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September 9, 1921     The Palouse Republic
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September 9, 1921

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Palouse Republic PAI,OUSE REPUBLIC COMPANY, Publishers. C. F. BROWN Editor. ~]ntered at the postoflice at Patouse Nashingcon, as seeoml-ciass matter. SUBSCRIPTIONS: One Year .................. $2.0~ Six months ................ $1.00 'reiePbon0- Main ~7. FRIDAY. SEPTEMBER 9. 1921. PATRONS, NOT TEACHERS, FAIL. As school opens we hear much dis- cussion concerning the work (ff tile teachers. This week each teacher has undergone a scrutiny from the public that no other (:lass of public servanb., are called upon to bear, and lloue but the very highes! calibre of man or woluan can bear this (:lose iilspcction. Most of the Leachers in the scho(lls of Palouse have been s~an(ling up t:) this airing of characler and disposi- tion for several years, in wtrious com- Inunities, and the public in the I)lace ~xhere thene ~eachers have worked the war, but it never occurs to us to[2" Orders for individuals and conl- trill~ our expenses to lit the pr~sent~munities were received by County :l:~o::Iella~,~? h:~e lalle bTns:oi~ng atw~ [:~ngdn: O lrSf: lte~:h:rc:ni(~fdhe:f elide:7:I wall( to keep en going ~aster anti' acid were lurne(I over to Dean E. J. [a~t(.'r evcl'y ear. l'ile DUSilIeSS Cell(el" oF all.~ oli o111' llletr~qmlttall cities hi- day resembles hell with the lid oil aiol'e the_ill all) tllJilg else: t)verheud clalig ihe elev,tte(1 railroads wi~h noise illltt Wollh! a\vakt~ll tile (lead ; dn~ierueath booiIis 5ubv(ay rapid tran- msi~, l)hl/lg, illt4 alollg tbrollgh holes 1311- aer tile oily vitil a lIoise alld glare D.lld l'(lSi). Ulhi I'OIIF lhltl 1"!(/ bFilllS[Olle se~licuienl coui0 beat; ilh)llg' by yell lilding~ of t,h~ college of agriculture ;it Moneow, who forwar(led the order to ~he ,uthoriiies at Washing[on. ()rders of 1(! farmers nlade up the total carload ordered, so that the llV- erage per farmer was 240 pounds. Orders were received from 10 eom- munilieu, reprounting all but a very small part of the cut-over sections of Imt~qh eounly. ('ommunities from which the orders for the explosive jallgles the s/irf;IC(2 cal'n, alld in atltI w0re received "ire l~ock (,reek, Crane ant anti all ttroulld art, I(,ll lilt)~lSalhl('reel{ I,:enndv Ford l)eel) Creek 'flit( lnobiiks ll()lolc~ (.It s taxisaIl'l o, , .. + .... i, , - " ' ~" ...... l " F,IIC(h(~H,ntlrvaro, /ivan. lJearv, Jllnt ~ ill gOlllb; lllxl lh( (te~ l " Ls. ~ " " ' " " ~ ~ " ' ~ ~ I Tr )) and Moscow. P~irluel's of tile Ce- ,~'hol them out of a g/in. whilc a lllil-] lion pe(lestl'iallg try to gel across the] streets and dallln the cars and autoa t 'Decause they (:all'l, i}lld tile car alld elite drivers likewise dalllll the t)ede:- ~trians Jar ll()t gettillg elf tile earth, 'it,,; ttlcy alia'hi Ill. la ;i Jew lllOl'~2 'years all this will be It)t) Mow all(I everybody will be fb, ing into each other with ael'tlplafles. \Ve are ~a, 'lazy We hil'O ~1 t~OllVCy~(l/l'e every IilllC 'we Wail[ lo go six I)lot:ks, and wP are Jtoo shif|less It) gt) Io the ,-It)re with a illlarliel I)asket, st) we ke(~l) a lele- bas placed its slalnp oF aPt)reval upon phone all(l arthur lbe goods se;H up ill ........ iii1 a/lie delivery all of whi('h is ;.1 thenl, utnerwlse the [)pare ol~ etluca- " .... them.]~ 111 b~ll. \\'t eat mlr fireakfast, and tion would no| have eml) ioyed ....... e ~( " he ( hlsl{,et it sha\c till(| shill( tin the train " Each teacner Ill Ln ~ SOil )()IS ,r 3 i . , ' " ' ( 1 _. _ I ferry drink boo/h,g booze at half a been looked Ul) Ibort)ugnP/ bv 1 he ' ' " dollar a lllOlilhflll arid slllOlie strong board before they were elnployed.: School officers have folh)wed the (,,a-i reers of these teachers back For years~ and not all atoln of a douhI reluaius: in the minds oF the school board as ~o their fitness For their task. The fact that they are here, that the hoard employed them, should establish their h reputation in this community. T eyi have lived exemplary lives and stand high in the esteem of the best people in communities where the)' have been. Otherwise they could not have se- cured sufficient recommendations to convince the school authorities here of their professional or personal fit- ness to teach. So let us give the teacher the ben- efit of the donbt and in case wild stories are circulated, as is often tile case, of some mismanagement of the teacher's work. let us investigate be- fore we give them credence. There are communities where an old gossip can throw a shawl over her head and start out on an afternoon and create disruption enough in a few hours to wreck the work of a teachers who is so far above her that she is not fit to tie tbe teacher's shoelaces. We hope eigarx tit twe-b'its al)iece, aud try our best to (It) lip SooIe ()tiler h~.iiow for t|le pl'iee of it all. Anything we have to ntdl v,'t* I.