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The Palouse Republic
Palouse, Washington
June 17, 1921     The Palouse Republic
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June 17, 1921

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"/he Palouse Republic B,E Pl ,.BIA( ('.OMP ~NY. I)ALOI:SE n , , Pu blishers. C. F. BROW'N .... Editor. Entered at the postoltice al Vatouse Washinffton. as second-class matter. SUBSCRIPTIONS : One Year .................. $2.00 Six months - ... $1.00 ' Telephone Main 67. { the greatest good to the greatest u umber. }le constantly stressed the things which wonht lend to unite the coin- UltIIIiIy rather than to divide It into faetiotts. Hi~ criticisms were frank bllt amiable and he dippe(I his edi- torial pen in the milk o~ hunlan kindness rather t'h:tn in the vitriol of TO CARRY DIAMONDS BY AIR Mining Company in Belgian Congo May Use Planes for Tran*wor- tation of Gems. L.ndoo. - Aerial (l'ansl)(~v! ,it" diu- ln(m(}~ i~ COllL(~lltpl,qled ill the lie]Klan }:(3OItg't) by l! lltioing ('()lnl)ally ill ~,VIIiCII F. Brown al)i)ears ;is e(li1or. A COl'- l)oration owns the paper. Ilut Mr Brown will he in dJreel (.]large. \Vo have met Mr. Brown who at)(.nded l he summer s~:hool here h)sl yea,r, nml fOllild him to be a pleasanl, af1":)bl tlILd conlpeieut Ill;in H~ has Seen )li- iding his lilac betv,'oen I)ewspaller v, ork and teachinff- lloth ~(lueational in the hiffhe.~t iIegroe for se.ver:)l )ears. a, ud he has been SlZt~(~essftd ill both lilies of work. Mr. Brown i,~ a.- ing IO find J! a task t(} keep Ill@ P,'tloltse R~l)t]hlic on ~]lP ttiffh ]~,vo] on Wh|eh ~[r, ,~,hlek has kept ii ~or st) many years |)lit we helievo he will he able to (I. t.hL,, a,n(I if h(~ does lhv p~)ple of Paloils~ are rr) hi) cou~rat)l- htted, for they will have one of th~~ very best new.upapers in ?he Inland Empire, a paper clean, frill of inter- esting hotae news. well odilcll and filled with bright, interesting and profit-brlnglng ~dvertiselaen ts We regret to 1oRe oar old friend of nearly a quarter of a celqttlry, froul (lie newspaper field, but we welcome Brother Brown into the field In which lhere are st) i)lany pleasures inter- mingled with .so ninny vexing and perplexing sttmltions.-----Idaho Peer, A GENTLEMAN EDITOR. After publishing the Palouse Re- public for nearly 21 )'ears. Br,)wn M. Schick has sold the paper and will seek another location, DurPng those 21 years Mr. Sehlck has well the confidence, esteem and good will not only of his subscrlbers, but also of the newspaper fraternity of the conuty and of the state. He has given a convlneing" proof of the pos- sibility of making a financial succes~ of the printing business in a compar- ative] y small,town, and a fine demon- straiten of tbe iuf]uence which a clean, newsy weekly paper can wield for the good of the coxnmunlty in which It Is pnblished. }[is success has been due in large measure to the fact that he has neither underestimated his responsi- bilities nor overesl, tmated his im- portance as a leader of public opin- ion, common failings, one or the oth,- er of which has wrecked the careers of thousands of c(luntry editors. He always conduefed hI~ pal)er on a self respecting basi~, charging fair rates and giving full value In return, lie neither whined at those who did no) patronize him or toadied to those who gave Mm much business. He never .~ought to pose in the limeltghi as a dictator of what the community should or should not do. but quietly vocated week after week the policies j which he belttnred weald r~ult in pr~.