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August 5, 1921     The Palouse Republic
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August 5, 1921

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- ,,,, i i i| n q /iT YOUR NEISHBORS AND FRIENDS ARE DOING! directors of the Idaho Gold & Ruby Palouse Handles Much Hay. i WANTED--Middle-age(~ lady to care Mining company. These gentlemen During the week ending Monday, for bedridden invalid; in a modern ~were in Palouse in the interest of August 1, the A. J. Webster company" home. Applicant ~nust be neat. If ap- Born to Mr. and Mr.~. E. L. M~ks. Canada. They report crops as verY!the urine. /took in 500 tons of timothy hay at'Plicant can fill the requirements must 3, a daughter, good hi the locality from which they ', Mrs. T. H. Holland, who has beenl Potlatch. They are now loading out agree to stay at least two months. ~Irs. F. H. Bettis is visiting fricn&~ crone, visiting her daughter, Mrs. Arch l wheat at Kennedy Pord in the bulk.; Mrs. Bert Crooks, Palouse, Wash. Rarfield for the week. A. Bitzer, who is employed in the Boone, for the past three weeks, h~s!This firm operates a chain of ware- Phone ~8F3. 21-2 i,I. I [',ASE MACHINf:.R~ .. "fr~,,,l~, Mr. and Mrs. J. i;. Dudley dr,~ve City Market, is ezrjoying a visit from returned to her home in Spokane. i lmuses at Wellesley, Princteon, tIar- VOR SALE--One Columbia CoalI S1,rner. ag,.~n~s fro' J I Cas~ Me.. cI)JJ|@rv vompatly, 'Prse{ors. road Ill;t- r ~iZl)ah Mine Monday. hi~ wife, who resides 3t Spokaile. i F~rank Heitznlall has resigned as ! yard, Potlatch Kennedy F'ord and Pa- Range in A 1 condition, hot water, chiller.v, threshlog maehhles, plowtl |B0ra to Mr. and Mrs. Re3 Arm- Atlas l)oris Craw|'ord spent last ~ bookkeeper at the Farmers Union ! louse, grate and reservoir. W. W. P.Co. 194' and belttng.~Address Potlatch, Idaho (~rl~g, July 2], a fine girl. week in Harw~rd, the guest of the l eompany and accepted a similar poM-i ....................................... i ............................................ ~J|J' P. West has accepted :t position Misses Ulah and Zirma Cochran. I ties with the A. J. Webster company.! 4* 4* 4* '~ 4* 4. 4, 4" 4* 4* 4- ~ 4. 4- 4* 41, NOR SALE----Will sell our home on : LOGAN BERRIES ARE ,NOW ON l ith the Farmers Union company. Dr. and Mrs. Smith, Mrs. D. Har;~h-' ,I, AMONG THE CHURCHES v Cannon street; 6 large rooms, open i the market. Orders should ~'2~ b'M. Dudley of the J. B. 1) dlev'man and the McPherson family me- ofMrS'last L.weektI. Seymour for a trip left to Thursday Spokane, 4-4,,11,4-4-4-4,4-4.4,4"4"4"4-,(I, 41, stairway, good cellar, stone founda-!in early to insure delivery, be Leave sent th:mtion under house; barn, good'orders at the Stevens house on South ~Pany has purcl~ased a new Buiei~: ~orcd to Strychnine creek Snnday. ~ I~.lle.qsburg, Vakima and Seattle. She Methodist Episcopal Church. stied for garage or fuel; water piped hill or telephone 147J. Gee- Rob- r adster. I)r~. Wolfe and Ilein at~emled th~,lexpeet:~ to be gone about three weekm stnday school at 10 a. m. Morning into house and outside hydrant. Will ertson. [.~ti,~s Jennie Green of Farmington WhitnPtn County Medical association Mr. and Mrs. arry Lynd and faro- ~(,r:~hil) .qt II. Theme of sermon: 20-tf. .... eoflsider automobile as hart nnvm,mt t .................................... K rar~d~ . "'[~eaka.~e of t'-wer " - ...... - ~ ........ , FOR REN*~--Two light housekeeping [PVlslt[ng at the home of Rev. W. M. meeting at Colfax Monday evening, fly and Mrs. L. B. Page and famil) ..... I .urs. ~. l~. t, yon 19-tf at ~. Theodore Miller c,me home frm:: aud Ed Collick motored to E|berton Inion young people's :~ervices at 7 .................. ' I rooms, suitable for students or [ leo Warner has returned home ('hens. Tue,-;da: night, lie has been Sunday :rod spent the day with Preaching at .