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July 15, 1921     The Palouse Republic
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July 15, 1921

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YANK PRINCESS MAY BE QUEEN Widow of Ralph Thomas May See Husband Acolaimed King of Albania. 129,I 500.' 982: i ,000, ,00O ;,99~ 27 i,49t LOSES HEART TO PRINCE i Prlnce~ Viers is Granddaughter of /Eu. gine Kelly, Millionaire New York Banker--Her First Husband Was Frank Jay Gould. New York.--Princess Vlora. former- 1$ Mrs. He ell Kelly G-ould and more recently " the /h~'t Mrs. Ralph Thomas, ma~ be -'~n~eric;in tO lie addl-ess~d ~tB "Your majesty.- If she attair~s tile Ihrone ,)f Albania, :~. Seel~s Possible, she bids fair tO ,~ ttps~ socially Prin .es.~ ~.nqstasia of , formerly Mrs l,'i'iili ]it] B t~eds - .. . , % who. through her marriage to t~PI tl (,e (,~ . ,, ~,, AIPLS. Tel)he r oflJre~'(~ Ita~ _ be0 the royal ladder hJ h~r rhea nt~y Other &m ' " g =~ " erl eft fi W(#nUl n. btlr[lnt'essVlorll J,~ ill NP, York "On ~Smess,,' while her rovltl consort --rlrlc r . - ' " e ~lora, ~ at their li,)u~e in Paris p, ns ,o a ,,n,l i hr,,ne i .ms grandfather The father ,ff Viers, Fer|O i a~ha, is Pflme minister to Abdul Hamid. and ;;sWrking quietly with Turkisii lead- ~ "W" $tie Prefers Paris . i r~'~at Will .VOU do In Albania Wilt*re ~0st of the men are pol~'gami~ts and t :leted tO I)l~,dy t'eud~?" 1 asked her aParttn~nt lb the 14olel I.enoric. dorFt know," she ~ald, smiling, ads remain most of lil~, tithe in hvtne with nay t~o eldldrcn--- who's nineteen, and Dt)rothx, seven t('('ll--w he are lit)L,~*' i~ in Switzerland?" :le Princess was tlehm blargaret granddaughter of the million York banker. Eugene Kelly. ts married at eighteen to F'ran~ aud after divorcing him [ l~alpb Then]as, ~on of the ins. Attor a brief nlarrled lif., ~,llddenly in 1014. leaving her ~ilJfot}s. g the war she sailed for Paris, ,-~o became a war nurse. While in ~wltzeriand, ,q~e told ~el Prince Viers, ~bv was ng Over the fate of Alhania and schenl~ for ira re~toralion. Loses Her Heart. Id me ~d stories uf Albania." +',,f its wild scenery and ;resqlleness vf its people. He chap and I confess my Imari to him. %Ve were the prince will become Albania is not cart.sin. It iv in diplomatic ,-t/'eles ttlat of tin(ling a sa)isfaclory a hard vile. The prince is tile ruler a.nd IS It).apping out his in Paris and l,ondoi] now. )is ts the roughest country lu a Country of wild luoun. l,-" elltirely without railroads. The ItCh towns a,l-e |le~ Adriatic. situated ,m the ,'(~a~t The entire p~q)ulatlon L qll~l" [~'lieD ~' " than 1,500,000. .0 ,o,:ple .oasis, maln,, o* t,.,c. tWille |e~ "'hoers, wnlkln, a,'~en.,ds of [.