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October 21, 1921     The Palouse Republic
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October 21, 1921

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i it The Store That is Not Afraid To Lower the Price WlLLIAMSON'S A Better Palouse This 5tore Has in Mind Getting the Business by Carrying the Goods and Lowering the Prices, and Doing It. Note the Prices. Come and Save Ill I I I I I II Illl I Grocery Department Specials 50 Ladies' Misses' Dresses i Dry Goods and ladies' Ready to Wear Specials Just received from New York City Bought at half original cost of 30 days ago. All sizes.- Materials are Serge, Tricotine, Crepe Satin, Crepe Poplin, Crepe de Chine and others. Nicely trimmed. All pop- ular colors. Dresses that cost wholesale as high as $29.00. SPECIAL SALE PRICE $18.45 15c instead of 25c--Curtain Scrim, assorted pat- terns. 10c instead of 15c---Strickers' Braid, white col- ored edge 5c instead of 10c--Pearl Buttons, assorted sizes. 5c instead of 10c---Assorted sizes Safety Pins. 5c instead of 10c Darning Cotton, colors black. brown and w,~/~e. $1.25 instead of $1.65--Chfldren's Union Suits: heavy fleece; sizes 4 to 14. i i i| i i i $1.00 instead of $1.35---Ladies' Cotton Union Suits; all sizes ; good weight. $1.95 instead of $2.25 54x72 Botton Heavy Weight Double Blanket $2.70 instead of $3.50--Cotton Filled Bed Com- forts. $9.95 instead of $2000--0ne lot Ladies' Fall and Winter Coats: all sizes', good materials. 10c instead of 15c and 20c--White Outing; 22 inches wide; good quality. On sale Saturday and Monday only. i Free Demonstration of Kerr's Cereals. Monday and Tuesday Only. Special 3 Packages for $1.00. Kerr's 0ot Flakes, package ................ 35c Kerr's Wheat Flakes, Package ............. 35c Kerr's Hot Cake, Package ................ 35c Kerr's Farina, package ................... 35c Come and Try a Hot Cake. 29c for 1-Pound Can instead of 35c. 63c for 2x/2-Pound Can instead or 85c. $1.S per 5-Pound Can ins*,ead of $1.65. 19e instead of 25c--Large can Red Salmon. 3 for 25c instead of 15e e~ch--Fine Large Dried Prunes. 5c a Bar instead of 8c--G oblin Toilet Soap. Uc a can instead of 20c~Smail size Can Mo- lanes. 6c a Bar of Sapolio instead of 15c, ~ for 25c. $2.10 a Sack instead of $2.40--Montana Hard Wheat FlOur. $1,95 a Sack instead of $2.15--Big Loaf Flour. Best known Flour west of the Rockies. We carry at all times Hal Bros. Coffee, Fol- ger's Tea and Coffee, Fleischman's Yeast, Fresh Vegetables and Fruits. | The N., J. & F. Williamson Co. of Palouse COME, SPEND AND SAVE Men's Department Specials 85c instead of $1.00--Men's Knit Neckties that sell as high as $1.25. Two for 25c instead of 25c~Men's Dress Sex, ~11 colors. 35c instead of 50c--Men's Heavy Wool Sex. 85c instead of $1,00--Men's Blue Work Shirts, all sizes, 10c instead of 15c--Men's Canvas Gloves, $1.00 instead of $1.40--Men's Bib Blue Stuf- fled Overalls $1,65 instead of $2.50--Men's Fleece Lined Union Suits. all sizes, $3.45 instead of $12.50--Men's mid Young Men's Raincoats. 5s instead of 15c or 2 for 25c--Y~Ien's Blue and Red Handkerchiefs, good sizes. 15c instead of 25c--Men's Jersey Gloves. $4.95 instead of $8.50--0ne lot 0. D. Horse Blankets, U. S. Government made. $4.95 instead of $6.00--U, S, Army Shoes, all sizes. $2,25 instead of $3.50--Men's Wool Mixed Union Suits. all sizes. ii i + ~" ii i " ,, , OlWCH NOT RELATED TO WRMONS, SAYS BARNES Latter Day Saints of Utah are En- tirely Different l , Se~t. I ate':::$ :::o::Vd a::aY;o;e$:dif! polygamy," said Elder J. A. BronsonI . this week. who, with~ in an interview other ministers are now conducting CHANGES IN MAPS OF WORLD Almost Impossible of Belief Has Been the Increase in Knowledge in the Christian Era. biapmakers are having a busy thne in these days of everehanging boul)d- aries. Europe has regrouped Itself, and the old nmp of our seboohtays is wrong from top to bottom. But what trem0ndous changes have taken place lu the Christian era. a comparath'ely short tlm~ In the his- tory of the world, observes a writer In London Answers. The Roman's and lungs; so quickly do these carry tim news to the bruin and so instan- taneous Is the resl)r,nse by way of the pneum,,gastrlc and other llerves that the lungs expand to draw it) air aml | the heart at once pumps more rap- Idly--Buffalo Express. Dog Biscuit for Breakfast. Judge Jean H. Norris tells the fun- nlest true story of domestlc difficul- ties. Here it is : In the tragedy of misunderstand- lngs, it is a relief to run across a case that Is strictly humorous. En- tertainment of this sort was furnished In one Instance by a husband, ar- a series of meetings at Legion Hall. map of the world was tile Middle sea Our church was established in 1830. --the Mediterranean~and the lands washed by its waves. To sail out of When Joseph Smith w-,.s assassinated in 1844. Brigham Young, a mi~tster then in good standing of the church assumed leadership and was succesful gathering a small me~abershtp in which he led to Utah where~ he and his colleauges introduced polygamy and kindred doctrines. The membership of the original church reorganized after that unfor- . tunate experience, and have contin- ued to conduct their work upon the name principles as did the original church. The church at the time of Joseph Smith's death had accumulated con- siderable property. A controversy then ensued aa to which was the legal continuation of the church. The matter was taken into the courts with the results that they repeatedly declared that the orginization under Brigham Young was an apostacy, and that the reorginazation was a legal continuation and it wa~ ~twarded the entire church property. I We are here representing the re- organization" said Elder Bronson, and hope not to be confused with the Brighamites of Utah. Which would bring'upon our people a great injuus- tice. "lndophen Blue" s Ns'w Shade, "Indoph~n blue" Is the name of the novelty e-l~ which the dye men are puffing out Id~elr chests like pouter plll~ aid declaring that "American chemists a~ ~lly the equals ot' their GI41mma t,~als I~ resour(~fulnes.~." In i~lelt lalt~nc~ ~e~- have gone beyol~,'f~r t~ as they Iiave tt~ Ger- mtms lmve n~ obtained a blue of this tYI~ pos~amlng all the desired prop. ~rtle~ he color Is brighter and slightJy more violet than indigo nod closety re. $emblea brome-indlgo. Its great re- ~tance to light, surpassing that of Indigo Itself, is a pruperty that de- lights tlie dyer. while It equals indigo In a number of other custonmry tests. including that of boiling. will reigned for nonsupport, who declared that he had left hmne because he had been given deg biscuit for breakfast. the Straits of Gtbralta~the Pillars "That ain't no foundation for a hard of Hercules--was as great an adven-~ day's work!" he complained. "I al- ture am being shot In a rocket to Mars ways have oatmeal porridge lu tl~e would be today! ~ morning; but that precious pup was Fro" another thousand yearn, after sick and wouldn't eat him reffular fare. the decline of Rome, very little prog- ' So the misses gives him my porridge, ress was made. India was a sort of and then breaks np his biscuit and fairyland, China---or (Sa~liay--m~ght tries to pass It ,m to me. Wasn't that have been in the moon, Russia and SI- enough to Mmke any man leave home?" herin were wholly out of bounds. I Asked if she liked the dog better America was not dreamed of, Aus- than she did her husband, the woman tralta had never been heard of, no Eu- burst into a pesn of praise for her ropean ship had ever sailed on the spouse. Pacific ocean, "The dog's s delicate little thing Then, quite suddenly, came the age ] and awfully fussy about his food." she of exploration. The Spanish and Port- e~plained, "I thought if the dog bis- if guess navigators, followed by the cults didn't hurt him they certainly t great English adventurers, doubled [ the world's land area for the mapi makers: Bnt even then the maps were fearful and wonderful. America was a piece of all guesswork, The greater part of Africa the same. Even Eu-i ] rope looked like nothing on earth and 1 where they were at a loss they drew fabulous beasts and bh'ds to fill up the spaces. BRINGS BACK ACTION OF BRAIN ! Remarkable Power of Smelling Salts When the Seat of Reason I= Violently Affected. 1 When Carpentler sent that one ter- rific blow against Dempsey's chin in the second round of their battle for the championship, and Dempsey stag- get.d, dazed by Its force, one of ida seconds applied a bottle of smelling salts to his nose. When' a woman faints, smelling salts are placed beneath her nose. and she revives. The reviving effect of smelling sales is due to the ammonia they contain. Aromatic spirits of ammonia have the same effect. Ammonia Is a very pow- erful stimulant to botl~ the lungs and the heart. In dill strengtil, the fumes of ammonia are Intensely irrifating to the lungs and throat, as any fireman who has helped to put out a burning factory In whieh ammonia was stored can testify. In a very weak scdutlon it irritates only sui~clently to stimu- gas affects the nerves endl : In th~ n_o_se, wouldn't hurt a strong .man. lfke James." The trouble ended In a complete reconcllia ~n.