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July 15, 1921     The Palouse Republic
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July 15, 1921

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COUNTY AGENT LLS OF INSECT PESTS inquiries have ;men at the office of the Latah coun- agricultural agent for informs- on the control of insect pests attack tile garden plants. In or to reach st greater number of 1)co- With replies to these inquiries, Jlty Agent O. S. Fletcher has prc~- the following article in regard the control of common insect Rt.~. I are working for the wheat improve- college course condensed and is prac- i teen, 2bownship Twenty-five, North serve the same upon the undersigned State of Ohio, City of Toledo, meat project and local leaders of this ticallv FREE to every interested: of Range Forty-three, E. W. M., in guardian at his residence in Whit-~ Lures County, ss. ' Frank 3. Cheney makes oath thLt he work in the communities are as fol- housewife. !the City of Spokane, Spokane County, man county, Washington. or upon his Is senior partner of the firm of F, J. Washington. ' attorney of record, ~V. FL Morrison, Cheney & Co., doing busine~ In the City lows: American Ridge, Harry Bens- Write the Home Economics De- Witness my hand and the seal of at his office in the City of Palouse, of Toledo, County and State afor~id, cotter; Big Bear I,odge, C..l. Bower; i mrlment of the Calumet Baking said Court, this Sth day of July, 1921. Washington, and file the same with and that said firm will pay the sum of Blain, Henry Narum; Burnt Ridge, Powder Co., 4100-28 Fillmore St.,: (Seal) JOHN H. NEWMAN, the Clerk of the above entitled Court, andONEeveryHUNDREDease of CatarrhDOLLARSthat cannotf°r eaehbe • 1,~-3 Clerk of Said Court. together with proof of such service, cured by the use of I-IALI.,'8 CATARRH Alfred Neliberg; Cedar ('.reek, L. A. lars c.oncerning the book and how By CECII~ C. PHELPS, within six months after the date of I~IEDICINE. FRANK J. CHENEY. l~.'n~;don; Crane Creek, Edward Vo-! to secure it. i "Deputy County Clerk. i the first publication of this notice, SWorn to before me and eubscribed in to-wit, within six months after the my presence this 6th day of Deceml~r - A.D. ms. ' A.W. OImASON, ' gel: l%.,rmington, (?lark L. Torpey:l ..................................... : N()TICE TO CREDITORS. --! 24th day of June, 1921, and if you Fi : m,l e..l tt m, rns; ( , neseo, T ! * * ÷ ÷ * ÷ ÷ * * * * * * ÷ ÷ ÷: 'ill .N la L"bll Dri:woll; Kennedy Ford, ~Vm. Staffe;- 4. LEGAL PUBLICATIONS ÷iln the Superior Court of the State oil fail so to do your claim or claims Catarrh Medlcln ~, 'lPl Washington, in and for Whitman J be forever barred, tt~rn~luYean%uarC/alcthro~Ul[h the Blood oa barb; Little Potlatch, Fred Street)el ] 4, 4, 4. .!. 4. 4. 4, @, ÷ ÷ ÷ 4b ÷ ÷ ÷ Count)'. i z the System. ~ Me,cow, George Seivers; Palouse, NOTICE 0F HEhPd~G PETITION: In the matter of the estate of D.F.' NELS M SWANSON, for testlmon|als, free. F. 3• CI-IENEy & CO.. 'I~ ~, Trimble, deceased. ~ W. F MORRISON, Guardian Sold by all druggists, 7~. ¢~r:,wford Patton; Pine Grove, R..1. TO AWARD PROPERTY TO eUR-iTo all persons having claims against[ Attorney for Guardian. 15-t Hall's Family PIllm for coamtll~ttoa. Nelson. and Princeton, W. L. Coller. V!VING SPOUSE. the above named estate: which aro altaeking garden[ may be classified into cl|e~-ix~7~=f~ q~ on biting forms, which aitaekI .... ~A. FORECAST SHOWS LOSS. and other portions of tllel ..... Sucking forms, which iujnrel destroy plants by draining their life juice. Sucking forms In- aphids or plant lice, onion red spiders and similar in- Chewing forms common in thk~ are Colorado potato beetle:~, flea beetle, cabbage worms SeVeral other types of worms. leWing forms are best controlled Hen of arsenical i)oison, in the Superior Court of the State ofj You are hereby notified thai theI Washington; iu and for Whltmanlundersigned, Nancy A. Trimble and County. :Frances M. Trimble, have beeu ap- h~'the