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July 29, 1921     The Palouse Republic
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July 29, 1921

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/ THE PALOUSI REPUBLIC XXV. NO. 20. SCOUTS HOLD OUTING OF CAMP IN PA- BEING PERFECTED-~ ROBERTS RINEHART BE- IN MOVEMENT. first outing of the Palouse Giri i work and play. Give them some rule~ was held Saturday when thei°f life that will appeal alike to their went in automobiles to the imaginations and to their instinctive desire for something better. Lei them line and from there hiked up river until a. suitable campingt look out as well as up. was fouud. The trail was over-~ "Nearest of all the proposed plans with brush and ~rampingj to come with what an increasing number Of families are finding to b- quite ~tll unusual expel•letice ~orl ' " _,.~., [ their problem, the adolescent girl, the of the s--,~. soon as the camp site was lo-!G~rl Scout movement f~lls all these re- quirements It is sane health~ and the girls Were ready for theiz ..... ' " Mrs. Ethel .Wood. Mrs. C. 1,'.' normal. It teaches honesty, purity, and Mrs. Allan Lamphere kept busy instruc,'ing the young After the swim the girls supimr over the campfire. Be- and eggs were fried. There we:; s])ort over the difficulties of bread on the end of a stick. way home the girls voted the a complete success. The fol- girls were present: Roath. Mary Allen. Dorothy Dorothy Lamphere. Marie Eleanor Fisher. Olga Hardy Zelda Berry. writing of the Girl Scout move- Mary Roberts Rinehart says: are great idealists. No one with the working of the girl can fail to recognize how quick- respond 1o icleals. They dream not of success, but of happl- The)' look up rather than out. are vague and uncertain. of wistful yearnings that lead Given a cause and a leader they will 'bring to it an almost eagerness, staunchness, loy- and unselfish effort comes a critical time in a life. when she is waiting Imps- for young womanhood. The of her childhood have lost interest. She has abandoned her The little boys she played with her and found the girl- associations of the 'teens. They their clubs, their sports, their places. But to the young there is nothing but that period She is peculiarly isolated. family often finds her strange. PALOUSE. WHITMAN COUNTY. WASHINGTON. JULY 29, 1921. taught honesty. The)- cover their]STAlE ROAD MAY GO AROUND PALOUSEtl°calltiesthatw°uldsendimmigrants'SCHOOL BOARD dreams with small deceits. They seekI I in here by the tralnloffd if they romance out of sheer boredom andi knew that land could be bought here ,qre driven tnto hypocrisy. The boyi .... for $100 to $150 par acre. If Great, LETS CONTRACT has fewer dreams to conceal and he.i~ Last Tuesday the report bec, amc highway department has some design Falls had your resources she would honest with the honesty of fresh air current around town that a new sur- that it does not wish to divulge at proclaim it all over the western states and the great outdoors. When we vey w~ being made for the location present. Perhaps the highway de- and would have hill boards all over give our girls occupation, when we l of the state road which would take partment does not think that Pal0use the country. I always knew the Pa- NEW FURNACE TO BR INST~ get them out of doors, when we give the road around to one side of Pa- is doing her share toward the success-I louse country was a very good one, them organized play in the open, louse and not bring it through town, ful completion of the road or it but I never dreamed tha~ it was the IN SOUTH SIDE BU~I,I}ING-.VEM[, there will be fewer morbid women, as has been promised us for so many might be possible that they do not country it is." TILATING 0VERHAULED---KIGR "Give them something to do that years The ire of the business men approve of the steep grade that par- Mr. Conway will leave soon for] interests them. Get them out into the were aroused and on Wednesday a allels the W., I. & M. railroad tracks.[ Eugene, Oregon, where he expects to SCHOOL TO BE R~AI]~.~. air. Fill in the waiting years with committee investigated the matter In either case it is up to the city to} take the secretaryship of the chamber [ and found it was true that a sur- take the matter up with the depart- vev hsd been made, beginning close ment at once and ascertain if possible~Ofl commerce £here /The time is growing short until to W. B. Nichols' barn and running the cause of these peculiar actions.