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September 23, 1921     The Palouse Republic
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September 23, 1921

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Te Palouse Republic PAI,OUSE REPUBLIC 'COMPANY, Publishers .... C. F BROWN .... Editor. ~ntere.l at the oos~oetice at t's~ous, vllttashin~'toll, as secoild-Cla~.~ ii~allt~r SUBSCRIPTIONS: One Year ................ .. $2.00 Six months .... : ..... v'...'.... $1.00 Telephone Main 67, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 23. 1921 THE CART BEFORE THE HORSE. Wben man first begun to become mvilized he perceived [hal he must not only provide for his immediate wants but he must also la.y by - store for the time when hc sheuhl ne incapacitated for work. Today many of us forego the pica- sure of satisfying our present needs for the prospect of beconting com- fortable at some future time. This doctrine is sound when it is not car- ried to extremes. But how often people spend a life of sacrifice, toiling hard from day to day enjoying none of the pleasures of life and many of the necessities of life. im- pairing their health from day to day until at last some cog n] the physical machine slips and they drop the working tools of life and pass into the beyond and the substances tffey have laid aside for a rainy day passes into the hands of some pile else and is often dissipated in less filne.tha.~v il took to accumulate it. Few of us live to ~nJoy the store ,we are laying aside for future use. Most of us are cut down In the midst of our efforts to provide for the fu- ture. and the only joy we derive from our work is the joy of hope. This is especially true in the mat- ter of educating our children. Our family furnishes ns hope, the assenee of life. We struggle on and on in the hope of providing for the future of those whom we love Thia is .a ver7 worthy ambition and should not l>e belittled. The difficult)' lies in our method of providing for our family's future. Superintendent Lazenby said in his address to the perents at the teacher's recel)tion Friday night that if some nlan were to come to Palouse ~o demonstrate a method of elimin- ating smut from the wheat crop that the house would be filled to catmcity, but let a man come into the commun- ity to offer a demonstration of how to remove the slnut front the lives of our children we would call him an nn- practical dreamer and would say iris talk was very good, but it could not be applied because It cost too lnUC~l to make some of the improvemcats he suggested. Mr. Lazenby is right. ~,Ve give the material wants of our families precedence over their spir- itual wants, We starve their soul Io feed their boRy. We labor lo accum- ulate material wealth in order to give our boy or girl a start. The correct start for anybody is a clean, clear thinking mind. Thus equipped a young man or woman will secure the material start. If he dosn't secure il he doesn't deserve it. Wc do not raise wheat for the wheat itself, but for the purpose of buying the things that will give those we love happiness. Many of us re- verse tho sitaution and sacrifice tlle things that make for better living or clearer thinking for the wheat itself Hence we get the cart before the horse. Our chief business is. raising a race of men who will think clearer live better and serve the world better than the race preceding it. The ma- terial gains of life are only Second- ary, Few of us live" to enjoy it. But those who work to raise a family bet- ter than the preceding generation are projecting themselves .into the future more than those who work only for material gain's Let's not sacrifice the future citizenship for the sake of the yearly crop of grain we raise. WHY ALE THE TALK? The Spokesman-Review seems to be taking up the cause of