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August 19, 1921     The Palouse Republic
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August 19, 1921

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..................... !] .......................... ING IME EXEMPTION INCREASE IS VOTED Tax-Free Amount is Set at $2500 and $400 For Each . Dependent. THE MOTION PICTURE REALM! ,o ................................................... i Will Have a Display at the Inter- Famous Western TaLe Filmed. ~ state Fair at Spokane. "Pro, tie I.'lowers," a most sucres-: Whitman county will compete ful novel hy James B. Hendryx, ha~ against, fiv~ counties in Washington been made inhl a. motion picture by and Idaho aL the Spokane Interstate William Fox, bearing the title, "Pra- fair, September 5 to 10, for $1075 in cash prizes for county exhibits of as- rio trails," and will be presented at ~ricultural products. the "Bell theatre. Tom Mix, the cele- C.A. Lodge, county agent, Coifax. brated cowboy star, plays the prin- has filed an entry for \Vhitmau Washington. D. ('.~-Practically wind- log uD re~i.~ioJl of the leV? sections of i cipal role. county and has promised Spokane the 1918 tax law. house ways and A few month~ ago. il will be re. ~tolks that the Cotlnty will be in line with a worth-while display. Mr. meafls committe~ ropt~bii('ans voted t.o i membcred, Mix scored a great sue;. _ . jJ,ooge ks now engaged in gatherin~ increase from $201~9 to $2500 the ex- tess with "The Texan," a thriiingltogether the best samples available ' ....... " an annual net income of $5000 or les~. picture felling thc adventures of1 of grains, grasses, vegetables an:] This chan~e wouhl be retroactive todn~hing "rex Benton. "The 'Pexan' iother prodncts of the county. i Whitman county visitors to the In- January 1, ]921, and would be in addi- w~,~; Ihiled ~rom a w~'ry pol)alar Hen-i $terstate fair will find the VTtlitman tion to the increase of, $209 in tits ex- ' (lryx novcA, and -PratEs Trails" is a county display, which will be in erupt!on for each dependent of a head, sequel to it, giving more adventure~ichargc of Mr, hedge, in the agricul- of a family previously decided upon. of Benton, and in particular his Iovetural building, where a large scetion Announcihg completion of tlleir iromance, has been allotte, d to this (panty work, members.of the (.ommilleo said ~ In every picture '[hmt Mix make~ '~\r~shinglon will have tllree coun- they.: believed the bil.I as agreed upon~he iz~tr( .~umc original Sttlnl is ties- -WMtman. Stevens and Pen,I wofild produce the $3.00iL000,009 total 'ridinw' roping or ju:)l slraight acre- Oriellc--while hiaho will bc repre- which Secretary Mellon estimated al ! batics. "Prarie trlli]s is said to be .,~ented by the counties of Benewah. the White ttouse conference it would crammed with such thrills, Those Boundary anti Kootcnal. be necessary to raise froIll i11U~rl~.a[ who have read the book and have In addilion to the c(mntv exhibit, revenue next year. Not all of this ~ been enthralled by Benton's tiair- Vt;hitman county will he repre~ente,l sum would be collected on this year's i raising exploits will realize the ter- by many individual displays ,ff agr!