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October 7, 1921     The Palouse Republic
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October 7, 1921

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~i~!i!~i! i~!: - ............... :,-~~- i.~~ '..2'": 2:" ._L~L22.L~2... ~.WUJT V~IID IlrlP_nnnno ?.n rnsrv~o ~nr _~n~|tftIAne~~cletywasfnrmed, calledtheI ~?n.~._~nAi tUUn nclunouno ainu rlliCNb~ Atlt buino i,~land Empire ~edical ~yoci~tion, i~ ~ " .. , ,------------- . ------~ lwilich embrace~ eastern ~Aashington ,:omb, g. Walch for tile]lugs just c,)ml, lcted a new bungalowind four counties in northern Idabo. ~ te. ................ land the famih' is comfortahly settled! Mrs. Joe Lynch and son, John, left \ E~ls(m was In Slmlcane Sat-[ in ttleir new home. Tuesd;ty for Kendrtc, Idaho, for a few ~. ~rday. | C.W. I,'ollis and wife of Steptoe~daYS' visit with Mrs. Lynch's sister, ~er was a vial( n" in M( ' ! were vi:dlors with Mr. Foltis' nlother Mrs. \V. ~V. McAllister. ~2tter ~'~'~ a ~ ~ " :'- ill t)U OU~e Sunday ~ licnrv Sinclair is improving the J i~vw 'l'UC:day. I ....... 1 " " r w t " n ~lark wa~ a \1fse~ ~! ! 51I'. and Mrs. F. tt. Ankcorn andI W. Shreve prope ty i h an addltlo ~~\ ...... ~ :' tMr. and Mrs ,q J. C.amoron motored! to the house and a new cellar and is to Lewiston Sunday. linstalling a septic tank. Inferest in tennis ~:,~ revived irt Mrs. A. Bitzer was "'i i Mr. and Mrs. W. F, Morrison and ~"~ ',:u.%:md ~,ver Sunday tr , Mrs. Walter Farnham and daughter, Ruth, motored to Moscow Sunday and iii: .and Mrs. J. B. Dudley drove to Mr :~[ SPokane Thursday. Peter Hes)Jy of Deary was in Pa- I~e Tuesday night. Egan Nagle, From near Pollat(.l]. Was in town \Vednesday. Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Parker left by attic for California Tucs(tay. Sanders and Abe Johnson Tllesilay for l~olltlers ]?err)'. The I). M. and J. Ik Dudley Fami-] lies nmtorcd io l ewiston Sunday. I 13all .Mel)onald of Ptllhual] was aI Charles Wagner from Hoodoo was ill Palou~e over night Tuesday night G. W. Miller and family autoed , , MOScow, Pullman and Colfax Sunday. : Efilgenc Cochran oF I'rlneeton was: trip, setting l)uMness ill PalollSe Moll-' 71; m: ~)~r, 1.. l,'t~,ns,,,,rg ~,,,, c,,ild, o~l i ~Pellt a few days in Si)okane !ht:~ i~eek, i , 13. M. lmlav of Princeton was in i ~ialotlse Tbltrsday en finite to Spo- t '~:' .I Kee,..,, ,,,a~ dow,, ft',,,,, ol,- i ~ortunitv visiting his family over Ill SUnday. " I ~4rs. p. If. Antlkcorn ~ccoulDanied ~ ~slster, Mrs. Cameron, Io Spokane esday. r. an(l Mfrs. Thee. N. lmesing IPellt the week end with Frank Bettis In Noscow. Prank McGee arrived home Wect- ~.Sday and will visit his mother for ,'t ~eW days. z a~ Allgnst l eistller sieved from to'" ~| ~I0scow to the place he bought fro~ li"Jtll|t~s Friis, south of Palouse. lie to Spokalw Monday. onlSpent the day at the Schlck h()me. '.\1 el hodisl ladies will pnt "The Ohl Maids' Conventi(m" at Gar- fi~dd Friday. Oclober 14. ]~a,II b'ollrllicr and son, Edward, of lhe Siept(m country, was in Pa- louise 'l'httrsdtty tilt business. N. tL Nicol returned front Iowa re- Ice:IllS :lzld l'el)( rls tile wheat crol) light, t?orn is very good, he says. Mr. and Mrs. ,l. \V. Simpson visited with ,I. W. [tarper Saturday. They were formerly Palonse residents. The high school is bringing IAlcey, the enlertaincr, to Parouse. Don'[ nLiss it. You have a laugh coming. Mr. and Mrs. 1). Miller of Rosalie wore ill l)alollse \Vednes(hty, tile guests of Mr. and Mrs. Karfstedt. Miss Genevieve and Schuyler Dart/, who are allending the University of t(lah(~ at .