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September 2, 1921     The Palouse Republic
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September 2, 1921

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"/7 e Palonse Republic PALOUSE REPUBI, IC COMPANY, Publishers. C. F. BROVCN _ - - Editor. ,~,ul;er,~l al ~,ne ~,,JsLoff'ice at Paious, 'N~hingLon. as s.eond-elass manet. !i ......... SUBSCRIPTIONS: One Year ................. $2.0( 8Ix months .............. $1.0. Telephone Main 67. which all parties had subscrihed, tl~!t)ave(I 27 feet wide with eight-inch monarchists hoisted the imperial~c(mcrete next. year. black, white and red flag and would i \Vhale;ver '.~lale money is saved I)3" I noi tel the rei)ublican black red and! nlalching up with the government's ~old flag io be unfurled. The pas-talh)wance will be used in r(md work tar refused to preach so h)ng as the l elsewher(: The highway C.olnmittee later "detested rag" was flown. AInow has out about $7,00th000 worth fist fight followed, the crowd clam- of work, which with lasl week's con- oring for destruction of the republi-ttracts, includes nine t/ridges, 911/.,, can flag, which was linally buried in lmiles nf paving, 1s3 nliles of grading a field amid shouts of abuse fromland graveling and 60 miles of gray- the monarchists. ~ cling. Though Germany is forbidden by ........................... the treaty to retain any submarine. Some Bonus Claims to Wait. we of them have been converted ill- New legislation will be asked by to the motor tank ship ()st Preussen the soldiers' banns division of the by the Hugo Stines colnpally. :state auditor's offic.e to perniit at Feverish -efforts were nlade to reileast two classes of claimants to be! FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 2, 1921. establish the German merchant mar-] ~ai(1. i'nder a supreme court decisiou; 'Joe and to restore service to foreign widows slid other dependents of vel- AND WORK. countries. The ships were named af- erans who (lied before the bonus act Has man forgotten how to work? ~ter (~ertl,lll war "heroes" slid fly the was passed cannot tie paid. Among This is the question that is bother- old imperial flag. The Hindenburg those 'tffec(ed are the families of two ing the worht today. If nian has for- 'has just returned from whal tile victims of the (Tenralia armistice day gotten that he has to live ly the Stines newspapers call a triumphal mur(lers. The I'tw also has been found sweat of his brow, or if he thinks trip to South America. the referene(~ too harsh in dealing with dependents there is some magic means by which being to the momlrchial flag which of veterans who died dtlring or after he can get the good things of life iit flew. A sister ship is named Tir- the war. without working for them, then the pitz, in honor of the chief perpetro .............................. psychology of the average man must tor of submarine barbarities. Highway Patrol Uses Lodometers. be changed, for nntil he realizes that Incidents such as these are good The slale highway patrol on Sew work is necessary and vital to the rehabilitation of a war devastate,.lirossas for the United States to lember 1 sent ou! ten officers to look , stand firmly with the allies in their for automobile law violators on the worhl, chaotic conditions will con-' dealings with Gerlaany for they -highways. Two men with a lodometer timte, and eventually the world will prove that Prussnanlsnl is scotched, are checking up overloa(led trut~ks slip back into barbzarism, net kiled.