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June 3, 1921     The Palouse Republic
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June 3, 1921

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P 1 R bli e a ouse epu c. Again we wish to express m~r be~;t wishes f()r tile future advancement of PA1,OI~,SE R, EPUBLI(? I'OMPANY"the o[nlnnitv and for the happiness Publishers ,and success of the in(lividual.~ who ............ ! Ilia]it' ,1I) I|)():( llllnllni|%. (3. ~. BROWN .... Editor. t _ IH{O%VN M S(I|tI(?K. l,mtered at the postoihc, e at IJ;ti(,use --- - '~ashillggOn. am second-class matter. I)~ rakin~ ovc|" the laanagen|ent SVBSCrteTIONS: ,),: *h-,a*ou*e Uepuoli,. w,.. at,, not of schools were organized that should[ assemble during the months of Julyl and August. Then the scope of workt r was broadened still further so thatt t rural people could participate in it:',[ !benefits. [t consequently expandedt illntil almost every little town antiI :h:znllet in the United States has ;t] 8uI/tlIler assenlblag(h Hence our nlo't|-. el'n (~hau tallq ua. One Year ... $2.00 uamindlqlt of the task to be accom-i The Chautanqua, is a school, ,)r! Six months ................ $1.06 l)lishe( \Ve fully ret~lize that to takel moving university which enables peo- ................ the place of a man who ranks as hlghiPle of , mall |nuns and rural cotnmu-I Telephone M[ain 67 in the esteem of the community as[nitie~ to receive messages fronl ex-t F;rown M Schick will take time~perieueed and trained minds and toi FRIDAY..ll NE 3 t9I" ,'tad "tequ'~inl')|)ce, , . ..... Bat we holm bvln|eel, and .... eonnnune with some of theI el(!:)n living and correct t)usiaesslhest ablhty ll) the world. That is theI WE BOW OURSELVES OUT. |nethods to finally ac,omplisll this.!a, lm el this mstltutmn. It often oe-I With this issue. The I'alouse Ire- ~\'e arc locating here 1o make Paiouse}curs lhat all talonl appearing on a,I public passes to the ()wne|'sl).Jp ()l' /ha ()ttr ll()ll,e Hl[d we S|l;lll eudeavor to' ('.hallilUqlla progranl is lint the{ e slronff(st |ut it ~ls) o((llrs thll thei Republiv puhlishit~g ((mlgauy, as g(.r firmly behind ibe things that at.|, ~,', ' " ,' :~ ,; professor< In ()Ul 11nl% ( rslt leg slated in a news story in tile lust for lhe })+llernie)lt ~md uplif( of tlle1 .:~ ,~ " . ",~ ,." ",. are! issue, and the writer relinquishes" the illllivid!lal citiz-nshil). We shall ell-isO )~etinles disappointing, but we at-j editorshil) and managenlelt{ to Air ('. deav,,r I~) aJop( :t l)ldi~v thai is (*,on- tee(t tile univer.~ities regardless of{ F. Browu and Mr. A. K. tlurrington :~lruc(ive ralher than (leslructiv(~, one this fact and we should not refrainI \Vhile the sale of le OH.liter ,,v4,s made ,~f I,,)sinff r~)ther thrill knocking. 'fronl being regnlar atten(lants at the} after due co+|sid(~l+attD)u, we decorate the word ill thal fir)lily established s(arcelv he ret)blc('d in lh[, y(~ar;~ h-) Ill(> a-ravl~s (if any,the whom they f~tv)l'ite of tim breakfast, dinner and COllie altd Call l[evel' be fore'el|f!/|, velle3"atc. At this seas(in o[ tile year supper tables, kllown as haln and %re wfsb t~, express ,)ur apl)reci:t. {it i~ no )lnco]lllltOll sight to see work- eggs. \rhea these renowned table coi- tion, t'loth iO the |)llsine~s ilitel'l~slsi~'rs ill the i.e)ueteries tenderly i:aring leaslies are offered Io lheir llevotee~ of the COIlllllllTlity and t- ()lit l'e;l(ler.~., ior ille El'ares of the departed. SOllle{ ;it 25 ('cUts |he portion we slay sa[eiy for lhe h)yaltv, re the ))alter which h:~slhe has said. "A nlall who t~tk-es n() 8Sslln]e tha! stornl 8lid stress are opel' exended over a 1,~tt~ period ,~f years, l l)ri(te in his ancestry will lake 1)() ~,n(] that life is agltin worth the lip- I |n turn we have tried Ic) 11~e the (,ol- pride in his descendants'" l,ikewise t ins T() few of ~ls is givetl the adroit. Unll|S (it' The Republic for the nd- mat~ who tenderly cares for )he rest-!or blundering opt)ortnnity tel wresl~ vatn(:emellt (,f the in(er+~s(s (if the/. ins place (if the ,lead will with equal igreA)l wealth from the nlarts oJ' trade, i eomtnunity, alld do lint tlesil;lle |O'! ardor d- what lie t~all {o ln~tke the but he is plier indeed wh([ cannot ca1)-} say that we believ,~ that the paper has' hi,me o17 the liviug a. more beautiful ! t~l)'(, a silver quarter and order the l been an asset to the COll!lltilllJ]-y. alt!l place So long as s)leh custl)lns COil-t (tish that begets a .~tout bear| and{ know that it wilt ,5,) co|ltilllle ~,\ht tinue to grow wj)h the American ii|npreguable eonfi(lence, t hohl in highest p(,rsonal us(ecru lh(, lie, lille we need have no rear for the Whatever may be said regarding! business in~!n .