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July 1, 1921     The Palouse Republic
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July 1, 1921

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THE PALOUSE REPUBLIC XXV, NO. 16. PALOUSE. WHITMAN COUNTY. WASHINGTON.' JULY 1, 1921. ru/ UNi ...... i ...... ;:i ;i u mra,br, ru, hllTh hill I ~ovs' pie eating contest, i flllJflllfl|l eft- y , ,, i NEAR EAST IS ON St)oi'L~ to ruli same :is 4th and 5th. i PREPARES TO ENTERTAIN WHO ARE EXPECTED C LEB ATION 0NI 4, 5 AND 6. Large preparations for the are now complete and all thai to be done to make Pvlouse to entertain the visitors on Fourth are the putting on of the and furbelows. city park has bees mowed and up tLll it resembles the parks the larger cities; indeed, few towns similar size can boast o[ as beautt- a little park as Palouse. L~rge tree~ will be trarmplant~d in Park On Saturday to add more for the comfort of the city's Arrange, meats have been made Plenty of wate! and parking is the first celebr:~tion Pc- Undertaken for a number of Years and no effor~ wql I:e spare:! the big three-day e :~ehra:ic.n has been found neccevar~ r:, minor changes in the pro- but essentially it Is the same as Stated on the billsnow ou~. Colfax ba~d Ires been enga;~ed entire three daysi "rhvs b:,n,I the best in ;he entire country and will doubtless ~la 1o its reputation on this oec, o- Ridgewav Syncopators of Col- viii furnish the music for the Which will be a feature of each afternoon and The dancing floor has been thorough dressing up and lov- amusement will be able to the falatastie toe to their hearts' Ball e ame. winners vs. winners. PALOUSE TO RAISE $200 FOR BAPTISTS PASS RES0LUTIONS.t HOMELESS CHILDREN IN NEAR Want Government to Take Hand inI EAST~CONTRIBUTIONS TO BE Saving Armenians. I IN MONEY OR WHEAT. The Bal)iisl church of thin city at] its moraing session last SundayI The quota for Whitman county for passed resolutions urging .,)ur govern-Iihe reli(f of the starving Armenians meat to take such steps (s may hells ~oi'00 of Which $~00 has been as- t the mperiled sub--, ~ *" ' ' ..... needed to protec ' ' " isis.ned to the Palouse district. The jeer populi(tion of ~he Near East. contributioas mtyhc made in money Copies of these resolutions have I)eenlor wheat. forwarded to Senators Miles Poindex- At a recent address here, l)r. Allen. ter a,nd Wesley L..loner, s nd Repre- sentative John W. Summers. It is 1o be hoped that our greal ha- :ion will not stand with folded hands while the Turks keel) on massacreing the Armenians. We owe something to the weak nations and it wollld be a 9hame to nee our government fail in protecting ~hose whose lives have who has spent 13 years in the stricken I'md, made a touching ap- to the people of Palouse for as- sistance in overcoming the famine that is now stalking" in that land. He ;related how t]unger there had driven ~people to cannibalism, and how the Armenian people were obliged to di:,- regard lhe eonlmon laws of deceucv been s,~ved hy the gel~erou.~ sacr fice din order to meet [he greater law of ~ ." "~ens of ]lie United States. , of self 0r e " el lh( ~]t~z Inature the law es rvatlon. The Ministerial associ],tion of Pa- He sa;d that ,rmenla was looking to . , " ~s P index- ' " "~ louse sent to Senators Mile. o " ]America as to n) other country, to t ~d Wesh, v l~ loses a'~' well an to/ ' ter : ] , -. . ]assist them in overcoming want altd Represent~ tire delHI V. Summers'[famiue and to help them to get back ' e~oh]tions asking our gov- " ." '" ~ " "e(enc~ " ' ' copies of r~, ill]to tile pa.tfld ot u ~ .