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July 15, 1921     The Palouse Republic
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July 15, 1921

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AcTs IIRISH HOSTILITI :=-== .... L ...... ...... ........ .......... .... ..: .... ........... l,,har,e, ....... No .,.. .... ......... D,str,ct No | eqmvatent to $5,3t2,oou, and are awl ~,0]~n, 0~ ,~,~-,, .......... SCOT.'[ C. BONE I portioned among 4g members. Gr~atI =~v.,4" . ~ t)un,i:lxua uz ,~Jl~ ON DISARMAMENT[ STOPPED BY TRUOE - ..................... i Chief Executive Seeks to As certain Whether or Not Plan Is Agreeable. Both Sides Cease Hostilities Pending Peace Neyo- tiations. "'The president, in view of rhc far rea.elflng importance of lho (tin:sties o('I limitation of arnmmcnis, h~s ap preached informally, bm by d(,i:iltitv Inquiry the groBp 0f pew ,rs her(do!'()l'e known as the prin(:ipal allied and ilS sociated powers, thin is, Gr~a~ Britain. France, Ilaly and .Iapan. to asc,rtain whether it well)(] b(' agreeable It) ):lwnl to take part in a eonft> on llti.~ aubJeet, to be hehl in Washing)on at a time to be nlutually agre('d upon, If the proposal is found to blip acceptable formal invitations ]or such a (-otff~:r- once will be issued. "It is manifest that tile qlmmion of ltml.tattcm of armamem:s has a clone relation to Paoific and IZar Easteru problems, and the president has sug- gested flint the powers especially In- ter~ted in these l)roblems shoukl (it! dertake, in ColinP(.tion with this con- ference, the consideration of all mat- "tern hearing upon tiieir solution, witii a view to reaching a rolnlnon ullder- ~tandlng with respect to principles and policy in the l~'ar East. "This ha~ been eonmnnlieatcd fo the powers concerned and China hlts algd boon invited to rake part In )1)- dis- cussion relating to Par Eastern prob. lores." "OPEN DOOR" POLICY STANDS, SAYS HUGHES Washington, D. C. b'ormal declara- tion of the intention of the United ,Statee to continue its support of the principle of the open door was con. .tained in a. note from the stale deDarl- ment to the Chinese minister here. Secretary of State Hughes haw de- clared, in the note. that )his govern- merit continues its whole ileartod sup- pOrt of the principle of the open door, which it regards a.~ *~ss~ntial to )if(' "'free and peaeeftll devPIopinent" of (;ommerce on the Pacific, The immediate oc~a~ioo for fiw )lute ~as an inquiry as to wh~her the Unit- ed States intended to continae its sup port of l'tghtt~ accruing to the F'cdprat Telegraph company nnder a (xmtraet with the Chinese government. Pro- (eats from Denmark. Gre~t Britain arid Japan have bee~ made against the con- tract. Secretary Hugbe's reply was looked upon as of wider significance than a nlore $~urance (hal this govt~rnntent weald support tile contract with tile telegraph company. It is regarded as ~n intimation that the United States does not look with favor on the Anglo Japanese alliance, , renewal of which is now under discus- $ion by the r~presentative~ of Great Britain and her colonies. 15.000 ENDEAVORERS MARCH New' York Sees Mighty Parade of Christians, New York.--[,~it'th avenue resounded f~aturday with militant hymns as 15,000 Christian Endeavorers marched in a might)" Christian citizenship parade, it was the crowning feature of the sixth world's convention of the society. Colorado was given the honor of heading the parade. One of the most picturesque groups was the Portland, Or., delegation currying red parasols and roses. The parade disbanded at Central park, where William Jeunings Bryan addressed the marche)~, urging ~aem to use all their force to bring about world peace through disarmaulent. Un- less there is disarmament, he said, the world would face bankruptcy and war would be continuous. $52.42 is Per Capita Circulation, - Washington.--Money i~x circulation in the United States July 1 amounted to $52.42 per capita, aecordiag to at statement by the treasury. The total[ I was $5,774,065,000. A year ago tile] per capita amount was $57 15, and the! total $6,084,854,04)0. -[ Taft Now Chief Justice. Washington,--Wiliiam Howard Taft was sworn in Monday- as Chief Justice of the United States. John D, 112 )'ears Old. Tarrytown, N. Y.---John D. Rockw feller celebrated his 82d birthday Sat- urday by playing a round of golf, Scott C. Boone. former Seattle news- paper man, recently appoin.ted 9over- nor of Alaska. HARDING FACES REAL TEST OF LEADERSHIP WashingTon. --- Pr,,Md,qlt lh~rdinff rae(,s th,, first r-ftl 1,:st (,r Ills [(~tti( l'- ship an a rosuh of his (l(.nia))(| th;)t ?Ollgr(~Fs sii],(rltl.k I~i~(_. soh'ii(-rs' h()liUi~ tioils wftll "ot)b.nding d('*ernlillatio]~ ibill, ple:conhole oriw:r l)*qMitig legisla- to en(hlr(, all th:tt is still ll~q'o,'4sary," Lion a.zid give its wlm[(~-huartiM a't*~n- With this is COul,l(d a war)ling agains* ilion to the ptlrpose for whi('il the sp('- "undue eoll[idvllv(, in lho rc-sll!(," !eial session ,~as called, llanlely tariff .......... -- - ;~nd IRX rev!silll. } Polls indica)('d iha, ,i,c .