~htent re through fedeI~al ('Olll'i.~ or otherwise aed irrespecive of ~uy state law. tr~y rights of aliens m )he TTnited Slates w:ls nt.rodnced by ~"i('lt;4Lor Kellogg. Relmblicam Minne. ~,))a. and r,.ferred ~) the foreign r~la- I ir)13 s c~mmitloe. While n() gDt~vific aPl)]ieation was described in the bill. tl was ~aid it Trt}ght be available nnder cases ~ris- ing out of slate statutes SIICI] as tha ("all[orate anti-alien land law. The measur- would spet:ificaliy per- mit use of the army and uavy. as well as United States marshals, I,o enfoz'oe court rulings. VVhore sueb alien ~g'hts were con- travened in the iudgmenl of the presi- dent. he wmHd be authorized to in. ~rruet ~he att.omtey general ~o assum~ the defense of civil or criminal suits against aliens and transfer the L$1ue rn fcdez'al courts. $40,000 Blaze Guts Centralla Factory. C~ntralia, Wash.--Centxalia sustain- ed a heavy fire loss when the plant of the Centralia Mill VVorks & Supply cOral)any burned t. the ground. The loss in estimated at ~40.000. only $10,- 0.00 of which t~ covered l~, insuz'aaee. About JULY 2O It will be to your interest to wait t0r hia,. LU[SING SHOE REPAIRING AND ACC[SSORIES I heo. N. Luesin0 Shields Block I I IIII II NOW THE TIME to guard against the fly We have a line of, Screen Doors Screen Slide Screens Screen Door Hinges Springs and Catches Fly Swatters Fly Traps and Killers Don't allow your lawn to dry out. We have a large supply of Garden Hose. Ankc0rn Hardware C0,, / III i I ill I It Was a Good One. it was our etlstom hi English vlas$ at ,~chonl Io (:hesse a ('Prtaiu person to read his the[up ah)ud [)ells'(+ the t (qa~N. wrileq S ('Ol?re,~|l(IIldel)f. ()[I this . Dal-ti(.ll]al' day )he tit'} who ~;,i )lclToss ihf~ tHble frotn me had lot rot, ~,-(, her Impor he,ore class N[fll'te([. i! \VH.~, a Fake Teeth for Bears. AIdllla! (ielll, isll'y~ says II dentist eor- I'(,~poltdOl)t. iS as risky an it in filSOillal- in~ 'Vile lilting oJ I'Otlgh or tlIl(,vetl |e('t]I (If a [iOII )I" liter )'(~ltlii'P:-; sol (>t~ly qlt'~,llg'lh }3(11 tlel've, tot" yOtl C:llllIOt lilil a wild allhllP, l llndel' ~{?),~ ltN .VOtl ('NIl ~l Iti;tli or 'r~rOI]laI1. 'l~i) t%'~[l':t('I a/l [cod one. ~0 whelt the iva(.llPr a~ked a~)i)u,tl'f f,)))lh is fill' froul Ill) tqt~:3 I)u~i- whose t, llefne We WOll[d like to he-']l', I I],,,N,.. }ln(] ill IIISI|.~ t.a~es it is e~l,~[er Io I 0romprly suggested that the girl t)u)) ~ SCl'~W from a piece of aM; }:,3 a(!ross froIII me i'ead IiPrs. She arose. [ )::cans ,,f tl pail" of lt))ier~. A well- hut instead of readintr ltte (.)lie I [lad[ kt)o;~ll it)ezmaerie oV, ll,;.i, ()Ifl~-e ha,J sit ~4e~,ll. she took anothel' .)he from Iv, r] old I)Pi hear I~Iled o{ll ~i]h a C',/tli- 1lOOk. l| \VtI~ a WO[lde']'fll{ t)(je 1(~ I]le presides) of the ~eni,,r t:la~s. ])raisin~ hiln IO lhe' skJe' and rlll'nWill~L ,)l'a1ori- ;.::!t t)~)ll(]llets al hits. I ~va~ Fh@ preM- .}o[~i Nose Dive Restores Hearing. t ~P~IIli)(t|'}~t, KH~.'--A hOSt live ill ,qll [sirpJanv fr(,m a heiffbz ,,f ~.7~) t'e~t realm'[red ~lae ))etii'izlI.~ or .[( ]ll~ I"ow!er~ ! ~4 ~))'m)~r }iviD~ m, ar I'2D)t,oria. I ( ........... pl,qe -,el of 1else toel:h. The Dlal'e~ beast in ~,rt[or IO g~t-~: ,h.,m ib Dtat'~'. In the Whirl. glod).~(~ll 't'hv gil'] i- vevy k('~ll [O ;:el ill {i~' whir[. 'L'ay!or Then lell her lo (:else duwB IO t)Ilr t)~lJ('e illl(i ('elite iil Ill' [be Ft~- t'olvihg d~or wheit a crowd of tness~- gel" boys are going thz'ough.