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July 8, 1921     The Palouse Republic
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July 8, 1921

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~,&&. ~ _~= 2 : .(~ . . ~. i~-c--L -,v ~ ........... :~.~. MUSI BE t LOWER Olympia ! was much pleased to re- men upon this commission, which is' ~ill cut said weeds and assess serve the same ui/0n the l~(lersign((l! State of Ohio, City otTo]cOo, eeive a place on the appropriationI instructed to report its findings toi barges to the property holder, guardian at his residence in Whi~:-i Lucas County. ss. nl~ed from page one.) I:'onlm/ttee of the senate. Now, I the next legislature. No doubt its re-I (Signed) man county, ~Vasllington. c r up~m bi~i ~ -~'ra~k J. Cheney .makes oath that he port will well be worth consideration attorney of record, W. P. ?,:',,~r:'i~:(m ! -. ~,"ruor partner oi: the firm of F J C. 2i~;~ v ~ ('I HI) rlg htl~ n*~q- .,_ L.--" We must settle our tax thought, I will have a chance to see at the next: session, when the matter '~.rr~rt ,~ Sidwalk. Conlnlittee. at his office i~l 1he {'i~v ~! {":u~:.:o !c,' ". c*I,'!a .,.r~ :. I .... ,vrv ,'a~:~e oi: Catarrh that cannot be whatever, lhusincss of the state. 1. was aston-! will meetobjection on the part of the.' .Ib 4. ,~ *1. 4. ,1~ ~ 4* 4` 4` ,Ib ,1, ,~ 4. ~, ~ within six mo'.)lil..; ariPr ~[:~ i/;.'," '~ ~'!' -~e o. HALL'S (2ATAI-*~# to the situation here: ished at the imnlensity of it. But in iuterests affected. Taxes are never~ NOTICE TO CREDITORS. lhe first pubIie;,ti,a~ .,~" ~}~i " ~:-,' :':~** , ~,er~ ' "e."'~- e ~e and ~bser~bed in , . ~1,~ In-wit withil~ six nto~hs :,l~ 'v ~", " "" ' ' .~:enle respects my experience was ,neat pol)ular, and it will be Impossible t,llin the Superior tourt of tl~e State ) !,,.. - ...... i "' ~'C'~'r;S:~; ...... thls (;th {lay of Deeen'aber. While you receive some discooraging. {:fOUl' after heur, manV[devise new taxation that will be pop-I Washington, ill ~llld for Whitman .:4In (:lay ot JllHe, 11,:21. ,!1~t, ~ ,(,:: i~.C, . ~-~. a,. ~bEA~ON that you pay to tile I times urllil midnight, ~ve listened to ular. L~ut tile legislature will be corn-i County. , fail so lo do vet r (q i[li of .] :i~ l,~ v ~i -*~'~!*~ O'Uarrh ~ ..... Notary Public " ' .... ~yAg(llclne l~ taken ln- 1 state school funds, it fallu the heads of the multitude of state ()ailed to rio something to give relier, l 1,1 the alatter of the estate of D. F. Ihe forever barred rc!n.~liy n,d acts rilrough the Blood - f tie ?,.'ll.',~s Surfaces of the SYste~n. ~eadn departments and state institution,~. This relief, I believe, can only be ob-I Trimble. deceased. N[0,[.S M !g\'J.\~.:~l)\" Dv ~es.=im~miaL,. ~'ree )f SUpporting your schools. ~fl~i(ting fop ii~eir hudgets, all asking tained in the manner I have indicat-tTo all persons having,chtintu ;~gainsti~V ~" MI)RRISON. tMi:,rii .~ ~,' 3 CDE.NI.2y & CO., Toledo, obliged to levy a heavy, increased appropriations, all l)roles~- ed---by rigid economy in all l, uhllc the above named estate:" " ~ Attorney ~or ,Guardi:~, :; S:,l,.~ t.:. ;,n 0r~g~st~ 7~e. O. . ,a,O, . ~Ja ',"~ l,~ailill. Pills tor eonstlpatloa, let tax for the sUl)l)orl of ing that riley would simply have to ~ l expendltures, by postl)onelnenl for I ~r'{JU arre hereby uotified that the! s, 17 ~nills for ordinar:~ out of business unless we gave them time of public improventents that are undersigned, Nancy A. Trimble andI ........ ~&&:=A~- what they asked. It was ph, inly to lie not absolutely necessary, and by :t Frances M. Trimble, have been ap-l~ .................... - and 4 mills for bond and see~) ihqt ,nest of these estin'atesIfairer (ll~trlbullon of a part of the pohlted and have q~alified as co-exec- but in the levy or" wEr(,, grown padded.up a. mostln pernicious fact, there system,wena'jl"d ttl'etaxsl'mker" Tget relie" utrix f theabve entitled estate'must haxe less taxes "md ,,,ORE~-~I'~V'OCER~/"-~- ..... '" e ~'/"$[":f"~|'A|~'~~-~[--~-a~.