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June 3, 1921     The Palouse Republic
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June 3, 1921

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WITEPSKIE'S CONCERT ORCHESTRA AT CHAUTAUQUA Prominent Chicago Organization Will Present Two Big Concerts on the Last Day With Olive McCormick in Joint Recital in the Evening ~STATE LAWS l surs. have been in eft'eel more than i U~ree inonths. ' I Sevt, ral changes ill election laws EFFECTIVE JUNE o,,o ,t ,o ~display the Anlerican flag in front of ortaat ~hanges in F, lection Lawsi all polling places. City, school and district elections in King, Pierce and Paxm Legislation Promises ]Spokane counties will be held on the !first Tuesday after the first.Monday La~xe Benefits. l in May Oher counties than class A II hills Passed by the last legisla-tcznbine their local elections on the i second Saturday in December. The ~VChich did not carry emergencv~ -i absentee voting law is made more ra~ go into effect June 9---righti workable. Referendums against the It alidnight of June S. There are tparty registration and conventions Sew statutes to become effective', bills have been threatened. ~ ~onh though a few of them do l ~Orae operative until later. For PAY POUR I~CO]~ TAX EARLY ,Die, auto drivers must get li- ~es at Once ~ , le I.~w is net ~n Forward Your Tax Bill With Your ~ , ~,1,. tt , , ~ - ~d Until August 1; the gas tax is Remittance to Collector. Taxpayers are reminded that the been picturized by Albert Caoellani, ~v COllectable ,::tnedrmJe:ltYs 1; three [:;-(~tlt~ttonal a,1 will not]secnd payment of federal income thenoteddirector, and will beshown ~ taxes for the current year is due not I on tile screen at the Bell theatrue to- binding un 1 approved by the; (av The picture is a Robertson- Prs. llater than June 15. Collector David:tele release. ,llles of the road governing high- ,L Williams of the district of Wash- traffic and pedestrians were pro- ~ated in the new auto license Oill] h ad an emergency clause and~ been in effect more than threeI ths. but strict enforcement hast delayed until highw Lv policel ~rtaa~ed in midsummer. Our bills have been threatened by ~nduln. Such petitions must be : With Secretary of State J. Grant i |Jqe not laterthan June ,~. The tary ex,ects an excess of nanl i ue Petition against paragraphs in' ington nlakes special request thai payments be made during the first week in June in all cases possible, and calls attention to the fact that the payments must in any event be in his office not later than 15. other- wise penalties automatically attach. The mere i)lacing of remittances in th(, mails ~}I~ June 1.5 is not a c, ompli- ;I/lCt~ ~iltl the law. Eich incolne tax reutrn is given THE MOIION PICTURE REALM "Kismer' as Film Sets Picture Pace. "Kismet," the Robertson-Sole su- per-special production, starring the inimil:able character actor. Otis Skin- her. in his first screen venture, will June 10. for two days. This is reputed m De the greatest picture of the de- icade. Replete with interesting char- i acterizations and situations the story gave Mr. Skinner his greates~ star- ring vehicle on the legitimate stage and the screen version is evetl better "' The Fortune Teller" at the Bell. The Fortune Teller,',' the Broad- w:~v ptav which established Marjorie R~mt}e~u's reputation as the greatest emotional a.ctress in America, ~aedtcal (:ode and believes the eer- [r cat~ ,,, ~distinctive nuniher in the collector's "~ necessity bill is likely tel ferred. Mr ttinkle has 30 days!ffice' The tax shown due by the re- ~heck, the names. !turn filed is assessed thereunder, and [,ost import ant atttonobflez ' leg'~lsla-I,,ll' )~ments~." , ,. intended to, apply, on. [~ taking effect next week includes*~tha~ return should, of course, oe Iu~t transnortatlon code and theicrvdited to that same number. Every ~rs' licenle aw All drivers ,tills, i cheek, draft or mouey order covering }n a State license costing $I and i)aymetll of ineonle tax is stamped It be held to strict accountahility with lhe numbcr of the account to ~ any Violation of the law. which it is applied. The taxpayer's Ity, County ~Lnd other public ,)rti-] aet'onnt numbers are also shown on I s, ~XCept stleriffs, constable:~, p',-- the t::x bills recently sent out from game Warden,~ and state offi('ers tl~e eollecor's office. It is very ira- be guilty of a misdemeatmr if portent, therefore, that the tax bills drive or use an automcl)ile furnished shall accompany remtt- ed by the public body they re, pre fauces when they are forwarded. If. Which b '' d ')l] It III [~ as not p,tmte , . however, your tax bill has become [er.s 2x2v2 inches a sign Silowin~ lost. send with your remittance a ~;lty, COunty. town ,w other public memorandum or letter giving the L Owr~ing the auto. identification number which appears I~he cooperative nlarketing net your cancelled check representing [~ /feet next we~k has been k,~own your payment made in March, 1921. L. e Sapiro bill and was modeled Care on the part of the taxpayers in ~ ~r (~alifornia's statute. C,}op~,ra- furnishing this number will prevent aSsOciations are vmt obliged ~o errors and will enable prompt and ~ Under the act, but if they do proper credit t() be given remittances lrector of names rea.ching the collector's office. ~b~r of agriculture one the board of directors and 'EIses~ general supervision over A.h. McDonald at Potlatch. Organization of cooperative Potlatch, June 1. A. A McDonald, Cr~lit associations is sanctioned for many years manager of the Pot- ~Other new law. Others .give the latch Mercantile company, was in ~.