-Houston Pe~t. _ ......................................... We Now Have Baled Wheat Hay, Forty-Fold $22.00 Per Ion Also .~,ome flood Alfalfa tlay. Mill Feeds at: the "~ .... "" 1. (L g Lll :-~l [)l'iCe, Farmers' Union (b. ')'ELEPHONE 3,~. A SPRING AND STORE SUMMER The best in the line (if e-niceties- err, eigar~ and tobacco is to be found here, During the warm weather you will want to cool off. Try our ice cream and soft drinks. Ice cream sold in any quantity. Special or- ders filled for parties, banquets and picnics. Don't be forced to regret that you haw not recorded the summer's activities with a kodak. We have the best, with supplies always in stock Bill's Place It t~k= li~ f~k n d!~l o., =.= ~ 4~/ Don't he a fish. Be a real "live one," Buy our flour or huy bread made from our flour Cream of the Palouse Flour The first thought and the last word in flour. Palouse Milling Co. N. B. HITNSPERGER. Manager. P~lou~e Washi ngton Washin[lon, Idaho & Hontana Railway Gempany Wells-Fargo & Co. Express. General Offices. Potlatch, Idaho. No.4 No. 2 D'ly ex Sun D,ly ex Sun 4:25 P m~|t 11"05 a m 4:86 p 11:16 a m 4:43 p 11:23 a m 4:50 p m l Mi ~ STATIONS No. 1 D'Iy ex Sun Ot ......... PAI,OUSE ...... 1 .... 8:15 a m 41 ......... x Wellesley .......... 8.'04 a m ........ Kennedy Ford_ , 7:57 a m 11:34 a m III ........ POTLATCH ........... 11:44 a m 141 .......... Prineeton .... Read The 12:01 p m 12:15 ; m 12:23 m 12:30 pp m 12:44 m 12:56 a m i 12:59 a m : 1:16 p m 201 ......... Harvard ............. 7.a5] ........... x Yale .............. ......... ............ 341---- :--: :--::: eary_ _" ".-: :: _-- :_::: 38] ........... Itelmer ............. 39 .......... x Cornell ............ 47 .......... BOVILL ....... 2 .... No. ,q D'! ex sun 3:45 o m 3:~4 ~ m 3:27 m 7 :,50 a m 3:20 p m 3:01p m 2:48 V m 2".34p m 2:25 p m 2:21 p m 2:12I) m 1:58 p m 1:56p m 1:40 p m & I. E. Ry.; 2 with C. M. & St, P, Ry, Henry Karfstedt Watcitmaker an( Jeweler Now is the time to have watch reparied. Complete stock of Watches, jeweh% cut glass azM china ware. Prompt and efficient given all repair work. ('.all II~) for Correci Tinle, PROFESSIONAL W. F. Morrison Attorney at l,aw Practice i:, All Callr~s. ()ffieP over Secllrity State I'ahlUse. Washinglo,, Dr. John W. Stevenso~ EYE, EAR. NOSE AND 'FHROAff G I.,A ,~,~ E S V'ITTED Office in new C)'ei~'hton Third and Main Moscow, Dr. Walter Farnham }'hy.~ieian and Snrgeo~ lh'M, te~cc I'l:(Iz.~lti~,-i~") -' Office Phone 162-Y Office in Natimml Bauk Dr. E. K. Wolfe Physw.a~ and Snrgecn Office in Security Slate buih]ing. Office and residence phm, No. Dr. J. M. Ridey, (il'liee over National Banl; o[ Pah)use 'l'el~phone 5.5 l~alouse, Palouse Lodge W. O. W. s,,, c=,~,, ~o. s~. the World. meet~ in HRI] evecy Monday ev-emng. Visiting ] eordiatt~ welcomed. E.L. Hell, L F. and A. M. I',,o~,,e ,,~,,r and A. and fourth Wednesday 7.30 p.m. Visiting Leater Daily. W.M. 1. C. Peterson. I. O. O. F. O, ien~i Lo~.e in Masonic Hall Stanley Anderson. N. C Rebekah ~.stcr meets of each month. Visiti members O|ffa West. N, G. I. O. R. M. ,=:o~. ',,r~ proved. Or6ea-. meet in W. O. W. fIall every WednesdsY Visiting members cordially welcomed. R..T Silvey. Sachem Letlter Carroll. Chief ef]l 0. E.S. Constance Chapter Order Eastern Star. Meets and fourth Fridays in each Visiting members welcome. Janet O. Scott. Secretary. Anna Miller, Does light and hea~/ haulinq Sells woml aud coal. Handles freight, baggage expresa. Auto :service tu and l'ro~ trains. Large store room for goods. Teams fed by day or week. Ofllee in Farn~worth Day phone 38 Night phoz~