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September 2, 1921     The Palouse Republic
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September 2, 1921

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...... ...111 _ Ar'r,v,T,ce STAZE rRmsuRY m aoo l~an Demonstration. ' Arministrative Board Must Make Big fail to attend the smut fan Saving, Says Governor. on Saturday afternoon,: Though tile detail of fixing the 10, at the farm of E..I. state tax levy for the general, school on theOMcesdale-Fartnington :and ntilitary funds is one of the last itasks .f the equalization committee and a half east of Bel- which begins its sessions at Olympia This demonstration will be September 6, it may be regarded as dollars to yea if you run a certain that there will be a snbstan- every child of school ~ge in the state be raised. A careful analysis of school "finances indicates it may I)e possible to cut sontething off the levy for veto- men school purposes. Careful checking of the condition of the treasury and the estimates of the different departments for the com- ing year show that the slate is in :t better condition financially than ever ! by tile governor of \Vashing;on To it was. Poll tax receipts have at(led legislate federal deficieney bills o,lt ih wiping out the overdraft that w:tSlof existence il is proposed ~,) forbid is proposed to submit a constiLt.,tional ' amendment to enable the pre>idenl (,) veto single items ill an ~tl)!),:ol)riu~.ion .bill. This authority is now possessed Washington Points the Way. !PF.J~LETON TO HOLI~ ROUNDUP. 'Indian race, steer bulldogging, steer This state provides three fi;lanclai! roping, cow boys' and cow girls' safeguards which exports at: work on Three Days Will Be Given Over to grand mounted march, Indian parade. t)lans for national economy recom- Western Sports. danet.,:~, Indian pony race, pony ex- lnend for the federal government. It Pendleton. Oregon, Sept. 1.-- Froul t)ress race, co~ girls' and cow bess' tile riding of the bucking bulls, the l)II(:killg c()11[o{, lndiail v, ar t)ollnel first, event lo the wihl horse ratce r~ce. q,~i(:,i c~lalige race, cow gir]s' which closes each day's list of lhrill- pony race, ln(lian l)ony relay raee. ors, the l)ro~aram for the 1921 Pendle- cow boys' standing race, cow boy# ton i~.oundul). September,,,o9 23 and bucking- contest, cow boys' relay, r;,ee and wild horse race [olhlwing each 24, is ready. raaehine. It will be your'~tial reduction ordered in lhc total ie;rried at the beginning of tile Men-'any official to create a deficiency by to see the new govern- i amount asked from the taxpaser:4 for ' ninm and good financing has l)ut the i spending more than the amount .)f his fan in operation. A smut'. ~l~lte l)Url)oses during the coining~ lreasur:, in a healthy condilioll. ; :~t)l)ropriatIon and to create a board ~enr. (Therefore it is reasonable to forecast* which can meet emergencies by draw- llot only reduce the fire haz- " (it ~I the eqttalizatiou c:olnlaittee will lug on a special f~lntl to be,t by There are altogether 14 ~;tate funds dust explosion, but it als'.)iraised io part hy direct taxation, bul ++the insurance on your Ins-i; ~he equalizalioll eomnfittee can on13 to pa~ the c;st of in-iexercise discretion in fixing the total Don't forgee the date, Sel)- ilevy for three: the general, school :;,nd mililary funds. The following at 1:30 p. m. to Control It. practice will give a smut- in the Inland Empire. A of methods is recom- Crop rotation, clean seed, With fungicides, cultural and breeding for smut re- 0aC-crop system is favorable 'increase of any plant disease, the practice of growing noth- year after year favors :state levies are fixed by h:w and the equalization committee, which col,- sists of the governor, auditor and treasu.rer, cannot chauge them: Capitol huilding construction fund, .5 mill; reclamation revolving fund, .5: permanent highways, 1.5; public highways, 1; university, 1.10; :~tate college, .67: Bellingham normal, .20; Chancy normal, .159; Ellensburg nor- mal, .12; Chehaiis normrl, .10; sol- (liors" bonus, interest and bond re- domplion, 1. Last y'mr tile slnle levied 4.5 mills for the general fuud; 4.80 for the common school and .a mill for mill- i t~rv |lllrOOSCS. of smut. ~ed is absolutely necessary! |h~t is believed the requirements of military department will not ne- e~atrol of smut in wheat. N ~eessitale. lhe levy of the fill] amount Can afford to r~sk planting fixed l-rot year. [ While many i:armers The common schools are supportedI Sa~utty wheat seed, and get by' direcl taxation and the revenuesI wheat, we also have from inlet'est on the permanent school ] people drink iroln wells fnnd, rentals, etc.. received fronl ,water is contaminuted school holdings. The law requires and have not had ty- that sn antount equal to $20 for~ treatment is always reeom- There are three ways of Seed: Bluestone solution, for- Solution, copper carbonate bluestone