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October 7, 1921     The Palouse Republic
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October 7, 1921

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T . u- . E PALO USE ............ . .......... |- .................. d NO. 30. PALOIISE. WHIT]YL~N COUNTY, WASHINGTON. ? EAU o,v : SCHOOL MEETING CHAMBEg HEARS MONDAY CALLED FRIDAY 0..o oro.o, A children's matinee will be given Sunday when $olne of the boys were [ at the Bell theatre Friday afternoon, returning from Idaho they were ar- Oclober i4 at .?:45. by the Girl rested because they had 16 birds for ~ltAY WILL SPEAK-- Scouts. The play to be given will be FIFTEEN MINUTES TO TEACH SAYS COUNTRY I$ CONVALESCENT three men in the party, the Wash- i i DONEEN TELL OF, 'Rot)in Hood." a five-reel fihn. The CLASS OF FIFTY IS CLMIff OF BUT NOT WELL---THINKS PA- ington law allowing them in Open sea- ~lorics about Robin ltaad and his men son but five each OF ACTIVITIES OF~ in the Green Forest have always been GRADE TEACHERS--SUPERIN. LOUSE IN BEST CONDITION OF" Upon a discussion between Prose- favoritcs~with young folks and the TENDENT ASKS FOR RELIEF. ANY CITY HE KNOWS. 'eating Attorney Veeldon and Judge fihn which the Girl Scouts have se- Kincaid the case was dropped, for the i .... cared /he adventures of the company . reason that the birds were killed in county agent for \\'hi~-~ ~re bevutifutly portrayed. A mass meeting of the patrons )f .l.P. Duke, formerly cashier of the' Idaho. and Idaho hunters are to corn- and E. J. Doneen. oi- theI The Bell theatre management has the Pahease schools has been calle:l :;e,.,.hrity Slate bank. hut sow state' ply with the Idaho law only. The neigbborhood, were m donated the use of the theatre and the for Friday night for the purpose of supervisor of banking, was a guest of Idaho law allowssix birds to a hunter arrmlging for a mee~- el)tire 1)rocee]s will be usetl in secur-,discussing the overcrowded conditions the Chamber of commerce at the reD-'in one day, while the Washingtola law in the Fraternal hall il:g- fnrnisMngs for the newly estab-] that exist in the grade schools of this ular weekly luncheon Saturday. allows but five. A hunter living near October 10. The Ii,.hcl rcadi~g room for the Sc,~uts. city It is said that many of the He gave a very Interesting addresG'th9 border of the two states may kill .he meeling is to art)its,,~ Fifteen and 20 cents admission, ~rade teachers are teaching 50 or in which he stated that this com-~ftve birds'in Washington and then go the farmers of thisI will be charged and tickets may helmore pupils and that some of the inanity could be especially thankful',.~er into Idaho and kill six. thus ~iv- the lParm Bureau move- secured from the Girl Scouts. i classes numbering 50 or more must be that it had not felt the- stresa of hard ing hiln 11 birds in one day. become strong in the heard by the teacher in 15 nlinutes';..t.i~a~ keenly as other locMi~ies. However. it is best to take the time. This condition makes it impos- I, Ie declared that in all his knowledge Washington birds home before going throughout the western Stereopticon Pictures at Crane Creek.t MAle for the teachers to conduct the no locality was so fortunate as Pa- into Idaho to secure the allotment, for Bureau of VVhitmaa. Mr. and Mrs. Thompson of Elbertonl:.chools with the maximum of effi- lonse in this respect, if c~:ught with 11 birds in ~,Vashing- secured the services of will give an entertainment in the ciency Mr. Duke drew a comparison be- ton he is liable to arrest. The State preside~)t of the ~pb'er Crane Creek school house Tues- There has been mucl~ murmurin~ ~ween the financial condition of the law says that if over five birds are Federation and one off, (l~y night Octol)er 11. They will por-i since school began anions the patronn country and a man who had sufferedfound in any one man's possession it of three that has chu'?4e, traY the life of Christ by means Of[and complaints have come to the ~': seige of typhoid fever. In the case~is conclusive evidence of hisguilL tie at ~Vashington, D ..... tl~e ~rereopticon. Musical nmnbers ~,~,.,,,o,~ ,,~,~,,~,,z,,~o~"*"~-"' .... ~u ,-~u,~,,--v* ....... "- ~ua~" "~ ~thc man with. a fever, after the re- would, therefore, he considerd in- ~eetings will be held in will ~l~o be a feature of the entertain- 1hey ....... aoopte(1 ~ms means to ascertain" - vor h::s been broken,,we say he is bet- nocent of a demeanor only by a pre- lP.ent. The program is given nuder'.tlte . ...... ,the first being at Pulouse. - ' . sent'meats o[ the people of the tar. "'This does not mean," said Mr.'ponderance of evidence that the 11 is an untiring worker the auspices of the M. E. churches of district iu regard to this situation. Duke. "that he is well by any means. ~ birds had not been killed in Wash- Whitln~tn county. | federation. He farms ex- " "['he ~:chool authorities are endear- tf be should indulge to() freely in ac- ington. .l~ear Farmington. He was ................ 'Grind to secure the maxtnmm effl- tivi4jes sol prescribed by his p hysi-' the mercantile business Levi Buchanan a Benedict. /ciency with the minimum cost to the elan he suffers a relapse that may Teachers Entertained by Club, was postmaster there Levi Buchanan surprised his friendsI people and hesitate to increase expert- l)rove fatal. This is the situation in' The lady teachers and the wives ot and bought %vheat for here a few days ago when he stole diture of the district fui~d without this country. ~Ve have gone through the men teachers of the Palouse veers ago he decided' ~,way ~o Moscow and was married tol first consult3ng the wishes of the tax- a fever, the fever is broken and if We schools were, entertained by the o~ the ~anch and earn an Yli~ M~ry El)rouse. After a wedding] payers, observe the rules of health we will Round Table club Thursday everAng, he stated, trip to Spokane the couple returned to Where efficiency is at stake it recover; if we do not we will have a'september 29 at the home of Mrs. I. bureau does not only in- Palouse. where the), expect to make ,voul(I seem that the matter of the ex- reiat:~e. ' C. Pdtersoli. Thirty-six responded to but the women of the flair future home. Mr. Buchanan Is -enditure would be a secondary con- "We have gone through a laver'roll call. "Quotations From Noted Ed- ,-,s weTL as one of well known here. His bride [s slight- sideration in the minds of the tax- ~nd are better, but a long way from'v.ct, tors.,, The following program was of the movement is to ly ];nown in thin city l)ayers, well.". Mr. Duke conclude;l, given: "Prayer From Tosca," Puc- living conditions on the ~ .................... Palouse has the chihtren and their ..................... cini Miss Jane Fagan, accompanies lieve the farm women o! i ~y$ His Crop Was Good. e('.ncation must be attended to. It PIONEER~ VT~'_T 2:T LEWISTOII by Mrs. Joslin; piano duet, "Father- of the farm. "~.evi Archibald returned from AT-t ~:hould not b6 a matter of choice as to ........ 'land." Moszkowskl, Mrs. Risley and of the communlt~y "berta Monday, where he has been what action to take. but a matter of ~. ,]'. Boone Se~ ~_':2'; C:::.ll~eS ; ~ Mrs. Joslin; "Nor All Eternity," Mas- particularly interested in looking after the harvesting of the necessity The children are here anti His Lifeliil~3. "cheroni. Mrs. Risley, accompanied by and we want them tO-crop on his land. Fie states that as a (h~tv to the commonwalth "should hear what Mr. Gray has~ " " On Sunday Arch Boone accompan- Mrs. Joslin. Following the program a ~.,mak louder tha.n duty to the pocket- led .by his wife and son, his father two-course luncheon was served. " JMETHODIST CONFE NCE general thing the crops there are b~ok. It is thougl~t~ by th~ majority and mother, Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Bpoae, Doneen. !'light, but his place yielded 20 bushels county commissionerS,an acre. ~t): tph~, :l~.