~i school will reopen and the board of back of the warehouses to the river and If anything can be done by thel MRS. F, A, BETTIS ENTERTAINED. education, in anticipation of thin [ - [~event, has begun tO secure workmen and crossing it about 100 feet west city to get the state to fulfill the Will Leave Soon for Mosoow~Mrs. ~to prepare the buildings and grounds of the Northern Pacific railroad promise of long standing, that some hrtdge, then continuing iu a north- day a road would be built through Lamphere Wins Bridge Prize. [or occupancy. The contract for in- erly direction for some distance, then Palouse, it is up to her to do it. Mrs. D Harshman entertained at stalling a new furnace has been awarded/to Brandt Brothers of Slm- turning to the right and running in Palouse has long been neglected in her home Friday afternoon in honor kane.~" ef Mrs. F. A. Bettis. who is to leave T~ furnace is to be much larger ¢igor and love of country. And it takes the girl in her 'teens and gives her a live Interest in the present in- stead of the future. It should have nation-wlde support." I Dr, Wolfe to Go East. Dr. E. K Wolfe was a Spokane visitor Tue.~day, making arrange- ments for transportation for a trip to Cincinnati. his did home. His daughter. Juanita. will a~ccompany him and will remain in Ohio to at- tend the Miami university at Oxford, Ohio. They will leave August 10 and the doctor will remain until Septem- ber I. Relatives Visit Farm Home. Mrs. F. J. Vowel entertained the following guests at her farm home near Kennedy Ford over the week end: Mr. and Mrs. Engen and son of Ceeur d'Alene, Idaho, Mrs. Dorman Mrs. Bobbs and Mrs. Hogan of North Dakota. Mr. and Mrs. Engen are her narents. The other ladies are her two aunts and grandmother. They were delighted with the Palouse country. TIME IS SHORT TO OBEY CITY HEALTH ORDINANI]E an easterly direction It passed through the shooting grounds of the Idawa Gun club and continued east- erly until it reached the base ball grounds, wl~ere it was lost track of by the committee, but one of the part)" going out toward Garfield picked up the survey Just back of Knapp's house, and he followed it] down onto the flat and found that it vanished, as it had when it was traced from the Pullman end. ]highway through your town." Just what the meaning of the sur-j Palouse has waited and Just now, vey is no one is able to find out, but i as this promise is about to be a member of the chamber of cornI fulfilled, to have the road suddenly meres talked with Mr. McKay, the contractor that is constructing the highway, and. he stated that his con- tract called for the completion of the highway up to the Inland tracks north of town, and that he had no knowledge of any other plans, al- though he said he knew the new sur- vey had been made, but he thought that the engineers had mapped out this route so that if anything came up that would cause them to abandon the old plan they would have a sur- vey mapped out for a possible new route. This statement from Mr. McKay put the minds of the business wen at rest concerning the road being routed ,uv way but through Palouse. bur ~t seems that the sta~e would not gb to the expense of sending a surveying crew here and making a survey Just for the sake of having a pretty blue nrint to look at, and to some men it ha§ a sinister significance. The state the matter of roads. No town of its size in the county has as poor roads, but promises from officials have kept her silent these many years. She has watched the awarding of roads to other towns and hamlets and held her peace, because she had been tel by the officials: "We can't get around to you Just now. but if you will let us complete our present program then we will get around to you and put a veered off just sufficiently to miss this city is a little too much for the citizens of Palouse to bear. She will hold her peace no longer. Much property has been improved and businesses established on the strength of the promise of a state road through the city and it would mean a great loss to Palouse should the road follow the new survey. A committee should be appointed to con- fer with the highway officials for the purpose of clinching the proposition of a road through town, and if we can aid or support the highway depart- ment in any way to offer to do so. If we can eliminate a grade for the state it is up to us to do it, or If wo can provide a less expensive route through town we must do it, but by all means we must not allow the road to be located according to the new survey. Palouse