solution consists of' POund of bluestone to fiveI and treating for from i I minutes. A Brix sugar hy- t can be used to test the blue-'l Ltion and thus eliminatet With the hydrometer read-j the solution is: of proper i ,'de solution consists l t one )lnt of formaldehyde t cent) to 40 gallons of wa- fer five to ten rain- ePPer corbonate method of fOUr ounces of finely pew, %PPer carbonate dust to a af Wheat. The powder sticks and kills the smut. NoI occurs by using the cop- powder. This is a new gives promise to surpass bluestone or formaldehyde la affecting the control of Wheat. Cultural practices help to Any practice that will smut balls, smut heads smut on stubble ~'lll help to prevent smut; including burning of Cultivating, fallow, etc. favors the production Iqlgh soil temperature at seed germinates tends Smut. The amount of soil at the time of planting helps the amount of smut that a crop. the production of mnut- of wheat must not This is a problem for and is being worked on of the best minds the world Produced. Seed injury is ill two ways. By the treat- cracked in the process of and by the formation of on the kernels of treating. of high-speed cylinders in machines in the Inland our usually dry sum- many cracks in the seed' Such seed is treated in or formaldehyde so- or smaller number of are killed. In other ,de causes in- the depositing of para- on the seed as it dries. t of injury depends upon of the atmosphere. If is over 70 per ~mt no If lower than ~70 per OCCurs, but increases as of the atmosphere de- there is almost no In- tt dry atmosphere. If seed With formaldehyde is held aeration severe injury is apt treated with formaldehyde i~ dry soil severe Injury n::ko good the prediction lnade h)llg HKO bv tlovernof liar[ 1 Ii~l[ there would " be. a "s!lbstatl|ial reductioe" i~ the general fund lax levy. \Vitbin the l)asi week the governor ]:as renewed his warning that he ex- pects tile administrative board mem- l)er~ to make a big saving in their ap- propriations and he has given notice that he will not approve deficiency r can be controlled tu milk of lime following or formaldehyde treat- one pound of fresh lime With ten gallons of water. treatment seed is well in this solution for one L. Zundel, pathologist, State Washington l~armer. ('ongre>~s. This state already, forbids officials to ereale deficiencies. The new adminb~trative code provide; the s~m~e kind of machinery for meeting emergencies that is proposed for the federal government. officials has been called to the fact that they are in danger of overstep- ping their allowances. Therefore it iv! reasonable to believe tile equalization I e.onlnlittee will feel safe in figuring OningCarefull922. bllsiness management dur- other ill (tuicl succession. ~)ile of tile Of the 25 events, lS of which are secrets of ti~e popuh~rity of the show comt)etitive, there is nol one which i:~ the dispatch with whicil events are will not hohl the htteresi of tile spot- +-.ivan. q'here i:~ n(+'~er at moment's de tater when the hig show bogies ou lap ill the t{.((ltlld/lp. Prizes for [hi~ 3ear's show are the that Thursday in September. Follow- rl'~lkil (~S{ ()Will" offered. TIF~ large>t ink tile riders of the bucking bull:~ prizes are for the steer qoping, the comes the cowboys' 1)ony race, then cow boys' bucking contest and the squaw race, cow girls" standing race, cow boys' and cow girls' relay races. stage coach race, cow girls' relay race, all for the championshit) of th,) worht. RED PEP:S PH I LOSOPHY And we can assist him If he needs Good Flour Sunbeam Flour Better Flour than we make for you is impossible at any price. Wheat and Oats taken in exchange for Flour and Feed at any time m ~mr~ - Palouse Milling Co. N. B. HUNSPERGER, Manager. Palouse W ashi n t!lto n Put a heating gystem in your new home that will be an investment--that ~ill pay dividends in conffbrt and convemence-- that will positively pay its own cost in tha saving of fuel. The hunoua patented " CaloriC installations are made ~ ~ - . ~'~ ~ from blue pfl. nts prepare~ by Caloric engineers who have had years of unequalled exl~ri- has ~proven record of aavlng ~ t o ~ the ence in pipeless heating. No fueldver old systems. Heatsalltherooms ehargefor this Vltallyimportant in buildings of 18 roomsor less, througii one ~a'vice. Send rough sketch of leo~ ~oor plans today, ,An unequalled success in homes in ever), state, Many in this eomraunity. ~m=,a~=ma~ The money-back guarantee of the nianu- [ ] [[ facturers, The Monitor Stove Company, ) [ ~ Cincinnati, Ohio, and over 100,000 saris- / 1 \ fled users protect you and back up vour L . [ ~ judgement in buying a ('aloriC. ~...~'~------7~/~ Now, before house-cleaning is the best { ~ I time to put in a Calorit?. Quick instaUa- [ I r~,~'~ ! [ tionin old homes or new. No plumbing I ~~lii I nor aherations, And remember--yotw 111 ~ GINAL PIPE/IrIS FURMACIr TRIPLF.