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June 10, 1921     The Palouse Republic
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June 10, 1921

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Imeeiin~ was eailed to order ,v l,'realPalouse Contractors to Build Bridges IPalouse, Washington does ordain as PfllIDC~DAIInrIIoC ;,A4.,.;'~-: : !Priuc(tol. I)oarv P,,,vill and Elk we'e~hw;e hqve the (ontract for ,mttin~t. Sec!,on ! On_m~ ,~el:ore .the,,th ..... "~'"" ve ont~mlto. 1 The Robek t od.e" ' ~ I~ ' ' . '" - p..~ ............. I " . ....... ", ~i in all the cement bmdges an(1 cul--, she (ally (,f all o~nels oI real pzop- ~u.~ tsaoeila ~ annem, i v,~we rel)resented I)~ Potlatch and Ell;ivorls in the Potl'~tch highway dis !ertv within the following descrihed l~{rs. Honler Canfield, l~ighly re-i ltiver. (Iran(l ,Master Hatta-I trict, I.alah co(inty, adjacent to Pa.-]]hnits wilhin /lie City of Palouse, pioneer of ibis st,clio,n, alid baugh of Graugeville, h|aho, wasl Ionse. ire-wit: O2l lhe North side of Cbu2"eh ary Qaeene, w~m, ,,nit,.t i,, ,,, .... I I !street, between Division al[d Fstl'eets, ~e.- ~, -" ' '" ....................... -[ pro~enl and delivore(I the address ()ft !:Jn(l between (qiurch an(l Maxwell F,;a~ M('Seow June 5. 'l't,e bride is ,be evening. Mrs. F'arna,n presitle,,tl ........... istreets; on the South side of Church "" aarvar(t's talented and accom-i )f the Reb(q;~h ,~ssembh" w-s cress ~t I ltepresellral;lve/t, rlalla 111 ralouse, t street between the center of the aed YOung '~dies hein- a eah-~ t . ." ~ '"~, "" "~," '; thprescnlative George Arland of]Bloct we~t of "['~marac and F streets ' ' ~ ' ' " ~" ~ - ~ n( ~le VOl'oG el2 all(ire,%% 012 l12e |)1"211- ~ ' ,Unday .~ch--~ .... , , . ,~ l("Lrfield was it) Palou~e last Frid'[v[and between the cenler of the Block eom~_~ -:),,,. ....... ano au socm~Icil)les of the Rebekah degree. -k!al.~oA;,,,, ,h, e ....... ~ ~e-h~o ~ ..... ~" ~iSouth of Whitman street and Church e~' . [lie and ha> spent I lnnchet)n wa,: served at 6 o'clock Coy- ] .... I stree! upon which tl[ere is a resl- aure life i ", ,' ." .. ~i , . ) , f I~.n;;'ue, t(el)rescnl.'tl~Ve l). F Tr|mble.,don ,o or bPi tin* occu)ied as such 12 Ibis ;,l(1211t}. 1t2~ ;or.. ~ele laid lOl SO ghosts. ,\ l)ldy ~ ..... ~ , [S a SOl[ (f :~]ls g i,~ Queener~ ~ , ~.~ ~,,_.._ ,._._ - ................................. or for ptlhlio gathcrillgS to pro)erh' ~\ I l~ N I) I ltl(lI r ~'crvI)OI]~ " * " ........ ~" "g : ' '" "'' " "'] ................................. [c,)nnect with the sewer within sewer and i~ ulso a fine I)ro(lu(q ' :'sported a goo~ time. i districts and where the grade is such ,atah counly, ]| Iv ng- beea l)Ol'Ii ]:):tl Mah)ne of Bovill wa>~ iI| (own l]liiI it adlait~ of such connection, ,o.t..f t.o.,ln .,., Od., f.'e.lo,v E.M. IRWIN o.where within asewer district the farnl near ihe eitSt Of |~'arnl122gtoll. ~ c!~nvelltion. ~ut2cK~B.-)n to grade does ii()t "[(lnlit of a connection City shall be done in the same manner as is now provided for the construc- tion of sidewaiks in cities of the third class Section 4. Any persan, firm or cor- poration timt shall violate in any mamler any of the provisions of this ordinance creating a nuisance shall upon conviction be fined in any sum not exceeding fifty dollars and costs of prosecution. This ordinance shall take effect and be in force from and after five days from its passage and publication in ~ne issue in the Palouse Republic. Passed this 7th day of June. 1921. Ai)!)roved thia 7th day of June 1921. H. R. HECHTNER, Mayor. Attest : ALLAN LAMPHERE, t21ty Clerk. NOTICE TO CREDITORS. Igh Since i~is early boyhood has! Mrs. Frank Daily and Mrs. Cecil his hom~, here. After a briet'lMilltu' of Pah)use were visiting at the [g [Our the hal)py COlll)lo willI home or Mrs. James Skeen s0vcral their hoe, ill Bovill where the!days last week. ]21era- " holds a resl)onsihle alld l)avi(l Brown, foreman for the PoI- I)osltion wiih the Ptlth~lch I,LHII- lalt. h at [)rincoto|l, was taken sud .Cot[lpany. Their lna21v [rientt's:denly ill add iaken IO the hospital at !11 Wishin~ tholn a h)ngand hal)- through life Vrystal, .Iv.. of Bovill is vi~- at the home of his grandpar- Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Cal~field. A. ~OWel,, hb-thway ciHuaiissioll-, i Pron~inenl l'arnler of Avery, ,is family drove through Hur- On lO22te for ]~alol|se. Oleason "rod F F Tihhit s are ow.e;s o; F;rd Y D/Irchased fron~ tl2e )othttch] lie e(nnpanyl ()[ Stanford. road ~vo.v- or the 1)eary highway districl, fores of ll|ell ~il2d t.eaJ[lls ;tl WOI'[{ a new piece of road from l,enhard farm. south o.r to the Plat Cr~ek t|'e~{!c, b 'I'hi,~ road when con|ph~t-i e a ffreat benefil to the 12eo- that section, as il follows art Sally a Water grade and elimi-i |e Worst set- of hills on the Ween Harvard an[] Deitl'y. Lelnnn of Garfiehl was :~ visitor Ul) the river the lasi week. Pray and W. E. Sexton are a car of posts for Johnson & Oarfteht. add Mrs. l~. R. Vowell al)d of Clarkston visited friend:~ flat a few days last PRINCETON. l~lsie Bingham, who is tr:tin- l|tlrse at the hospital at Ben- is honle on a lnonth's va- Anderson has disposed of i~is here anti iN nlovin~ I0 SIll-i Mrs, B. F. Thomas were in(] last week visiting their son,i ~d Mrs. H. L. Hawkins, Mr. rs. Vlll Kleer and children Princeton last Monday Mr is PUrchased the Fowler prop- and intends tO move back the 15th of this month. meeting of the Inde- Order of Odd Fellows was ~n June 6. 1921. The ST)ok an e , I1. 1,. Ha.rris of Atlantic. Iowa. is xisiting his son. Ralph Harris. .I.C. Russell and family moved ft'om Potlatch back i:o Princeton, TURNBOW. Mrs (~em'ge Cooper of Coeur d'Alone visited the first of the week al lhe hence t)l' her nel)hew. }~. ~V. I)(I we2"s, The T/ll'llbow Flat school chihlren, Daronls a|ld neighbors enjoyed a pie- llic i}11 l]2e Pa[oll~e I'IVOI" l:lsI .Q;141tll'- (lay. ICall)h Daniel of t,a(h'osse sl)ent a few days the first of the week at the home o( his brother, Clarence, ] \Valler Gross spen! She week-end[' with his son, Rex.' ] Mr. and Mrs. To)n West :tnd family]) ! (if Garfieht sl)eol ~londay at the Geu.[ Turnhow holnc. I KAMIAC. Robert li;ll)tb who is wo|'kinK at !)rillCOlOn. sl)enl ~atur(Jav al|d Still- : v with his family at. home. Miss ll~hy Morgan left yesterday for Denver. Col., to enter the sunlnler school there. Walier Blanc all(] fan2 13' made a flying trip to Sl)olcane Saturday. re- turning Sunday. M)'.~. Melvin \Villiams from Spo- kane, who has been up attending the ihtg revival meeting at the Latter Day iSaints, church, returned home Sat.- 1 21r(]~tv, Mrs. G. \V. McDonald, from V'd!ey- for(l, spenl Sunday nighl at the home of I~tobert Babh. Miss Beitie Blanc from Palouse is al (lurfiehl this week taking in the picnic. Morning Glmw Demonstration Work. l?riday, June 17, has been desig- nated by County Agent C. A. Lodge as the day for morningglory demon- stration work. The farmers of the Palouse vicinity will meet at the fol- towing places on that day: Ira I, ong farm. 9 a. m.: S. I. XVest farm, 11 a. m.; E. L. Power:~ farm, I p. m.: B F Seagle farm. 2 p. m. s Concert Orchestra Two eoncert~ on the last day by V(itepskie's Concert Or- Under the direction of Meyer Witepskie. This Chicago of m ~s one of the best on the Chautauqua platform. As an Olive McCormick, pronlinenl coloratura sopratm as soloist in the evening. th Wells arveth Welts British lecturer ,nd exph:)rer, will present a ~llustrated lecture dealin~ with the Maloy Peninsula on the - -. It is a jungle travelogue of hltense interest and of lUeation%l valu(, iilustrated wlth remarkable pictures of animal life in thi.q trol)ic'\l land. Valda Four SDlen(lid male quartet under Ihe leadership of August COach and composer. This ea~torn winging organization a full concert in the afternoon of the fourth day and rt preh|de at night. ' Entertainers wire Mng and singers nat a dull nlori2ent fro!22 beg-inning to end. PIVE DAYS FILLED WITHrSPLENDID ATTRACTIONS Eight Concerts! Fhree Lectures! A BIG PLAY PRODUCTION Mather Hilburn who came out of the Ozarks a few years ago touched the top of his l)rofession as entertainer. With ~lgs and make-up he presents