has a future. We must stay on the map and we must have our share of road improvements. I moody and dreamy. She begins SPend an almost alarming amount and thought upon her appear- The family says: "W'hat in the is the matter-with Jane?" And father suggests it is too much go- to the moving pictures. "But the truth is that Jane is idle. does not belong, between baby- and womanhood, anywhere in social organization. She is active romantic. Her days are a long for maturity, and with me- the ~ulfilhnent of her dreams, love, of marriage, of motherhood. haunts the movies because she there vicarious romances and adventure. The great out- is hers to play in en the '.'And at the same time, with no in- outlet for her activities• her is being stimulated as before, Books, magazines, au- moving pictures, all are re- to her this strange thing we life. which is hers to observe, but City Council Asks That Property Holders Comply--0utside Toil- ets Must Be Removed. COMMITTEE REPORTS SURPLUS. I THIEF IS CONSCIENCE STRICKEN i [ Itemized Statement Shows How the ', Steals Money and Jewelry and Late~ Fourth of July Money Were Spent. Below is an itemized statement of the receipts and expenditures of the committee who engineered the 4th of July celebration staged in Palouse this year. The committee is to he con- gratulated on being able to put on a three-day celebration and come out with a surplus. Following are the re- ceipts and disbursements: Rooipts. Subscriptions ............. $482.00 Concessions .............. 121.50 Dance ................... 280.20 Lumber sold ............... 4.40 Returnt Part of Plunder. The week before the Fourth a thief entered $ake DeWeese's home while the family was away and took $10 from a dresser drawer, leaving a gold watch which was lying near. A few days later he entered the house again and took the watch, along with some other jewelry. It seems that either his conscience was hurting him or else he became alarmed because the owner was close on his track, for some time during Sunday he re- turned the larger part of the jewelry. Sheriff William Cole has been working on the case and no doubt he was on the thief's track so closely .~ that he thought best to return enough of the plunder to silence Mr. DeWeese. Mr. DeWeeso says, however, that the Jewelry he eared most for has not yet been returned. "I am very thankful to recover the lost articles," said Mr. DeWeese, "but I wis~l the thief would bring back the rest/' / t Yet to live. She is a yearning on- 'qt is time to realize that hundreds thousands of young girls in this y important now that are future citizens as well as the mothers of future cltizens~ be given occupation, a feeling responsibility, a practical ideal to they may bring their innate At a meeting of the city council recently the council discussed the or- din:trice providing that all premises withing certain limits within the cit~ of Palouse be required to connect wi~h the §ewers if situated so that ~ewer connections can he made, and if not so situated that they construct and connect with septic tanks. The fact developed that property holders were complying very slowly. IVlth the general health of the city in mind the council is insisting that this ordinance be complied with by September 7. The ordinance In i~s essential parts is given below: On o# before September 7 it shall be.the duty ,~f all owners of real prop- erty within t?.e following described limits within the city of Palouse to- wit: On the north side of Church street, between Division and F streets, and between Church and Maxwell streets; on the south side of Church street between the center of the block west of Tamarac and F streets 11.64/ First Load,of Wheat ~elivere~ Tickets, decorations, etc.. War tax ................ 42.10v The first load of this year's wheat $888.10 Disbursements, Paid in prizes ............. $268.00 Paid band ................ 350.00 Expenses of ball games, balls; meals, room rent, umpire. etc ..................... 68.45 Dance expenses--- Rent .................. 43.5{) was brought to the Farmers Union warehouse Wednesday afternoon by W. F. Smith and son. The wheat was of the Fortyfold variety and of excel- lent quality. Smith and son started their machine on Wednesday afte[- noon and'threshed out a load or two to make sure that everything was in Advertising ............... 37.50 Lumber ............... . .... 8.80 Expense of grounds, equip- ment and putting on sports 56.15 $886.14 Balance cash ............ 