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September 23, 1921     The Palouse Republic
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September 23, 1921

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I m ................................ ~ ......................................................................................................... Serious Danger--Says Agricul- ture Is Threatened. Senator F J. V/ihner of Rosalia delivered an address before The State Good Roads association convention at Tacoma and excerpts from his ad- dress appears below: "An assertion that taxes in the state of Washing'ton are oppressively burdensonle to real estate will scarce- ly be disputed. Much of the poorer producing properties will not meet tax and insurance charges, and un- improved realties ill increasing num- bers are being forfeited for taxes. Owners are struggling to pay taxes and save their properties, hol)ing for relief, but not getting it, vast quanti- based on elassificath)n, and not on 'nlileage or weal' of roullS. "l'!lO }q'e>(q][ gas tax to :i cellls p3r g,l.l- lon, would also pl'odtlce $:~.;to,i tl~pi}. 'Phe gas lax is the tllost .:,in(table road tax levied because il i: based on mileage or wear of ro.IQ:, l be- lieve (hat it oftci'~ the lu:~'{cal ~JiU lion for ille tax Iflob](?lli tlse river 1:1~1 spring when the high walel look oul tht, tto(,k Creek dam. At tile mill dam the wings l)ehind the dam arc being rei)aired and a 400-foot spillway has been I)~lilt ~;n the ,qouth ~;i(te (.,f tile dztrti. The piers (m tile new daiu, logettler with {he spillway, ha\'e been 3qltirely reeon- 'Slrlleted. The ln)nd has beell dred,e,e.l out and the hot pond reconstructed 'The, roof on the ~qt\vlnill hns bOell re- paired. The phi systmn (,f l)illng ]tllllbet. ]ty hand in front of lll() dry kilns has l)een disf!onlinlie(I all([ Sollle sta('kei':L automatically opel'alcd by t)owcrl'ul ~electrle nlotors, have been lnslatled, Icy state IhaI pheasants are plentiful, Large storage tracks ill't! being Cell- ties of real estate will be abandonedi for taxes and state ownershili of land' road rot)tar vehicles is small It is! ..... .., innll(tssiltl~ o pl)lY al v la:, v. i/! ex- %~ ill nave begun, it lit'el 111 of SoclallsliI} . " x ];Ict JlISIice. rrhc flies[ iiIl:'ili!- INK .'.' realize(t. I lia\'e ix the st t ? h gbwav laX. Tlloii- Agriculture Ollr haste induslrY isI " " ' " isan(ls of taxl)a~ors Ilol livin4 in (:lo~e especially threatened In \Vhit tlalllp . " , " lt)roxiillitv [(1stdte roallS h,lVl! bf:cn county one of the six most prodne-I, .: , ,, ' ' jpaving tills ltx for \'ealS \', (11 ,,-c;ir(:e tire counties In the th,ited States " '|Ix" any direct bcn,,ril I,, the:pstdve: taxes this year are from 30 to 5J per-, , "'Other nlileage revellu(s i,ll*ll ll'~'lil cent of the gross rental ineonle ot - tile gas t{ix should /)o obtaitH:(! ,alllI(I farm lands. 'Pax levies are increasing, slages lind alilt/ freight line:~ >it(mid but taxes are not being paid. School I)tly for The roads ilse(i i)lt ;t lqile,tae districts and municipalities are go- hams. ']'hi!re is lie nl )i't~ jI~:P ('I I'(H" ing on a walrant basis, bit liquids- tile taxpi vers Io provi(l(! i'();l(1.~ l':H" (tit! tier of warrants is UllcerJ~aln, anti (ipertlli()n lit' till( ) slag!,-:il( }Ill ' their negotiability impaired except ...... ;, ~ ] -- .. . If [relgnl lilltts tllZtn [ r Ill : Kit I\ ( ,4, at neavv aiacounts much conditions ~ " . ' ' s 1 dis ~slrousl~ i to provide taIlilers with lar;~,s (H' lilt!F- if continued lnust resn t "."t . " [ ; " [ chants with store buildings I'h llllll- for the puolic ~(lfare I. , " I lit service COIIIIIIiSsi(tl] Ill il; eOlilrl~l "Ta~: levying authorities, state I | O~ atl|(I sta,14es alld ItHIO fr'.!i:a}lI ]lii0s county and city are exhausting theirl ..... * ' .... I sno/ll(l lie elllpowere(t to illll)OSe ingenuity to reduce lewes, with Duti. , , , negligible reslllts. The press and puh-I hxe(t i least (:liari4es l'or {lit; llse. )[ I'()ads, th(~ rale viii'ring Hl?'t)Fdillg1() lic opinion is aroused, lax OOlUnlis- : (he t vl)e of loads. sions are active, and the conviction "'The, i)r!ncjpie oi7 a iniiea?,e ch ~';ge will spoil be firnlly established that for lhe ilse of ilnllro\ud l'o:tJs for ;i0- ralief must be obtained and unusual cups(lena] 1)llrl)oses, slwuhi },,' (}:-~tab- l s(rllcted belween ltle ~r(,en All~*d nl!d l]lanv hunters llaving bagged their . ' " . the dry kiln. Ill t II (: tirst day Ollt ." . , I This rfq)air wo|'l{ {lilt[ con>itrllel ioli Mrs. "1". ~ Murl)nv ilas re(eive~il, " . , |work gives enlp ovln0nt Io allonl }Ill itllllOlln !t41 lent Qf [he arrival t)f a son | l{a),lnond (leorge, tit the l!onle (if heri nlc.n, \vb(i \\'ere lhr()\vn o/1l o1' pill- s,;ii, ]~.uyiilon(l, in Portland, Oregon, Mrs, ()re(! I.edgarwood of Mllloll. ()re,~Oh, speiil ~llll(l~ty t(lid Moltday ill l'otlalch at the I~l'ank Gi0sler home, Mrs. W, [k \Vaken!all sl)enl I+'l'ida7 and 8atuI'f|ity jn Spokane ('. b'. tll'OWli, rill(of (if (llt~ l?alouso t{el)ublie, was it l'othltch (!tiller Fl'i- day, A W. I,alrd anti P. M. l,aehnlulld, gell(.ral lllltllager an(I salcs l]lanager 'le.~]m(qtvely of the t)othttch IAlnll)el Conlpail V, spent several days dl(0 |{ hunting tn I01athead Valley, Mont, last week, tile gtlests of Mr. Bailard.,i lliallagcr of lhe ~onlers Lunlber col(l-. l)an.v. Mrs. A. \V. I~airtl eharnlingly en- I eric(ned 16 ladies Sal urday after- noon in hon(ir o[ her daughters, Mrs. C. L Ailswortl~ of Chlpl/ewa FalL's, Wis., and Miss Charlotte Laird, bride- ])lOylllent I)y The [(ll,(,ed sliiil!liP,;'li of the nlill at this place. Tti, policy el' lho colnpally t,~ t(i give ellll)hlyuioal tO aS ln}lny nlen with fan/i]tes as l)itg- sibte. Hints to Campers. \Vhen you leilv~ I hal c, anlpfire, hr(/111- er, i l'ut It (nit! [t is :lilt (O breed anolller- Pat it o/1t! b'orest fh'es start fronl liltlc \Vhen thc w(iods are (try and britile,] ~ll whel/ ynll relnove the ktiile Put it out! |)o n()i leave one Sl)ark (o slliohler[ Put ii oul! ()he Slila] 1 spark ',\'ill S(iOIl row belder-- PUt It out! measures to give relief may lie ex= pected. What effect will drastic ex- pedients to reduce taxation have upon roads? "Of the $72,500,000 of taxes paid in this state the current year, $12,- 500,000 are for roads, exclusive of the $4,000,000 paid in auto licenses lished an(l nil doubl (,(m ,! l,e (le,.,q- elect. A deljghtful four-course hinch- OI10 Sllltt]] spark nay prove a \vhltlt,; ';ipetl inlo an iiiii)cH'talil st, iot~ o[ r(w-i con wits served, iiftel'\vhieh the There, ~'llen %'Otl hit the (,rail, ~nlle IOl 1 I llntt-n in( e t t( ~ . . . ' " ~'a , ' ~" ~ ~ : ~'," '~ ; i ' ] guests enjoyed an aftern(ion ()f brldg.. |)own it wilh a water pail ...... "In conel!lsion, 1 \vlll relJeat ihut ]i Arthilr Anders(nl hlts l)urchased Put it ()tit! l)eli(we (lie security ,)1 l'(ILl'), l'r'-'gresst the Josephine Vqilev pht(,e southwest ill lhe state llf \Vilshinxi~,n (::in Ill} in-tof p(~tlat(:h and exl)ects to move his May Search Without Warant sul(d ])x lilt Iel)etl n( l llll till 1~ oul her l tu ,,.*. a ,, t ' " ; " , !~ i / t . e "n the very near ' - Mate highway levy and par(son with private expenditures of our people the $72:500,000 bulk le;~s largely. -In the single item of au~o expenditures Washington people pay more than $115,000,000 annually. "Lest l be charged with talking recklessly and foolishly, I will enum- erate. Licenses. $3,000,000; gas, $27,000,000; tires, $35,000,000; re- piiars, at 5 per cent, $11,000,000; depreciation at 16 2-3 per cent. $36,- 000,00if; lubricants. Sq.000.000. and do not Include property taxes, garage storage, chauffeurs, doctor and an- dertaker bills $115,000,000 is an an.- detest(mate and yet our people pa> it without the fhitter of an eyelid. "A discussion of the suggestion that real estate be relieved of all ~tate levies, is nnt germane to this occasion, except as to state levie~ for roads If we can procnre (}the*." rev- flues to substitute for the $3,000.0a0 derived from the state highway and t)erlllanenl hi,~hway 14'\'3" :ill(I ~ 1;~', 13- ~ilig all equal alnolin! (.'." IhHill f,,nds il'oltl other stl/lrces, tinl~ l~t,~t tile ~{is "lax and a lllileage, tax on :Ill;t) S a~e-) And auto freight lines tJDCI'DtilIK reg'- ularlv, over specified it" /1....'~" of im- 0r(wed r(mds, offer (he llltl~l ],racli- able an(t the nlost equit,itHe lilL4alib ill hand ut this time. for obtaining( qubstit(lle T'evenltes Ior :,:ile levies for roads. MR. fiNKS WAS DISCOURAGED With All His Hard Work on "Flivvers" All He Could Do Wa~ Make the Horn Squawk lttlr. aii.q Stove'? (;pine in and Ic,,k (ttlr lii e. We handl the Fam