~tl]d others in lhe e(nu-I, |'ll|,,r~ of the nation ~:gel|er~tl economic conditions, how-i munity wDh whom we Ilavo ht~en as-'. .... !ever the pessimist slay comp|ain, the! sociated, i The; (',hanta.uqua wan a na3ne given tn behalf of ti~e acw awners l)f The to a r~ "kd)le system of popular Repuhlie we wish tit ~tv the| lhey are~educatil)n, which is the evohltion of capable and hout)rabh: nlon, ~()n o2~! n Stln(|a', soil(till aSselnbly held ,It. to Pah)nse as respeeled citizens O)'i(~halltHII(llla l,ake, New York in the other eOltlltlUl} t|es. and arc entitled is~))me" of lg74, for the instruction to the loyal S~llH)t)rr of |he co411[)lllUit.v o[" SI I (i; y se|l(x)l teaehers. which they have ad(')I)lod as theiri ()ri~inally the plan was for reli/; home. They will do everything iI|iious instruclit)n )lily, but the scope their power for the ;titValll!~ltl(~ll| {)f!~)|' the work was soon broadnned uu- the town and surrounding eimntrv!~it it aimed at an education that along a.ll right lines, and we besp(~ak ~,-:hou,l he at one(~ in(elleet|jal, etllical' for thenl your hearty cooperation i[ne]!~lltd spiritnal. Aee()rdingly a grou]) W H A -I= G 0 W 5 YOU PAY 5EV[N CEklT5 A BUSHEL. THEN WE fUI NISH hLL THE MATEI IAL EXCEPT JUST TH E NAI 1.5. Its ~h= cheepe$# propo~=~o~. POTLAICH LUMB[I 0 IIII I I i NOW THE TIME to guard against the fly We have a line of Screen Doors Screen Slide Screens Screen Door Hinges Springs and Catches Fly Swatters Fly Traps and Killers I ' Don't allow your lawn to dry out. We have a large supply of Garden Hose. Ankc0rn llardware Co. I II I IIIII II II II mere fact that barn and 0ggs has CO|he tnto it~ own agahl--a lleat way of phrasing it-.-ts a guarantee that conditions arc on the mend. The nickel, so the headline informs us. has been restored as a, medium i)f bar- ter. It is actually worth five cents, and there are an>- nnmber of things it will purchase. We need not fear a repjetition of that sorrowful incident, s'o frequently cited to illustrate the high cost of eve~'ything, of the wist- ful little girl and the five-cent piece. Leaving the coin im the counter she turned (leJeetedly toward the door. "Yon're forgetting your nickel, sis." said the eorner merchant. "Aw, keep it," was the reply, "It won't buy auything." Inflation of currency, the tin-uncial experts called this phenom- enon. Let them call it what they will. we are glad to be quit of it. Compared to the dollar you spent a year ago. the dollar of today is wor(h $, statisticians tell us, Comparative price lists of the retail trade, submitted to the federal re- serve agents of the goverument, :formed the basis of this computation. I,ower levels will be reached, so we are assured, for raw materials have decliued ~n average of more than 50 per cent, with a consequent present and future influence upon cost to the t consumer, That these reductions iwill come gradually and through a series of retail concessions is some- thiug that must be borne with pa- i tience. Save in obvious instances, i the delay in reaching pre-war prices !should not Incite to charges of prof- i iteering. For the old inflated cost of [production, of raw material and la- bor, still governs much of the manu- factured produet---..completed before Ithe reaction began. We are told that it is futile to hope i for a restoration of the price schedule of pre-war years, and that to some ex- tent the higher cost of living mutt re- )) main with us. Naturally this hypoth- esis lmplie~ that wages, though they i must recede, will matntaln a level commensurate with the revised cost standard. When this adjustment ts attained we will have reaehe4 the state of uormalcy, wherein commer- cial emprtse is not speculative, or dis- order, or extortionate, but. a smoothly fuuettening uutt of progress and prospertty,---Oregontan. Bliss Asks for Di~rmament. In a leLter to the church peace union committee on reduction of ar- mament, Tasker H. Bliss in part says: i"If the clergymen" of the United States want to secure a limitation of armanent they can do it without fur- ther waste of time. l:f on an a~reed date they would simultaneously preach one sermon on this subject In every church of every creed through- out the United States and conclude their services by having their con- gregation adopt a resolution ad- dressed to their particular congress- man urging upon him the necessity of having a business conference of: TURKS TURN DOWN BUTTONS five nations upon this subject, the l ~Lhjeet. will be accomglished." 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