* :tnd clvzllz- ernment to t tke a definite stand for , t ation. It was impossible for them to the protection of the Armenians. ]do this without American help, he said. c.nd he asked that we give from Former Resident Visits Friends, t3 O. MeClung of Spokane, former,- ]y of Palou[:e. was down ~aturday vi~:- iting with Mrs. McClung's nareot.% Mr. our bountiful store of food in order [hat the'~e Armenians ]nay once Iaore live decently. The committee for Palouse is com- po:~cd of A p. Murray, Harry Hecht- her and Dr. J. M. Risley, who will Mr. and Mrs. Cbarles Corwin. McClung left the earl)' part o[ the week for l~omond, Alberta, where he gladly receive eontributious and see ex0ects to engage in farming. He.that they are forwarded to the proper I 1 said he had received ;~ letter from~,uthor des. Lomond recently stating that the)" Contrihutors may form themselves had had a fine rain there ou the 19th into clul)s of five or ten, so as to of June cud everything was lo~king v)stematize the donating. The five- club consists of five members, who prosperous. give $1 each per month for a year. Miss Kendall Is Mum'led. i L~d:iug a total for lhe club of $60 or The news reached Palouse Wedne~-,'~12 per year for each member. The (ill)' ~hat Miss Jean Kendall of Spo- lei~-clttb consist~ of a grollp of ten kane was married to \Villi,~m M. persons, who collectively give $60 Gibbs, a memher of the faculty of lhe per )rear of 50 cents each per month University of Idaho. Mrs.. Gibbs f~)r-!for a )'ear. It is estimated thai $60 merely lived in this city an~* her nor year will furnish an orphan in ;riends will be plecsed to lenr~ of he]' ~he stricken country with the neces- sities of life for one year. nlarrtage The northwest district of the Unit- ed States, which includes Washing- GOVERNMENT SECUltlTIES ,on ,ssendin. areliefship, the Esth- . er Dollar, to the stricken area, and it READILY PURCHAStO' is being 'aded n the cast The committee for Whitman opus- _ ty is Fred MeCroskey and R. P. United States Treasury Gold Notes~ 131gelow. :Are in Good Demand--Heavily NOTED TENNIS PLAYERS COMINO. Oversubscribed. Eastern Men Will Play at ]~otlatclt~ , Eastern Men Will Compete. - Unofficial advices from the east in-, dicate z~ substantial Investment de- Potlatch, Juno 30.~The Potlatch mand for the new United St'ttes Amateur Athletic club has Just re- treasury gold notes, running from ..oived a telegr'tm fromMyron S. three years at 5~ per cent. Sub- tiutchinson, of St. Paul. Minnesota. ~:crlptions to this issue were clo~ed on ~,iatinv: ~hat he would try to partiei- June 15. the date of is.,~ue o: the l)ate in the Idaho state tennis cham- not e~. and the oversubscriptions [)ionshio tournament to be played at rejected amounted to nearly $~0.. t,otlatch, commencing July 4. Mr. 000.oo0. tleavy oversubscriptions flutchinson, who won the hiaho were ~lso rejectett ha' the one-~ear slate cup in 1916, Itas been meeting treasury eerrii'icates t)f iadel.)tednes~ with wonderful sucess in the middle issued in conjunction with the ~(,,~x, west, having recently defeated Joseph j. Armstrong of the St. Paul tennis treasury gold notes. It i~ the belief iu tin:facial circlc~ club, This was Arnlstro~g's first de- that these reje tions wtll form the feat in the Twiu Cities in two ),earS. basis of a strong second'trY marke~ W.W. lngraham, of Rhode Island, for the two issuers, which totaled, winuer of the Itarvard interpcholastic $500,000,000. ~)n .lune 16,, the day championship, which is one o~ the following the issue of thc~c new so- higg:e~t interscholastic events of the curities, they showed an eighth of a e.