~lld :~(l:a~:dSd tAd: ::re drove over to Lewiston and Clarkston. to continue the office ~. b e e S~/anley Anderson and his two daugh- agent and the Farm. rectly. , endeavor to keep the t~,. Phyllis and Norma. and .toe.. WILt MEET IN FALOUSE SPELLING TEST GIVEN ~,~ Beula and Miss Doris Boone.] Its own expense. Without] ~ M. E, Ladies Thank Public. were also included in the party. A i . agent there can be no AT FALOUSE EH00t The l'tdies of the Methodist church basket hmch was servedatnooninthe Bureau and censequent-! wlto gave "The Old Maids' Conven- auto tourists'.park, which is locatea iF0rty Ministers Will Attend--~a~y of Vehitman count)- t~c~':.tast Friday night wish to thank' abou! one mile east of Lewiston, near service to the'state or Laymen Expected--Bishop Organization: The national N_any Take Test--Few Make Exemp- t~e public for its liberal patronage, the Clearwater river now contains 1.500,000 qbey also wish to express their ap- Forty-five years ago the writer was Will Pl'e~. and has become a powerful I ti0n Grades--General Average l~reciatlon to those from the other for two (lays a substitue United ,~tates (,hurches who contribute~l to the sue- mail carrier from Colfax to LewistolrI The Moscow district of the Colum- ~Cnring conditions that will Disappointing. (,~,,s of the entertainment. ' and return. At that time the ~.~lai! bin river conference of the Methodist increased return to the ' - was carried in but one pouch and ou Llpiscopal church will hold a meeting Consequently put him on of li~/ing... In planning ~t course ~n high school ~NDEAV011ERS TO HOLD RALLY/the hurricane deck of a cayuse. " in Palouse on October 17 and 18 ~---~_~__ spelling, to be given as a part of the The great change in condition~ and which promises to be of much interest Are Pr0vidingI0r Large Crown Tues- modes of travel since 1876 is wall to the Methodists of this vicinity. The FOR $115 AN ACRE, ~' English work. the faculty did not feel day Evening. known by all oldtimers in the Palon~!e purpose of the meeting is to develop that it was advisable to waste time A convention of the Latab~Whit- country. S.J. BOONE. a uniform program for all churches Bought by Brantner giving spelling either to individuals, man County Christian Endeavor so- in the conference. All the district su- Takes P0ssessmn. or to ~he group as a whole if they did' ciety will be held in the Christian Re])0r~ Shows Good Attendance. "perintendents are expectea to be pres- " ~. Crow farm south of Pa-'net need it. According to the regula- church at Palouse Friday night. A During the past month the attend- ent, aswell asaIt the ministers in the Lions laid down every student ~ho banquet will be served at 6:20. Mr. nee :,t the city schools has been ~listrict It is estimated that between recently to Emery ht a consideration ot ~115 could correctly spell 95 out of 100 :i~,rt of Garfield will be l)~;esent and very good The enrollment is the 40 and 50 ministers will be present. words from Chew's Speller would .J)c leliver an address. He .was" at tbe :~rR~,, in the bistory of the schools. Among them will be many "not able~. The place comprises lg0 r excused from all work in spelling as~:.,nvention of the Endeavorers at New '!'he fl)llowing is the report of the eu- The bishop, \~illia~n O. Shepard, wl[i has beer, owned by Mr.. long as they maintained the proper York in July , ro!l:~ent qnd average Attendance: be present and deliver an address ou number of years. - . . .~tandards in their written work. De!cgate:~ from all comnmnities in Average the last day of the lneeting. i,~ now :n possession ,. seeding.. A list of words compiled by.a bust-' ~he two counties will be present and Eurolhnent Attendance "We are trying to develop a sys- Was negotiated by H. ness college was used. This list was the local Endeavorers are providing Fir.~t grade .... 52 48.8 "tematic and consecutive program uo city. who has sold~ ~:]~(''ke:l wilh the speller and sn'o- for the entertainment of fifty or more Second grade. 46 43.3~ thv.t every movement of the local farms and leases in thi.~ st.ituti,.)n~ were made for the 16 out of town delegates. Third grade .... 52 47.54 church will count in the production words i~ the list but not in the spell- Fourth grade. 28 21.80 of a trained and uniform member- the season, tile lll[)s1 being the sale of a lease; er. The standard was placed at 95 Hunters Get Deer. Fifth grarlc .... 38 33.12 ship," ~aid District Superintendent Faires place of 400~ per cent in the beliof that such a Warren Alva and Bud Throop Sixth grade .... 39 36.55 Charles McCaughey, in a letter to Ida Bunch. and a standard was a reasonable llasts for P:es Turnbow and Arthur Hunsper- gcvenLh grade.. 