~V lo get tw',ce what il is worth fronl tile other feb- tow, and then the ()tiler felh)\v luarks 'tip llle price of his goods which he sells {o us, so it's dog" eat dog, every one for llimselF and devil take tbe hindmost, But wilere v:hl it end?--- l,a(}rosse ('llpper ............ }4_ BANKING PROGRESS. There has been a great change in banking methods in the past ten :'ears. Peol)le today recognize meritI } i:lee~:l I:~;llll):::)teS)ill.llllplY flt)(;eat::eol.' p(:ll~! ~'ears, but tin at:count of progressive imsiness nl(~thods \vhich meet ttlel ~:ee(ts of tile conllnnnitv. I Banks loan money today as a buM- liens, l~ot as a favor to a llrivileged few. It is ti~e volume of small loans aud small deposits which have made t)l)~sible the growth of tile Anlericau banking syntem. Kec, ping close to tLe Ileol/le is tile secret of success ill l)resenl duy banking. Blinking pros- this condition does not exist in Pa-lperity depends upon community pros- louse. Our teachers have all been I perity, it is for this reason that rood- weighed in the balance in other corn-fern bankn identify themselves witt~ munitie~ and have not heen foun(lland take deep interest in industrial wanting. If we find them unequal lol devl(q)ment. the task here in Palouse there is but' - .... -:= one conclusion to draw That is this PICRIC ACID ARRIVES OCTOBER 1. conditions in Palouse are worse than they are tn other comnluntties. Other communities like our teachers. If we do not there must be something wrong with us. There is such a thing as a neighborhood making a failure of the school. No teacher rails pur- posely. ELECTRICITY AS GOOD AS GOLD. The value of the electrical energy produced by hydro-electric power plants in the mountain and PaciFic states during 1920 was greater than that of the gold produced in those states in the same period, by over two! times, according to Alexander T. Vo- gelsang, former fissistant secretary of the interior. The kilowatt hour production by water power, by public utility plants in 1920, as shown by the geological survey report was: Montana, 1,11S,- 905,000; Idaho, 58g,978,000; Wyom- ing, 2,271,000; Colorado, 184,674,- 000; New Mexico, 828,000; Arizona 106,527,000; Utah, 212,243,000; Ne- vada, 32,690,000; Washington, 1,- 154,659,000; Oregon, 370,867,000 California, 2,568,541,000, making a total of 6,340,659,000. As it is esti- mated that about gO per cent of the developed water power in these states is in public utility plants, the total production of electrical energy from water power would amount to about 7,925,000,000 kilowatt hours. At one cent per kilowatt hour this production would have been worth $79,000, as against the estimated gold production for the same states during the same period of $36,000,- 000. When power production in these states is properly eneouraged and fully developed the annual return from this source will far exceed these figures. This value comes from the same mountains which produced gold, but, unlike gold, the streams which produce power will not become ex- hausted, but will continue until the laws of nature themselves are re- pealed. The trentendous hydro-elec- tric power possibilities of the went are its greatest assurance or a won- derful Industrial future. SLOW DOWN THE PACE We are all screaming dull times because we cannot get $8, $10, $12 and $15 a day like we were used to getting during and immediately after Banks Will Lend Money to Aid in Securing Explosive. An order for one carload of 24,000 pounds of l)ieric acid for use by farm- ers of Latah c()unly, Idaho, in clear- ing cut-over land of stumps for agri- cultural purposes was sent to Wash- ~ington, 1). C.. on Friday Selltenlher Sold only Meeting Unemployment Problem. Reports to state officials indicate lhe problem of unemployment in th~s state during the comzng winter wili not be as serious as predictetL l)irec- tot Edward ClifFord of the depart- nlent of labor and industries, after a careful survey of business conditions. states positively that there is a de- cided and continuous improvement in industrial circles that means extra employment. Lumbernlen s~aie that there is a marked increase In busines~ during the past two weeks. Mr. Clif- ford, who has ,~truggled for month,s to alljus~ the differences -n tile coal fields, has not abandoned hope thal the. Washington mines will he opera;- ed regularly during tile winier months. Cooperating with federal (C- (}at ('reek (:ommunily, east of I(en- fieiais, Governor I.ouis F. Har{ hn.