~st, ami possibly another eastern point premium g:tin. Responsible au- d~tver will participate in the Idaho CHAMBER FIGHTS FREIGHT RATES poced of Misses Mildred Worman, Lu- .. clio Crawford and Sybll ['arvin ren-i dered a. very pleasing selection. The FARMERS LAD primary department of the Pitt sci~o( [i also sqng a song.) Judge John t ickreli sad Siaclair Knox of Colfax furnished the ice cream for the entire crowd A jolly good time was the verdict of all present, !FIGHT ON TO RAISE FREIGHT RATES TO INLAND EMPIRE TOWNS-CHAMBER TAKES MAT- TER UP. are being gotten out among the crowd, so every One will know just when Where each one of the 'sport.~ he Pulled off. the big series of ball Will be the ~feature el re, oat in- to the major Dart of tim crowd. Will be staged on tl~ Fourth Deep Creek and Troy, on the Viola and Potlatch and ~th the winners of these Will battle for,a $75 purse, SChedule of games is final ,and from this outline is ala- lent speakers have been so- the forenoon of each day for all will be pr,o- The following is the program throe days. ~uly 4. *0 ~t. l l a~-Parade" a. nl.Sgeaking, ~. C Mc~roskey. Dinner. match, horses not 9ounds to the team, to pull 0Ice boat, dead weight. Teams Potmds and over. same regula- S~_, r~'--Tug of war, 10 men t91 ale, D. m.~-Ball game. Troy v:~. on Mainstreet--- foot race, under ~ . , 1" years foot race, l(.,t,,i,r i years, VIOLA PLAYS POTLATCH SECONDS Secretary Ford of the Intermedia]e Viola Wins Contest~Cox Comes Back Rates association recently addresse'l in Good Form. letter to the Palouse chamber of AI~ interesting ball game wa~ REPORTS INDICATE PROSPERITY FOR NORTHWEST -- FARMERS ARE PLEASED WITH OUTLOOK FOR COMING KARVEST. Walter J. Robinson, state manager for the Washington State Wheat Growers as.~ociation, stated at the an- n Hal colivention Of the association at commerce asking for a c(n~lr~-butio] , . ) , " athe~ed *o |mtve~ oa the I alouse diau~oud ~tlli- or $15 to the urza ~eing g ,~" - , " ......... Sl)ol.:anc that farmers outside of the - - " " ih ftei l|t~aav t)v ine vxo~a anti z-otlatela Sec- organization were contracting wheat fi'-ht the proposeo cnange " " g ". ". ~ ~ " allroads ere endear [onus. Tne game was good all the way rates which tn, r" , . - , - at prices ranging from 95 cents to ,. . ~ ~lthrough anti was closely contested, oring to sect, re from the m;et'stat,,~ " $1. lie said: "We have sold a cargo l as the score indicates tra,tsportation commission. ....... iof this )'ear's crop at a price mate- * Cox ot Viol~ chagrined b~ ix'~t Some few v~r, rs ago frelgnt from ' -' ' ~' ' ' " ; i rially higher than these figures." Ac- poor showing the previous Sunday ,: ..... New York ~tt:,! other eastern points -'~ coru~ng to l~ee ~ampson, ~ti per cent c,me hack with a vim and redeemed . " . to Seattle was less th,an the rate [ ' " " ~ of tee wheat of Washington and himself fn the eves of tile lo("tl fans ,, . t..) spokane or any other iute:'mou]:- " " - .... lit]one will lie marketed through the He made two hits and did exc.elient ...... ~:;~,iP town, ,)r. in othe= ,oI'd.~L the .. ......... ix:neat growers assoclatlon this year. ~sork in the tlel(1 p'()iLO%Xlng ls ttl~: frcight'rates io Palouse was the rate " " ' ' ' ~ ~i The l~cal warehouses have vast t(~ Seattle plus the rate back to Pc- louse. This was a rank injustice and a few years ago Spokane, wlth the cooperation of other inland Empire towns, secured a readiu'~tmeut of freight, rates, so this injustice no hmger existed. The people of Spo- l~ane celebrated thelr victory at the time with jubilant demonstrations. Recently the leading tran,~conti- neural lines have been working to in- duce the interstate commissiou to per- mit thorn to take up the old rates once more. Various Inland Empire towns are protesting agains this move and have formed an as,~;oc!atiou to combat any move on ~he part of the railroads that will put the rater- mountain territory under a hand'cap in competing with ,coast cities, Produce raised here