- busi.ness, however, as tl~e total includ-irific punch they will carry when qc- cultnre and livestock. ed $300,000,000 wllich treasury officials ; tual v presented .on lhe screen. . ........................... elltlmate can be collected on back taxi~s. /fr0 WATER TO CHRISTEN SHIP. The bill as lmaliy drafte4 hy the Fox Star in "'Would You Forgive?" . ~ -" - .... n ' miss ~ummers says She Needs Water committee under present plans of re- The c(lt~allty or than an(t woma ,] "~ , ~Commercial Clubs Don't Respond ] publican leaders wED be passed on gencr'dly conceded in these advancedi Saturday. Vrom tP, e house i~ will go d~.'ys, invoh-c,~ two vital contenilona, i Miss ,tea.n Smamers, daughter "(i ( 1 el)resentatlw S/llnnlers I1 1,,4 I~ I tothe senate, wh~re the ['ina~.e com- One is that a |nan should bc expect ~d "' " ' ~ ., c, ~.' m: t s sele( ted to ( [lrlst~ii I tie Bew s(Ip( r ' mittee will consider il durtng 0w pro- to come to Ills life partner a.. unsul-i''~ ; : ." ~ . : ~ -, posed congressional recess, witt~ a lied as she comes to him, The other' dreadnaught WaMdllgton, a]ld accor"-~ view to reporting it to the senate whezi is that a I)ri(les right to a "past" ~ingly issued a call to commercial[ congress reconvenes, probably late ilk equals that of a hrldegrooln. ;clnbs of the stale for a v(~ntribtll.ion September. This is only one phase of the ma*- Of w'aters from all [he rivers n the .. rimonial question which Is the theme state, 1o be used at the. christening. I through "Would You For-but only one commercl~d club has REIMBUI SEMENT RATE ,,.o,o rao, a ,,,,,..,o' turing Vfvian Rich and to be .qhowu one at Oroville, It. seems as though FOR 0{]CUPATION SET at the t,ell thentre Sunday and Men-a little water from the Pahmse rLve,.: day, August 2] and 22. Miss Rich, 'would not be amiss, Miss bhnmnersi ...... who has just been created a star by thinks ihat Okal)ogan will receive! .Paris.--The American and British William Fox, is supported by It high all the honors unless conunerctal armies of oc(.ul)atiolt, according to a callbered east, ll~chlding Tom Chat- clubs take some actiolL The ship ia recommendation by the allied fiuancial terton, Ben Deely and IAllie Leslie, to be christened September 1. committee, Mmuid be paid by Germany The story is from the pen of ,hlltu,~ ........................ at the rate of tile upkeep of French G. Fur thrash, and the pieiure was dE- Turnbow Gets Good Yield. sold-lets, on lhe Rhine, plus two gold rectel by Scott Dunlap. George Turnhow and son recently marks daily a man. Mrs. Rich's success is confidently threshed 361/~ acres of Red Russial| It is proposed that this new rate or predicted, as she has already won wheat that yielded an average of 49 reimbursement date from May I. Re- high favor among motion picture bushels to the acre. One ] ';-~'~eru imbursement as decided on by the 'theatregoers. field which was drilled in the stub- committee as fixed policy cad the, ble. with I~'ortyfoh[, yielded 18 bush- league of nations is proposed as the [ els to the acre. proper authority to appoint arhitra-. "The Smart Sex" Coming. I Ro~e Darrow was h)ved by a rleh~ tors in future disputes of a fluent!Eel~ " " . . . " --. / Has Infantile Paralysis ~l'td His parents (lete~ted her Tnev j nature. American arl)itration is reeom-i ' " " . . _ , '~ Guy Crum Jr. the infant son of :had learneq sne was a chorus girl. ' ' mendecl to seHle wheth~or Oermany's~ . . . ]Mr. and Mrs. Guy Crum, Sr. was They tried to convince him she was ...... " . ' . I reimbursement of Bel~imn's debts to " - ..... f "!taKen suoaemy ul Monday and h~s iworthless, ~ ntaoxqike. [Jllt. ne iove(l the United States, Great Brilain ~,nd .... ' ....... }parents. fearing some a~siduous mal- n(~r lllev gave ~i IHir [, Y 1Or fief. [,'rance slmuld be at the war or vur-!surelv ~he would show her true col-'ady had attacked him, took him to rent rate of exchange. : " lors then, They had told their friends Spokane to consult a specialist. The physician diagnosed the case as In- HIGHTOWER IS ACCUSED ~he was c,,nuuon, unfit for their son.1 I Tl-.ev had picked his bride for him, aI fantile paralysis, but assured the parents that the critical stage of the ~a*m of Bakes In Findin~ Body Cau~ea i girl of his own r~et But the youthi disease had passed. The little boy FRIDAY AND SATURDAY, Suspicion; I loved Rose. I ~has lost the use of one foot, but it is The party was ,m. Some diamondsI ..... San Franeisco.