matter of the estate of J. M ]p°inted and have qualified as co-exec- June Estimate Too 0ptimistic--Cr0~ Wetherbee, Sr., deceased, lutrlx of the above entitled estate. " To the heirs of the above named de- You are further notified and re- Better Than Last Year cedent and all other persons inter-[quired to make out your claim orl claims, properly verify the same, and '{'he .tune outlook for a bumper e-,ted in said estate: :serve the same on the undersigned co- crop has proven too flattering anti You are hereby notified that Ida M. iexecutrlx, a! their residence in the ile .it iv forecast, as compared with Augir, administratrix with the will lCitv of Pah)use, V, rhitman County, . . " ........ ~ _ ~_ ~,mnexed of sahl estate and Catherlne~w,~'shington or Ul)On their attorney 1|10 AUIte f( retasL, SllO~VS a u~t.r~l s~H ..... ' , ~ ' ' ~ ' " . . IM. VVetherbee, surviving spouse ofi,W. F. Morrison, at his office in said [h( \% 111[( I nd.-~pl llle. wae It crop~ "" ~" ;. ~. .... " L " 'Is~dd decedent, have filed with the,city of Palouse, and file the same although the crop is larger than offClerk of this Court, a verified peti-iwith the Clerk of the above entitled 1920 and it will exceed the avecageli~!on praying that the real and per- I Court. together with proof of such t'or 1915-1!). The Palouse crop, how-I ~cnal property described in said peti-!service, within six months after the lion and inventory be set off anti'date of the first publication of this ever is as good .'is any crop this coun-l:.wurded to the said Catherine M Inotice, to-wit, within six months af- as arsenate of lead and paris try has produced in years, but in otk-iWetherbee, surviving spouse, in lieu ter the'first (la> of.luly, 1921, and if ~of homestead and exemption, you fail so to do your claim or claims to the foliage which the in-let sections it has suffered from dryi Your are further notified that thel~vili be forever barred. are attacking. Sucking forms i weather and burns. This is especiul!y { :Court has fixed Friday the 19th day! NANCY A. TRIMBLE, be controlled with conta(~ [irue in the Big };end country. ..... of August, 1921, at the hour of 10' FRANCES M. TRIMBLE, • o'clock a. m., of said day, and the[ Executrix. ~. ~ or smothering sprays, such as! WINTER WIIEAT---Winter Wheat1 near 40 or kerosene emulsion[prospecis hehl up well during thel(,curt room of the above entitlediW. W. MORRISON, directly to the inseci. Imonth of lune .,nd lulv 1 conditionsIt°art at Colfax, Whitman county i Attorney for Executrix, .... " " ) , . [Washington, us the time and place' Palouse, Washington. 16-4 Pormulas for Insecticides. "" s-' " o "an 1 ~xa~ "9 790 • ' " n ~.ers-~o interested in said NOTICE OF APPOINTMENT 0F [orecast :t crop of 2J,666,~00 bttsuel.~ [f(,r hearing said petition when and ........... :2---- ............ .r~enate of lead--No. 1---Arsenate The e.'unm~e n o e "" ~' -., • ,-] where ~,, ~--,, ...... :, ................. , o 000 bushels" the 1920 crop was 20-le,taie may appear and show causet GUARDIAN AND TO CREDITUK~. end ~Paste) - pounds; water, 50 1"~0 0 b ts'hels ~hile the live ve~;r wbv said petition should not be~ In the Superior Court of the State of one. No. 2--Arsenate of lead ..... . " ' ]granted i Washington, in and for the Coun- 1 POund; water, 50 gel- ~e~,~ge, 191, 1.q zs 19,793,1)09[ lhe property above referred to IsI () oi ~%hitman bushel.~, i .,!lusted in the State of Washington in the matter of the guardianship of ~iXing the amount of arsen'~te SPil[NC WIIEAT--Spring wheat j~ nd is described as follows: ' Carl T. Swanson, Insane. for each spray tank it shouhtldr°pped from a condition of 91 pet'-! Lots One and Two of Block Six To all persons havlug claims against West of "B" Street, and Lots Seven the above named Insane person: into a very thin paste :~n(l cent on June 1 to SO per-cent oni,,nd Eight in Block SIx East of "C" You are hereby notified that the never be thrown as tt mau:4i'luly 1 and the crop now l)romises toi~!reet c,l" Rreedlng's Addition to the undersigned, Nels M. Swanson, has spray tank. ibe 19,9,';6.000 bushels as compared;City of Palouse, Whitman County, been appointed and has qualified as Washington, together with the guardian of Carl T Swanson, insane. one OUnce or five heaping te:t-iwith the forecast of 21,543,000 bush-I Hou.