--X)regontan, iand will compel (iffending drivers toI This is not a pleasan! pictnre i)ut~ unhlad their excess freight wherever} it is not overdrawn. SH00TI~G AT RANDOM. found, l)rivers also ,,'ill lie prose- The worhl arrived at civilizatic)n, When we. shoot at a rllal'k till ; eutt~d, culture and refinement th[ollgh lree we take careful aim In or(let ............. work-=-unremitting toil. Only hard that uo error in Judgment nlay be work with brains behind it made made. We want to nlake a dead (:on- possible the comforts with vJhich ue ter bib--we don't want the htunil- are surrounded today, iation of a wild shot or of a lnlss, Man has developed wonderfu! I-,- But when we shoot a volley of eri- bar saving machinery, but it has in tieism at a putslic official we are n(:t turn nlastered tile man and made him always as careful as whell shootillg reluctant to i,reform act,ml toil? at a mark. The attitude of worker~ toward XVe do not always Judge tile dis- their work % rot one of pride a)l,I lance, our aim is nnt a ways correct, achievement. The majorit,, feel an aversi,:n lowa, d th~ daily j,/, This! and sometimes we just bbtze away ai " random, on the theory that people ~version to work. hatrP.0 towar,1 who fill puhlic offices are good tar- work, the be:ief that it '< ~:ecvltude gets for anything we choose to shoot and +.he feeling :hat f ~ to I,~ mini- at then,. mized, not l!sel'el3 :y!l;tli:tll That is olle rt, asoll %Qly st) lllally but by (tenlan:l'.,l~. i)laxinlHll! ;,';II~'~F men of high executive ability per- for minimum exertion, is due in large ...... . ~ ,t ~t, hl~ ( f -art to th^ .---it'-*ior " .... /SlStelltly relllSO ill ;,d,'.,.t,, t ........ ~ )-- ,, t, a~ at i Ot (Dose (lestrue-l tionists who want to overturn the ~ flee. ~ .... present svstenl". 'alld tak(, ) ~i tri~tl ii ] They never snoot 111 ranoonl tneIn- ~tTselves" and do not care to serve as Sol~eth}ng else. . !targets for people who do. wor~ used to be regarded as th(:~ l~ (uires skill ~nd -ood :nil- 1; rei ," . ~ g J ~- dominating notive of hmnan life-i " "v bullet into the een _ "iment to orl e a . not sometiaing to be tolerated as ~,l ......... .. "tter of a marK, out any Klna Ot II ~ecessarv evil and sincerely hated ',.~l. " -.. o " " " "" l ioose tolsglle can peilper a pualle el- such. Work is not an evil, a form ot'flcial nntil his granthn(fl her would servitude. It is the salvation of man. i It gives him the opportunity to exer-I else his intellect, his initiative, and his ingenuity. Until the world realizes that tb~ big job of civilization is not pleasure seeking or leisure seeking, but genu- ine hard work, we will continue to experience "hard times" and all the economic il,]s with which we are new str uggli n g.--- XVaitsburg Times. THE HARE AND THE TORTOISE. The tortoise beat the hare in the proverbial race b~tween these widely different species of animal life, be- cause of his tenacity of purpose. We are about to begin fostering ~enacity of purpose or fickleness in the school life of boys and girls who will enter the nation's various schools next week. Which of these qualities shall we cultivate? Shall we allow our boys and,girls to attend school spas- medically or shall we start them to school promptly on the morning of the first day and see that they attend regular for the full school year, al- lowing no trifle to take their atten- tion from their school work. Graduation from school distin- guishes the graduate not so much for his scholastic attainments as it distin- guishes him as one who will pursue s purpose for 12 full years until he has aceomI)lished it. Whatever other qual-I ifications the graduate may possess this is the one that presages most success for him. A degree from college marks a man as one who has accomplished a goal, that he has been pursuing for sixteen years, with a purpose sufficiently steadfast that it could nol be side- tracked, and the honor of a college degree lies not alone in the fact that the possessor has a trained mind. but the greater part of the honor lies in the fact that he is willing to stick to a thing until a definite goal has been reached. It shows that he is a sticker. Much may be done by in- culcate sttcktnitiveness by insisting that the student start 1)romptly at the not know him, The human race as yet knows huf little. It has Inuetl to learn. .Col- fax Gazette. FEDERAL AID FOR STATE ROADS. May Be Impossible to Spend All Al- lotment Coming Year. The state highway con3inittee now is counting with certailttv upon re- ceiving at least $1,081,000 from the federal government to aid in read building before the end ()f the present biennimn. Until a rulir(g is obtained the state officials will not know whether they will be able to receive credit for work done this summer. If the