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The Palouse Republic
Palouse, Washington
July 29, 1921     The Palouse Republic
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July 29, 1921

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r 80~I OiIL b> lht' Merohulit's tl!gt! of l}orth./ild iitl~l S,.,atth~ as [ers 0[ cleall gruili will lie be>ie ~,~Y the change mu l',r,,,,,,>, () ll%rer grade~ will 1l{11 [are so POI1owilig is the new scll(!dul-: lor I Ill Piiiil, tlord Reel I~e(l \Villint', {]{}lltlll,Jll \\"hire, eOhib;60 tbs. Test t{) be No. 1. Pile, Turkey Red, {7]llb, While Early t}>arl, Bluestem and POld.) but less {hall rill ........ lc b~t less than 59 ........ 2c but less thal~ 5S ........ :;c bill less lhali 57 ........ 4c s. but less thall 56 ........ t;c btit less than 55 ........ '~e' bill less than 5-I ........ 1 lc hilt less lhell 53 ........ 14c and Red Hybrid. ) but less than 5S ........ It: but less than 57 ........ '?P '~! bnt less than 5!; ........ 4,:i & but less than 55 ........ 6c btlt less lhan 54 ........ s,,,.j would be brief. It seemed to be pretty welt understood by house members thai when tbe bill comes back from the senate it will noL be in the s.nle fIH'l}l [IS i}ilSS,~'{l SEHAIE PASSES MATERNITY BILL Washington, ]) C --Tile Shc, ppard bill. providing for eo-operath.m be- t\ve~:ll tile federal goverlllilCnt and .,~tul~,s in "protection of lnalernlty and infancy." was passed by Ihe .~enate altd seut to tile house. The vote on passage was 62 to 7 after sharp elnshes between advoc'~ies amt opponents. Th(, former declared the legislation was a great humani- t:H'ian step. denying that it contem- plated interference in the home; the httter :~ssevted that it was "socialistic, paternalistic and bolshevistie." Three republicans, Senators Borah of [datio. Moses of New Hampshh'e alld \V~lrFell of \Vv(/illill%', \',ere joiued !~y I'C~V dellll)cFal s, t{i,oH,;s:trd of I,OLliS- i:,ua. !.'iit!a of 17lab, Reed {}f Mi:ssouri alld \Valsoli of (leorgi:L In oPl}Osing lhr' bill's I)UXsage. "l'l]~ federal ctlihlreICs I}lll'(.q.iu would adminisler the eel. qhe bill earrh~s an inilhtl appropriation of $1.4g0.Otm whi(-h {he states woll}d be required to m:l {eli, HOUSE OF 460 PROPOSEO Census Committee Reapportions Mem- bership for States. \Vashinglon, I). C,-- Reapportion- ment legislation providing for a house of representatives of 460 members as compared witii the present member- ship of 435 was agreed ripen by the house census committee. ~Arashirigton v'ouht gain one menlber. Under ilie reapportionment legisla- tion lwo states. Maine and Missouri. wouhl {-ua'h lose ;l nlemher alid 16 Our Prices Are l~ig'tit on 3" Oils, ?" "" (ling wine cases, Bin Sacks, Feed, Coal, Flour ai d Poultry Feed TR Y Puritan Motor Oil ON YOUR CAR FOR SAL 22-tt. PoAdvance [nglne With a 32-;)6 Nichols & Sheppard ,steel , eparator This is a Real Bargain if taken at once, Potlatch Mercantile Co. ...................... 4 e i... ...................... 6{: ~' 1 (it: [ll~ty or dalnage{] wheat to he set- l~I' on saml)le basis. }iseo .... I tints tot wheat gra{hng un(Iot ' aCCount excess llloislllre, to b9 l~/for on a pert.enrage basis: ' .... per ceil{ doeS{age .2i111 ,~ ,,or .,.~ ~,~{:~a-,. !~ Or F) ...... 15 per cent doekage ~ollring charges for smutty wheat: IJer toll. sacked :tlid btllk, Up ~,} !t Cent sillut. le Per ton sacked or bulk, ?,l/g lo ,t' eem S/Ill t L ller t{}n, sacked alld bulk, '7 Y_> t,) ~)~l' ('enl smul. t ! "" m,"....__" 0F !%,~piPa07 and Use of PuNic !ll0ney For Private 0ain Are Alleged. IDrh~gfield, lll.--A bitter hattle tO! finish between the ju{lh'hll ~ill(i ~e~ltiv e brall(qles of the I]lhu)is i[ ~{)\ eY]}DIeB I se01iled illl I~liIle lit tt Pesult {}[ tile o1' \varr~t~lt~ the arl'esl or (JOVelnor I,{!ll Sl21~lli eharges involving the lliisttse oi" te iiiterest funds. rVe'rlll)r Small, iu li s{ateiiit!llt, d{'- ar~tl lie Wotlhi "irre.vocubly l'efil~e" 'tllbinit to al'res/, \~[aFP:lnts Wei'e iSSll(!tl for [IuveI'IIOF ~tll, iAeutenallt-Governor SterIhl>t Ill ~*ernoll ('urtis, (JIatlli l'ark I}ank,~P lel Son of the late Seliat{}r ('ur{[s, i'(-li- ~hig their indietnlelll O11 (barges o[ Ilhezzlelnent, eonsl} rat5 dud el}crat- e ('onfhien:ce gaine lhrou'4h the eged use of interesl ou state fullds ~' their persoual g; n ~he alleged illegal up(q'a lions titled ill the indit, tnlents centered 'BIlIld deposits of stale l'llnds with "Grant Park Bank," hehl hy the 'ilIld jilry to have been a fictitious ~titiltion since 19{}8, when it ceased function. 