~lZ~l..J~) tax Yea control your own of pad(ling ti, e estimates In the ex-ltaxpavers . You are further nmified and re- quired to nlake out your claim or ~ ' Just as With your city levv l)ectation that they will lie reduced " - ~clainls, properly verify the same, and ' ,--- 4 cents or 57 cents of youP by the le,.isiature ftowever. ~t win; " " ca i u ,~ that you expend for educe- evideni in me that all the estimatee Crews Survey l~fllman-Palouse Road. serVE the same on the undersigned co- . executrix, at their residence in the retrench by 10 or 1',) were not eqtutlly padded. Some off|- George H. Shearer of the state City of Palouse. Whitnlan County, Armours V(g~toh ill afford considerable re-I cialSforw'~rdWerein moretheir fr'tnkestimatesand straight-of their highway, del)artment, with a crew of ,Va,~:hington, or upon theh" attorney, ~lb. pail 70{: a do so YOU will have to] needs, vet the committee seemed to: eight men. Tuesday started an off,- ~V. F. Morrison, at his office in said ................ . ............... ] City of Pah)use, and file the same Pompeian Olive Oil il CUts in teachers' salar- dis/'egard this aud be disposed to p~re'eial survey of the proposed Pullman- with the C/ark of the above entitled dOUbt lose all of your bestltheln all down in ahoul the same Palouse highway, a link of the east- I Court' together with i)roof of such Pint Tin 35{: will be obliged to dis- ratio thus putting a premium on de- ern division of Ihe lnland Emplrelservice, within six months after the ................... caption. in such subjects Phe fact is. lhe committees are not!highway' From a preliminary in-~{date of the first publication of this Curtis ~uprelne~ Ripe OI/ves, science, manual (valuing. i (lualil'ie,l I/)pass upon the esti,na~es i .~'Dection (if the high.w~,y Mr. Shearer I terntier'the to-wit,first dayWithinof July,Slx1921,mnthSandaf-if 90Z. Till 35C . ~,:lsiates that be hopes to establish a lyou fail so to do your claim or claims ................................... l courses l.hat 1 r)resented. But few of the membe..,, 11bw have, anti Palouse h~d ever vislled the various state (le-~horter route, with :). better grade, twill be forever barred. Proctor & Garllb!e Wlrite ~oap partments and institutions, have. n','. 5C i first hand knowledge concerning ilmn any previous survey. The ap-I NANCY A TRIMBLE, Per Bar ........... .................... I :them, "rod about the only system they ipearance of the engineer and crawl FRANCES M TRIMBLE, Executrix. can follow is to disc.ount all esti-jhas resulted in materially strength- W. F. MORRISON, Fancy Strained tlon%, nlates, it, the final analvsis it isiening th hopes of local boosters for' Attorney fnr Executrix, Full Quart Jar .............. 75C her position in the of Whitman county I do uot believe that. Will stand for such dr'as- in view of the fact exiae~ditures in your dis- lOWer per Pupil tbat, large schnols in the mostly guess work. Every member ofi tie Pullm-',n p,l,,,,-- ---~-~--- [ Palouse Washington. 16-4 I .............. the approl)rtat,on comnittee .h u d there is ever~ In i ' { )' "~ , visit dl ~he nstitutions before thej ..... " dtcat on that the linkfib-TiC-ii-dF- /,6i z3i -r-- Carnation Brand [,aklna" Powder be completed within the next GUARDIAN AND TO CRF, DITOI{S, 16oz. Tin ..... 25C legislatureinformai ionenveneSbv persona]and gatherinvestiga, ttw som~} will years Mr Shearer Is a graduateI ion If ! live to attend the next seS-,of the St:tie e'ellege.---PulIman Her-*ln lhe Superior Court of the State nf ..................., ,. ,, Washington, in and for the Coun- Bain Alexander High (,retie Cvfl~.e 'tea, in the tax della, si,m I in*endto spend a0 days in vis-j ty of Whitman. 25C takes about 12 cents{ ,ling the state institutions some tlme~a/d In the matter of the guardianship of Per lb .................. , dollar and 25 cents il 1922. tnd [ will try to get otherl Carl T. Swanson, insane. ry tax dollar Si/lcc n,e~nhel'~ t~ a(.('oH oanv ne so thai. ~ "~y.,n'L', q'~ /~llrll"l~D~ 1 o til persons hu';lng claims agalnst : ,.~-~-,~-- - .... ~non ~he wailing list i)arl of (tie con,rnittee ar least wlh the above named ilLane person. _ -~ . Past 10 or 12 years, have some idea of what the st.'4te i~! "~-- i You are hereby notified that the I ~t )r~.~ | | C"~ i* if~ ~ /|'~/'~'~ 1- 1 ~ol to t~s mor~ noxmus ~eeds mast be cut on undersi-ned Nels M Swanson hasI "~ at last ai)pearM doin,.: ,ud be, qtl, if'. p,.i.' ~ "* "" -~ " " " i '" g ' : '" " ' ' . t VV [2Lal /~. ~ ]-~Y ~( }IN do not believe that in,elli.