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June 17, 1921     The Palouse Republic
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June 17, 1921

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SIMS ORDERED HOME [" COLONEL CL, FORO [ BY SECRETARY I]ENBY Admiral Says Report of His speech ack ill g Si u n sym pathizers in the United Slage~ The order, however, was nut ex- pected to expediale Admiral Sims' re, turn, as he h~,(l plalmed Io return (m the Olympic. which sails \V,dnesday &rid is the first availatfl*' Shill A(luliral Sims was gr;tllfPd leave ()r absence to go el)road to r~,(.eive a (iv gree from an English Ullil"el'Sity. Remarks attrihllted to him in press reports of his address hefore tile I']ng' llsh-speaking union in I.ondon, in which lie crit, irised activilies of ~inll Fein sympathizers, were not (:orrerlly quoted I[IH] xvol'e misleading, A(hnir;~i Silns declared in a cable~raui re(.eived by Secretary Denby. The reply of Rear Admiral Sims, constituting virtually a romplete dis- vowel of the statements attributed to him in his I,ondou speerh,!.% has made it almost certain thal no severe puuish- znent will be meted out to him when he ret;uru, to report in persoll to th,* secretary, it was said in high naval qu&rlera. WOULD EXEMPT U, S, COASTWISE SHIPPING Wauhing~on -- AmPrican coastwise Ihipping would be exempted from T~ay nlellt of ~a[lalna (!~lnai TOllS tinder a bill orde,'ed favorably reported by tile ~nate illtero(:eanic caltAis (.olnnlittee. The eonlnqittee vote was illiarlinlous after Semator Walsh, Demo(,rat, Moll tans. had wilhdrawu a r~(tuest that hearings be held. Chairman Borah, aulhor of the bill. said that, since the qnestlon was the subjee.t.of exhaustive hearings eighl years ago, there was tic) need of hear- |aDs at this time." The decision to report out the Borah bill, applicable only tel American coast- wllbe ships, rather than the Jones- Poindexter bill~ which would give all American shipping free canal pa,~sage, was reached, connnittee memi~e,r~ said, be~:anse it was believed it would be easier to pass a coastwise shipping bill. DISARMAMENT PLAN WINS Powers Are Said to be in Favor of Scheme. Washington, D. C.--Great curiosity hi m~nifested in replies that have eom~ front the nations queried by President Harding in his dlaarmameat feelers, It was reported that Japan, which in its first informal response to the informal quesliolq rather avoided committing' itself, has been wou aromtd by ]England to an expression of sym- 1)athette interest in the disarmament Froposals. England, 10"ance. Italy and Japan have now indicated 1list they will welcome any proposilion that lilt.alia reduction i)f great war establishments. Germany was said to have intimated that on the rest~ntption of diphmlatic relations---which means at ~he end of- tile period of teehni(.al war between fhts country and Germany-she will be glad to join in the p~ogram. Committee Favorl Johnson Resolution. Washingtnn.--The house immigr:v lion committee ordered a favorahte repnrt on tile Joilllson resolution (It- signed tO (,orrect the pre~,;enf ilTIMi~/l'a- tion mnddle. The committee amended ~he resolution so that in the form in which it was rel)orted to the house It permits admission of the more than 10,00il intmigrants now held at I~Alis lsland or on their way to the United States, but does not lift the quota of 20 l~r cent to which immigration was limited for the month of June un- der the recently enacted immigration law: Roy Gardner, Mail Robber, Escapes. Kelso, Vtash.--After holding up one of his two guards with a revolver (,ou- cealed on his person, Roy Gardner, mall train robber who was being taken from Sacramento, Cal.., to MeNeils is- land to serve two 25-year terms, es- Duped from a train near here and is still at large. He was a.ccompanied by Norris H. Pyron, another prisoner to whom he was handcuffed, who was re- captmred by a posse of Kelso citizens. Col. Edward Clifford of Evanston, Ills., who is assistant secretary of the treasury. LUMBER COMBINE ON COAST ALLEGED ~rashingtr)u. D, C. -Organized pri(,e- fixing by the mills of the West ('east IAin.lhermen's association of ()re,oil and ~V~shinglon, curtailment of pro- duction tn hold pri(.es up, close co- operation between the Douglas Tir Inills and those of the Western Pine Manufacturers' asuo(.iation, with head- qllal'lel's in Poriland. ill fixing prites. a, lnOSt offe(.I iv(~ Iog~'el's' assoeiatril)ll (.ombine. hacked by and ofl~ll owned by the hag timber owners, and a dan- gerous vOlltrol Or tit*' liati!)