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Palouse, Washington
September 9, 1921     The Palouse Republic
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September 9, 1921

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i:i! ~ii i i ii1,,,, -. -- , , , i,i, i i The Store That Undersells Because It Sells for Cash W ILLIAI ISON'$ Your Store and Ours Indies' Specials Williamson's are now showing new fall merchan- dise in all departments. We have just received large / quantities" " of' lading" Stats" and Dresses, girl" 's and ' f' Sweaters, Kirshbaum Suits for men, Columbia Sweaters for men and young men. With carpenter work now I I| ~~,:.~ completed, the entire building reflects the spirit of a ! I I~i:1+Jl!;I+YJ|R~ new store and season. Williamson's now offer you for t l+7:l++!!j[++l[I quick selling the following week-end specials: " cery Ladies' New gall Coats S A [ I Comrade Can Coffee $22.50 and $27.50 Of course these stunning new Fall Coats are worth a great deal more, but as a good starter we are offering them at these very moderate prices. All wool materials, assorted colors, silk lined. Be sure to see these Coats before they are all gone, at $22.50 and $27.50. Just Received One hundred New Sample Coats for Girls and Misses. Coats for Fall. 1921, styles, made of fine materials such as Velour de Laine, Broadcloth, Silvertone, Velour. Plain tailored and dressy Coats, Nearly all full lined. Assorted sizes. Special $4.98 up 50 pounds Dairy--Special ..................... 85 50 pounds Stock--Special ..................... 55 21/2 pounds Table--Special ..................... 8 Bulk Macaroni SPECIAL--4 pounds ....................... 25c Canned lomatoes Large Size, Solid Pack SPECIAL ................................. 15 i i tarqe Canned Milk SPECIAL TWO Cans. Z~ Eleven Cans ............................. :$1+00 A GOOD GRADE 1-pound Can--Special ....................... 27 3-pound Can--Special ....................... 7g 5,p0und Can--Special ...................... $1 :'8 |l i ii m ,r 'r ' i , Dried Prunes Good Size and Fresh Stock SPECIAL--3 pounds for ...................... 25 White Laundry Soap SPECIAL--22 Bars ......................... $1 O0 Bulk Raisins SPECIAL, POUND ........................... 20 l+ i i i ii i i m,rl \,V i 11 i a mson '~s Stan(l ' 'k i or qux Sales an(t Small Profit >; --- len's Specials t_+:~':. ++ +'N._ < +' ?:~ ..... i i +~+ -- ' - + ~T-'--+ >-~ ++gm One lot Men's New Fall Suits, browns and grays. Assorted all wool. rials, all sizes. Special $29.65 t-or School Boys' All Wool Two-Trouser Suits, in fl~e latest patterns. Belted style:~, lined Knickers. Sizes 10 to 17 yea,:;. Special $10.,45 Boys' Knickers One lot of Boys' Pants, sizes 7 to 12. ited number. Special 98c Men's Underwear Men's Fleece Lined Uuion Suits, sizes. Good grade. Special $1.79 ii i; i}i i i TRAIN OF WHEAT TO NEAR EAST. Work for State Institutions. ing the present biennium, will be jus-' Wheat Growers association for a lot State college. It is a hyi)rid and its!locations in Washin ,Macilip, ery for the shoemakin~ tified. Oregon, whose climatic con-+(>f ahout 25,000 husheis of Triplet of milling lmssii)ilities never were real-f/Idaho, where its yields + ized hy |ltillers tllltil it was made ltlt~t rallgemenls in tile Near East Booths to Be Conducted at l)laIlI IO be installed at the state Iv.HI- ditions are similar to ~Vashington's, ~ the same grade. This wheat came Fairs in State. itenliary and the knitting machinery has a two-jeer record which shows subject of intensive laboratory wor~ila*tories haw~' just I)eell Wheat---a whole trainload 34,00i) for ti~e state school for girls has bee:~I July gas tax collections average a from Prescott, \Vash., and the gluten hy the grading departmelH ot the as-!whereby tests will be full hushels of it---is what the farmers ')f shipl)ed and will he installed uptm ar-.trifte more than ten per cent of those,Content as determined t)y the tentin'; socialion. If it t)ecomes rirm:y estab-!'of wheat which is used! rival. The wood working plant at the for an entire year. On this basis tlte~ laboratory of the assoeiation was lished among the milling varieties, as:purposes. All Sllch Salll tile Inland Empire are arranging to state reformatorY; is being set tip. ' new \Vashington law shouhl add more " aa t-a per cent, now al)pears li)elv, the worx ot" tim { addressed to the wheat send this fall as a challenge to the Reeeil)t of lhis machinery ,viii ena- than $1,50(/,000 to the money availa-: Triplet has been selling on an ex- testin gdepartment will mean ihous-ipartment of the spectre of starvation, which again ble the department of I)usiness COll- ble for highway eonstrttction. Anto-port basis since it was introduced ands of dollars annually added to the iWheat Growers' threatens to complete the ruin over- trol to offer new eml)loylnent to in.