1.96 and between the center of the block south of Whitman street and Church street, upon which there is a resi- dence, or building occupied by such, or for public gatherings, to properly connect with the sewer within sewer districts and where the grade is such that it admits bf such connection or w'here within a sewer district the grade does not admit of a connection and enthusiasm, They need with the aewer, then to construct a $888.10 order for beginning the season's run play and athletics. They septic tank and properly connect all ~early Thursday morning. This is the something concrete to tie to. toilets and drains therewith and toI " first machine to begin operations in ned to be taught, if you please, keep the same in a sanitary condi-[W~san ~riVe$ Cax to Migpah Mines. this vicinity. 5at Is'the 'gang' spirlttamong boys. tion. ~ ]~ast Friday Mrs. A. P. Murray( T need to learn that their young That within said time all the own- ova her Moon ear to the Mlzpah le~ are to be used, instead of de, co- ers of real property within the d - o far as known she is the only~ )d. Until they learn that we shall scribed district shall remove or causelwoman that has ever driven a cart ...... --- - • o ~ - . ,~ays rehouse uountry Is zmes~ ou • e sickly motl~ers and puny babies. ) to be removed all outside tozlets n )°vet this road. She was ~ccompanl~lt ,, . single movement for the improve-!their respective premises, and from by Mrs./Ada Oderlin and Mrs. B. F. [ ~ and Should Be A dverusea. • 1 of American people as a race, no and after the passage of this ordi- ': Wells./They had only one mishap Dr. Conway of Great Palls, Mont., of science or sanitation, can ,nance it shall be unlawful for a~y ~ and ~at.not very serious. They got tis visiting his cousin, E. n Van Slyke move the car the ladies walked about two miles to camp. The next morning the car was jacked up and a corduroy bridge put in and the car run out by ha~d, when Mrs. Murray took charge of the wheel and drove on into camp. They all reported a good time and ~ome berries. of this city. Mr, Conwuy is an old- timer in the newspaper ga~i~e~ but has 4* in tile interests of Palouse and 4. recently been secretary of ihs Grea~ 4* surrounding country. We are @ Falls chamber of commerce. He mar-@ always glad to receive news @ ~veled at the productivity of this coun-[ 4. from our subscribers. Reports 4* try, saying that he never saw its~4* reaching us Thursday morning 4. equal. [ 4* can be published. Sign your 4* "Why don't your chamber of corn- 4. name to all communications. 4, meres advertise what you have,~ @ )here?" said Mr. Conway. "I know 4. 4. 4* 4* 4* 4. 4,@ 4* 4* 4. 4* 4* 41. 4k @ in importance with the ne- of building up morally, spirit- and bodily our future mothers. "They need to be taught certain loyalty. Loyalty to ideals, to country. This last, loyalty country, has to be taught. When to take off his hat to the he has a new,respect for it. '~'~h~me of our girls n~cl to be person, firm or corporation to con- slightly out of the road and two struct an outside toilet within said wheels mired down. Being unahie to distriqt, and all outside toilets within said districts are hereby declared a nuisance and are ordered abated from from and after the date mentioned. If property holders do not comply with this ordinance at the time set the city council will do the work and charge it to the property as taxes. soon for her new home in Moscow. The home was beautifully decorated than the old one and is a newer de- with roses and sweet peas., sign. The ventilating system alan Bridge was the entertainment of ~will be given a thorough overhauling the afternoon, Mrs. Allan Lamphere so that passage of pure air through winning the first prize, which w~m a the l'ooms at all times is assured. cut glass bud vase. A delicious and The high school building I~t coming dainty luncheon was served and en- in for its share of attent$ou. New joyed by all, after which the hostess.'plastering is being put on and the presented the guest of honor with a building is otherwise being renovated beautiful hand embroidered handker- and put in good shape for the opening chief, of school. The teachers have all signed con- tracts and by the time school open~ Holy Trinity Guild to Give Social all will be in Palouse ready to begin The social to be given" by the Guild work. Superintendent Laze~by ex- of Holy Trinity Episcopal church on pects to arrive in Palouse about AU- Dr. Hein's lawn Saturday afternoon gust 12 and will spend tt~e remalnde~ and evening of this week