'Ph{~ "Crant Park Bank," established I~tny years ago by Ah)nzo Cm'tis, ~ther of Vernon Curtis and the late %ato ('urtis, although having ~{'lSed to function sevePa! venrs prior 8nhtlls term am treilsUl'{~I', was IlS(~{l ' the alleged conspirators as the ;e~ley through which to ni~tke loans ~tate fm}ds to Armour & Co., and rift & Co., Chicago paekers, accord- lg to the indictmeuts. Altheugll the" %kers' notes drew 7 and 8 per eent lterest, it is (barged that h,ss titan iper cent was turned into the state ih~aStiry during the Small and terling City Buys Movie Plant ('heha'.i~, \\'a~h.--Tl~e oily O[ Nap:l- Tile Will own its oW~ mov n' l}ieiure Ill "" {)~t Tbe s{ bool be ", " : ard has h;id ~iDlted en approval a colll~dole u,}l- t' ~iid a picture program has beeri ~riuged :or, states would gain memhers as follows: California, four: Michigan and Ohio, three each: New Jersey. New York. Penn.,~ylwmia and Texas. two each, and Arkansas, Con]leeticut, Ceorgia, Illinois. Massachusetts, New Mexico Illinois, Massaehus~Its> New Mexico, North Carolina. Okl:dwma and Wash- ington one each. PROFITABLE SIZE OF FLOCK Best to Keep Number Under 500 Un. Ili BPeedeP Is Man of Consid. arable Experienve. Until one has had eolisiderahle eX- perience it is be..,t fill{ (o bl'ood over 50) ,.hh'Rens in one tloek, arid a snlull. er ntmiber would probably do better say speeialists of the [!nited State9 Deplrtment uf AgricIIIIllre. E. M. IRWIN '4UCCESSOR TO A.derson & Co. U ndertaker Wall Paper and Glass, Pie- ture PraminR Telephone 65 PLYM OUTH In Preparation for Harvest Binder Twine becomes an ur- gent need to be provided for. Of course you want good twine that you can safely depend upon to take you through har- vesting without hitch or kink. Most farmers in this locality will use Plymouth Twine this season because it is strong and smooth-running, and has always given the best of saris- faction at the least cost. That is why we handle Plymouth Twine--- to give you the most for your money. Tell us your requirements and we will set the twine aside for you. i Court has fixed Friday the 1 y o:o,--.,,~,+_~,....,,.~,,~,.,,.~.,>.--,.r.i,.~.. ....... "O I-* -- ...... ' 9th da. ~" i /u* ,-~ugus~, .L~l, at the hour of 10 i ~o'clock a. nL, of said day, and the | W* [. 0UN(~AN !leourt room of the above entitled court at Colfax, %Vhitman county, ! |[ \Vashington, as the thne and place } BARB[R ! 'for iiearing said petition, when and i i where all persons interested in said : : estate may appear and show cause I Opening in new shop in ! why said ,eUtion should not be ^ i gran ted. i ~ i The property above referred to is ! 5. P. Miller's Pool Hall situated i~ the State or Washington i and is described as follows: i ~ r Lots One ,and Two of Bloek SIX i ........... I 'v%est of "B' Street and Lots Seven ! , PA[RO~MD[ 50LICI/tU ' -nd Eight in BIock'Six E~t of .... it ........... .),, Street of Breedlng',.Addltion to ;~e .............. City of Palouse, Whitman County, , \Vashington, togethel, with the WOMAN COOb: A 1 EXPERIENCE Household Goods situated therein; w:~nts job on cook w~zgon for large: and Lot Tell in Btoek Sixty-six of the Amended Map of Sehool Section Slx- crew through harvest Write Blanche teen, Township Twenty-five, North 19. White, Felix Oregon. ~I, LEGAL PUBLICATIONS ,l,~,+,~ NOTICE 01:' It~J~LNG PETIION TO AWARD PROPERTY TO SUR. VMNG SPOUSE. In the Superior Court of the State of Washington, In and for Whitman County. In the matter of the estate of J. M. Wetherbee, 8r., deceased. To tixe heirs of the above named de- cedent and all other persons inter- ested in said estate: You are iiereby notified that Ida M. A uglr, adminlstratrix with tho will annexed or said estate, and Catherine M. Wetherbee, surviving spouse of said decedent, have filed with the Clerk of this Court, a verified peti- Uon praying that the real and per- BenM l)rol)erty described in said peti- tion and inventory be set off and i Pwarded to the said Catherine M Wetherbee, surviving spouse, in lieu of hon:estoad and exenlptlon. Your are fu,'th0r notified that the o~ Range Forty-three, E. W. M., In the City of Spokane, Spokane Oounty, Washington Witnoss lny hand and the seal of said Court, this 8th day of July, 1921. (Seal) JOHN H, NEWMAN, 18-3 Clerk of Said Court, By CECIL C. PHELPS, Deputy County Clerk. J, [-, PAPIN[AU AUCIIONE[_R My past sales are my best ref- e!'eth'e. Farnl and Pedigreed Stoek Sales a specialty. Prices right and satisfaction guaran- t,', ! Ca]l Phohe Farmers 911xl or Main 45. R.F.D. 5, Moseow, Idaho. Also' breeder of Shorthorn Cattle and C. W. Hogs. Dates can be made at O. 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