~ently on the bldgets present- property within the city limits of been appoin~d ~. :a~nqt li~:l~sl 2 d g I , "': " ....... favor a suspension ed. "'hi villous ).actice of padding Palouse b'- July 10 ~ll pronertv guardian of , . , so , "' [ ~)|-,e-,,,., ,'1~ ! ag ut this time. The ~hould be reformed. One dellartnlent (}~n "s m IS " "~ "v"/~ -his ;;ae' r YOU are further notified and re-i,' /ltk311~ "In. ' " r. er U t compl t lla t o r entered upon about tsked for mor' thau $300 000 ~ ~ " ' " ' ' -' ' ~ quired to n,ake out your claim or |i ..... one third In cane of non compliance the cltY'cla s ro}mlv ~erif~ the same and~ ' for the eunstruction allowed a lililc more I.hqu - I ..... . im,, P I ". ~ ." LZ: .... ::: ............................................ (It" state roads as nl/leh. In thai case somebody de-[ ~ I ..~ to until completed ser~'ed ilnpeaehl,,ent, bill I don'l know i -.. nl inaugurated un-i ve~ whelher it was the he:M of the~ &ny other course](lepartnlenl or lhe me~l~t)el'S {,f ttle th. Unfortunately ] eolnnli(i/,e, l)oes ii not sound far- ae last on that I)ro-~cical ? ave my symp;tth.v. ~ l ho!)o ||l~tt onth~r the ol)eration Of POsition iv. mainly{the code that the directors will he r plight.. I hawlnlen of a calibre that will stand by too, that Palonsettheir eslimates tr) tim point of resig- division towns gettiug into the good le flrsi, road map that. State of Washington road in eastern !rockford, Fair- ~axmington, Pa- This was about~ 1 had some-; with the change' got in the with an effort .reprove about 200 road around the Rosalia. I had no ~l~]arged road pro- it Subscription list traveling that road ~et the plan started opposed good the, r horses' the plan because mu~t be getting but after we got nicely. We extending out and within three continuous road in eastern eight miles, in- and a half through efforts attracted out- and soon all projected of ~pokane and toward Rosa- something. Private roads by Rosalie. of all benefit assess- more than $10,000. ?a ~ Such efforts count- r-reaching effe~ct in~ ts in Spokane and ~s, though at the was the im- al roads. It located Rosalie and route nlore west- meantime the towns division were passive ed considerable effort division. .0W history, but there It last winter at Oiym.- are yet sore spots in been benefited but road construction Whitman county roads. It was evident there was a disposi- that it dogs lie" sturbances fro:n here .~ P:ilonse ~6 tax gee:-: for scho~)ls and roads, and 82! county tax dollar forl the rest of the to state and count.y proportion of two i(::~S~go We organized ~ tax- ~ olle ~on tn Whitman coun- tlpOn ~l~hed the job of or: t. T" and I was it.~ firs. [~r f,,', e Orga~.ization hmc- ~1 ~' Years, when the war '] ~ "be~l our attention and ~a't~l~m iscontinued. 1 took an l~lad the Work for the four ~lla~ !a close study of Colin- we a,2 ~ e did not find much !ter"~ find a fellow paddtn~ i~0~~ .1 Work, made him dis- 0 es.2_ nd gave him a close hs e~ the penitentiary, but t~ f~.:~ eption of some little t.~ ~1~ [ t:hat the county bus!- ~ Slt~ ~eted about as well a.s Iillb,P~ cted under our anti- II~llt~"! tesslike form of county h~, ',~ was particularly im- ~er~ eonscientious heed ~t. dene Iby ollr COm~IE- l~ V?l~, at the most but 5 or 6 ~ and we can't reduce t~ ~ help us materially. ~,,,~ae state government to '. a'u~s takes 10 or 12 cents ~a~ dollar. When I went t to nations iJ' the legislature shows such~ a lack ~f coufideuce in them as to reduce their estimates by two-thirds l3ul nolwit:hstanding the popular iml~ressi(/l~ lhat the legislature in wholly responsible for taxation { through its appropriations for stafe~ government, the facts are that but 10! or 12 cents of your tax dollar is use:l! in this way. If we could abolish el! state government, lhe, legislature and the cm,rts, turn our convicts |nose, t drive our insane, the blind and the l deaf in,{} the ~treets, turn the oh! veterans oul of (~oors, (:ease all the flinctions o[ state governulent, we would cut but 10 or 1.'2 cents off from our lax dollar, and yet have left crnshing burden of taxation. We have now accounted for all of yonr tax dollar. Let us return to our original premise that taxes are too high. How much too high? I be- lieve that to avoid general disaster taxes must be reduced at least 25 per cent. That means a reduction of 25 cents on the tax dollar. Shall we make a her,natal decrease in all kinds! of public expenditures? Can you cutt 7~ cents out of your 30 cents fori city governnlent? Can yon spare 11i cents of )'our 44 for education? Cau~ you take off '2~& cents from your 10i for roads? Not now, I think, at Pa-I louse. Can our commissioners save I us lVg cents out of the 5 cents fori county government, and can our leg-l islature save us 2'~ cents out of theI 10 for state government? 