41 37.80 Rev. 'W. M.. Martin. the A. A. McI)onald pl;tce; exempting students from ttze wor~: tn ;.:er returned Wednesday from the bJighth grade... 31 28.81 ~ Many laymen are also expected to be 320 a.cre to Win. Crow the spelling, especially after a period ,,~th fork of the Clearwater river. Ninth grade .... 34 " 31.17 present and if plans materialize Pa- that he has a num- of two weeks for review. The boys brough home one deer and Tenth gra(le~.. 33 31.62 louse will be visited by 100 or more ,, .~ ,, t The test w'as given a[ tize opening .~ quantity of small game. The deer Eleventh grade. 21 19.6 Methodists of other towns in the con- Pending of cunmaerame, several of minor ira- of school on Friday, September 3{), was a two-year-old buck. The party Twelth grade... 21 18.87 ference. There were 100 students present to reports ttle hunting as excellent on ---- [~:,ke the test. Three students mado ~he Clearwater. l City Council AdDiCts Budge. Change in Game Laws. ~Ite exemption grade as follows: Sen- - .................. Changes In ,Whitman county game The budget prepared by.the finance F- fro ,dL i c, ommittee recently was adopted by mCana i(,r, Agne~ Dilts. 95 per cent Juniors, Missionary Saeiety Meets. laws are so numerous that the countY,the arnsworth returnee ~at- Wihna ('row 95 per cent: Lols "['he Foreign Missibnary society ot game COmlnissioners have them print- city council Friday night. REPUBLIC i i , m 0CT0~..R 7, 1921. XENODIgAN gLUB IS ENCOURAGED RUMMAGE SALE WAS SUCCESS- CITY FATHERS GIVE LIBRARY BOOST- PRIVATE DONATIOI~ ARE PLEDGED. The Xenodican club's efforts to build up a creditable library have r~ eeived much encouragement recently. Last Saturday the rummage sale which the club gave netted $30 for the library. The teachers of the grade scltoo}a have pledged $i apiece for the iiU~-~ chase of new story books suitable for the grade students, and many citi- zens have promised liberal donatiolt~ for the library. The city council has included in the budget recently adopted by thetn a fund of $ 240 for the maintenance of the library. The ladies of the Xenodican climb established the beginnlng of a library ~ome time ago and maintained it unly by perseverance, sacrifice and efforL Recently the vtflue of their work hsm gained recognition and from now on the ladies expect to build up a ll- brary by degrees until ~ will be sec- and to none in any town of [liTe-~ size of Palouse in the county. The library is open from 2:30-to 5 o'clock on Tuesday afternoons and to ~:30 o'clock on Wednesdays This library is maintained in the city hall and persons desiring reading matter may secure books a't these hours at s nominal charge It contains over 500. books consisting of works of fictio~ history, reference works and numer- ous others, Mrs. E. E. Boone'is act- ing as librarian. New books have been ordered a~d will soon be av.aila, bie for readers in this cdmmulllty. Help Faculty Decid~ The faculty mombers of the Palotm~ high school wish to receive an .opin- ion from the patrons of the lligh. school as to what time they wi~h so- cial fun'ctlnns of the Riga ~ml~aol ~houldeh~:during the winter. If you 'will bring to the school meetin~ l~rl- day night a slip of paper on which you will have written the time you wish your children to be at hSme from high school parties, thes~ papers will be taken up by the f, aculty and all hour decided on to end all social functions carried on by the high school students. COOKS ARE HOME ~ROM ALASKA. Have Been in Government Service --Will Retire. Dr. and Mrs. N, M. Cook returned from Kotzebue, Alaska, Saturday. where they have had charge of a gov- ernment hospital for the past three ;ears, Kotzebue is 100 miles above the Arctic circle and the Cooks know something of the rigor~ of real arctic, life. They have no fault to find with life in Alaska,. but are glad to g~t beckto the Palouse country. They have stone very interesting experlen(~es ~o relate of the country. and the doctor has promised to con- tribute a story of hls expertenc~ to The Republic as soon as he gets set- tled, He does not expect to p~ctlce m~l- trine any longer, as he says he has . given 50 years to relieving Pain and sickness and thinks,he has earned a rest. He and Mrs. Cook will llve qul- .