promises to be a pleasant event. Ice cream, cake, of the time till school opens in ac- coffee and sandwiches will be served, quainting himself with the st|heel and its needs and outlining the work for Th beautiful lawn will be decorated and at night it will be lighted by the coming year~_ Japanese lanterns. A good attend- An increase in enrollment is ex- pected this year. A number of in- ance is desired, as the proceeds are qulries from out of town studenlm to be applied on the installation of a who expect to attend the Palou~ furnace for the Holy Trinity Episco- pal church, schools the coming year have been re- . ceived. THRESHERMEN PREPARE ooo TO BEGIN OPERATIONS Is 8erred at Noon. A large crowd of Odd Pellow~-a~ TWO ]~&l.oh.i~es Start Th~ Week--their families met at the picnic grounds east of this city Sunday and to ~ Ne~:t Week~ held an old-fashioned picnic. ~ioll Crops Reported Good, family brought a well-laden basket and at noon all sat down to a sumPt- uous dinner. All is hustle and push with e IThe afternoon was spent in vllflt- threshermen now getting their o~t-~dng and bathing. Among tho~ .fits ready for starting out. ThreSh-[but of town present were W, 10. Me~o lng oegan in this community t~iS[Croskey and Mr, Lewis of Colf~x week. J. G. Andrew started on |helGeorge Anderson of Olarkston,.all of urawtord place in the Kamiac n~ll[h-[whom at one time werQ ze~JdM~t3 of borhood Thursday. Roy Smith be~an[paiouse close to town on Thursday. J. E. Turnbow will start Monday. T~R~SH~~ H0~])M~T][~G G. C. Ickes will begin next week. Herman Curtis also goes out next Will Discuss ~reahing Priee~ and week and McLeod will start Tuesday. " (~idelr WaglNk W. W. Davis will start next week and The threshermen of Palouse and Glenn Harlow will start Monday or Tuesday. Flansburg & Co. will begin vicinity will meet in the city hall in Monday. this city Saturday afternoon for the purpose of fixing the scale of pricq~ The East Cove Threshing company to be charged this year. The matter have ordered their water bags for of wages to be paid will also come b~ Saturday, so they will also start Men- fore this meeting. day. The threshermen are anticipat- ing a good run this season. Many are Guild Ladies Honor Mrs. ]kttia predicting an unusually good crop, but the appearance of the fields does The vicarage of the Holy Trinitd, not presage an unusual yield. While Episcopal church was the scene of a the yield will be better than it has very pleasant party Tuesday after- been for the last two or three years, noon. The party wan given in h0.nor . there is nothing to warrant such op- of Mrs. Frank Bettis, who is soon tO timistic predictions as some are in- leave for her new home in Moscow~ clined to make. The guests were entertained at five The appearance of the fields is hundred. Music was also a feature ot gee4 in comparison with the lean. th entertainment..Miss Jane Fagal years that have Just passed, but it is sang several solos, accompanied oq only ordinary in comparison with the piano by Ralph Greene. who al~ normal years, rendered a number of piano selsctio~ According to an article published Punch was served and the gll~mt o[ in a Spokane paper Walla Walla honor was presented with a hen&ram4# farmers have contracted wheat at $1 cut glass dish, a gift from the ladies per bushel. With prices somewhere of the guild. near the dollar mark the Palouse --- ~- farmer will be relieved of the pinch P~IOII~ ~a1211 ~l~n[[~ ~,ll~d$, i of hard times. W.W. Davis has traded~his lnter~ eat in ,the Meinig place for a far~ 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4. 4.4, 4* 4* near Great Falls, Montana. Th~ 4* 4, farm in Montana consists of grazin/~ 4* S~.~D US TH~ I~EWS. 4* and farm land and contains ~m~ 4* 4* thing over 480 acres, 2~0 aeru OJ' 4, We will' welcome any reports 4* which is in cultivation. ,~th pattie 4* of good yields of grain, a good 41, to the trade keep the ~r~nt crop 4* day's run by a thresherman, ex- 4. on the land they formerly owned. 4* changes of real estate or any in- 4* -- ~ 4* cident occurring in Palouse or 4. Cubs Defeated at Garfield. 4* vicinity that is worthy of bring~ 4* The Palouse Cubs played a team ~t 4* ins to the attention of the pub- 4* Garfield Sunday and the P~tlola$ 4, lic. The Republic is published 4* boys were defeated. The Oa~ol~ team was composed chiefly of men. Want Sewers for Mrs, Ada Oderiin, Red Cross, wants 40 women or each to take one can be made in em hour or that the/ayettee,~tn be seht kane as near AuguSt 1 as Po~lb~~