\[oseow. spent Sunday at hOllle. ;\ lllll~lber of Odd Fellows of tile local Io(t:4e are l/l:~nnlng on going to (:olfax lCriduy to attend the district .onveil I ion. School in the grade building was dismissed "l'hur~tlay forenoon, as the water supply ill the bnilding was turllcd o[12. Mrs. Anna Wiley returned Sunday frollL (?hotcau, _~,[ontIln't, where she lies been visititig her son for the past follr Ill&n| h~. I,'. \%'. Creed is distributing bills for a'.sate to be behi October l l. He of- fers 101) head of live stock and all f aa'Lnil).g tools. J l)rs. llein and Wolfe attende the Whitman County Medical association Card of Thanks. meetiltg at Pullman Montlay evening, l i Wc wish to express our apprecia- t lion for the syrups hy and kindness ,,f lhe neighbors and fricn(ls during \ ollr recent sorrow. Mr. and Mr:~. Gee. E West and family. \Vat is over. Prtce~s on Beef cut in imlf. City Market Let Us Be Your Bookkeeper A dozen short years ago few people kept personal books of account. Today, however, the requirements of the in- come tax are such as to necessitate the keeping of books or some form of record for nearly every" one. More and more people are using the conven- ience of a checking account in this Bank, and thus have an immediate and complete record of all cash receipts and disbursements. Farmers National Bank PALOUSE, WASHINGTON DliH~L RS SIL~VE. HI v Posts Posts Posts WE HAVE THeM FOR SALE AT 19o EACH. POSTS. LET US SHOW YOU. Talk About Cheap Flour, We Have It. l~alouse Cut-0ff Flour, per bag' ....................... $1.50 ~d-fted Snow, per Bag" ............................. $1.95 01ympic,the best in town, at, per Bag ................. $2.10 Every Sack Guaranteed. Ydll-Feed down to pre-war prices, mill run, per ton, $25.00, or, per single sack ............................ $1.10 ~rar,, per ton, $24.00, per sack ........................ S0~ Shorts, per ton, $26.00, or, per single sack ............ $1.20 MASH, SCRATCH SHELL, GRIT, BONE, CHARCOAL, MEAT SCRAPS FOR CHICKENS. Every Sack Guaranteed, WE DELIVER. IF NOT RIGHT SEND IT BACK. Webster Company Grain, Feed, Flonr. I~AI,0usE " POTLATCH Two cases of diphtheria have de- ~ctol)ed in the home of Guy Puckett at Kennedy Ford. The cases are not serious and tile patients are improv- ing. I. E. Wolheler was tip in the Lnotln-I talcs hunting last week. Reports are[ ihat he was chased by a bear, butI ;mthenticity of these report~ cannot[ ! be vouched for. [ Mrs. Joe Davis returned from Eu-I gone, Oregon, Monday. Mrs. Davis Ires been in Eugene for the past four weeks. She was called there by the dcaih [ff her younger brother. R. W. Jones of Spokane was ill ~wn the first of the week. Mr. Jones is district manager for the Northern Life htsurance contl)any and was pay- ;~g death chdms in this vicinity. Tim exhibit of White Cross work :~1 tim Baptist church last Wednesday :~t:lernoon delighted the many visitors who canlo. A pleasant and profitable liftoL'nol)ll rewarded those who came. Mr. \Vhitford, who is ~n the employ of the Northern Pacific railroad, has ~eturned from .'t trip to Minnesota. lie stated that through North Dakota there has been considera~Ic rain thls fall which impeded the progress of threshing. tilt', and .\Ira. S. J. Caraeron, who have been visiting ,Mrs. Cameron's :,tater, Mrs. F. H. Ankcorn, returne~l to their honte at Wiarton, Ontaria, l'uesday. They went by way of tktlifornia, Salt Lake, C, hieago and Detroit. + AMONG THE CHURCHES @ @@4.