new appropriation is made retro- active to cover this season's work, the i govermneut would pay half the cost of about ten highway jobs, thus reim- bursing the state treasury to that amount and allowing this money to be matched up with other federal funds for new work. If the govern- ment ignores this summer's work and only matches up state money on new contracts it may be impossible to spend all the federal allotment during he conling year, but in that event ft would be saved for the next biennium. It now seems likely one-third the fed- eral fund will be available this year, the rest in 1922. If YakilUa and Kittitas counties oin in constructing the Yakima can- ran road the receipt of federal aid ~ould make it possible to put con- tractors enough on that job to rush it 'through. But the state cannot match l ........ up enough federal money to do the --- work without the counties' help. There is a strong probability fed- eral sid will enable the North Bank highway to be coml)leted between lTn- derwood anti Lyle. VVilh the assistance of federal money the highway comnfittee will expect LO build a ten-foot section :)f the Pacific highway between Kalama and Kelso. a distance of 11 miles. Itenrv Karfsledt Watchmaker and Jeweler W ATC H E S Hanfilt0n, Waltham and Elgin ill :ill sizes ~(1111 grades. DIAMOND RINGS AND LAVALLIERS Arid a'b~lill Line of Jewelry and Silvelavare. PALOUSE, WASH. For Correut Time bay a Clock aiuousN~ss-s~c~ n~aaa~, | call for an ~ '~ablet, (a vegetable | aperient) to tone nail, strengtha~t the organa of d|gestlori and climb nation. Improves Appetite, ~"~elleves ConatlIaat to ,~. zs'aox ~f~/7*~ 3031ari rr #~ ~f he Old Block !~ JUN!ORS~L.ittle l~e One-third the regular dose. Made of same ingredients, then candy coated, For children and adults. Hi I I PALOUSE PHARMACY 50800d c,8.arettes one sack of GENUINE peginning of the year and attend reg- Only half (if this road can be built atI ularly throughout the entire term. ape time, as there is a lack of detourl The tortoise often heats the hare by,routes. With the Kalama-Kelso sec-t ' ~ I adopting and pursuing this policy-ition completed, the state m 19.3 ex- The race is not always to the swift, ~pects to pave the gap between Toledo[ ........................ I and Kelso by transferring all travel tel PRUSSIANISM STILL LIVES. tbe west side of the river, closing the A few straws will show how sin-l highway and putting six or seven con- core is Germany's conversion Io dem-ltractors onto the job to finish it in., oeraey, whleh was the ground on single season. which all armistice was granted Federal aid will permit the con- while the German arnly was still on struction of the Snake river bridge Belgian and french soil. and will a~ Central Ferry, a year's job Pier ' DUI)HAH also show wilh what degree of good locations are now being made. j faith Germany is exeenting its tre- Government money will be applied, t " ' ~ TOBACCO a y obltgatmns, also to the new five-mile cut-off be-t At a religious service to dedicate{tween Seattle and Lake Forest park,[~) ~~~ a soldiers' monument at Potsdam, forion the Pacific highway, watch wtll be l "Skirts" Coming to the Bell. The Fox Special six-reel comedy, "Skirts," ts now showing at the Bell theatre. Clyde Cook and the Singer Midgets are also the features of the ,picture that it took nine months io make. _ ii1| I ii iii i i iiiii I BUSI[D ()tlr COml,lete stt,ck t)f l,'tlr- rlittlre and ht)tiset-loid floods at IO e[r DIS(OUNI S )ecial Redu('ti()n (,n MA 1 1 R[SS[S 0.n' Reguiar $12 50 Guar- anteed Mattrl'e~ses :tl $9 During the Sale TR! Cigarette To seal in the deliolous Burley tobaooo flavor. It's Toasted More Miles Per Pair More Comfort ' Per Mile IN t001-t111[R Stt0[S --AT-- "lhe foot-fitter" Shoe llepairi,~g antt Accessories Ih('o. N. Luesin(j Shields Block E. M. IRWIN qOCCE~gOR TO Inderso. ~ Co. I !ndertaker m (~la~>~ and Picture Framing. Telephone 65 MAOAME MAJER tty,lc 1{I,i14. Spokane. Wasb. Acc0rdian.Knife-Side-B0x Pleating Hemestitellm~. Braiding, Buttons, Suttonholes, Hat. and Feati~er Work. MAIL ORDERS 61VEN PROMPI ATTENTION ! PF{,OF[SS!ON L 0Afll}S W. F. Morrison Attorne~ ~tt Law Ir',:i+'tioe i:, A!I ('t,urls. ')~{2, OVer ~l~t'llFi!t ~l'::l,., t', ld( f "5 !cln-~e, I,h,' Dshl f)7 i o~ i Dr. John W. Stevenson [;"t'l,.