the Washi_n.g7 ton Water .power-RailWay company to an unwarranted extent. What pri- vate reasons the Review has for en~ tering the controversy we do not pre- sume to know but this publication seems to be taking the so-called lack of servlco to heart more seriously than the public does. If new means of transportation have been devised whereby the public can be given the service at less cost it is simply misfortune of the street railway cont- pany. If the jitney will carry people to and from their work more cheaply than the electric company the public cannot be blamed for accepting its services The situation appears to us to simply be one of competition and if left alone the means of transporta- tion that is most efficient and cheap- eSt will win. If the street railway companies are not able to meet the automobile in open competition their day of usefulness is past and they are obsolete. Their machinery ha~ be- come too clumsy to meet modern de-[stealing, and that the plea that thel.;o, ............................. .~o mands ~nd iVs linle lo atep off lhe/car fs just being borrowed is n,ere | | stage of acti,),, ,,,,,l ,e,,ve the ~ffair~[~,;an)oufl-age. The writer h!rtherstates i ~f~h~,.,~ir~ MIll[ f tlansl)orlali n t( more modern that the practice of excudn~" ~ eltv ~ ~ [] [] B [] [] m ! I' ! I n , , ..... ]11 ,~..~[]m~' i v muug ! nlet~md~. ! if hefts pel:l)etrated hv high school or ~ ~F lhe la~ oI tht m',i~ tl of lh~ fit I ollog students is i mistake is " r- | A, I/ ar~| | , " ...... ,s '~ 'l, ; ai;|,'e ~iflarceu~'~ 'b'~;t ,l,, (" re ;,, i At ~our viace i tat" l}}Usl, o,11(t wil prvai "n " t .,m.' ~ , ' .', }' ~ . : '~ : line~ ,,f ei~dea,'or. "Vhc el.ply ,vagol, l,,,o~,, e.~tc,,u,.ing e( w ~lar-i \V3shing|on, ill alld ('.,r Ihe tMunty of Whitman. GARDNER AND BERGDOLL. Mirv(,r~ In the matter of the esia,,, (,f ;{ tt, ...... Hill, deceased. A COlllefllporary wllit, h allnOtlllCod in headlines thai the fuc:itive .i~!el Gardller was '~.Illy\va)" a good q)orl, " is inclined to defend the sentimen~ ~t Ihell exl)ressed. \Ve read i11 il~ (.~,l- UlnllS : "" 'Everybody h)ves u %'iI)IH2r I'he heavier the odds. ~he belier cveryt,llet likes him. Even lit the lnihl arena ofi I modern civilization the ohi Sl)ortill~I sl)iril dies har(l al~d lllell ~A'ho "w,)tlhlI have llothillg ex(.ei)I contell)pl f;~l ui t Sul)ille. II'actablc crinlinal siAJild b5 and applalld Gardnel'~ reekless pllll vil:lorious bouts wilh orgalli '~eJ ,~0~ 'ciely. Perhap, s.. the .sg~kti!~0k~! is ;is '(langerous'ly gtf[@'cr}s{\;e ~?f l)ea',~ alhl (~rdel ;gscritics .dgc]~)l'e .:And. agaill, perhaps it is;llOI such u colnpletely bud thing thai th.c ltuma!i..l~tea can no\\' rise ahove the ley el of eslah- lisht~l"order ~tn(l "~{'ish "gxK~tb IucR' (o ,~(.)tlle: (lat'ifig .a'dVelltUZ.~i" .wll(~ h:ts spurned its trodden ways.' Pure sophistry. If darh~g an,l \\in- ning won likizig fay.. t,he, crimim:~, 'Graver Clevelaitd Bergdoll wuuhl be ()lie 0f [lYe rllOSt {)oplllar tlCl'().~s ~)f (h't~ .so-called 'good" sports," There" i s'" tii)" uest i~t - a.~ 'to" l{(.~r g~ d(ll]'s (larlllg. He x~ras all avl:![ol' :)e- fore the war. and a daring oIlc. He was ~.reck].esg icpeeder ill his all[cilia. biles. He was n(}t i~ coward. [of: hc oriel:eft his services to (..lerlnd!ly ill 1911t. He wag disloyal to his In*live land; lhi/t was his offense. He ran away from the draft an~l'] kept t)uy of cu~to(ly for two years, iI~ thai period he was arrested for spee~i- ina" and was daring enough to give his own nanle, hut still was not held. After his (.apr, u,re and sentence to the penitentiary he was ingenious enough ~o deceive the 'armed authorities with a cock and bu'll story /~bout a pot of buried gold which he wanted to dig Ul) 1o ge.t nloney to pay his lawyers. While en route to tile storied cache ill ('AISI()(ly he nlade a