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The Palouse Republic
Palouse, Washington
August 5, 1921     The Palouse Republic
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August 5, 1921

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[i[ :s /he Palouse Republic PAI,OI:SE REPUBLIC COMPANY Publisher~~ (L F. BROWN ..... Edl .or. qoter6J at toe pos~orhce at |'a,pus. ~'al.lhinlFl~ln. as s~*.onu-class matTeY SUBSCRIPTIONS : ~)ne year ................. $~.00 |4ix months ................ $1.00 Teleph>ne Main 87 I~R1DAY. AVGVST 5. 1.~,21 WISHBONE AND BACKBONE. The ]Pa+louse biil'vestillg crew IllaY/ rightly be e, onsidered a 3anipi~: (Q~ ] 1 Americ'ln democracy, for no more 1 motley array of characters call b,'| follnd anywhere than ie a thrPsbill.-&t ..!lew in the Palouse collntrv. 'i'11} I 10utcher, the baker and eand!e~tick. maker drops the workiog tool:~ of his profession at this seam~rt of the year and hie~ himself to the harvest ttald. Ill the typical harvest crew .you lind the down and outer, you fiud the high school and college studen'. buoyant with the hope of the future: then there is the man wisp is Satur- day's child. He was born to work for a living, he has settled into a rut aod ; tax-free securities were issu~ iui 1920. If these securities are held by the wealthy whose federal income tax is at thc rate of ~2 per cent, the t:otal loss on this item i,'~ over ~:35,(!0f),000 'On it conservative basis the govern- ment alone is now Io~ing annually from $175,0i~0.0!}0 to ..~200,000,000 on tax-exempt bonds aheady ig~lled." COIKMONSENSE WILL PREVAIL. The United States National bank ot Porthmd hits this, conlnlonsellS~ !view in its business digest jus| is- SHell: "VCe aF(~ IIOV, l)ayill~ ]).rtlspcY- ity!s debts. II was hum:in nature ~,) run ttp bills during ~o(,(J times, and we did it. We are .noxx paying UHF Pr,.sidantk, l-larding is spending th,, pr.'sont ~+'!,'!< r-~ing }it Ill~" t, Vllit~ iltOlllltaJlts q)r NOW iiallZipsllll''. ~/~IHt[OF Norris. r,~public~Ln, N~l)rirs ka, ++uH"cq'(?d a partial c(,llap~, ill lh+ +~:ll~t+- at tbP closP of 1131 iltl(|r+.~g.'~ (1)' aeal'ly thl~t! hoofs on Ill!" l'itJ'nl ('rcdi's bill. The sctia,~e ha,.s adopted tt fr.soluti,+n by ."Itmator Mc(ormiell, rwptlJ)liean, ll- litmis, providi/~ for ao iavt~stigatiou ?1[ ~,tll~3rl~'an ot:("apdtiOll alld adr0inh. [la{iGn of }laiti and Sanlo Domingo A billion dollars a yoar is to,~, i + t}l~, nq*,tal !rad,',s in(lltSll) owi~lg t , }(11~ nl+ql a/Ill lllltellinPry, l/~:i?(,?(tilI~ ~i; hills tinder prassure. \VO borrowed ~t FOpOt'i, ,11' 111~' l(oovor (!()}lilll~'~ ~,'~ ill! 50-cent d,dlars, so t+) ,:pe:tl,. now w,~; .limbtatim~ nf x~as+~, it)+ iridtts+;';, ,~f rh: are payin gt|le~n with :43-cetlI dol|ar~. ! .~ DIoFii'H I1 l(l;~i[i~'+" Fi IlK C()IlIH~]I. lind iIS price:~ COlltillile to Ct):.ID3 d!l~,VIt N/l's. t'}:~ t ~,l'oUOll l~azl,,l ~. ltlti ), ,tt:: '. it will l!e IIOcCSqIir)~ If) t'('!Jlt) ,J(ldl. ~l:(' alis! lt~+'li}l'oF ~Fl!tll N{~'A YOI~i. ',\:" iOllfll (I(1}J:~l'~; ~,l){0illod ili It(u~ili I it!9: I}i'lltd ~,\i+ll });~stl') ;iltiJ O+ i+0~!} (!;'[ !! with dollars tit:q! ~ill be |wic+~ :1~ 3II+;'IIS ~l" i{I!,)]l,.. IOWil, ~\Itl'It :~l}+ ('|'i } hard to e~lrn. Of COltt~e it is htil't+, :}Z+'4] ~II+ l)t'+~i:n| ~f]!'!II f)l ~f~IV++!'~!il/ {t alld tile worst is not over Thollgh it+ ih,. !:ni~;'d ~al,.~ prices have fallen gre~itl), there is l'.li+'~,,i 1,/ i,' dl~.,, i,, his cr':ti,+i:u+ still further defl~+tion to be accoln- of |.h))d (l+'('w~:,'. l.o!'d No:'lh('iiffm lli+' plishe(I. We are pyaing the I)e.nal+~ I/It)SI "~\ it/ '1~ -ti I11)~~, I1 tlt V+ y!lli~t'~i ; l;l,i}- for violating econonlic laws, and i~ll /isb+'+" ~;' tb+" itri, igh Is},s. i, ~ Vv':~b are guilty fronl the federal govern- iti~lt,ll afler a lx\od2) \iSil. ~;i!ho~ lllenl dowB. Extravagance, perhaps t~aving, r,e,'iwd from ~l)+, Iiritish tin justifiable under the llccessity of will- bass) ,)ffi('itlls any ot tlit}3+' illJ':liiitliF. ning the war. was the order of tile su ~II?. ;ic,.+~+d~-d I)) l'+lrt.ign tl~lllt~riia!s has no hope beyttlld securing tile bare day. For several years, figuratively !il iltsti!xi:uishcd f,,lh)w eOIlllllytllt'il speaking, we were I)orrowiug necessities of life. ']'he adventure,' - .................... rich. Now we .Hlff,~r becau:++ iOregoe Bonus Open to Non-Resident. also is here who momentarily h a..;~ :e~Ven:,,st l)aY back. i ?'