~, ~AR, N.*~f,; .t 3/L) "l'/t P,(i tT ~LA~i]~ I.'I'pT];] j t (.)ltice in new ('l*,;ffh~,,n I;]dg. Third and Mai,t Moso,w, Dr. Walter Farnham Physician and Surgeon,+ I'l',,t~e li;2+l~ Offic+., I'i,,~.,, 162-Y Office in Nati,,nal tCauk i)ldg Dr. E. K. Wolfe Irjby~lCaft ati(l ~ill'~2t-i i1 ()iti(.i-, Ill ~t'l!ill'ilV ~l~llt' baid~ imihiinT. ()ftiee and real,h-nov I,il.i, N- }U Dr. J. M. Risley, Dentist l ltt;i'v liVcq" Nali,,nai Hahk (,f ['a I~u]se. Telephone ?,5 t'ahltist., DR. C. N. f UNCc, (:raduale Oplician In tile Shields Block tlt)l)oMle Ill dlev's (,3'(tory l)ePt RADIUM AND X-RAY it01 Old National Bank Bldg. Cant, or, Goiter. Filroids alld Enlarged Glands 1)1(. LORENZO I,. STEPHEN8 Main 2R65 Office Pllone 42. Farnsworth Bill lq. A. MALSED REAL ESTATE--FARM Palouse Parln l,andg a Sp. PALOUSI~, WAStl. Palouse Lodge W. O. W. '~'""';=~,' N>.,,~,. the Worhl, nu~:ts iii Hall ever:," Monday ev*.ning, Visiting eordlally v, eh.l,ntt.d.J, .I. AIh/m l,amphere. tltte of Ohio, CIty of Toledo, Lucas co.ntr, ss. F. and A. M. l>~l ..... and A. M., Frank 3. Cheney makes oath that lie and fourth Wednesday evenings IS senior partner of the firm of F. J. 7.:10 p. m Visiting members always Cheney & ('o., doing business In the City Lester Daily, W.M. I.C. Peterson, of Toledo, County and State aforesaid, ~nd that said firm will pay the sum el ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS for each 1. O. O. F.OrientalLoageNo. F., and every case of Catarrh that canln)t be ill Masonic tlall, Palouse National cured by the use of HALL'S CATARt:H tt. A. Rust, N, G. A. Teckenbar' MEDICINH. FRANK J. OHENEY. Sworn to before me and subscribed in my presence, this 6th day of December, A. D. lS$6. A.W. GLRASON, (Seal) Notary Pablic HaWs Catarrh Medicine is va~e. in- ternally and acts through the Blood of the Mucous Surfaces of the Symem, Sen,* for testimonials, free. F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, ,~ I$old by all druggists, 75c. H&lrs Family PIIle for constlpatiozl, Crane Creek Lumber Company (Independent Yard) At the Right Prices ORDERS TAKEN FOR WOOD AND COAL We Solicit Your Business (:rAN[ R[[K LUMB[R COMP& Y P.o [ 52 Rebekah ~as~, a~ah nleet~ st-cond =tnd of each month. Visiting men|bvrs ()|~a West. N. (]. Florence M~ l, O. r, Ms ~alous~ "l'rib~, proved Oi'd er meet in Red Men's Hall every Visiting members eordial|y ",ve]eome~l. H. E, Cros,,, Sachem. G. D, Kincaid, Chief of~ 0. ~. ~. Constance Chapter Order Eastern Star. Meets third Wednesdays of each Visiting members welcome. Janet G Scott, Secretary. Anna Miller, SPOK A N 1":" 2':,' Ax Ill Bring It L. R. Dolby SPO K/~ ~'lg WasSngl0n, Idaho & Monlana Railway Oompany Wells-Fargo & Co. Express. General Offices, Potlatch Idaho. .... "Voo.4 ..... . "-~o=-7- .... 7di .................................. --7-- ................ ....................... STATIONS No. I No. 3 D'Iy ex S un i DAy ex Sun D'ly ex Sun D~I ex su~ 4:25pm ' ll:05am 4:36 p m . 1l:16 a m 4:43 p m ' 11:23 a m 4:50 p m ~ 11:34 a m 11:44 a m 12:01 p m 12:15 ; m 12:23 m 12:30 p m 12:44 p m 12:56 m 12:59 a m 1:16 p m 0~ .......... PALOUSE ....... 1 ...... 8:15 a In 4 ......... x Wellesley .......... 8:04 a m ~! ....... Kennedy Ford ............. 7:57 a m ll! ........ POT1,ATCH ........... 7:50 a m 141 ...... Princeton .............. i 20!:_.;-_~7_. _ Harvard ............. 25i ............ x Yale .............. ! 291 ........ x Stanford ............. 31! ........... Vassar ............. 34i ........... Deary ................ 38! ...... ltelmer .............. 391 .......... x Cornell ............... 47i .......... BOVILL ....... 2 .... :, 3:45 o m 3:34 P m 3:27p m 3:20 p m 3:01 p m 2:48 p m 2:84 p m 2:25 p m 2:21 p m 2:12 p m 1:58p m 1:56 p m 1:40 p m CONNECTIONS---1 with N, ~. and S. & I. E. Ry.; 2 wtth C. M. & St. P. Ry. I)oes light and hauling Sells wood and coal, Handlea freight, baggage express. Auto :service to and fro# trains, Large store room for he# goods. Teams f~d by day or weeR. Office in Farnsworth Liver~ Day phone 38 Night phot~e