~)r of agriculture authority to Potlatch today renewing acquaint- i' lee for hay and grain inspection antes Just a year ago Mr. McDonald, b ~no/lgh to nay exnenses A dairv- ~ais ........ [severed his connection with tile Pot- [~ a Person owning two, instead ~ latch Mercantile company and went ~ ~r Cows. A milk vendor is any-Ion a 2800-acre ranch which he had ~" Peddling from a vehicle The purchased near Choteau, Mont. He r ~etr o" , " ~qtl agriculture is given power lhas no wsold this property to the [l~.. aran tin e against infected horti-ICloverdate Dairy & Packing company [~"ra, l or agricultural shipments. ]of SPokane and" gave possession June ~lurisdiction of the deputies in il. As a. part of the consideration of I ~e~artieultural division Is extended!$v00 000 received for the ranch, Mr uveP " ~ ' ~ ' ' t ~et Va, getables which will he in-IMcD()nald has taken over a men l-el~d and graded and fruit grading! packing plant at Enterprise, Oregon, ~ ~:er safeguarded. Seed dealers twhich he will operate in connection ~ i:quirl~d to take out licenses to iwith a general merchandise store u Preven e lens to operate at that ~(i- ttng sale of impure which h p number of emergency ma- place. "White Moll" With Pearl White. A moUon picture that should thrill not only because of its absorbing story, but because of its powerful hera't ~H)peal. is "The \Vhite Moll." in which the famous Pearl White is to be starred---her first big produc- tion--by William Fox at the Bell tthe~tre Sunday and Monday. Realistic Jungle Life in New Serial. Ellen Eedgwick. beautiful blonde ~ta.r of "The Diamond Queen." Uni- versul's newest serial recently was ,asked whether she had ever ben with ;an animal act. Miss Sedgwick has inever had an)' particular experience, [ut~ one would hardly think so ~o For You," S OL['S [[ STOP pounding a- way your energy on hard leather heels. COME in ane have a pair of Rubber Heels put on. , HOE REPAIRING SH' ()E LA(;ES. POLISH Theo. Luesing Shields Block | watch how confidently she acted lustre: next Wednesday and Thursday, IArchie Liddle, who survllves her. the fourth episode of "The Diamond'Tune 8 and 9. As she was the first to come abe :Queen." unning through the jungle Obituary. i was the first to go from her father's in her mad flight from the ntan hunt- Laura Roberts was born near Pa-i family, and besides her husband ers, she mercifully escapes from the louse May 12, 1884, to Mr. and Mrs. lshe leaves a mother, Dr. Van Duyne claws of a lion and from tim fury of L. C. Roberts. Early in life she chose of Kamiah, Idaho. a sister, Dr. L. a wild leopard enly to stray directly:the l)rofession of nurse and during Ripple of Spokane and four brothers, in the path of a huge and ferocious! many )'ears of faithful attendance James L., John, l~rank and Charley elephant which threatens to crush has brought ease and strength to Roberts, to feel her gain, their loss, ter. This episode of "The Diamond many grateful patients. October 15, her father having gone before ia Queen" can be seen at the Bell then-1917, she was united in marriage to 1910.--Contributed. THE GREAT ECOMOMY CLOTH Renfrew Devonshire--The Great Economy Cloth. Yarn Dyed Fabric. Colors Woven In--Not Printed On. Both Sides Alike--Launders Perfectly. We have an assortment of new patterns. Ladies' Fibre and Silk Hose, Brown or Black, GoodQuality-Special, The Pair .......................... Misses' Fancy Organdie Dresses--Pink, Blue low. Elaborately Trimmed With Ruffles. Sizes 8 to 14, Price Each ...................................... INTERSTATE TRADING A $1.00 and Yel- $5.OO () ( () () () () ) A pipe won't burn your tongue if you smoke P. A.! Prines Albert ht ~ld in toppy r~l ~, ~idy red tins, handsome pound trod haft pound tin ~umldors and in the pound crystal glass humidor with apan$e moistsner top. Copyright 1921 by R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. Wl|lSt ou-.~d@a~ Get that pipe-party-bee buzzing in your smoke- section! Know for a fact what a joy'us jimmy pipe can and will do for your peace and content! Just check up the men in all walks of life you meet daily who certainly get top sp~rt out of their pipes--all aglow with fragrant, d~]igktful, friendly 9rince Albert ! And, you can wager your week's wad that 9rince Albert's quality and flavor and coolness--and its freedom from bite and parch (cut out by our exclu- sive patented process)--will ring up records in your little old smokemeter the likes of which you never before could believe possible! You don't get tired of a pipe when it's packed with Prince Albert! Paste that in your hat! And~ just between ourselves! E~er dip into the sport of rolling 'em? Get some Prince Albert and the makin's papers~quick~and cash in on a ciga- rette that will prove a revelation! RIN E LBERT the national joy smol~ "