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The Palouse Republic
Palouse, Washington
July 22, 1921     The Palouse Republic
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July 22, 1921

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Palouse Repulolie ! PAI,OUSTE REPUBLIC COMPANY, Publishers. C F. BROWN .... Editor. ~;ntered al the posrta)i~ce al l'ah,lisv ',~allhlnil'~n. as ~econ(l-C.lass [jilt|tier. SUBSCRIPTIONS : One Year .................. $2.00 Six months ................ $1.00 Telephone Main 67. 1 which l 4,000 originated from eareles.~-1 alien of Labor will be viewed with hess of hunter~, campers and automo-~general satisfaction by the general J bile partieR. I American public. Many will not In Oregon alone, merchantable tinr-~,gree with' ideas in many ber worth $ 6 i 0,00(t,000 is annua|ly I ~ Sings. but (h)niper~ was elected as ;t endangered through such caretessne~.~ct, tiservative labor )leader. and his One-tenth of the nation'~ ~t~nding! election xvv~ ;t defea! and a rel)uke to i timber is i,q the state of Idaho, yet thos~ who wouhl strive to deliver the there is no state officer or orginiza- organized la, hor bodies over io dan- ad,,pted who,It ',h(, iczisl, , ~)~,. t ilion authorized by law to protect theI forests. Half our present lumber sul)- i !ply is scmthern pine. which in ten! : .~ears will be ,tompletely exausted; 'ibul most of thes~ states, as well a~i n 8ny others with wtluable forest r,;-' sources, h3ve no fire protection In California 14 per cent of the erous bo]shevi~tie doctrines. A num- ber of Dolicie~ approaching this di- viding line were turned back by the 0.elegatos (if tbc recellt national con- venliom which would indicate that (he tbinking members of the federa sense the danger of giving tot) Ir, ueh l)ower to untried theories and ~-~dugnter Succeeds Father in Congce,~s :pringfiehl. IID---Gov,r]mr Small wL} apl)oinr ),l r~. Wildl'rod .Mason II! Ok it~ L) ii/(,H]l)or ~! ]ai'p~ ill ('Oll- ~riT~ tO ('OlitDJ~'IP. iho l~)7,'Xi!}i'(,] If'Fill , of bt, r ,~u'hf-,' th,~ t;tll, V, il];,ni i;, llill;~oll. ,A 7e~oJlltifHi o]lil~ftit, 1.77i,- ,I:' PRIDAY JULY 22. 1~*') THAT FLOOD OF GOLD Return to normalcy i~ in danger el' being blocked by a flood of gold. The flood, coming from countries fires are of deliberate incendiary ori- gin. A large proportion nf the des- tructton of this source of tuitional we'tlth is ensily prevented, Mie.hiffan, for instance, mnde an ~2 ])or cent re- duction by enactment ~nd enforce-- downright contntttni.~tte exDeriinent~. \Vailqbtirg Times. WHEN GOSSIP TALKS "3 elk is cht',tll if y(m get il {l~ilii :: ~'o,-~ip," says ,!l: exch.nge }ltt; il molli t~f preventive measures. "l'ha which sorely need tt in their business~, preservation of the h(l'~ronda("k~ ; I'-') resemble3 the articles of ciothing, fur-! is anoill,,r e~aml)l,, -f what ,':in he niture and working tools which ~u, dnne. idle spendthrift; takes to the pawn-; The hlnihcr and wood pltlp stlpt)ly shop to procure food. The time comes! is seriously menaced; ~ also is the when he has only the clotZes he standsI future supply, because il takes freml in, no home, no bed to lie ill and no1 50 to 100 years to grow a er(ip of tools with which to earn money. He ~ lumt)cr, This menace can only be met is no longer a customer forhis grocerI by -~,n awakening public sentiment and butcher. So the European ha- i ~~hich will demand the enactnient :rod tions which ship gold to pay for ouri enforcement in every state of rues.q-I exports or to pay past debts is stead-~ ...... t urea tna~ WUl preven~ crime and care- ily becoming a poorer customer to usI lessness from burning up ore" fulurv and is storing Ul) hard times for ottr~ VVall ,qtre,'>l Journal own industries, i That gold ought to be lent to thei - nation which now exports it on con- THE PRESIDENT'S DUTY. ' 1 dition that it be used in productive: l( w~ s frivolous and foolish for seu- industry. Then the debts to us shouldl ators Io charge that President Hard- be paid in the products of that indus-'ing was dictaling to Congress when try instead of gold. The people thus ihe advised ibe senate that passage o employed would then be able to buyi the bonus bill would endanger the ha- more of our goods, setting our indtts-I tional ina, nccs ~nd iml)air the gov- tries in motion. They would add toiernumnt's abilil.v to do its full duty the aggregate wealth of their coun-lby the disabled soldiers The presi- try, thus adding to the proportion ofidenl acted wilhin his constitutional real value and reducing the proper-~,rights and his constitutional duties. tionof wind represented by their cur-i Section : of article II says: "He shall {~u . Talk I ll.q ('t)nl,,-'. frolli , gossip I~' ~,Xl~ensive. II kills iiitte+ ii kills "t'uthflliness, Ji kills ,h.,.~ncy. slid it k: ;: liioraiit y. A reliulaliol~ That .;us I.)ami built ~ 1~ b5 a tifet{me of ,!orrec{ living m;i3 be I)htsted in a ,}i:~ by ibt i;lll~i ,Jr a gOS,~lp. Tb~ ll~il:~ ~,t Ilullitip iT, ili(i-' l:+'s:: b'. curdled \vholi It /;O1110t ill OO11- 1~': wilh tile t,;nglo of th'~, gcs~ll, ~>t,OC }llltl rl!tliCi lhat is bad it'. lllll]/;ttlI I ::',:,rt,. Alld gossip will lilil~ :llid !.