}l',~ fllfllrtJ lumber supply in the Pacific northwest by a few great linlber harous, are charged in on~ of ~ile rues| sweepiug retmrls yet nlade by lho federal lrade eoml}lission ill a leng (loeHmenl ~ob mitred to rongrvss by the! conlnligSiOll. .~lnlel'Ol,~$ qlhllatit)llS arP lllade |n Tile rel}0rt l'r~ml Ill]Illlt('s of IIL(!('lillgS of tJ~e lumber associations affe(-ted, aud ont or tile whole the (:ommission presents its eon(.lusions tilat there can be no dm]l)t of deliberate and lon~ sustained efforl hy the association ta control pri(.es of il~ products. ] BRIEF GENERAL NEWS The 41st annual (,onvPution of the ~lnerican Federati()lt of {,ahtu' wa~,~ held at [)anv~r last we~ql. There is $9..q72,:t99 ill tile Wa~hing- ton .~ate Irea.~ur3. according to a re- port issued by Treasurer {;. L. Bab- cock: }'ire wiped out the big ca: tonment building at F()r! Niagara, near Yonngs- town. N. Y., with an estimated loss of $500.000. With the recovery of two bodies near AvoudMe, the olal of dead in the Pueb|o flood has resrhed 47. More lhan 100 are missing. U. S. Grain Growers Sign up Northwest" (?lli(:ag(). ~,tl agreem(~H between the execHtivP ('()llinlitt O0 of lhe l_Init ed Stat~* Grain Growers. lilt:., and George, I'. .}ewell. Sp)kaue, Wash.. genera! l)lalxager i)l' lhe Northwe~l "Wheat Growers' associal{on, we8 allnOllnced, hy whi(.il the (.oast orga~lizatioll, conl- iposed of 24(t0 farluel's in Oregou. ! Washington and Idaho, is to become : a component part of the United States { Grain Growers, lur. .......................... [ Orangemen Win Ulster Election. I l,on+hm..- [{eturhs ill tile Ulster sen. i atorial +,levtion showed that with the i exception of three I'nio}tis! i,abor inelnilleeS, the setlator~; elc+c~ed to tilE' inortherll Ilarliam~mt are all Orange+ Ineu. Purchase of Canal Proposed. VCa~hington, 1). (?. lhn'chuse by ihe g(iverIilnenl Of" lh+2 (laDe ('od ::all:it for ,$ I 1,5|H),Ot!t) hid,q })e011 reconlplell([- ed to congres~ by Se(:retara~ Weeks. Rebuilding Pueblo Left to Red Cross. Pueblo, (~olo.---Retmilding of the city of Pueblo, Including the reconstruc- tion of wreeked ho1~les, restoration of the business anti industrial sections de- vastated hy water and the administra- tion of relief throughout the flooded distric|, has been turned over to the dlrection of the American Red Gross 411~lter relict administration. Fuli directions for usi,~? on o.very package. Get it I~ro[l; .~)~1" dealer or, if he can't suppl:' yet1, write us. SPOKANE DRUG CO Wholesale Drtlg~i;.,ts Sl)oktllle W~ls;hi n ~,| Oll I f ........... Palouse Garage price reductions in imple- ments and hardware. ........ ii still have on hand some ma- The ,:. o:, iiii ii i i ii ii i i ilU i ~ ...:: Is Glosing Out :!i Palouse Itardwa Its entire line c)f BELTING, STEAM SUC- TION WATER and & Implement Co. We Make Paints, Varnishes Bread Memories For Women's Use at Home T HOUSAND~ of women with keen home pride want to do their own painting and varnishing at home, and thou- sands do~with materials we make. gV'e ma~e those materials es- pecially for home use. You ask for "Fuller's Home Service" [Paint Products. ~kna we ma;ntMn a special "'Home Service Department" turnishing free information and detailed directions which will enable anyone to do his or her ~wn work. .You simply describe the arti- cle, how finished now, and the effect you want to get. We tell you how, the kind of paint, the ~:ind of brush--the things you ~eed to know to do good work. ,You'll be surprised, delighted to see the transformation ~ou yourself can make in home things--furniture, floors, walls, woodwork, bric-a-brac, etc. "Just a can of paint or var- nish and a little work that's fun]" works wonders. Our knowledge el paints and painting practice has been gained through 72 years' experience. We are one of the country's largest manufacturers of paint products and make the very fin- ,-'st kind of goods. Don't think because you'ye never done it that you can't do work like this yourselL Try it with our help. Just ~oliow FuHer's 8pecMcations and you'll get the desired effects. Remembcr~don't allow :[aces to roL It costs lets to paint thcm. F-A+t...,,'+o;. "Home Service"Paints Yaeni|hes - |nomell H'fd by W. P, PuUer & Co.