Elec- Mr. and Mrs. I~e,,I} l'?hl{l~:lllll'g. Mrs. ~ L,'l,:. Collil~aTl) aT Portlalld :lnd will te- A. H Gcddes ~ald others ,notored to ~,H'u r(, his duties tile latter part of Spokane We,lnes(h~.~ ill th,~ I~'lunsl)nrg]~he w~,ok. cltr .l~htz A ll~t(,~r~o/l, Well KII oWLt pie- Mr. and Mrs. ' F Brown ,,f Sprillg] n,~(,r rltrlller o[ the Kennedy |;',,rd dis- Valley haw, ln,,~ed t,) P;dous," and ;ire] 7ri,.{. arrived at honte the latter part oCCUD3 Ins (lie .1. |i Gr'~+d~ hol}t(, ozl SnnnyMde avenue Philip Ih, sch. who jUS! comldeted K slle(.ess{'ll] )oar :is oil{~ of the ill+ .qtruclors it~ the SIlll~4el -CtlOOI, i9 hoIlle |O ~l)Olli] el)Ill{~ ~ime with his parents. Miss (;wen(h,lyn Schi('k wbo taaght the pruoary era,les in the Johnso,l st, ho(d {he year, :,rrived home ~at~lt-da Y 1.o ~l)eltd th~~ ~llrlHil(q" vacation. Mr :nd Mr~ E t). Cathcar~ of l-larrisoo, fdaho, ltnd Mr. find Mrs. Jack l)aliy of Ell)erton sl)enI .qatar day and Sllnday :tl~ the ,f C, (':lthoa7t ~lonle in Pltlouse, Miss Mary I)IHIII. who ta.i|ghl ill the Palollse s,.h,~ols the. past year. ted Tuesday for her home in Pittsl)urg. ,~ lasl week from southern California, woer,~ It*~ spent she winter. Mrs. An- ,lt.l.soll will remain in CMifornia for ~OlZte Lime. Mis~ Ruth Browt~ of this I)lu.ce will '-l)|ll[lltate ~ Sll(~ee,~sfll] term of school n,~ar ()akesdale Loday, and after ;~p~H, di,t~ a few days wlth her par- .,,,n~s, Mr. and Mrs. l,eon Brown, will ~'(i(~H" the gtlHlnler ,~CbOol ~I" (~helqey } ~t tit f. llorlllal. J-'. R. Talltm{n. ;t D~2wsl)ttl)t~r Itli~II t)f V~ hitefish. ~lotltaDa, WaS ill Pa- h,ua*, Wo,lnesday :tnd iYtade The Re- i)ubliv office ~ fraternal c0:il. Mr. "ralluial) is t,,urina (he state of Washinglon "wilh a view IO findin~ ~, uitahie location The liltle (laug-hler of Mr. and Mrs. E, [. Meeks. who lives southwest of Pu. It is nnderst.o,d the! it is her in-ll,;thmse, was operated upon \Vednes- lention ,,, remain in the mtst. ,t~v h~re.n.o,m at the Colfax hospital "~-2 R J. l(,~eney has moved hi~ fatnil~ t(~ their farlll, llear Spok~tne. where. lhey wilt gpend the siinlnler, reIiirn- ink 1,:, l'alouse this felt in time for will ,am.tinuo until Saturday nighl. Baptist Church. A live ~llnday school begillnlllg t'.pa.cifie \~'" (~-reelle. agent at lhe North-~ every Sunday at Ill a. m. Preaching C['|I depot ~t this l) lace. will lservice at 11 a. hi. Coln(~ and h~:lr leave iu a few days. a.ceompanied b:l why "'A ('hristian Life Is a Daily Mir- MI',~. (Jl.C,:,tle, for a well-earned vats-I sole." At night tile suhject oI the t ion They expect to 1)e absent ;d)out 1 ~ month. The company has put a]]- Sel'iOOn will l)o "'Saved by (]race and, INol by Works Df Our Own." The other mau in charge of thedeool here] " " , evening service will be preceded by ; durin~ Mr. Greene'~ absence. the meeting of the B. Y. P. U.. begin- Mrs. Aoua Wiley arrived in la-thing at , p. m. louse ihe latter par~ of last week, Prayer meeting at p. m. on. from The l)alles,_ Oregon, where she l Thursday "rod choir pr~tetlee at 7 had spent the past few months ~t. thel c,'cloek the same evening. lh)me of her son. Will Wiley, who* was principal of the high school in i :Lllthel~,-'l C]lUrC]l. tlu, t eity the pasl year and has been i Services wilt be held Snml,L. m~wL,- reeleeted for tht coming ~chool y('sr, i ii:g' ~{ay '-?2. uE 9:30. Protassor Ehner Staf[elbach. princi- R, J. JANKE, Pastor pal of. the ,qunse~ schools during the l ........................ past school year. arrived in Palouse H01y Trinity Church. with his family Wednesday, and wilt Church school a~ 10. Other .,'er- ~pend several days here before going{ vices nt S. ll and 5. All people wel~ to Cheney, where he wili take ad-teome. valleed work during the summer. His' )'ear's work at StlllSe, wa~, 9ueeessflll Catholic Church. in Cverv respe(:t. I Services 6n the ~econ(l Sunday otl H,)wt, rn Snske. grltndson of 'Mr;~, ~ever: llkOllth at 12:15 p. m,. ;tad ouI .I. b'. Anderson. lefl |he first of the the fifth Sunday at 9 a. m, ~]vervou~. ! w(.el~ for his hoa}e iu Colora, d.. afte.rtweleolne. :q)euding the wiut~r with his. gr'md- ln()ther. I)uriltg the ve~tr he luade I ['llLtny trivtlds anlonI~ th(} young |)eO-{ t i I)le. wile will he gltld I.,) know tb'tt he will relnrn l;() Palonse thi~ fall ~h, eoltlillue his school work t~ Ild~arsoll, Jr.. I(~(:;i] (,ollfractor, i h:~s jllSl ('l)lIll)l*~t('(] ~t /li[ty III?W gur- aJge on the 11, A. Malsed place, on (i'annozl -Irc,q, in additlou i~) other h'nprovements.. He will hegi~, work r~)r appendicitis. She wa~ taken co In ~t few days on e.xensive improve- Colfax I)y Dr E. J~. ~,Voll'e. wbn :t,- ltlell{s (m the .L It. D~vis home. 3It. :siate.d ill the )p.ration. I)avi,~ will have a foundation put in ~,nd expect,~ u) hulld an a.dditio|l r:~ Miss Ethel t)derlin left Tue, sday ! he hollse. CAR/, PHIIAPP. Pa~!(~r Under New Management, tLavinz purchased the business of thh l.)ah)lts+- Garage, it; will now be LLn (lor oly l)ersona I iii au agelllel,1 I wish I) assure all flew cu.~tonlers, as well as old friends, ttlfll sat.isf',clory iioaln~enl will bo recei','ed on !hi~ l l)a~i~ I sollci! 3onr patrotiage. (' H. AMES..~f{. OLASSIFIED ADVERTISiK8 PeR SALE---Parrot Tnlil) Bulbs. Mrs I1. A. Lilesing the ohihlren r(~ enter ~ehool_ Mr and Mrs. A P. Murray. Mr ~nd Mrs. /'barles M. Mecklcm. Mr. ~,|td Mrs. B. |a. Welt~ and .~lr. al)d Mrs. S. T. Scott mnlored to ]'.e,&is!Oll Snnday lind si~ellt the day wl~h friend~. .~rs. M. P Moser and litlle dau!~'h- ter. )[ Sedro ~Vooley. arrived irt PU- 'or Portland. where she will visit for ,~overal days, afler which she will -;o ',o Seattle. She will salt front there ,,, -kla~ka, accomlmnied by' a, party ~,r frieods from Du]hilan. They exl)ecl. lO |1~ IZOIIO ~t|}Olll three illonths } A. R Grimes ;~nd [1, L. Gritman w(~ol t,) ~l)okatxe Wednesday to ~[- {elld l h~ dedicalion of the Elks' ne~e I J-- L I MEMORIAL DAY reminds us all that we share the responsibility of finishing the work for which America's heroes laid down their lives. Every day is Memorial Day for those who have caught the real spirit of patriotism and are helping to make this a nation of indepen- dence, prosperous and thrifty people --substantial citizens of a ~ubstan- tial land. Farmers National Bank PAI,OUSE, WASHINGTON _ ! i eeds! eeds! eeds! I nn IH I I i nl ii J- PRm~s m(mn:. To cut.the high cost of living, we have put in some straight grade flour mad~ by the Paloute }l:illing 0ompany. $1.50 per ~ack and SILO0 per barrel,. Remember thi~ is not the Smabeam bra~ad, bat ii Ii good cut-of/ flotu', and .0heap. 0ne ~k or one clrliad the same price, feed. rolled oats, barley and paaltry ~upplies alwsy~ on hand. Timothy and Mfalfa hay. Orders taken uow for grain bag~ amd binding twia~--- Pri~es gnaxantced. A.J. Webster Company 6raia, Feed, Flora'. PALOUSE , POTLATCH =" ............. Ll I lllL I I I~TL(AYED----Two horses: black three- A owmori'tl service will. be held ut; the Pitt school house, west of t)a- 1!)use, next Sunday afternoon at '2:30! o'clock. There will he special music and the address will be delivered I)y, the R,v. A. A. C'dlender of Colf~x.I / A cordiaJ in,Darien i~ extended tel the puhtie, and persons having rel't- tires hurled in the Pitt cemetery are i especlMly urged to be present. Mr. and Mrs. W. Wolheter arrived ut home Tuesday from a visit of sev- ~;r'tl d;,tys ill the Cle;trwater district. during which, they visited at Lewis- ton, Asotin and Culdesa~. 