-CA~IMG PATENlr @ The M.S. Co. SO MM A CALORIC HEAT CUTS IUILDING COSTS i~ ~@~]~ TI4! CAtOglC RE(~HJIRES BiffONE CNIMNEY--NOEXTILACHi~Nlf, NxWF HOM3~ MANTLES OK FIXTURES NEEDEI} ONLY e FOOT CELLAR Rr.QUIREO Conscience Not on the Job. Jhnmy al~d I:(.o/-ge w~,l'e l(~id h.~ their mother lhJl to pla3 hack (,f {hv s,?hool tluilding, where Iheve ~i~- ~i qwoI h'li Cl't~('l+. aml i)h'lD.y of ltl:l(i +tVhen they returlle~} honle HI IH';I!"7 .5 o'clock that evellillg t[K~il" SIHIpS \ve)q, *overed with tltlld. Thell Tile[her said, "'JitltlllS, [ lie IIO* ~;ee how ytlur (yonsclellee let you g, re the creek al'ler ilronlisillg iiiotJleF .sou would Dot go." .lhnHty anss~e+,ed, "1 guess ~uy con- -ciellee X~;lSn'[ working Jllsl I'[~h[ to- day. reel her." 2 -. Firestone first made the low price of $13.95 on the Standard Non-Skid, May 2. Unusual purchasing power through big volume of business, and the great efficiency of its $7,000,000 Plant No. 2, manufacturing exclu- sively 30x3~/~ size, made this possible. Now, the production of the Extra- Size 30x3~ tire has been transferred to Plant No. 2. This permits the ~lrice reduction on this tire from 6.65 to $13.95. No such value ha'~ ever before been offered tire users. If your dealer hasn't the Extra- Size in stock ask for our Stand- ard Non-Skid type at the same price. You will still be gettin~ an unusual tire value, Cords That Don't Blow Out You feel secure on Firestone Cords. year-- 10,000, 15,00t and 20,000 Because Firestone Cords don't blow miles, and the tires still going out. Your repair man will tell you strong. See your Firestone deaier he hasn't seen a blowout this past today. Name below. Firestone Cerd Tires are bein~ gold at lowest priqes In cord tire hlgtory: 30x3~s-- $~4.55 32x4--$45.30 34x4~--$54.9@ WARNER'S HARDWARE & IMPLEMENT COMPANY, Palouse, Wash. Your Paint Dollar --How Big in 5 Years ? THE be.~t paint will be good five or more years hence, if properly applied. Cheap paint, on the average, starts cracking in twelve months. It's what paint covers that you want to save--not merely a few cents per gallon in first cost. Cheap paint does not spread as easily or as far as good paint. So when you figure labor and square yards covered, cheap paint on the house costs as much as good paint. Cheap paint in practically every instance, is the most ex- pensive you can buy. Don't allow surfaces to rot. It costs less to paint them. The paints specified by Ful- ler are the result ot 72 years experience in the nmking of all kinds of paints, varnishes, etc., for western use, \~ FULLEE ] P~INT~ 72 ' We use the be~t materials, I'URE P1ONEER WHITE LEAD, pure linseed oil, zinc and color as others do, but we combine them with a 72 years' knowledge and long-tlme skill. Oar whhe-|ead ba~ is finely ground pure white. It must pass through a silk screen with 40,000 meshes to the square inch. ~Ve use special machines for mixing the materials in sci- entifically exact proportions. So Fuller colors are excep- tlonally clear-toned and Fuller House Paints are noted for cov- ering capacity, ease of spread and great durability. If you want from five or more years' protection for your property investment, get Ful- ler's western paint for western weather conditions--a paint you knov. House Painfs Phoenix Pure Point Pure Prepo~d Poinf Manufactured by W. P, Fuller & Co. "Pure Prepared" and "Phoe- TItELf. These paints are ira- nix" are Fuller's Specifications portar.t to you, so it's important for house painting. Get either to go to the right stores to get and you have the best them, Agents' names and ad- C that anyone can make dresses are printed in the memo. --long-service paints, coupon to the right. Cut it out WHERE TO BUY and put it in your pocket now. For All Exterior Jobs of Paintinl~, it is Advisable to Secure the Services 0f a Master Fainter "111 Free Advice on Painting ASK our agent for our free ad- vice. He will show you a color card which shows 32 shades of this desir- able paint. We have a Fuller Specification Depart- ment which will tell you all about the most desirable color schemes, color har- mony and those other details you want to know, Take advantage of Fuller House Paints. fake steps to paint now. Don't let weather depreciate your investlncat. W. P. FULLER 8: CO. Dept. 13, San Francisco Pioneer Manufacturer of Paints, Varnishes, Enamels, Stains, and PIONEER WHITE LEAD tor 72 Years Estab,ished 1849. Braaches in 16 Cities in the West~ Dealers everywhere. Also makers of Rubber Cement Floor Paint, All Purpose Varnishes, Silken- white Enamel. Fifteen-for-Floors Var- nish, Washable Wa!l Finish, Auto Enamel, Barn and Roof Paint, Porch and Step Paint and PI O NEE R WHITE LEAD. Ill"ms mm mm la~ mm ~ SI~ mm mm am ml it il IB SAVE THIS ! (Cut this out and paste it in yore n,ate book as a memo.) My house needs painthag. Fuller's Specification House Paints are sold by the following Agents: W. P. FULLER & COMPANY N. 227 POST STREET SPOKANE, WASHINGTON w .m ~ ' 3, appropriations. The attention of some -~ #'~