1 believe; that with ta~e general scaling downi of prices that it will be possible toI save 1!4 cents for the county and] 2~ for state govermnent, but this will aggregate less than 4 cents, and we are agreed that we must have al reduction of at least 25 cents or wel will go to ruin. Are we up against an i insoluble problcm? [ think not. I be- lieve that our remedy lies in two di- I reetions. First, we must practice the strictest economy in all departments of public admiuistration, state, coun.- ty, city, roads (after we have the Pa-i louse roads built) and schools. When we have gone to the limit of retrench- ment and find that we have not gone far enough, then. secondly, we must find means to shift some of the tax burden to shoulders that are not now carrying their share of the tax load. We have too many tax slackers The burden falling upon the few is crush- !ugly oppressive Tax exempt secur~- ties are a menace. Such forms oI wealth as United States bonds, state bonds, city, county and school bonds, railway and intlustrial bonds and mortageges, all escape taxation m this state. There is a strong drift of the capital of the people of wealth to tax-free securities, in order to es- cape taxation. This must not be al-i lowed to continue. These people must lie reached. Then we have the wasters, the class who make no effort to accumulate i savings or property of any kind. They enjoy our schools, our roads and share in the benefits of all public ex- :penditures. They h~ve the protection, and care of government, and yet con- tribute not. a cent in a lifetime, per- haps. for tbe support of the privileges l they enjoy. They are-parasites of our body politic. Of course the well-I to-do must always bear the greaterI part of the bur(ien of government. But when the burden reaches such[ proportions that ownership of such l forms of property as ]and. houses and! business property becomes undesira- ble we must have then reached a point where the~ common welfare de- mands that every able-bodied citizen should help a little They will become better citizens for it. and take more in terest in good, economical govern- ment. The legislature provided for th~ appointment of a commission to in- vestigate the subject of taxatio]a. Governor Hart hasappointed able Who says that 'oarqaix/' fires are whai the people urani MOST everybody knows the easy-going sort of man who never takes a tire seriously tmtil he gets a blow-out. How long he will resist universal tire education is a question. But this is sure~ More people are finding out every day that between leaving thing~ to luck and getting real economy there is a big difference. Many a car-owner ha~ come to U. ~. Tires because he couldn't afford to keep on paying that diflbrence. Probably seven out of ten users of lJ. S. Tires came to them only after they'd had enough of" "dis- vx)tmts", "bargain offers", "clearance sales of sdrplus stocks" ".and other similar appeals, They have found economy--and they stick to it. - They pay a net price--not "some- thing off list" that may not mean anything in the first place. They get fresh, live ti~es, bei.~ made and shipped while this rne,~;.- sage i~ being written, No matter where they live there'~ a nearby U. S, Dealer with ?:~~ nearby U. S. Factory ~ranch, U. S. Tires keep mo~in~. No opportunity to get old and dried out. No shifting here and there trying to find a market. Every U. S. Tire a ~ood tire, wherever you find it anywhere in the country. Because the U. S. policy is a good policy that serves the car.-owner all the time, Doing the very best fbr him tt~.~t human good fa/th can do. THE U, S, CHAIN TREAD One of the few tires of which it may be said that they deliver economy year in and )'ear out and ~i~e alter tire, The U. S, Chain Tread :.~v~:q .';ufficient traction