% Rev. H. C. Shropshire! PRESSMAKING~dressmaking done i teachers. I will rent them for the ,ra attending the summer school there, of the Christian church will deliver[ by Mrs. Gee. M. Care)-, corner J j winter. Mrs. ellis Howell, Palouse, ,~p,~k;me. where he h.~s been friends. 'and Maxwell streets. ~rking. Miss Genevieve Dartt is taking the I F'. Walker of Canada has been era- the address. 36 Wash. At Pill's Care. 21-tf I "~|L. L. Young of t'riuceton was iI~e .... ,,: m,,de ~:hant b) the re.~gnatmn~ployed by the White-Dulaney com- "J'~'[uest of Dr. and Mz'~. D. l;. Harrison ington Water Power compan~*'s office. I party. He has moved his family to Baptist Church. _ I~ SUnday (2[ Ru "" Miss Dussev Copeland and Mr~.]Palouse and will take up permanent "Who Is the Devil?" will be th'e :[|'~ | by itolmes is home lrom Pull-] Duffey Cozier from Ames Iowa are[ residence here. subject for tl,e morning sermon. ~ an I Some of the most vexing problems ]~(,~ [~' , where she ha~ been ;~ttendin~t visiting with their cousin, Mru. \V. ;," ~' Miss Esther Feeters of Indiana concerning the existence of the evil [ ~h~ries Smith left Monday for Gen- I Mis~ Eetl~el C. Qderlin drove to Dartt home. Miss Feeters has been a Biblc eoncerntl~g the devil. [!0~, Where he will ~eaeh and do club Pullman Monday, where she will re- student at the University of Idaho the Stlnday school at 10 a. m. Union Mrs 2 ' " " ' snme her work at lhe If'ira! Nqtional past year. A man owed his neighbor $12.67. A few days ago | k. G. Wallace and sob el Sea~- bank of !hat etty. young people's meeting at 7 p. m. '~t ~0rk next year .... Rev. C. W. Burieson will return l tt:e M. E. church, followed by the he went over to Pay the debt with a $20.000 bill, SPent the week-end in Palouse vi,~- ,i Miss Elsie 9,milh lm,~ resigned her from his ranch in northern Idaho lhe union meeting at 8 p. m.. at the M.E. expecting $7,33 ill change, r ing With friends, position in the office of the Washing- last of the week and the usual ser- church. We expect that Rev. Shrop- [ ~r. and .Mrs. W. T. Peek and Mr. ~*:n Water Power company and will fl~ Airs. W. E. Duncan were Colfax ~ro to \V::lla Walls. vices will be held at the ttoly Trinity ;shire, new pastor of the Christian But his neighbor did not have the shanks. He '" E!)iseopal church on Sunday. church, will preach the sermon, borrowed from the other members of the family Mrs. M. 1~. Smith, who has been: " M Mr.~. J. M. Grinols of Tekoa has'Shuhl he be delayed in his coming (taking some from baby's bank) before the correct at~ 0~' ltors Wednesday. i ltving with her grandson, Rev. W. "at[reeved into the Ankcorn building 'the pastor of tbe Baptist church will dlange could be given. ,,*,,,4--._| ,%IisSherMrt~:u.~a,~c s n, Missf G ,1 fieldElsle ,iSmita.ited (h, rfieldMartln' WaSlast taken to the bospital ;:'~: Friday. ' ]which was Occnpied by Mrs" Ames' lake hisplace'in whichcasethesub- I"e,h t millinery store. She expects to con- Ject of the sernmn will be the first in- W]lell his neighbor went to town again.he got ~.~)S, ' first of the week. Mrs. L. G. Whitbeck, who has hecnI duct an exclusive milliner)" establish- stalhnent on "Who Is Man?" some change and returned to each one the sum bor- ,~(,~ | Rice Grimes returned from his w- viMting with tmr sister. Mrs. D.B. Prayer meeting at 8 p. m. Thur~- rowed. It was a load of trouble for one transaction. ..... allen Monday and wen! to work in Harrison, returned to her home intruest" .... " day All are cordially Invited iill~.Palouse pharmacy, i I,. B. Page and Ed Colllck drove ....... But suppose that man had been using the check. Nhe water svotem of Palouse will be |*~'oll a thornugh overhauling as soon i~the weather permits. it: ~Ira. Mary Collard nnd children mo- t~red from Spokane on Saturday and ~e~t the week-end in PMouse. | Mrs. Antis Pierce of Cottonwood. |Jdaho is visiting her nieces, Mr< W.iuon will go on to Boston to visit. ~nllth and Mr~ f }1 Bro~n ~ lb ~ ~ h o[ ~ o .'