~}t+,~lll, ~)~- All t+X-::+:)'\iC+' lllltll, ~VI)O been put dotvn [or the final count, "'But Oil! people arc h)okhlg faei.s '~vi~S a resi(t,mt ui ~)r+'7 ix :M. tile thn+, but who i~ lackling life again with in the face. The cot ntty is not broke' a still upper lip, He wilt recuperat+i ., his fortune eoou+h ,o eoable b,m ,., l.jh+,'s n, erelYw+rk ben,hones,+ onlmOnw.r thriftsn e get a new hold on life. i and econonlv will pull flu pill of the You lind them all here, the young, !hole. It is time to lake ~t'f oar coaL~, the old, the halt. the lame; somei go -to work. take our medicine, no whose vision of life is rosy, othera~matter how bitter, suffer our losses who have 'tasted the bitter dregs o[iand benefit from our cxperienco. misfortune and disapPotntlnent all+l i ~_ _ ,..... , .... h -- i lll~-I'(, have i)een tltat~S befo.e w.en t nave sunk to the depth of de.sponden. ~ ......... i nnanela/ eotlflltlons seenle(l ajIllOS~ ev And no better study of hum'ml c s, s~ i 1 '" " " ' * hopeless, hilt ~llwavs OIllnIOnCLt ' [" [ k < i nature is offered anywhere tilan tb('i prevailed, and thus it will be again " assemblage of men and boys who goi out to garner in the year's harvest President fiarding's S~lggestion f,)r: _ ,,, ,, Some will go ()tit ready to turn the:+ ~ worhl conference on dlsarmamentl world over, but about the third daY iis a constructive idea which ;tl)p~r- ~VE YOU SE~.~ You see hilo again on the street. H~ ~'ellth has met with approwH all over hasn't the san(I to st.+nd up to the,~.the lOM DICk i world, and bi(I,~ fair, it" success- battle of life. Another will go on,i fully held, to do more to make for 9 and work all week and on Saturdavix~or'ld peace than an) other move of+ ~ight draw his wages and appeari receni years. Incidentally. it puts the ,g;Lin on the jobMnday ntrnit:4+ja;,a,+s++ qt, estlon on a ne'mf,,otin~, and H~RRY broke. This fellow has sand, but i,~Pand apparently it places that country n~e the butterfly whom the ant ad-~in a hole Either lapan must join moni~hed to lay b~ t store of food for a n on a }r(I ." +" i . " il~ the movemenl ' nd aha d ' I - wiater. ~gram of n|ilitary preparations or el:~e Then there is the old down an,llthat country will be outside the fence outer, sour. always grUulb]ing. He ig+ disliked wherever he goes, he will stand up 1o the Job. bu! he is a misfit, t He will never be sueeessful I Then, again, there is the cheeful fellow, cool headed reliable he wiil I have all hi~ wages coming when the job is done. You can safely bet that if be i~ old enough that he has a little home somewhere. If he is a boy he .will be a successful man. Ite has ~, wtshbo~ne and a backbone, he has .l~ vision and the sand to pursue hi.,!i dreams. Soute have ~ . wishbone and I ! have no backbone; others have back~ I bone but n~ w~shbone Th~ firsi .~ee~ i visions, but lack the spirit and plucit and not a part)- to worhl Program, which position, owing to pressure at home, Japan is hardly in a position to 1;ike, KEEP TEACHERS' SALARIES UP. : According to reports coming from County Superintendent Shinkle's of- flee there are more teachers in Whir+ man county than are needed. This is no dollbt gratifying to school boards who have+ found it diffieu|t to secnre suita,ble teachers for their schools for the past few years. This abundance of teachers should not be taken ado wmtage of by school officers and used as a means to lower wages. It should ~o saerlfice and save until they haveIbc taken advantage of in this way: accomplished their goal. The other tit should be the means of securing ha~ dogg~(l determination, but he has] more highly trained teachers for their no vision or no goal. He works hard]schools, thereby encouraging young and spends his money for :the sordidt people to fit themselves for teaching. thing~ of life. iIn the past college trained men and Most of us lack either a wishbone! women have been obliged tu compete or a baekboner Some of us have curl with teachers who have never even wishbone where our backbone ought~ finished a high school course, conse- to be Pew have both. It is a pretty !quently w~ did not find the ablest afe bet that the fellows who threshesi men and women In the teaching all ~eason and comes out at the end of~ ranks, which resulted in a lowering the season with every dollar that he[ of the pretlge of the teaching profes- has earned has both wishbone and[ sion. backbone, and has thenl inseMled inf Keet~ the ,~alaries nil. This will en-