~ etly at Princeton. Idaho. Farm Staff Sells Well In spite of the reported slowing ~.,. )own of business, farm sales are being Hussar, Alberta He has~ Bridgefarmer, 95 per cent. ~or several weeks looking~ The following studel~ts, wbile not at, rests in which he andiquite reaching the exemption stand- s residents are interested.; ard, are entitled to honorabl~ men- t" he crops m-Alberta as~ tion: Seniors. Mildred Parker. 94 per going all ~ne way from i cent; Plan Andrew, 91 per cen~ Jun- an acre.~ iors. Bl,anche Farnham. 93 per cent: ' Harold Dix~m. 93 per cent: lVrances to ~t Back, [Robbins. 90 per cent. Sophomores, with her two children.! Roscoe Kincaid, 94 per cent; Rose, returned home last: Broton, 92 per cent. Freshmen. Ulah Cochrane. 91 per cent; Dick Dixon, a two weeks" automo- 90 per cent Vivian Duncan, 90 per gette Lake and Weiser. returned by way of Be- ecnt. No. taking Class and Pendleton. They Class test average trip, but state that they get back to Pal0use. I Seniors ........... J.9 82.6 1 Juniors ........... 20 77 Sophomores ....... 30 698 Hold a Sale, Freshmen ......... 31 73 ia billing a sale forI The above data shows the need of He expects to sell every*-i more thorough work in spelling and retire from farming. He' explains why the faculty is asking !to Palouse as soon as the each pupil to purchase a spelling book. ~ho Methodist church met with Mrs. e-I separately from the license. Sports- protests were offered, well atten,dod and the stuff offered - ., ~. Reiniger ~,Vednesday afternoon, men cannot be governed by the laws o |for sale is bringing good prices..At . The ladies spent a very profitable on the back of the present license, l~re at Bovill. ~ [the ~ale held by C. D. Morris eo~:: h:)ur, after which they were enter- The new law~ will be given to each , According to reports a fire occarre2[brought as high as $128 and a t~il~ tpined bv the hostess. A delicious f..urc'haser of a county license and to at Bovlll Monday afternoon in which[of horse~ brought $306. Reports fro~l lancheon was served ~to the guests, all others who may call [or them, 20o.000 post~ were burned. Due to~tb, e Daughertv sale are equally as Licenses and laws at Mecktem's Phar- the abvence of any wind the citizens[ good. Cows sold at good figures and Loyal Bereans Plan Party. mary. succeeded in confining the f~re o the] horses sold well the high team bring- The Loyal Bereans of the Christian posts, otherw|se the whole town ins $346. This is very different from reports of sales held in other ~ctions church met in the church last Tues- Seniors Have Wether Roast. would have been destroyed. [ day night, The ladies are planning a The seniors of the Palouse high ~ R-~l~ ~-- j'ofthe county. ., Halloween party, school met at 5:30 last Friday even- Candy Sa e Will Be Held. / ins and went to Hughes bridge, where The high school girls wil hold a P~th Gritman an Office. Roy ' they enjoed a wether roast. The party candy sale in front of V.~'illiamson':~ The girls of Monroe hall at Chancy Clark Is Postmaster. ~/Word received from Congressman a~rived home at 11 o'clock. Miss Cure- store Saturday from 11 to 8. The recently held an election of offlesrs , John W. Summers states that Roy minds, class advisor, acted as chap- proceeds will go toward the purchase at which Miss Ruth Gritman of Pa- t!lark hase been permanently appoint- crone. ,~f an athletic field. The hearty co- louse was elected corridor repr~eu~ ed postmaster of Palouse. operation of every one is solicited, tative. , Loyal Women Hold Meeting. / t Methodist Ladies Meet, . The Loyal Women of tAD Christian / Cox Property Is Sold. ~ Lodge Has ;Iolly Time. Tbe Methodist ladies met with Mrsi church hehl a meeting Tuesday in the ~-'M~r, and Mrs. Foster Daily have The La',!es and Kni Martin a~t the parsonage Wednesday rooms at tbe church. Tbe regular purchased the L. G. Cox property gave a chicken supper in ~fternoon, Ab(~ut 20 ladies were preso business of the meeting was trans- They will make it their home, Mr.I nal hall Tuesday'evening. ent.. Refreshments were served, acted. Cox will move onto a farm. ' were pre~mnt and report a jolly time. ?