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The Palouse Republic
Palouse, Washington
June 3, 1921     The Palouse Republic
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June 3, 1921

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CONFERS ........--::v-,,.--, ........... ,--.,-,=-,:.-..., , ............................... IF" I..:. -- ...... .-... . . ........'. ENDMENT ADOPTED, ,,+ ,.,, .,,,,, " WITH FINANCIERS t,.:; , ' ''"++ " :!:STILL fUrTHEr Votes For Invitation to l::'i,laii~:;''/~ ;i: :, i'i?i"~:' ~;j~:';;,~,:;d All Parts of Country to Be ': C'sulte:nBusiness i!i REDIJCIIONS ili but iu view of the naHlre, of the s~,l)ale is higli]y improl)able ihal ~ti~ )till develop over tile inclnsi()t~ proposal in the uaval bill. Th,' of lhe a,hni]list)'atio]t with to the measure have II()l yet revo.ale(l, but live' belief S at the cal)iiol Lhal P)'(~shI~mt will issue a (?all for lh, slig- conference at an etlriy (]al*.. proposal for tl D,,~W latin8] I)ase Cal.,was lo.qt finally wheu IBall, repel%lean, of l).h)ware. Iced that no fnrther aiiem))) be ulade tO res('ind llle sen;,l(-.'s ;riki~g tile ilem from tile bill. ~nnonIicenleul ('anle af(~,l" )~en- [Jng, democrat, or I:rah. had notice tl~at oppouents wotlld )assage of tile naval budget in ~ly shouhl the Alameda alllell(l- ~galn be pres~e(l. NMENT SEIZES RGOOLL PROPERTY tdelphia.---All the pr,)perty of ' C. Bergdoll, drafI (,v;,,ler, who in Germau3, W; s seized here lonel Tllmnas W, Miller. alien ty Cus|odia n for the lTllitt'd goYerllllle,lll, I)V ())'(let" of t>resi- larding. Wilh it w;)s soized the ty of his ran)her. Mrs. Iqu~ula ('. )11 and of his bI'()iltt!)'. },+'rwill IlL lIO+W sere. ilia, a. 8(~ll|(~ll','e it! rlny dis(.iplina ry bi, tTavks at l'WOI'th, Ken., ;is a dl':~fi )~xlitle, r, action was l.ak(ql HlldvT' tI IICW which pernlils file go;2r[llllellt e Over the III'O]DPI'I~ O1' I]lt)se dye forsworll lheir allogialt(.o. (3rgd(}ll was given five da3s t() ver a.n aceoullf of all (~)'OV('r'f4 .';y in tlliS t'OIlIliI'y. })olh I'o;~l )rsottal. is is done the remainder nf ih(>, ill pr(ll)erty will I)(, returned I+late ~ill L in the htlrlds of ~:)ov('~riiiIteHt is, and in addition sh. will I),, ~O tin prisoltnlenl, trot coil( olll 1,[. va~ue of the seized Ostal(. ()wil)'d over Berg(loll is estilnat(~d at 6. WHEN PLANE FALLS Worst in History of Aviation Lin United States. tugion, I). (.'. ---St+veil nl(-t!, ti~e arltlV arid iwo ci~iliaa~. '~ .)'~, Readjustment. 4'imhingtom D. C.--Bankers and fl- aaucl~r~ from ~'ver3' section of the eoulatry are, tO be n Sl]ch aeeollltts, j A 50-Pound Box (if Advanees to carriers in whieh ee,'-I CHOICE tifi(, of final paymenl have uoi' COLUI~IA RIVER SMELT (,it)', who made the arrest. ROUl3,nvt made a (,ontpt~te eoufessioIl, aOer be,- lug taken to the l,ane, county jail. ac- cording lo the officers. He said that he shot (.;ivens adler the latter had culled him a liar. Chief Justice Leaves Wife Alt Property \Vashington.---The, w|ll of Edward ])o(Iglass White. fornJer ,'hief .justice Of the Uuited ,qlate%,letli eli his pro)) e,rty io his wife Ii wa~ ,xot, uled .lune ) to l'~/ll dllring the SlJnlnlere. 2(;, J915, and is (:ontaiu~d in two sew. Ada. Oderlin, V,:hitm'm ~treet. t~ons in implements, and hardware. -:-4"**"i** We still have eta hand ,some )'.'naehmety" and "~'.:. extras of the InLe)'national line, which we ;.:" i] are iosmg our below cost, and on whieh -i.- (, .. ,' ). "% ,q o. you ean make a heavy ,.av]ng. ~o .... o:. ).:. :!: i: A full line of garden seeds just received. .,, % jj: Iron Age and Planet Jr. garden euitivators .!; !..t. in sleek at reasonable prices. ;.