~ehold Goods situated therein; You are further notified and re- and I,ot Ten In Block Sixty-six of the quired to make out your claim or g POWdered arsenate of lead and els on .lune 1. The 1920 crop a-I aliens of water. Imonnted to 17,$62,000 l)ushels, while green t thet~er g( forlql5 19 , hree-fourths pound;l .t ~. :- ~ . ,- . is 17,560,000 lime, 2 pounds; water, 50 bushels. I ALL WHEAT---July l conditions A Full Line of Rakes and Mowers Twenty hve Per Cent Discount on Inmrnmional Extras and All Cormick and Deering Repairs Pal~use Hdwe. Imp. Co. PALOUSE, WASHINGTON Is; or one-half ounce or one ng teasnoon n,,~ ...... 9 ~o, ]forecast a total wheat crop of 49,- ater, 2 OUnces air-slaked ltme. I¢,02,000 bushels as compares wit,t c~ leaf 40 1 quart" sea- 7137,982,000 bushels in 1920 and an Water 2'00 gailons" or ~te~ Faverage production of 37,353,000!, black leaf 40, three-fourths for the five year period, 1915-19. per SOap, 1 gallon water. O,t~ on .luly 1 were 91 emulsion--Kerosene, 2 s; Whaleoit soap, one-half Water, t gallon. alve soap in hot water. Add to hot suds. Agitate the so as to emulsify. Dilute thl,q Solution at the rate of 1 gallon gallons of water for average Use. Or dissolve 2 ounces of one Pint of hot water, then quart of kerosene and dilute quarts of water. of lead for chewing in-~ and black leaf 40 for sucking the poisons most commonly the Present tree. cent of normal, indicating a yield of j 44.6 hushels per acre and givingl i)romise of a crop of 14,259,000 bush-! els. Tt~e 3une 1 forecast, based on a 96 per-cent condition, was 14,438,.. 000 bushels; the 1920 crop was 15,-! 052,000 bushels and the average for[ 1915-19 was 12,124,000 bushels, i BARLEY---Barley on July 1 gave! promise of a total of 3, 744,000 bush-i els as compared ,with3,779,000 bush- els on June 1;3,$83,000 bushels in! 1920; and 5,029,000 bushels thol average for 1915-19. The July con- dition of the crop was 90 against 92 on June 1. RYE--Th~ rye crop, based on a 96 .... of Spraying. i per-cent condition July 1, was placed d^WZtn the proper poison lat 590,000 bushels• The June 1 fore- are ;::2°:22ghlcYoi71::dn h~[cast was 597,000 bushels, while the r arsenate . . . ' [1920 cron amounted to 370,000 el leap or paris[ ~..o,..,. " ~r Chewing insects, the ideal t ......... ._ a fine mist and the best workI the plant is thoroughlyI Potlatch Boy Braeks Arm. COvered by fine drops. [ g before the foliage i.~I drenched. In spraying for l insects the operator should er that the insects themselves Sprayed and should se to it get a thorough application of For either chewing or insects the higher the pres- better the spray. Clean the time after using• For spray after the plants Hot sunlight is dan- Plants with many sprays, emulsion. ~ave insect pests that are at- garden the time to spray further information write e Wakeland, entomologist,: Boise, Idaho, or to county agent, Moscow, i Improvement. was spent during June inspection of fields l}lanted with certified Jen- Seed wheat in the fall of has been found that in a of these cases there is amount of volunteer this is true, there will in laraetlcally every corn- certified seed was sown Pure enough for certif!ca- Year. This will enable farm- communities of the good seed of this variety eomraunity. state pure seed com- er some one deputized by in Latah county during Part of 3uly to inspect the for certification. All farm- Potlatch, July 12.---Arnohl John- son, 15-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Johnson, of this city, was play- ing with a number of other boys whirling a heavy rope at the Elks! picnic at Grizzly camp Sunday, when ll in some way he received a blow thatI broke the tibia of the rigA," arm[ ~bout three inches abo~,e the wrist. ! He w.ts immediately brought to Pot-Ii latch and the fracture reduced hy Dr.i E. T. Hein. Aged Lady Meets With &ccide~:~. Potlatch, July 12.