--A (.omplai~t charg- v,'ere missing. Suspicion was thrownI hoped that as his condition improves AUGUST'i9~20, " llag William A. liightower, itit~erani 'baker, with the murder ot' Roy Patrick (in Rose. Here was an additional bur-; he will recover the use of his limb, E. Heslin, (1olma priest, was sw,,r,, m'~'cn" F'irstshewasdiMiked' nw thevl William C qx" thought her dishonest. What couhli Miss Lynd Attends Funeral. before Justice of th~ Pea,e J,)bus(m f~ . ar t at I)aly ('ltv, San Mateo ~,om~tv. hy she do ev'en ~f the son loved her de "i Miss Milly Lynd returned last week ]F*~'$'Ylt~' 'ly? The more you know the more youi from Freewater. Oregon, where she he held until he could give satisfa~.- the comedy drama called "The Smart or her uncle, Sam Lyud, who was Sex." See It Wednesday and Thurs- found dead near his home on July 30. tory explanation of the m~s~, with Hie death was due to heart failure. which he foand tl~e body and .~ut)-'flay August 24 and25. Eva Novak~ ing information of the grave. ! As Will Davis and party were re- key. Mr. tlesliu lu~d been mis~ing l~lll'l~s Visit Paxenta. i turning from Spokane Sunday they t$ince the evening of August 2. wh~m The Misses None and Beuiahi turned pot tO pass a car that was t/'~"~l~ he left the parochial residence in cnm- Boone, daughters of Mr. and Mrs. s.zI coming from the opposite direction, pal, y w,th a s,rar, e, ,o Beeps arr,v.d ,o Pa,o..,ast "the ba.k gave way a.d thecar lure. death call. ~.'on,qtatlt sear('h had be~n day and will make an extended visit'~ over. No one was hurt, but the car made for him sinve the following dux with their parents and sisters here.I was so badly damaged that the party ~,nd rewards loading $800o w~re of- The Misses Boone are graduate~ w~ obliged to go back to Spokane. fered. ' nurses and have been connected with'The accident occurred on the Hang- .... I for several months. }apd Spokane. W. W. MOUNTAIN R ED PEP:S PHlmSOPaV lrOlYlC i ls W. W. Mottntain, who was elected trend exalted ruler of the Elkt at the ~nt convention at Los Angeles. Former Palouse Man Returns. W. H. Harrison and family, who have been residing at Walla Walls for some time, have returned to Pa- ilouae. The family went to Wails W~lla for the benefit of Mrs. Harri- son's health, which she has entirely regained. They will farm on their pl~w.e uear here. And we can assist him If he needs Good F'lour Sunbeam Flour Better #lour than we make for you Is Impossible at any price. Wheat and Oats taken in exchange for Flour and Feed at any time. N, R. H[INSPERGER, Manager. Palouse Washington ii i [ inl n ,un i The Golden Rule of the Holy Writ is as follows: "Whatsoever ye would that men should do unto yeA, do ye even so llllto theln." Apl)lied tO ])(lsin0ss, the Golden Rule means 36 inches to the yard 1(; ounco.~ to the pound, pure wool er silk when fabrics are claimed to be Inade (ff these materials, etc. [t mean:~ honest merchandise truthfully advertised- vahles ex- actly as rcprc~ented, and validity of the word, spoken or written. We havc applied this rule to this institu- tion in till transactions with the poople of this com- lhunity and through this l)oliey have built up a buM- ness which we are proud of and which is a credit t.o Palouse. | ................... Kimona Crepe 29c lhe Yard New and popular high grade Fancy Cotton Kimona Crepe in a variety of good designs and colors. Special, the yard ................. 