- '. . ' ~ X -e'! La b ' Sp kane, brother of ~lr. and Mrs. J. O. McClung are Mrs Charles Mecklem, together with! visiting with Mrs. McClung's parent~, ! O. E. Bender of Spokane, spent Tues- i~r. and Mrs. Corwin. Mr. and Mr:< :~l::y evening at the Mecklem home. CQlung have just returned from iMr. Babb ts a member of the board of . \VMI:~ Walls Saturday. ,1. K. Burle,~on. l). D., recently or i Rochester, N. Y., arrived in town to- day for a short visit with the family of his brother, Rev. C. W. Burleson. Mr. and Mrs. Phlllip Albohn, wit~t !heir son. left Tuesday for Cincin- nati, Ohio, where tbey will visit. Th-. "O Bet re You ]nves Investigate" The Harvest Season in tl~e Palouse CountzT is consid- ered by the promoter or stock salesman to be his harvest season. He shows up every year and has already made his appearance in anticipation of good business to follow our splendid harvest. Experiez~ce has shown that the investor in most cases never receives one cent in return [o~ the many dollars invested. No honest salesman will object to your giving the fullest investigation to his proposition, We will gladly cooperate in helping you to get the most complete infer. mation about the investment you are considering. It will cost you nothing and may save you from serious loss. Farmers National Bank PALO[I~'SE, WASHINGTON ii i i i ii Sacks and Binder Twine Now that the crop is in it is time to begin to figure onl the harvest and think of SACKS and BINDINg! TWINE. We have a car of Twine on the road and will have two or three oars of Grain Bags here in time for Threshing. Also Sack Twine, Timothy Hay, Rolled and Whole Oats, Baby Chick Food, Milk Mash, Egg Mash, Cracked Cor~ and Mill Feed alw~y~ on hand, TIMOTHY HAY FROM $22 PER TON TO $26 PER TON. P~ces Are Right. See Us Before Buying k_ if ii i n i J A. J. Webster Company (}rain, Feed, Flour. FALOUSE POTLATCH ] I III I ~ I II _ . i ] 1| iii i SPIRELLA CORSETS-Mrs. J. M. Rls- |ey, Sptrella eorseteer. Phone 126J ROOMS--I. have several good rooms to rent during the summers. Mrs. Ads Oderlin, ~rh|tman street. down from Kellogg Saturday to the, Holy Trinity Church. inK system. He could have then paid his neighbor Harvey Lynd home. They returned Holy communion at 8. Sunday quickly, with the EXACT C]Z&WGE; a busineu-like Tuesday, accompanied by Mrs. Pageschoo1 at 10. Holy communion and transaction. and children, who have been visiting:sermon at 11. Evening prayer and for the past month with Mrs Page's ,service at S. ~very one admires the man who is carefal and sL~ter, Mrs. Lynd~ The preacher will be Re'v. J.K. business-like. The checking system deserves its i Burleson, D. D., rector of Vermillion, popularity. It is safest and best. Loyal Women to Hold Sale. s.D., late of St. Paul's, Rochester, The, Women of the Chrlst|au]~ew York. Security State church will hold a cooked food saleI at Batten's grocery on Saturday. Au-~ Catholic Church. grist 13 . Mass will be said on Sunday, Au- Bank gust 14, at 9 o'clock. There will he no services tn July. Early Resident Visits Palouse. CARL PHILIPP, Pastor DA[#~t t retry WASHINGTON H. A. Murray of Nowata, Oklahe .............................................. l-/'%l-~k.~%.)~D~_,, pro. was in this city Wednesday. He ~ ~ came down from Garfield, where he is J.[ PAPIN[AU visiting his mother, Mrs. Lydia Mur- , ray, trod his sister, Mrs. Edith Dyer. [He stated that he helped to move Pa- AUCIIONEtR [louse down to its present location. My past sales are my best ref- [He landed here in 1882 and i~ famil- -,.,,,~ Parm and Pedigreed liar with much of the early history of ~ock ~ale,~ a specialty. Prices [this vicinity, righi and satisfaction guaran- ~ ,.~', ('~,, ?hone Farmers t umt !