(,,('(,m,' ,,'lit TRUCE MAY BRING' PEACE ihe a fii'ly fitly affitiP. /t(lltiini:-~;r:tiot~ Heartfelt ReJoicing Follows Announce- !leaders w(-ro confid(,l~: t.ha) ti~('y ~\uuld ment That Hostilities Would Cease. i be ablu to shelve the iJOllliS hill until I,())ldon.- Wiib sonl(,thiug like an inllnense sigh of relie.f the elllil'~ uoon. (I"3' has greeted the nows of The cessa- tion of warfare ia h'eland aod I,;ainenn (1(7'a'~ cotnilig coll~erf#llef, wttb tllP British prime nliliislor al I.olldotl. ~hieb it is f@l'x'en~ly hr)ped will lead tO full rout()l'atioll of peace. n@xt winter, lllihollgh )bey li(llrtitt(;d tba, t the r(vul(s ~ould he eto~.~. ]1 was }~enerallv eoneeded, howex(:r, that the ipreMdtq!t ~ ould hsve (o gain now I sfrengll) [FOUl tlnexpected sollrc(~s I)4(- I f()rc, b(~ ('ollid (arrv iIlto eftec'( hi~ d*'- isire that th(. scnsLte take a recess, as !a. means ef faci[i(atilig c-oinniittffe ac- Not since the memorable da:Y wilen :tion on tb(. tax m~d tariff bills. the arnlis(i(,(, was d~(,tal'~ eadhtg ttl~ ', "l'he bipartisan senatorial (.toinbitl~t- groat war, has any ev(~nt so sth'rod the tioli known as )he agriealttlral bloc. Unit(,(l i{iag(ioln as tile (.oiit:ln~ih)ti t)f !musteriug tiliPty votes, appear(~d to lhe (l'lle~ ill the Irish warfare, followed by iSSllal~(~e of orders Sai tw(la)' tO make it eff(,ctive. SJnlllltan(~oll~l,' canle the ailuouuee- aieiit lhat f~aoionlt de Valvra, the re- publican lead~r, and Mr. IAoyd (leer(e, th, British prilllP lnil%istol', would meet to eOllf(~r wilh ~ \low of ~ol(lillg )he oeurl~rws old diffi('nhy. The Uls)e)" press has reveived th,' dev(-,Iopm(.nt eohlly, but throughout southern and w(,st~rn and in all England Ihero is rejoicing which uninistakably is heartfelt. MEMORIAL HELD OVER WAR DEAD Hoboken, N. J,-|,oaders of the na tlon mourr~od tl~e cotlntry's wet dpad ~unday at nlem~)rial services ou the army piers Itere. where lay the bodies :of 7264 men who made the supreme ' sacrifice on tho fields of France. Congress senl" a joint committee headed by ~nator Henry Uabot l,odge. The army was represented by Assist- !ant ~eeretary of War Wainwright and ! General Pershing. [ Scores of gold star mothers and hun- i dreds of war veterans attended. Every oB|t that saw acttvo service in France was represented among the dead, Di- in front of the speakers were easkets of the first three United States soldiera ~o (1% in battle against Ger- many--('orporal Herbert ,lames D. Gresham of ~;vaBsvilie, ind,; Private Thomas F. Enrigbt of Pittsburg and Private M. D. ]lay of Glidden, Iowa-- all members of the 16th infantry, first division, attd all killed in November, ]917. in the l,unpville sector of I,of ratne. Paralysis Stroke Leaves Albers Blind. Portland, Or. -- Henry Albers, con- victed of seditions utterances during tile world war, &lid whose sentence of three years in prison and fine of $10,- 00o wore anllulte.d recently when the governmenL through ~olicitor-Oeneral l~'rierson. ~dmitted error, has been stricken with paralysis and blindness. Plane Hits Autos and Kills 5. Moundsvillo, W. Va.--Five persons were At)own to be (lead and approxi- mately 50 wore injured at Langlin field here when a Martin bombing plane felt Oil a group of automobiles parked on the grounds. An explosion fo])ow- (~d..~(~itiil~ firp to the machines. 300 Men Training At Camp Lewis. ( 'amp l,c w is, Wasi/, -+ Tit ree hundred men front Washing|on, Oregon, Idaho and Montana have begun training at the citizens' military training e&mp here. Two imndred additional are ex- l)ected for the arm)" course. have eo~Hrol of the situation. BRIEF GENERAL NEWS l~s! b'riday was tile thirtieth an- niversary of (lie marriage of the presi- dent aud Mrs, Harding. ('harles A. lh-outy, director of valu- atiolt of the interstate c()innleret, com- mission, died at his home in Newport, Vermont. A house resolution changing the aam~ of the Grand rivet- in Colorado and Utah to the (?o[orado river was ~(dopted b) the senate. The pernlanelrt tariff l)ill, a~ drawn by ropnblieali Inembers of t.he house v. aya und means committee, has top plot(' ()It the house calendar. The super-dreadnought Maryland, tile first battleship in the world to be (.quipped with 16-inch rifles, will be delivered to th(, l)avy department July 20. Presiden,t Itardiug was initiated Into the Improved Order of Red Men, na- ttonal offh'ers of the order administer- ing aII thre(' degrees at a special cere- mony In the president's office. A statue in memory of John Heed, the Portland, Or., communist who "died from typhus in Russia in 1920. was un- veiled in Red Square, Moscow, July 4, says a wireless dispatch from that city. . The total expenses of the of nations for file current year trove been 21.g50.C2~ =old francs, approximately 1. All bids must be in the hands of lhu ('lark of the .qchool board by July 2:1, WALTER ~ARNHAM, Clerk Dist. Nc). 9 I');tl()llse, \Vhitman. Cnunty, Washin ~'ton. ! i fin the State of %VashinKton. at the close of business on June 30, 1921: PAIRONAGE SOLIClT[D J. I=. PAPIN[AU AUCTIONEER ~ly past sales arre nly best ref- Farm and Pediggeed Stock Sales a specialty. Prices