characters of all nation- you and makes them truly live before you. You will r his program on the opening night argaret ' Reynolds Concer Y rganizatlon coached by Mary Adel Hays, noted New Headed by Margaret Reynolds, a prominent eastern ' Leslie Taylor, violinist, is a student of Leopold Auer, and the most brilliant violinists of (,he younger generation New Zealand pianist, comi)letes lhis- splendid earn- SEASON TICKETS ON SALE AT ['ALL THE LEADING BUSINESS H0~PJ~S '$2.50: Students. $1.50: Child's $1.00. No win' Tax. Palouse Wash. AUTAUOUA ' JUNE 13TO 17 ~nderson & Co. [ I ndert:aker Wall Paper and (]l~ss, Pie- lure [;'raminm r~ I eleph,mo 65 vv~.e+vvv.~v + LE(tAL PUBLICATIONS 0RDINANCE NO. 191. An or(tinance providing thai all premises within certain limits within with the sewer, then to construct n septic tank nnd properly connect all toilets and drains therewith and to keep the sa)ne in a sanitary condi- tion. See[ion 2. Ti[at within said time all (he owners of real property wilhin the above described district shall re- )2lOVe o2" Cause to hc relnovod all ollt- ~'ide toilets on ti~eir respective prem- ises, and from and after the passage of this ordinance It shall be unlawful for any person, firm or corporation to eonstrucffan onlside toilet within said (ltstrict. and all outside toilet~ within said district are hereby de- clared to be a nuisanc, e and are or-i dered ahated from and after the date mentioned in Section l hereof. In the Superior*Court of the State of Washington. in and for Whitman County. In the matter of the estate or Mary E. Beach, deceased. To all creditors and persons having claims against the above named estate : Notice is hereby given that the un- dersigned, Elizabeth E. Bloom and .Iohn Bloom, have been appointed and have qualified as Executrix and Exec- utor, respectively, of the above named estate, and you are hereby notified and required to make out and verify ;our claim or claims and serve the ~:alne. with the necessary vouchers upon the undersigned Executrix and Section 2. In case any property as Execulor, or upon their attorney, W. aforesaid in not eonnoeted with the E. McCroskey, at his office at Cotfax, i sewer or seplic tank as abuve provided Washington, and file the same, with within lhe time a hove specified, or in proof of such service, with the Clerk the (:it)" of Palouse be required ,o case o||lside toilets are not removed, 'of the above entitled Court within connect with the sewer if situated so the same shall be done by and under six months from the date of the first, thal .~:ewer (:o)|'mclion~ can be made, (he direction of the street and side-] )ublieation of this notice, to-wit. nnd Jf no! so situated that they c.on- walk committee of the City Council within six lnonths front the 27th day strut[ and ('o,u|ec( with septic tanks a( the cost and expense of the reallOf May 1921, and if you fall so to on or before lhe 7th day of Sel)ten)- ))roper!y affeetod, and the cost and(u ,,'our claim or claims will be [or- bet'. 1!)21, and providing that in cane expense thereof when coml)leted shall lever oarrea. (2( the default of the owner of any:become a lien upon the real property ELIZABETH E. BLOOM, ))romises so to do within said Liu[e,:-[(footed. and s:dd cost and expense Hie same will he done by ihc (:it), a~ shall he assessed against the property the expense of the owner of the real :~fl'ec.tcd and ~hM1 be collected in the property upon which said premi~eslmanner provided for the collection of are h)e.lfed; and dechtring outside(local im])rovement assessments ~nd o lois a n isance, and providing the;shall )ear nteresl nt the rate of 6 i)ena]iy for lhe vioh~tion of (his ordi-!,mr eeI|t oer :tnnu2a from the date of nan(:e, i 1 he approval of said assessment The City (,ouneil of the City of Itheroon. All such work done by the Executrix JOHN BLOOM. Executor. Postoffiee of each. Palouse, Whit- man County, Washington. W. E. McCROSKEY, Attorney for the estate, office and Postoffiee address, Colfax, Wash~ lngton. MADAME MAJER Hyde Bldg. Spokane, Wash. 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