~Ame rI can Magazine. WORLD HEARS NEWS QUICKLY i~ut One Hundred Years Ago the btorao Wall the Only Means of "Rapid" Communication, A few hours after Caruso died the civilized world k~ew of It and was tn mourning. A hundred years ago Napoleon died, on May 5. 1821--and It was exactly sixty days before the world received the news, the New York Evening Post states. Though the English were expecting his death at any moment and had made every preparation to have word trans- mitted from St. Helena to England with all possible dispatch, it was not until July 4, that the news reached London. having been brought there by the sailing vessel Heron. In acqor- dance with the spirit of the times, the message was no~. given out on the arrival of the vessel, but was first con- veyed "to the colonial office, an act which required approximately two hours In Itself. July 4, 1821, fell on Wednesday. On Friday, July. 6, the news reached Paris. Messengers were dispatched from Paris to Germany, where the newspapers commented on the death of "General Bonaparte" for the first ttme on July 12, sixty-eight days after the ~ce. ~t~ Mayence, theti vlrtttaliy a French town. Tile Vossische Zeltung, f,)undcd in 1704 and then, as now, the leading German dally, contained no notice of Napoleon's death until July 14, and then it merely copied the London Tllne~. Private indlvlduafs living In the provinces, regardless of thelV station in life, received the news mucl~ later. It was not conveyed to Goethe. then living at Weimar, until the very last of July. He received it In a letter hearing a black seal. DEVOTED TO BRITISH CROWN people of the Island of Jersey Have for Centuries Been Proud of Their Loyalty. There Is no part of the king's do- minions which has shown a more ac- tive devotlon than the Island of Jer- sey. The true Jerseyman still regards the king as the successor of the dukes of ,Normandy. Jersey elected to re- main under the English crown in the reign of John, when the rest of Nor- mandy reverted to France. It supported the Royalist cause dur- Ing the Civil war and harbored Charles II when he was In exile: It banished Victor Hugo because of some slighting remarks of his about Queen Victoria. and during the late war it passed Its own military service act, for which there was very little need. ~[oreover. not once nor twh'e In this Jough island story has armed ln- v:~.~ion by the French been success- fully resisted Tile last occasion was In 1781. when the Jerseymen, although surprised and outnumbered and desert- c,l by their own governor, who was l~reparing to ct~pitulate, defeated the e~,emy In a most sanguinary battle, fought In the royal square of St. tleller.--London Mall. .. ... -. Baby Accorded Privilege. Captain Vhlal, of tim .steaz~ship (~auada, which do('.ked at Providence, R. I., wired his superiors in Mar- aellles that a baby boy who was born aboard the vessel during the passage from France had been named in honor of the steamer~ Auguste Canada Pera L'azar. The officials extended to tJ~e little fellow the li~elong prlvilege~ of the boat, so whenever Canada wishes to visit France he may do so as a guest of the Canada or any other boat of the line. Flowers Preserved Ir~ ,ce. A wreath of western Aus.vallan wild flowers recently arrh~ed I~ Eng- land to be placed on the Unknown Warrior's grave in Westminster ab- bey. The wreath was frozen in a solid block of lee, and when the flow- ers were thawed they proved to be Just as fresh as when they were gath- six weeks' Jour- ne~ through )Ice. Auctioneering j. j. LYNCH PALOUSE'S PIONEER AUCTIONEER IF YOU ARE GOING TO HOLD A SALE THIS MR. LYNCH HAS A RECORD OF SUCCESSFUL WORK AS AUCTIONEER EXTENDING OVER A LONG PERIOD OF For Dates and Terms Call 9F23, or Address J. J. Lynch, Palouse, * ~ o _ , o o o , i ] The Dandelyon Ba and Lunch A ~ull Line of All Kinds of PASTRIES ALSO ALL KINDS OF CANDIES AND NUTS \ NO ORDER TOO LARGE AN~ NONE TOO SMALL. SPECIAL ATTEBTION GIVEN TO PUBLIC SALES, CHURCHES AND LODGES SPECIALS THREE LOAVES +OF BREAD / FOR 250 HAY GRAIN FLOUR FEED C We have a complete line of Mill Feeds. Prices are pre.war basis. We Solicit Your Patronage. WE DELIVER IN THE CITY LIMITS. FARMERS UNION COM TELKPHONE 58,