daring escape and reached (]ei'llla.n,~', hi Gel'nlany he was cal)lured" by two sclf-appoinL- e(t American vigilantes, but turned lhe tables on his caplors by having them jailed. lie's ~ winner all right, ye! nohody loves hilu. lie is a daring adventurer who has si~urned the trodden ways" Yet he is not admitted lO the. frater- nity of "gap(1 sports." I)oe~ he not deserve l he handslasp of brotherhood as much as the contmmr thief? Vthy does he not get it? Simply hecausei we have ~Si)t yet come to look upon dish)yalt3 with lhc Sallle Colnplaceney as we ]ool~ ilpon other crimes. [t is a had thing, one \vith out the slightest redeeming feature, when arises all ol)init)ll lhat any sort Of criulinal': is lip longer a cFinlina] hecallse he has got away. -Oregonian. The editor of rne Ptl]]q/al:: tterald, inspired by tha recant theft (,f an [automobile in Pu]ih)an I)y three boys, who .we're. later al)m'eheml,:,l in this city, calls attend'on to the fae! thai . tttkill~ a car beloP.xing |n so.lle~ one else, even it":)/ll~"" for itJ:)v rlae,is " 7 " - ] I ulvers y- Irvillg There is ill every tl',U \V();II;,'II'S To all l)ersolls havhlg clatnls a~ainql the above nallled estate: heart . sl)ark of h(~avenly i'Jl'0..vhiel~ You are herehy nolifle(_ thai tile lh,g dormant in lhe hroad daylighl of undersigned. ('. L Hill, has t)ee~l ap* t l~q'osDerity, hul which kindles u!) md l)ointed and has qualified as a(/]nh~i>'- .bealns alld blazes ill Ihe dark lloul, ol lratof of the above entillcd vslu~e YOU al'e. [UII her i1ol i1'i(', ;1]1;I 1"~2 Henry Karfstedt and Watchmaker Jeweler qtlll'ed lt~ nlak0 Olll yotlr ('lain (,r 01al!ns. I)rolJerly vtrlfy [IlC S,tllle. alld YeI'Ve tile Sallle ill}oil sahl adndnistr',,- ~or at his reshien('e il~ \Vhitman coun- t.v, \Vashlnglon. or tlpotl \V le M'or- I'lSOll. olle of hi~ allornoys (~ t'ect)i'(l a[ hfs o[fi(:0 111 IIH, c||y of Pa])u.qc \Vii|| nlall c(}unl y. \,V a shil) g'I Oll. iil1,I fllo the sallle with lh0 ('lelk Ol lh,. ahove 0.nlitled ('ourt. tt)a(Hher with I)rl)of of ,~llch ,~elvicc. wI|hhl six Inonths af|er the date ()I lhe firsl )tlb]iealioll of lhis llot,~ee, lo-w!t will)in six ]llonths after thc 9th day of Sel)!ember. 1!)'21. ~/Ii(t If you fail ~:o lO (10 3'Ollr ('l{!illl or ('laiIllS will he for- ever l)arrcd. ('. l~. l[tl,I,. 26-4 Administrator of said es~a~ WATCHES ttafi:ilt0n. Waltham and Elgin I~) .alJ sizes and grades. ~2Ai~,/0ND RINGS AND LAVALLIERS \nd a Full IAn~ of Jewelry and Silverware. PALOUSE. 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D'lyex Sun DAyexSun 4:25pm 11:05am 4:36p m 11:16am 4:43pm 11:23am 4:50 p m 11:34 a m 11:44 a m 12:01 p m 12:15 p m 12:23 p m D'I ex sun 3:45 o m 3:34 p m 3:27 p m 3:20 p m 3:01 p m 2:48 p m 2:34 p m 2:25 p m 2:21 p m 2:12 p m 1:58 p m 1:56 p m 1:40 p m CONNECTION~---lwithN. P, andS. & I. E. Ry,; 2 withC. M. & St. P Ry, PBOFESStONAL DR. W. S. DART_T PHYSICIAN AND SURGE01t PIIONE 151-R. W. F, Morrisc, n Attorney at Law Pr'actic,, ~:~ Ali Cmlrts. ()||iCe OVel Security S'ate pIa~k Palouse, Washington Dr. John W. Ste FYI'L EAR, N()SE AND THROAT GLASSE,'z, FITTEI) .()flice it) new (:re ght.n Third aud Main Moscow, Dr. Walter Farnham Physician and Surgeon lh,sMet,,'(, ['holie 1(;2-1{ t)flice Phcme 162-Y ()llice In National [{ahl, bid Dr. E. K. Wolfe Phystcan an(l Sur~(:n ()thee in St, curil\ ,'gtate tmihting. I)flit'e an~t l'e~lidtqlee I)htm NO. Dr. J. M. Risley, Dentist Office over Nattotv, d lhmk ~d" P:t ]l,ll>~t l'e!el,lmne ~'*,~ |'ah,use, WI~: DR. C. N. BUNCE {iraduate OI)Ileian In /he Shields Hlock ()i)tlos]le l)lldl(,y's Grocery RADIUM AND X-RAY 601 Phi National I:}allK (':tllce/' Goiier, Fih'oids Enlarged Glands l)R I,ORNNZO l, Main 2865 Ofl}(.e t'hone 42. Farns\w)rth H. A. MALSED REAL ESTATE--FARM P:ll(lllse 10arlll Lalld:I a PAI,O[TSE. WASH. Palouse Lodge W. O. W. ~-"~-'~ ~:' -