- mobile licenses will also sit(),,,," an ill- seine years ago, by the VtTashingtol'. receipts of wheat growers of certa~nl~rashlngtt)|l h)oked by war. disorganization, tmme- mates of lhl'ee state institutions, crease this year. However, thollgh l making then~ more nearly self Sill)- the state will very likely receive fed- lessness and famine, moving in tragic l)orting. Ultimately department offl- 'eral ai(l within a short time, it did i proseccion in Asia Minor. ci~tls hol)e it will be possible to l)ay not have lhat assistance in the I)iIS,r', Twenty-six carloa(Is of grain from il!ltiales a small sum for their work in summer's highway progranl. 21 counties of east Washington and the l)lanls, so they may accumulate north Idaho are sought for the empty larders and famished stomachs of the ~t fund for sell: slit)port during the WHEAT GROWERS SELL GRAIN. time they seek employment after they Near East, where cable dispatches re- leave the institutions. This 1)lan, port crops a universal failure, whole "which would require legislative "ac- Sperry Mills Purchase Triplet Wheat countries facing a foodless winter and tion to put into effect, would also --Content of Gluten 33 1-3. thousands of starving little children iml)rove the morale at the penal re- The Sperry flouring mills of Spo-i dwarfed, misshapen ---- practically formatory institutions and l)roduce kane have tmrchased from the Ore- boneless--for the need of cereal nourishment, that only a few of them more work, the department believes, gon-Washington Wheat Grewers as- have ever had. In the meantime the teaching of use- ful trades also may 1)e found prac- sociati(m 1200 bushels of T-~'plet Officials of the Washington and ticable, wheat, l)aying a premium of 2 cents Idaho Wheat. Growers assoeiation,~ a bushel over Club.and Portyrold an-q[ with headquarters in Spokane, are co- ' You'llenjoy operating in arrangements for this Gas Tax gpto Estimate. 4 cents "t bushel over Red *Waila district's wheat contribution, with~ Ga:setine tax collections for .luly. Walla varieties. This is an increase +payableA,tgusl 15. and recenttytab-+of ofrolling leaders of the Near East relieflulated indicate that the legislature'+i, several cents in the price of Trip- sport committee, of which C. C. McEaehran, ' -o ~ Jet as compared with other varieties i estimate that about $1,a 0,000 of a~-+ ( .... 417 Peyton building, Spokane, a , + oi withP ! throughout the district, is chairman, from this source fer road work dur-] The Sperry millls have asked the em .._+ "This train load of wheat is our -- i ii, iml i district's share in a national move by " the'American farmers to give 5,000,- [..~IRST thing you do next And, besides Prl 000 hushles of grain this year to the 1" --go get some makin's Albert's delightful hundreds of thousands of the Near papers and some Prince tllere~s its freedom fror~ East who have absolutely nothing," Albert tobacco and puff away and parch which is cut says Cilairman MeEachran, ill all- Prince AIbtrt i~ sold nouncing the plan. Farmers raising in to~py r~d b,~s, Oll a ]lOllle made cigarette our exclusive patented tidy red tins, hand. that will l~it on all your essl Certainly---you no wheat will be asked to share their ~ome ~oun,:l and halt " ~,...~ ,, ~.,.,do,~ smoke cylinders! _~.~5. A. from sun up other products, and the public is lo be and in the pound crysr.l glass humi- slip between the sheets asked to hell) purchase local food- dot ,.,.,i+~ ..+po,",eo INo use sitting-by and say- stuffs for these needy people, moistener *oo. out a comeback. In Transeaueasia, Armenia and ing ntaybo you'll cash this throughout Asia Minor, where war hunch toniorrow. Do it whilu Prince Albert is the and starvation haw; reduces powerrul the going's good~ :for IIla~-+o,- co that I+eVOl races to mere remnants, ahnost cam- lllall~ you can't figure out smoking. ~f you neverC plete failure has resulted this season " + from the first extensive effort at whatyou'rcpassingby! Such smoke a pipe- for raising crops that the survivors have Ifyou ~re considering addingto or flavor, such coolness, such You can--ANDYOU been able to make since the war be- more-ish-nes~--~,]ell, the on!y --if you use Prince 3 +an. gi Pledges for mueh of the grain from chan ng yourPlumbing do way to get tt:,e words em- for packing! It's a this district will be secured tram the phatic enough is to go to it revelation in a jimmy growers at Near" East booths to be not overlook us. ~,~+t knov/yo,trsdf, or a cigarette! eonducted at the fairs an(I stock shows in Spokane, Lewlston, WaIIa WE ARE 0PEN "EV~+NI~GS l)Rll l;E AL Walla and Yakima, MI thls month Grain warehouses and elevators all Copyright 1921 over thewheatsectionswI11bere- Allk0rll Hardware C0 by R. J. Reynolds ceiving stations. It is hoped to start Tobacco Co. Winston-Salm, this life-saving cargo for .the Near II N.~ East early In October. , --_ t.he national/oy smoke /