~ltxl ,~r M:~in 45. R.F.D. 5, Ellis to Be Deputy for Month. Mosco~v. ~ah,,. Also breeder u County Superintendent-elect H.A. of Shm'thorn C~,ttle and C. W. is tobeeomedeputy county su- Hogs. Dates canbemadeatG. Restful Cow s perintendent next Monday for one D, Kincaid's office. 24-52c month to help out Superintendent ; ..... ,, Shinkle. Mrs. Shinklo has been act- ' ' o ing as deputy for the past month Give More Milk since Mr. Ridenour resigned to at- MADAME MA|ER ;tend summer school and while Mr. Hyde Bldg, Spokane, Wash. ~E]lis was taking summer school work at the State college.--Gazette. Accordian-Knife-Side-Box Pleating Hemestitching, Braiding, Buttons,, and Feather USe Dr. Hess Fly Chaser HARDING HONORS P,O,,, PILGRIM FATHERS Makes a Great Diffirence FOR COWS AND HORSES Executive Makes Address a' GLASSIFIED,.AOVERTISII(6, , IF THE PARTY who took the tenni~ , , , ~ ".ercemenaryCelebration racket, wlth the letters L. J. D. on a! Plymouth, the handle, from the high school at GUARANTEED the close of school will leave It at the Republic office he will be saved fur- Plymouth, Mass.--A hope that th,, " thor trouble. 21-1-p ' ' ' disarmament conference called by the ........................................... United States maybr,ngto the worhl INTENSIVE selling and intensive Palouse_.. a new" era of peace and freedom ~:ts advertising brings results. Our expressed by Harding :n Straight Grade Flout" is going fast; The Rexall Store his address here at the ter-centeuary $1.50 per sack, $5.80 per barrel, at of the landing of the'Pilgrims, mill; $6.00 per barrel at railroad sta. Characterizing the International sit- ~tion. Palouse Milltng Co. 2-tf . nation as "more than promising," the I HAVE 240 acres of logged off and president asserted that "the seed of burnt off land that I want cloared,] common tolerance and understanding Will give one acre of land for every l planted by the fathers here was be- acre cleared; will furnish a stump~ ginning to bear fruit a th0usand-fohl puller. G. D. Kincaid, Palouse, 20-tf in the relatlons between natio~zs." FOR SAhE--Fresh Guernsey cows In the course of his speech, Mr. and S. C. White Leghorn hens. VV O K '~ " TOO'cOC1 Hardlr~g praised particularly the part John Anderson, R. I~. D. 3, Box 76, religlous freedom and other New Eng- Palouse, Wash. Phone 3F5. 21-3-p land traditions had played in develop- _ i ment of the nation, tie also took pc- I W'~TED---To rent by an experienced o ,oo ,o o moo .rmo Brand John Elb's Extra dency to concentrate governmental dress Route 3, Box 54, Moscow, authority tn Washington and to re- Idaho. 21-2 affirm his faith in religion as an es- ~,VANTED--Posltlon cooking. Mrs. M 1" "acaron- sential element of good government. Ed Maus, care Wtlllam Gaines The president landed at 10:55 Mon- Plaza, Wash. 21-2 day from the Mayflower within a few WANTED---Second hand feed sacks. yards from the spot where 300 years Farmers Uunion Co. 20-2 ago the Pilgrim Fathers landed. ~'tth martial a~rs and formal salutes JITNEY for hire. J. C. Davis. Tele- the president and Mrs. Harding wend- phone 163-R. 20-tf ed their way past the historic spots of J~;ST - ARRi~rED---Good Flooring, the town at the head of a procession $10.00 per M.; Rustic and Shiplap, honoring the Pilgrim l~athers. The president lead a procession $12,00 per M.; 12pinch Boards and ~~ other items at ~pecial prices; stand- which depicted .the earIy life in Ply- mouth. Lineal descendants of the ard Shingles, 40c per bundle. Bet- WELLS BYRON earl), settlers partlclpated in the latch Lumber Company. 20-tf parade, including MiSs Priscilla Alden ~(AS;PE no tears upon lost )'ears, but ~ae,t of Br,dgewater, a descendant of John turn a leafand sm.e econo- rnone "to. Alden; Prtneess Voonekansuke, a mize and get back to pre-war basis descendant of Massasoit and Kenelem and use local wheat flour at $1.50 per 1 Wlnslow of M'~dleboro, a descendant sack, $5.80 per barrel at mill. Pa- n! Governor W;nslow. , louse MJlllag CO. 21-tf L