- --Mrs. Nancy Hall, aged 76, who resides with her daughater, Mrs. Isaac Hibbaxd, near Potlatch, met with a very painful ac- cident Friday when she fell, injuring her hip. It was at first thought to be a fracture, bu; subsequent examina- tioga revealed the fact that It was a dis-location. A Home Couz~e in Domestic Science "Twenty Lessons in Domestic Science," by Marion Cole Fisher has recently been received by us for re- view. | This is a complete advanced courseI in domestic science and home eco- nomics boiled down to meet the re- quirements of the housewife and the[ student. ] The entire course consists of twen- ty practical lessons--one hundredl pages filled with the nmst valuable information the housewife can possess---heretofore taught only in i domestic science schools. Do you know the relative value ofi food, which fruits to use for cooking, what purpose salads serve, the cot- planted fields with pure rect use of eondinments, about prop- to have the same in- er kitchen equipments, about U. S. ~tion are hereby re- I government's bulletins how to reduce communicate at once with lthe high cost of livnig, how to P~- agent or with the local mote and protect your own and your ~e wheat improvement re fqlnilv's health how to make house- :e is one in their eomn~P:n: ieeping simple; and more economi-t ~que,~t inspection of their cal and pleasent by utilizing modern s first inspection will be!science in the home? ] the grain is standing -n] This book, we note, is priced atI and Just before it ie eut. I$2.00 per copy and from what we un-[ of the county thatlderstand it contains a complete $100] Amended Map of School Section Six-~ claims, properly verify the same and [ THE U. S. NOBBY TREAD ~rhere the going is specially heavy with snow, mud or sand, in hilly country where maximum traction on the road is a factor, no other tire tread yet devised is quite so effective, or so wholly approved by motoring opin- ion, as the U. S. Nobby Tread. Its very simplicity--three rows of diagonal knobs, gripping the road-- is the result of all the years of U. S. Rubber experience with evezy typ~ Of road ~he world over, IFevery one listened to exp ence, how mud thWit save STOP and talk to the next man you see with U. S. Tires on his car. Ask him why. Most likely you'll hear an inter- esting story about his tire experi- ments~before the answer was found. Money wasted. Promises unkept. Trouble on the read--hu- morous to every one except the man who went through it. Finally U. S. Tires. And U. S. Tires ever since. Perhaps it's the experience of U. S, Tire buyers that makes them more em- phatic in their preference than ever this veer. When tbese men have tried most everything by the way of "staggering bargains", "hm'rah discounts", "discon- tinued lines at less" and so i urth they know what not to det. They want a fresh, live tire. ~Vith a good reputation. That's everything it says it is, With the people behind it who back it up. There are 92 U. S. Factory Branches. Your local U. S. Dealer is drawing upon them continually to keep his stocks sized up, complete--to give you service, Whenever he gets one or a hundred tires from a U. S. Factory Branch, they are newly made this season's tires. Sold to you at a net price. Full values. Square-dealing. A reputable maker. A reputable dealer. The whole transaction as befits the lehdership of the oldest and largest rubber organization in the world. United States Tires are Good Tires U. S. USCO TREAD U. S. CHAIN TREAD U. S. NOBBY TREAD U. S. ROYAL CORD U. S. RED & GREY TUBES ited States Ti United States Rubber C0mpaay COLF,a~X GARAGE, C01fax, Wash. PALOUSE HAEDWARE & IMPLEMENT CO., Pal~use, Wash. GARFIELD HARDWARE & IMPLEMENT CO., Garfield, Wash. POTLATCH GARAGE CO., Potlatch, Idaho. J. B. KLINE & SON, Colt~n, Wash. PULLMAN TIRE SHOP, Pullman, Wash.