will be ship- )ed out at greater expense if the old ates become effective and likewise :ommodities that are brought here will necessarily be higher on account of the increased freight, consequen:ly all the leading towns in the Inlaud Empire are fighting any move that "~, . ~ " ' ~.S~ ~-ill brzug ahout tln~, change, lh efforts are beingmadethrou gh the commercial clubs of the different towns and it is to be hoped that they will be sucessful in forestalling this change. The chamber of commerce contrib- uted to this fund wlth considerable alacrity and the secretary was or- dered to remit the amount requested. Delepine Speaks. The Rev. Mr. Deleplne spoke in be- half of the flour campaign for the re- ief of the starving Armenians. He was followed by A. P. Murray, who. having relatives working with the Near East relief in Armenia, had much information which they had given him first hand. A committee having i~reviously been appointed 'the chamber of commerce left it to the committee to raise the $200 assigned to Palouse. Superh~tendent Ellis Moves to Colfax. H. A. Ellis, who has been superin- tendent of the Palouse schools for the )ast year, moved hls family to Colfax S.qturday preparatory to assumiUg hi~ duties as county school superintend- ent September 1. Mr, Ellis has been one of the strongest administrators of school affairs Palouse has ever had ~nd will fill the office of executive of the county schools in a credita- ble reacher. Having served as deputy school superintendent for several years, he is conversant with the af- fairs of the office. Mr. Ellis expects to attend summer school at Pullman this year. I-- result of the game: Viola ....... 0 0 0 0 0 3 0 3 .- 6 year. The A. ,I. Webster comi)any has Potlatch .... 0 0 2 i 0 o v I 0---.~ Batteries--Viola, Holies, Nichols; Potlatch, Blair, Utz, Umpire---Frank Poe. Schicks Take Auto Trip. 1 Mr. and Mrs. B. M. Schick as(If fanlily left with his family Saturdayl for an at~tomoblle trip to Steptoe, Cheney and Spokane. They returned quantities of wheat on hand from last 6o,000 hushels of last year's crop and it would seeul as though the prices quoted by Mr. Robinson are a little iflgh, considering the amount of wheat held over from last year. How- e~'.r, it is assulne(l that he knows what be is talking about, and it is hoped that his figures are no exagger- ation. With the present outlook for an Immense crop and prices ranging Tuesday. Church Gives Picmc. The Holy Trinity Episcopal church held a picnic on the river east of town Monday evenlug. Seventy-two )eople were present, including sev- eral out of town members of the church. A i)icnlc supper was served Pioneer Enjoys Picnic, J. W Shreve reports that he en- joyed the Pioneers' pienlc at Pulhnan last week immensely. He said the from 95 cents to $1 prospects are ex- cellenl for great prosperity in the ['alouse country, Never in the Pc- louse country was there a better pros- pect than now. and this condition does not only exist locally, but re- por~s from all parts of the state in- dicate a bounteous harvest. With prices quoted as above, the entire northwest will be in such a state of prosperity as was not dreamed of when wheat was up to $2 a bushel and more. With prospects of a good crop. th(~ price good, and plenty nf representation from Palouse was labor waiting for the harvest to open small this year. He went to Pullman up. the P,~louse farmer should we~r with Mr. Cox and he stated that he a smile. It] fact men in all lines of never saw so much Jim Hill mustard growing between Palouse and Pull- man. FORMER REPUBLIg MAN VISITS PALOUSE FRIENDS Was Here Many Years---Says Crops in the Big Bend Country Are Excellent, ~. O. Hetzell, formerly with The Republic. was in town Monday re- newing