~'~ and knives, g Moham- ~uabS la They ave II~tll. [l~galill~i.s ,, reli~iol~ and confirmed Drlneeas. explained that ~hortly tS War Prince William of and Anstrian back- S yelIT, ~led In getting installed as at Durazzo. He never Stte said, In winning the al- 1 tile nlO|.lntalneer~,, because 1 So he rettlrned to Get. nee then the Italfan~ lmve laOre (if Albaniq and joined lib the alll~,s, Ol)er~ltin~ /Torn (tOre to assist nty ltlr~biilld ill WAY." Princess Viers said. "If the throne tie can have it, much In love with hith him all I can. bat Ithink Drefer to ~pend ma~l of m~ P~ris, here is to rest and to friends on certain matters ONLY 18 MONTHS OLD ;L- Y S Studiea Exhibited in W|dr| Display of Drawing Society. [hrdl~ W ~a" ales.~Llelen Williams of 1~8 i~ stated to be. th ! dl... Kest artist' l]er claim to E'2 tio, is th.L ,tbo. b she and d- " y aX and with a " - taWing bmrd sketehe.~ t t~at a- . he ( 'o uorn bet' nursery. II li,.# Ob ~ Xhlblted at the annu'il ex- uleloor~ lililo~ th~ Royal Drawing s;cioty I ltli~ If li i~aoiler plcture,~ are an out- f~ I!~I~ hi ~'~'~ With a ribbon bow and a ~'~lrlecoek rou b~ t some bt ery 'BANDIT QUEEN' TELLS OF LIFE Reveals Romances Which Led to Her Arrest as Instigator of $23,OC0 Robbery. VULTURES ON THE GANGES Gcavenger k~irds Perform Function That Is in High Degree Repul- sive to We=rternere. fin December 2, 192@ writes a eo~re~pondent, I was In the vi(.inity 'of tile Massacre Ghat. of evil repute in the Mutiny of 1857. arid saw a vnlture over tile Ganges. Tilts scar- : @rigor bird was apparently on the :surface of the water, and was flap HELg IN CORD OF CBIME I In't'shn'e'in *fra'' theworid us if a small crveodile had gripped its talons and wa,~ trying to drag it , under. Then I vbserved a white ob- kefl How~e at t.3 and Sln,~e "l'hel~ Hag i Ject come to the surface momentarily and bob under again. My interesl rva~ aroused at llie straiigo proceed- ing~ whleh followed. The vulture flapl)ed its wings as the weight of the flotsam told on its strength. Again the white broke the surface and as ;t did .~ the huge bird, with fully opened wing, appeared to he using itself in the manner nf a sail, and, with the llelp of the breeze, which wa~ blowing, stirred its prey 01/I Of the mid-stream, flopping every now and then. till ar last It ran the white obJe~,t rlghi Up on a genlly ~lophl~ shelf of ~alld Oil ltie near bnnk. }ly Ibis tilne llie alr ~tas [hick with blrds, and no ~ooner hsd the vulture in qnestli)n l,ea('he, l lis ~'llll- ture tlmn a clu'~ter of like bird< ~woo|)ed down, an(~ the 'tvhl)le eoln- rnoncod fin orgy of fi>;i~{ln7 and ii~lit- lFIg. "rt)e ll:~Xt t]tty a Iiiln),'tii slcele(t/n ten1 (tin ed. HABIT WAS STRONG ON HIM Even Smith's Words of Wisdom Failld thin divlding line I)etween genius and lunacy. So if hag hair Is a sigtl of htsanity aml genius and there Is only a lhln d v d ng line between the two, It behooves us to be very careful bow We Irelll h)ng-hairell, eccentric- l(leking inl]h'idultls, (or fear tile}' l)rv t'e to tie .-ROIIII" I)lil~ tO(/ great to rlsk offending. Teak Wood Highly Valued. Teak, for so[ae pl:irposes the most valultbD, ut all woods, is chiefly pro- du(.