~ dri(,k, and of |he trill ,'ons COl)tribu- arv It) .l~lhaelta wa,.lled pieric'acut, l]ley are prel)aring to meet all uneiu- I)ut felt that they would have to~aul ii too f~r. sil~ce li~e carload will be ~hipped in ()n lhe W. I. M. railroa(L The 9it:rJe acid el)sis lhe farmers six ecnl~ per pound plus the freighl II'l)l(l ~pur[;l. \}ol]sill. 'i tie freighl i bill will he between five and s~x ! cenls ])er l)Otuhl. The l'oilalch State{ t)a~lk tit Pothtteh alld the Lal ail ('Oil]It3" ."~lil~e bank al I)eary have ::?~;~r:~nleotl the payment o[ freight 'm the enlire'car. This service of tile })pltks makes it l)ossib~e rill" the farm- (~rs I() l)ay the freight upon reecIpl of the shipll/etlt, ']'be IA~[nh eOlll|t.~ t)rder is tile nec- ()lid (;arto'/d to be ordered for farlller,~ t)l' Idaho. A t'ill']()zl(1 was ordered r,)rj |{(inner eOllnty Oil AllgUSt 14 and was} .qhipped from ~purta, Wisconsin, ont August 27. It ix hoped that the car-] I load of ~xl)losives for I,atah counly wilt r,.aeh here early in Oe}ober. [ ]?()R SA[~E---A No. 2 Cooking range. Call Annie Gregory. 26-3p __= ............... GENUINE DUI HAH " obacco makes 50 ood ci arettes for 8 10c We want you to have the best paper tar "BULL." So now you (;an receJvs with each package a book o! 24 leaves of ~1,]~'~'.- the very finest (;igarette paper in tho world. by dealers give tire mileage at the lowest cost in history 30x3 NON-SKID RED-TOP CORD $1 .00 $22.00 $27.50 Reduction on all styles and sizes A New Low Price on a Known and Honest Product II I illlll asked municipal authorities whether 1)loynient problem and rln(:s solae of thenl already have taken steps to pro- vide work. This highway division, v, Ilich let eleven new con/racts 7or state road work la,~q week, expee:s re l(ee]) i/len al vet)r[< as lol}g, aS \yea{liar I~erlnits. Paving e-inner be laid fn willter, but in some see(ions, llotabl:. i~ eastern Washingh)n, gratling an0 graveling call he done in the colnlnK ntonths belier than il cotlld have been dime during Sumlner. 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Lo~., and A. and fourth Wednesday evening's of 7.30 p.m. Visiting members ahvays Lesler Daily, W. M, 1, C. Peterson, 1. O. O. F' Oriental Lodge No. F.~ meets every ~llt in Masonic Itall, Patouse Nation,at H A. ltu.~l, N, Q. A. Rebekah ~:aster ~e~k~l~ of each month, VisiHng OIga ~,Vesl, N. (;. Fh~renee M. i i 1. O. R. M. ..... ~cwoved Order meet in Red Men's Hall every WednesdSY Visiting members cordially welcomed. H. E. (;rose, Sachem. G. D, Kincaid, Chief o{ O. E.S. Constance Chapter Order Eastern Star. Meets third Wednesdays of each Visiting members welcome. Janet G Scott, Secretary. Anna Miller, SPOKA .N 1'7 ~;, LUMBER SHIN6L[S ULOTtlIER & TA 1L DOORS,'WINDOWS' At the Right Prices Bring It ORDERS TAKEN FOR WOOD AND COAL L.R. We Solicit Your Business A Car of Fir and Tamarack Wood on Hand. CRANE CREEK LUMB[R COMPANY PHONE 52 Washington, Idaho & Montana Raiiway i]ompany Wells-Fargo & Co. Express. General Offices Potlatch, Idaho. No. 2 D'ly ex S un D.Iy ex Sun 4:25 p m 11:05 a m 4:36pm ll:16am 4:43 pm 11:23am 4:50 p m ~ 11:34 a m 11:44 a m 12:01 p m 12:15 p m 12:23 p m 12:~0 p m 12:44 p m 12:56 a m 12:59 a m 1:16 p m MtI ...... _STATIONS 0~ .......... PALOUSE _ _.l ___ 4 ...... x Wellesley ........ 'i] ........ Kennedy Ford .... 11 ......... POTLATCH ........ 14 .......... Princeton ........ ::-::_:_ No. I D'Iy ox Sun 8:15 a m 8:04 a m 7:57 a m 7:,50 am No. 3 D'l ex sun 3:45 ~) m 3:34 b m 3:27 ~ m 3:20 m 3:01 p m 2:48 p m 2:34 p m 2:25 p m 2:21 p m 2:12 p m 1:58 p m 1:56 p m 1:40 p m CONNECTIONS---1 with N, ~, tnd 8, & I. E. Ry. ; 2 with C. M. & St. ~ Ry. Does light and hauling Sells wood and coal. Handles freight, Imggage express. Auto ~service to and fro~ trains. I,arge store room" for goods. Teams fed by day or week. Office in Farnsworth Livery] Day phone 38 Night phone