29c l.iqht end Dark Ol~lin(] 19(: the Y,.Ird A big vaziety of good quality Standard 0utin~ in light tutd daxk colors. Special, the yard 19c Men's Bib Overdlls $1.25 the Pdir Men's heavyweight full cut Bib Overalls. Sizes 32 to 42. Special, the pair ............. $1.25 Men's Undefwedr Ihe Sail Men's Cotton Ribbed Union Suits, short sleeve and ankle length, the Suit ................ $9 Men's Athletic Union Suits, the Suit ..... 89c Men's Work Shirls 79c Men's full cut medimn weig~ht Work Shirts, in blue, grey and blue stripes. Special, each...79c Bo s' Overalls 98c Boys' 0veralls, made of extra heavy d~nims, full cut, fashioned like a man's. Special, each .................................. 98c Ja m. s .. q . trflr The King of Cowboy Stars in his latest and best picture. A complete and thrilling sequel to "The Texan." -- ALSO-- A FOX SUNSHINE COMEDY "he BIG ECRET Matinee Saturday at 2 P. M. Admission 15c and 25e NIGHT--FIRST SHOW, 7:30 Admission 25c and 35c The " ' Store That DUD! EY' Fancy Voiles at SI Price Ine]nding many very attractive designs celleat quality Voile materials. Specially: for quick selling at. the yard .......... 20 Per Reductioos all Scrims and Dra House cleaning' time again and you are need new dra,?es for some of your wind0~ ~ake it easy ~or you we will allow ~he regular price on all Scrims and Grocery pecials PRINCESS FLOUR--49-1b. sack.. BULK RAISINS--the pound ......... ARI~0UR'S 00RN FLAKES--2 pkgs. BULK MACARONI----4 pounds ....... SHELLED WALNUTS~the pound... ARGO CORN or GLOSS STARCII~ 2 packages .................... BOB WHITE S0AP~18 Bars ..... ECONOMY FRUIT JARS--- 1 dozen quarts ................ i BORDEN'S MILK~2 Tall Cans ...... K, C. BAKING POWDER-- 25-ounce Cans ................... 'he Bell Theatre SUNDAY AND MONDAY, AUGUST 21-22 "Find the Woman !" the old cry. Why not also "Find the Is one less guilty than the other WILLIAM FOX PRESENTS VlVlAN RIOI'I ~ to WOULD YOU FOP.GIVEq( : An emotional Society Drama, vital in theme and intense in ~10 gl~ written by Julius 0. Furthman. ~ ALSO THE LATEST FOX NEWS AND A ~ EFF W'EDNESDA~DAY, AUGUST 24-2~ gw EVA, NOVAI'( Sl~ lost l~is alIowaa0e "~. ~eh them falq h~ 10re in " 'he MART I~~e very real dr~ just where thev beh)ng, make this newest Eva Novak picture as t as hunger and as rolnan~ic as h)ve at firstsight. 1 ALSO "THE DECOY," EPISODE FIFTF~N OF DIAMOND QUEEN"[ AND A STAR COMEDY, "ZULU LOVE"..,u4 SHOW AT 7 :~0 I'. Y. -- ADYIISSION 20c aa~4[ ] O-O-M-I-N-G FRrDAY AND SATURDAY, AUOUgT 28-27 "BULL-FIGHIING AIEIENT SPOitl] PASTIME OF SPANIARDS, TOUCHED UPON BY "THE BRA~]) LOPEZ," HAS AN INTERESTING HISTORY #l ~t~leli ~llssue Hayakawa, the Orients| star. went her)re the c,~ff' ell in the role of Vasco Lopez, the Spanish bull fighter, who.ts the ~;I tral character of "The Brand of Lopez," he began the im,perso~atl~ of one of the most interesting figures known to the modern world1 sports, the professional matador, or highest class of bull fighter, .~ In this Robertson-Cole picture one get a vivid idea of the stand| ,~ of the bull fighter in Spain, and of the modern status of this anci$~! and, by most of the worhi, condemned sport. For ancient it is. form of bull fighting was known in ancient Thessaly, as well.~ among the Romans. But this was a mild form, like the bear-haitl~I of England. The bull is never killed in any country but 8palli.