~ople will 1i3~.o.n, al~l belicv(~ 31i~ f'.l*ll~enill. I1 [S not olliy exp0iisiv,:,, lml it Is deinol'ali'zhl7 and degrfiding. (h)l fan {lazei le HAVE YOU SEEN TOM, DICK and fl4RRY They enjoy the honor of being reney. Less of it would then be need- ed to buy a dollar or a dollar's worth of our goods, and their purchasing power in this country would be in- creased. As the exchange value of their money rose until it became sta- ble, foreign trade would cease to be speculation and would become real business. Production abroad 'would expand and foreign purchases from the United States would expand in proportion. As our exports grew. oilr' capacity to absorb imports would from time to time give to the Congress information of the state of the union anti recommend for their considera- tion such measures as he shall ju(lg~ lle(,css;iry Hlld expendtcnt." Secretary Itouston of the Wilson u.dnllnistration bad warned the coun- try that it couhl nor with safety en- act tlle bonus legislatlou. Secretary Mellou confirmed Secretary l]ouston's ju(Igntenl: "Fh(~ president concurred in (hal judgment. Having so con- eurred, he wouhl have been recreant the only ones of their kind re- gardless of price. English, Semi-English and Munson Lasts. grow, and the dangers incident i,oi tc his oath of office and his solemn collection of our huge foreign loans!duty to the* nation if he had failed would be diminished. :to ctllllllitlaicato his th)llnsel to (~t)fi- AS matters stand, the surplus gold[ gress. reserve of the federal reserve banns.:i The bouus bill. as Senator B,rah is a positive obstruction to business~, declared in the senate Thursday, revival the world over. It does no good would measure p:driotie service by but does actual harm. Falstaff's leash lJe tersely put [So whole ques-; "a mere hoard of gold kept by a dev- thin in a ,~ingle s~ntence "Our first il" might be applied to it, though we. duty is lo the wountied soldier l do not mean to inipute diabolic qaal-i ;,.z~d m~til ihut hmu beer( met we l tries to lhe federal reserve board. Thei sh.uld not impose on the govern-i ratio of gold to demand liabilities is meal .tber burdens which would! now 58.3 per cent, though the la~v' requires only 40 per ceut. If the sur-I plus were made the base of currency i used in foreign trade to stimulatei production by the nations which now! Fawn their belongings to buy bread, ! it would help the economic reeovo.ryi of all nations. The full import ,)r this flood o~! goht goes to prove the blind folly oft those who would have the United! States go alone and let the other ha-i tions sink or swim. We are s~ tied l to them that, if they should sink theyI would drag us down with them. Some I blind bat congressmen call for inter-! est on the ellis' debt to us, If theyI paid it, we should take a large parti of the capital they need to start bust-i nes~ again and earn the money with! which to pay both principal and in-I ter~lt. By paying one yl~ax's interestt they might lose ability to pay nextl year's and the next, and payment ofI the principal might be deferred a een-] tury or two. Our government lent them money with which they des- troyed their wealth; carefully dis-! criminating Individual loans are ed to restore it in order that theyI needed to restoreit in order that they[ may pay us.---Oregontan. hanller the taking care of the di~-' :,bled ,qoldier. - ~qliokesnlan-Review. RADICALS ARE REBUKED i "['he reelection of Samuel Gompers! as president of the American F'eder-' BURNING UP THE FUTURE One of America's greatest assets is ~o be found in its magnificent forests. In the past they have been handled with the prodigality of a young spendthrift coming suddenly into pos- esslon of great wealth. Now, when so much has been wasted a careful hus- banding of resources would be ex- pected. But instead of that, we are actually calling iv the aid of fire toI aid in the work of destruction. The department of agriculture has', prepared data on forest fires covering the five years ending with 1920,! which show this fact. It is of such importance that the National Board of Fire Underwriters is publishing it under the title "Safeguarding Amer- tea Against Fire." In the five years covered by the in- vestigation, forest fires burned over a territory greater than the eomhine~i areas of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut. Vermont. New Hamp- shire, New Jersey, Deleware, Mary- land and West Virginia. The numberI of fires averaged 80,000 a year, of) All Solid Leather. ALSO Sold only WOrK SHO[S AND MEN'S WORK GLOVES AT THE foot-fitter Store Shoe Repairing and Accessories Iheo. N. Luesin0 Shields Block bydealers give tire mileage at the lowest cost in history 30x3 NON-SKID RED-TOP CORD $15.00 $22.00 $27.50 Reduction on all styles and sizes A New l,ow Price on a Known and Honest Product m .......... III III I I Oreo~on Trucks to Be i~e2uiated. ,