4Hr. Wol- heter state,~ that the crop prospeet~ are of the best iu ever)- district vis- l!.ed fie says that the Clearwater river has more water in ii now, due to the melting snows and the ratns. thau/for several years past. The condition of Representative I). F. Trimble, who is suffer'ins from pneumonia, has changed but little within the past week. The l~yaicians in charge eonsidei" him very seriously ill. hut the fact that there is no change for the worse makes them hopeful that there may soon be a turn for the better. He is receiving every l~.ossible care ~rom the members of the family, aided by a trained onrse. Mrs. C. E. Barnes,. who has been operate6 upon several times in the past two years for abseessea, caused from the flu, from which she suf- ,fered two years ago last winter, Is again in the hoepltal, havt~g b~en operated upon some two weeks ago ~by a Tekoa surgeon. reported to be recovering nicely and her many friends hope that here recovery may be Permanent. Robert Heitzman, a graduate fromI the Palotme high school with the/ class of ,1921', .~litor:in-chief o fthet High Scho~)l Booster since Its ineep-{ tion 'two years ago, and for the pastl ~'ar-old. weigh! aboul 101)0 Ibs.; bay horse. 12 years ohl, weight 1 11)0 tHs. ; sIra yed from y place in Cone Sa!~trdav. Reward wilt be paid for information leading (o !heir reeavery. G. 1). Wakefieht. R. l~'. D. l, Viola, idaho. PASTlrRE---Pasture for horses at E. C. Baird's. Harvard, Ida.he. PASTURE---A section of cattle pas- ture. with a new fence and a large creek running through n.. Three miles south of Potlatch. A. Walsec. l'alouse. Wash. Phone S-~L22. 11-3! l~:~)R-~ALE~-..lersey bull. 18 months old for sale. Inquire of Will Red- man. F. F. D. 2. Pa]ouse. I RO()M.q--I have several good rooms to rent during the summers. Mrs. Ado Oderlin Whttman street. FOR SALE~Good tolding baby bug- gY and seed potatoes. Phone 131-J. FOR SALE---One 7-foot gang disc in good working order for sale. J.C. Gwiul~, Route 2. Phone 7F41, 10-3t a FOR SALE---Standard sewing ma- chine, with all attachments, in good condition, for sale cheap. Enquire of Mr. Dixon at Model Ca~e. between Turnbow Plat and Pa- louse. I~'inder please leave at Palouse Garage. N. ~Villiamson. 10-2t leer of picket fence, in good condi- tion, for sale. Enquire of J. A. Miller at Interstate Trading Company. HOME GROWN WHEAT FLOUR manufactured out of Marquis, Club ~:ad Fort)" Yold wheat, pre war price, .,tl.50 per sack. $6.00 per barrel---- I'alouse Milling Company. ~VH~AT ' HAS ADVANCED from 85 ceuts to $1.1.~ per bushel, but we have not raised the Price of home five Fears a eapable and valued em-igrwn wheat fLour. ploye of the Palouse Republic. has accepted a position in the mechanical department of the Coeur d'Alene Press, at Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. an- suming ht.~ duties Monday of thts week. Mrs Sarah Heitzmau will ]eave Sunday for North Yakima ~nd the coast, where she will spend Lhe aum- mer wtth relatives and friends Mr. and Mrs. R. A. M:osley of North Yak- ima, relatives of Mrs. Heitzman. will arrive here the latter part of the week hy automobile and Mrs Heit:,- }nan will aceompany them borne She expects to spend the greater part of the summer in Seattle, where her non, John, In attending the University of Washington. 3{iss Be.~s Cott6y lef~ Monday for New York, where she will spend the summer with her sister, returuing to Palouse iu time for the oP.ening of $1.50 per sack, !$|;.oi) per. barrel.--Palouse ~illing (. ompan v ] DR-ESSMAKING W'ANTED~At home or by day---Mrs M. R. Thompson, Church street. [ ............ DRESSM A KING---d r essm-a-k[ng done by Mrs. Geo. M, C, arey, corner J and Maxwell streets. 36 .......................................... % ....... LflaE [NSURANCE----A man or weal- an wilhout life insurance is an ex- ception. ARE YOU AN EXCEP- TION? If so, write us at once and we will call and explaln life insurance benefits. Inland t~]mpire Securities t',o.. C. S. Barns manager, 727 Old National Bank Bhlg., Spokane, Wash. WANTED:-:T0 buy feeder pLgs, weight about 50 pounds. Must be free from choLerm Gtve price and full particulars first letter. Box 65, Ell; River. Ida he. 12o9t school. She will be accompanied home ............................... l It, a(~ Of Ohio CRy of Toledo, by Minster Billie, who spent the pastI Lncu Coun't so year in the east. Miss Couey was ae- Frank j. ChoneF ma.k~l oath that h~ ........ { la menlor Parlgier of ths firm of F J O?ylp,"~l.efl "IS Iay a~. M?nea~oll$ by) O~e~ey & O0., doing htlstaes, in the (~lty ~lss ~uth Teepte. teacher or musle,o oledo, County and State afOreSaid, nd thai, aaid ~rm win p&y the sam o~ in the PaJouse schools the past year. Miss Teeple's home is in Minneapolis and Miss Couey ~dll be her guest for a week before eontfnuing her Jouruey to New York. FOR SALE~Crood coal heater.; Suit- able for large room or w/ll he~t two ordinary rooms. Enquire at thl~ of flee. ..... ON]il HUNDRED DOLLARS tor ~tcl~ ~d every ease of Catarrl) that canaot be curlILI by tho use of H.&LL'8 CATA:RRH MEDICINE. b'RANK J CHENEY. 8worz) to before ~o Sl~d ~ubscrib~d in my Presnee, thll @th dire, of JDceinber, A. D. 155~. " A. W: GLEA~ON, (Seal) Notary /:'u blJe. HalPit Catarrh Medtclns Is taken in- t~rn~ll)- a~ad thl~u~h the lalood on ~e '~ucon~ Snrl~tc~.of the ~tystsm. 8end for tsl~Jmon~|, frtm. F. J. Cll~Ey &_GO,, Tol~io O. ~lpld,l~ all drull'lltl. 71~. When lhe American People Have tested a p~Samiple, and found it sound, they remain steady to it. lust now you seem to hear more ardent prais~ of the ~uaranty Bank than ever before. Conviction of the deep-seate(t merits of the 0us r- any Bank has broadened, and spread, and ;yr(,w,, steadily stronger. The depositors first thought of safety, which '!t'~ brought so many depositors to Guaranty Banks, is now bringing their friends to these institutions, The asset of gataranteed safety for deposits is all attraction that few can resist. You, too, will profit by finding a Guaranty Bank without delay, and making it your bank. ~I~CURITY STATE BANB PALOU~E, WASH ci "Y~ , I ] I IIIII ]L , ~-= .............. L r ........... i-- -- ' Jol nl,,,|,, B I IJ" I II Contains more poison to ,he pound of grain than any olher poison made 25 Cents the Poun Special Price in Larger Quantities Palouse Pharmacy The i~e~all ~to~'e -:-IO-U;1 |A IW a y s Fin d I * says the Good Judge That you get more genuine satisfaction at less cost when you use this class ot" tobacco. A small chew lasts so much longer than a big chew of the ordinary kind. And the full, rich real tobaceo taste gives a long lasting chewing satisfaction. Any man who uses the Real Tobacco Chew will tell you that. Put u~ ia t~o styles - N-B CUT is a long fine-cut tobacco RIGHT CUT is a short-cut tobact E. M. IRWIN q UCCF~q.OR TO Anderson & Co. Undertaker Wall Paper and Glass, Pi0- lure Framinff. Telephone 65 i POR RENT.~Light housekeeping rooms.-See Mrs. B. F. Howell 9-4t ~OR SALE---Alfalfa hay for sale. ]n- qtLire of W. F. Smith & Son, Pa- louse. ~Vash. 12-2 WANTED---Two small pigs and two ca{yea wanted Address H. E. Holmes, R. P. D. 4, Palouse, Wash. L. R. Dolby I~()R SALE--Eight-foot binder, in good condition, inquire of T. J. Field, at City 10-2t J. I. CASE Starner, agents for J. I. chlnery company. Tractors, chlpery, threshing and beltlng.--Addreu