@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Baptist Church, Superintendent J. C. Lazenby will -.peak at the Baptist church at the morning service on "'Religious Educa- lion." Come and hear an expert. At night the pastor will presell on II - -- " III HILL I~AMIZY GIVEN FARZW'gT~Z. I Neighbors Present Couple With a Handsome Percolator, "Should auld acquaintance be for- got?" The peot)le living eight miles east of ('olfax evidently think not, if i judgment may be based on what ha~ ported l-tst Friday night. men, women and children met at a cross roads about 8 o'clock at night. Their movements and appear, ance plainly indicated some unusual event "had h,lppened or was going to hap- fen. [lark figure,~ could be seen pass. ipging to and fro between the assem- bled cars and low whisperings dis- turbed the otherwise still air. Mo- tions and gestures indicated an oh- iecove farlher east. The presence of children and the absence of white gowns and masks were the only rea- son preventing the assumption that this nightly aggregation was certaZn- ly a meeting of the Klu Klux Klan. When all expected participants had reached the rendezvous they proceed- ed as stealthily as possible to the home of Clive L. Hill. All was quiet, even Fritz, tile watc~ t~og, being un- aware of the presence of an assault- ing force. At a prearranged signal the auto lights were turned on the house and into the windows and sim- 'ultaneously every auto horn sounded ~regularly and irregularly and a va- riety of other devices were used in renouncing the arrival of the Klu forces. Figures in all stages of dress, ~'except full dress, immediately ap- 'peered at the windows demanding an i explanation of such an outrage. The 'explanation was soon explained that the friends and neighbors had come 'to give them a "farewell surprise" prior to their departure to Palouse where they expect to make their home. Many baskets of eats soon made an ztl)pe~trance and all present were soon enjoying an evening which will not ~oon be forgotten. An aluminum cof- fee percolator of ample sic was pre- 'sented to Mr. and Mrs. Hlll as a token 'of esteem and friendship felt for them !)y their neighbors. Musical Instru- ments also appeared and the "O1' Vtr- 'gtnia R~eel" forced into the back- 'ground any and all thoughts of the clock. It was I a. m. before anyone' thought of going home, and the crov:d i !dispersed expressing r~grets at the l 'loss of good neighbors and v.'l.~ht~g them success and happ[no~ !:1 [,#i"i~ i ~e~,',' home.---Col fax tl ~, ~e~, ~.. GLAs i FiEfl AI)VE RTi$ 6 FOUND--Pair boy's spectacles in front of Dr. Farnham's residence. Call at this office. ~reA}gTEi)---A good violtn. itl-qtlire at Republic office. FOR RENT~Two furnished rooms for light housekeeping. Klttie Fos- ter. 30-2-P congregation last Sunday night. Sunday school at 10. B. Y. P. IL at ~;:,0. Leader Miss Bailey. Prayer meeting Thursday at 7:30. if the men of the town would come to church the young men and boys wmfld soon follow their example. "E.~euses," the subject chosen by the WE OFFER a cash discount of 5 cents Church of Christ. Next Sunday will be Mr. Shrop- ~'hire's last Sunday In Palouse. He itas been here but a little over two months, but in that time has made .;mile very warnt friends. In this last :amouncement he wishes to thank all who have in any way contributed to- ward tnaking it pleasant for him and i~is fanlily during their short stay. Bible school at 10, Mrs. Warner su- mrintcm/ent. for all ages and grades. Preaching at 11. Subject, "If %Ve ~)nly Knew Jesus." Christian Endeavor at 6:30. l'reaching at 7:30. Subject, "That Great Gulf Cannot Be Crossed." Every one cordially invited to at- tend the closing services of Mr. Shrop- ::hiz'es ministry in Palouse. Holy Trinity Church. Church school, 10; Eucharist and sermon, 11; evensong and sermon, 7:30. p. m. E .W. BURLESON, Vicar. lllg cut in Beef. Now is the time io stock up. (At. Market. Announcement. I wish to inform the public that I will start my chop mill and cider mill the first of October. Bring in your i grain and apples, Cider .vinegar 40c !per gallon. Gee. DeGowin. 