~d vonHl:Prc!all3 by Burnm. al- thougii it i~- :d~. ,~upl)lled by India, Siam llniJ JllYa. A~ ti l~lanl, t~fik is rE"+ iaarkahle for ils larffe l(-u',es, whieh rea0h Ien It) 1',,,* lilJ~ ln('hes Ill le{lg'th itiid eight to tli'r,qm iii llreiidlh, sod are SO rOUgh thai lil*,y ;Jr,,, ll~tql l'tir ~and- pap,,rilig. The treo'~ oflPii grow Stl tO 100 feet tall. with a olrounlferenee of six tO ten feet. ll:e hll'ffo~l ro('orded log ('ut In (eilper P, urnlu In l.q9S, havlug aloasurt.,d ~7 l!,'2 fee' ill length aud yielded ovi, r tweh~, tons nf tllntter. The w()od varle~ froIll yellow ,,r str~tw ot)lor to it rh'lt brl~wn ~%holi ttr~t cut darkening on exlto~lll'e; S,)lnetinles It has clark and llJlllt#r.[ black ~[l'ettks or reins. It is hard. 011d vet) durable Montana Honors Custer, Billings, Mout.--..On the 45th anni- versary of ill+ n]assacre Of General George A. Caster all(| Ills little band of Seventh United States cavalrymen, the battle seene of "Custer's Last Stand" was re-em, eied on th~ site of the imgagement with th, ludians Between 4000 and 5000 witnessed the sham battle, in w!Hch Crow Indians look the part of lh9 ~qioux, Cheyenne CONGRESS VOTES " rE'ACEl report by a vote of 38 to 19 after & ......... / day of debate In which the democratic Signing of Measure Will Open Way for members made a last assault on t~e Diplomatic Relations. I resolution. T~ae house vote wa~ 263 Washington, D. C,--Enactment oil to 59. ihe eonlpromise re~solr~tlon ending the The signing of the measure by the st,tte of war with Germany and Aus.i peesident will Open the way for the trio linally was eompleted by congress! resumption of diplomatic relations and the meusure ~ent to President with both Germany and Austria, but I larding, administration officers have Indicated The .~enate adopted the e0nfereneeI that plans for this have not been J worked out. F.dna [ 'arroll. [iie alle~:,.,l "hflildit ~-ineen." ~,,t]1, ,qnswer~ hi ~lili~t itl h~i tiatn~.,~ +,qiJall3 dl.o~)., ili(,til(]]i~L~ il!2; of "Mick,~y " Is l~enlv lhree v~.:~l'- ,rid Hustled a Livin0. lror ten yPaFk this girl. cOiilpaliJ,,ll of Tlloma.~ J t_'olelnaii, one it|" (hi" three n3en %vht) robhed ~[(.,Icy~trd:~ .\'a- (tonal tuint; eniplo)ees of $2;it)Ot! has been wtiai slit, calls "'hilsTli[IS' a lIv. ins, find in lho'~e Ion ye:tr'~ 4tit" h'ts added [tl inlierited llieliilirii:,~ il. [lid:~ of '~%,'{sil~lIl} con{*ern{lig g(i, iiq ;'(lid e~ll. At (welt(y-throe thi.~ girl ~{rh the brlglii coloring, l%'a0k l~llil al~d level gazing eyes lla~ the live~ of lwo iDetl linked to her" own with !tip (,ord ill crime, the poli(,e ~ay.. One Of l!lese. I{. l!J. (.3avanltu!.Th. she ttlOUght SO tnnetl Of {hal ~lie |tOll~hi tbo iced(ling ring f-r (tie Thh'd fluter of her lefl i;aad a~ld wore lr tvtien she oon~ented to "heat iho iOWli ~lll(| go away with him for helTel" t)r ~orJe." (~avantlllgh, a flle(%}lltnie, w.t(s l;ilh,,I In MIom-ltpoli~ last year, llllll Jl|j,-s {'el'- roll, her wcdding ring still gleiiln}nl~ i'roni her fill l4er, rellJrned Io Denver. "Then 1 inel Colemfle," she -'}t1(1. 'He Sol -at the snme table i~ith llle In it resTatlrunt, and. sin,>e Ill In3: ~.l'I ~.','e don't wait for iI)rr,lllnt,tii)ll~. W,' lie gan t(I talk. and as he was the