*; :i: ...... T-- r :i: The regulation' line of spring farming' " imp- ,~ :+: lements at proper prices. ) '~" :!: PALOUSE HARDWARE CO, How We Build The Structnre of Good Paint ~rE make good paints llke ly app]ied, five or more year~ keepin~ the wood like new. Some people figure paint econ- omy as "cost per gallon." That is wrong. For "cheap" paint doesn't cover so nmch surface--- you buy more gallons. "Cheap" paint is harder to spread and you have more la|~r cost. So the "cheap" pabst on d~e ]louse costs just as much as the best of paint. this--to save you moncy; ~nc d we've put 72 years' expcri- e into them. " T I we use pure {PIONEER WHITE LEAD, pure linked I~il, zinc and coh)r in sc/enti6c- FUY exact proportions. ,The lead base is maAe so fine hat it will pass through a silk ~ereen with 40,000 meshes to beell elJtei'+3d by lhe inierstate corn+ nleree eomrniss.ion a luounted t,o $263.- 2?. I .$74. Other payments li~ted axe: 'Reim- buvseulenl of deficits during redeem control. $1,?,()7.144: final paynlelli (,!' guarau~y, $I.:',11.7(U): partial payments of r~'inlbursement,~ o~ defieiis, $.528,- 51))); loan fr+,m r~vulxi)ig fIln(l, $I~(}.- 5(1:4,.m~ 7. i Roo~is'-i have se~;era.l go'o;1 r;oms Mrs. Free Advice on Painting ASK our agent for our free ad- vice. He will show you a eoloz card which ~hows :32 slmdes of this desk- ~/~ able paiut. We have a Fuller Specificatiou Depart- ment which will tell you all about the most desirable color re:heroes, color her- :he square inch. That means Don't allow surfaces to rot-- mony and those other details you want to it costs less to paint them. :overing capacity and ease ot3 "'-'he .... know. ap paint on the aver- Take advantage of Fuller Hou~ pread, age starts cracking in twelve Paints. Take steps to paint now'. '~ special device super-puril~es months, while the best paint Don't let weather depreciate your he lead, making it "Whiter" so stays intact from five to .ten investment" .Tuller paints are exceptionally times longer, if properly applied. W.P. FULLFJt & CO. l:]ear-toned. All ingredients are Figure the cost per year .of Dept. to, Salt, Francisco lthoroughly mixed in specially service and decide which paint ~Plonser Maadscturer of Paints) ~igned machines, so the paint Varni~hms. Enamels Stains, and Is always uniform and smooth, yon want to use. ]PIONEER WHITE LEAD for 72 Years ~Are spend more to make l~stablished IS49,~' !~o result on the house is a paints for your economy. Be ilranches in 16 Cities in the West--- peautiful, ehistic, tough, protec- sure you get them wheal you D=alers everywhere. coating that staFs) if proper- paint, l~ai~t, All Purposc Varnishes, Silksn- white Enamel, Fifteen-for-Floors Vat- rajah, Washable Wall Finish, Auto : : iZuamel. Barn and Roof Paint, Porch : ; " . . + . i WHITE LEAD. Ind Step Paint and P I 0 N E E R 8PECI~I~A~ : ": lllllIliiIIIiii IlouIe"Poln~i," sony} n.s Phoenix I~ure Polnl' (Cnt this d paste it in your Pure Prepered ~[n~ note book as a memo.) Manufactured by W. P. Puller & CO. uy house ncsds paluthlI, Pullsr)l Ipecifieation Housc Paint~ are sold by "Pure Prepared" and "Phtm- THEM. These paints ll41 1~- the foUowing Agents: nix" are Ful!er's Specifications portant to you, so it's illaportllnt for house painting. Get either to go to the right stores to get yoB have the best them. ,AKCnts) oanles "l~d ll~ ,a, m:ke tire,s,+ are pr~.~d ium.=,,... CHAS M. :~[~CKI~ coupon to the right. Cut it oat WHERE TO BUY and put it in your pocket now. For All Exterior Jobs ot Patntipf, it Is AdvI~bl~ to P&LOUSE, W&~I[I~GTON I { Secure the Services of a Master Paimter _ II i t r Will be sent )'o~ for $1.25, f. o. b. Kelso, by sendir)g to the CO ' " , 1,L3IBIA I~,IVER SMEI,'L' ('it Bread Memories Your own small loaf pinehed off the tamiJy baking, though slightly soiled from too much handling, was a rare treat when it came from the oven in all its brown glory. Krispie Krust Bread is delicious and will taste better than the loaf you baked yourself. The Pal0use Bakery i Irl I,....., tho Want Co,u .. ,ou" m.y rill x'~t=tu just what you want; and perhaps Ill your neighbor has it to sell. A few lines in the I[J=/i : Want Column will bring results. Try it once. I) it i ii - * i i [ ' ~rt~at ilqtl [eh