28-3 on the dollar. C. C. Glelser. 30-1p i~ I| FOR SALE---Folding baby go-cart; nearly new, Phone 104-R. 29-tl OUR rates are best on Farm Mort- gages. Inland Empire Securities Co., 727 Old National bank building, Spokane, Wash. 25-it TItE, MAN who took the set of drap- ers th:tt was offered for sale at C, D, Morris' sale is known. He will save himself trouble by returning them to the Palouse Hardware & Implement company. No questions wll! be asked, 29-tf FOR RENT~Pour-rooms furnigh-ecl complete for housekeeping. Inquire of Mrs. IIarvison, Phone 56. 29-tf FOR SALlg--Range, first-class, Btan- dard Favorite. Inquire Mrs. Annie Gregory, Phone 18-F-23 28-4-p FOR SALE~A Coles Hot Blast heat- ing stove. Dr. J. M. Rlsley. 26-tf Twelve-inch boards, surfaced two | . sldes, $1.40 for one hundred feet. Six-inch Rustic, $1.20 for one hun- dred feet. 27-tf Potlatch Lumber Co. WASTE no tears upon lost years, but turn a leaf and smile and econo- mize and get back to pro-war basis, and use local wheat flour at $1.50 par 'sack, $5.80 per barrel at mill. Pa- louse Milling Co. 21-tf gP/RZLL~. CoRsETS-Mrs. $, I~I, RiS- IcY, Spirella corseteer. Phone 126J R. Thompson, Cannon st. 22-tf LO,qT~A black travolin.,: bag filled with clothing, mostly baby clothes. Contained purse with sonic money tn it. Bag also contained spectacle case and crochet work. Lost between Pull- man and Palouse Sunday/ ~'inder notify Ira Short, College Meat Mar- ket, Pulhnan, Wash, 25-tL MADAME MAJER Hyde Bhig. Spokane, Wash. Aocordian-Knife-Side-Box Pleating Hemestitohing, 8raiding, Buttons, Buttonholes, Hat, and Feather Work. MAiL OROtfi$ i~iVEN PROMPT ATTENTION Vv'e have installed new screens in our seed cleaning separator and we are in position to do a better Job of ~eleatilng than ever. PALOUSE MILLING CO. By N. B. Hunsperger. -Baking Powder Deaison l~md Pudding Pans, Wash Pans, Br~ad Pans, Bean Jars, Dusters, Cotton Pearl Stew Pans, Kettle Cleaners. One eacht with 50c can of Baking Powder. GRAND UNION TEA COMPANY C, C. GLY~BR, :Maa~. The confidence of the public in the strength and stability of the Security State Bank is b~t evidenoed by its steady growth and progre~ for 32 years. While it has been quick to adopt any measure for the advancement of its usefulness and assistance to the community along progressive lines, safety has been and always will be the first consideration. Security Statel Bank PALOUSE, WASHINGTON II ! II Bacl~ to Pre-War Prices COLUMBIA GR, AFONOLA8 i ii i I I III Type K,Was $225.00, Now $150.00 Type G, " 150.00," 125.00 Type F. " 140.00," 100.00 Type E, " 120.00," 85.00 Type D, " 75.00, " 60.00 Type C, " 50.00, " 45.00 Type A, " 32.50, " 30.00 Satisfactory Terms May Be Arranged Palouse Pharmacy The Rexall Store Ill II II Ill I ii ! i i ii Gem Nut Cocoanut Margarine is made from Oil, Peanut Oil, Milk and Salt. WELLS BYRON Phone 48. POSBORG MILLER AUTO REPAIRING Earl Posborgand R. J. Miller have opened an Auto Repair Shop in THE PALOUSE STEAM LAUNDRY BUILDING West of Waraer's Hardware & Implement Company LABOR CHARGE $1,00 PER HOUR ALL WORK GUARANTEED Phone 49 When in Trouble Read the Want Column. You may find] just what you want; and your neighbor has it to sell .... A few lines in the I Want Column will bring results. Try it once. . L I ]l I Ill I II II Ill I I I I Ill I I