old acquaintances. Mr. Het- zell came here in 1904 when the country weeklies had no equipment such as they have now. Everything was done by hand including tbe run- niug of tl~e press, He helped to build The Republic up to its present high standing and was at one time a part owner of the plant, fie left here shoat two yours ago and slnce that time ha~ been employed on the Douglas Coun- ty Press of Waterville, Washiugtom Recently the two papers of that town consolidated, when he severed hi~ connection with the Press. Mr. tIetzell says that the crops in the Big Bend ountry are promising. The outlook, he says, is better thau in 1916, when Douglas county produced 5,500,000 bushels 'of wheal., lie stated that the acreage was small however, as crops have heeu light in business should be well satisfied with the outlook, for a prosperous farming community means prosperity for all, Pflepson-S~nders Nuptials. Miss Marguerite Pflepsen. eldest daughter of Nick Pflepsen, and Roy S. Sauders. of this city, were married last Saturday afternoon at the home of ~he bride in Moscow. They were attended by Miss Ethel Sanders, sis- ter of the groom, and Henry Robin- son Tl~e couple is well known in Pa- h)use, th~ bride having graduated with the class of 1918 of the Palouse high school, later attending school at Cheney for one year and then going to the University of Idaho. where ,~he Is a junior. The groom ~s the youngest son of Mrs. 'Phea Sauders and is a popular and well known young man of this city. llavinx been born and raised here He was employed by the Pa- [(I]lSe garage for several years, re- signing that position to accept one wHh tile %Vashlngton Water Power COlllp;(lly a[ Colfax, where he has been emplayed for the last two years. After a short honeymoon the)' will be at home to their frlends in Colfax, where the groom has a home ready furnished Mrs. Warner HonoreL At the hfland Empire convention of the t'htristhtn church, held this week in Pulhnan, Mrs. Alex Warner of this city was elected to the positiou race, under 17 year~, thorities believe thal a stro~tg market .,~tate tournament, that section for the past three or foil]" of superintendent of Bible school race, under 17 years, will be maintained, especially fur the Venlmore Cady, of ('oeur d'Alene, . [ or-an foot race. 1'00 yard.~, three-year gold notes, during the per- Idal]o, winner of the Idaho state cup 'l;*,llis Appoints Deputy. years and farmers had apt tiw ~ee,i work in the Inland Empire district. foot race. free-for-all. 100 led of secondary distribution and in 1919, and Joe Bailey. of Spokane. County Superintendent-elect H. A. necessary for a large acreage. Mr:~. Warner has been superintendent that they will show an increased pro- have entered. These. together with Ellis has announced the appointment Mr. Hetzell is scoutinx around ow,' ~)f the Christian Bible school in this race, over 50 years of age. m,nm 'Is this secondary market de-e, evcral eoetthe~r,::~ll::~ ~=~!l it II i ) p:tny; M:i ~:o h:~'t ~u~n ve];:~, ! e ] , o t a i r"~ . ......... " ore exp . " - - . - - ....... high school locality He was sorely disappointed|]e.]dor in Bil)le school work. ~ce. froe-fOroall, velops. ..... t Washing]on and Idaho. insure a large principal ot tne r-azou~ s ' , .... . togged race, free-for-all. Leading conservative mves~m~tt amoun of high class tennts, last year end is considered by the at not finding his old friend and a'~-~ .......... race, fr~e-for-all, 100 yards, ~,~kers and boud houses are adver- , ..nnl~ ~ ~alou~e "xs an excellent sociate Brown M Schick who had] ,~_ _ ,__ r~__a : ,. ,. ~ ~,t I , , ' " " " " " " ' ] ~ ~I"0"0S 2~1"~ ~'UUtt. ~" ' .~."'~ "~- treasury gold notes as an / .... - ............... *,~mohile trin with lti