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The Palouse Republic
Palouse, Washington
October 28, 1921     The Palouse Republic
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October 28, 1921

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PALOUSE REPUBLIC PALOUSE. WHITMAN COUNTY. WASHINGTON. WI*J Lun~.~uac Ahu thel ~,~ cck-- ]~!dcrs IAMB=' '""" TO HOOD RIVER d H FAIRCHILD I ! FRIDAY, OCTOBER 28, 19~1. 1 ............ H~ ,4g> hi ~!~ ('htirch ot ,]e-;a.~; ('blight i i AND _MERCHANT BE-llcdt r,,r ,ire Va,< two w+ek,~ t~,ve beam REV. C. R. DELEPINE RESIGNS. HAL LIVED IN PALOUSE THIRTY-:I tb IENBER8 0F 0RGANIZA- m E'--WILL LAUNCH PUBLIC- I ICAMPAIGN. I ~,ehanll)er ,,I' comul(,rc(, ]um.h ~t Satnlrd;~v w:~ lilH!'lied b\ Ihan the ,l"diu',r~ e;tthu[qa~in. /~erowd 'tllcil,ie(l th(. ]liu ~]lt~oll, I ,., ca.v. s ) .I ~r the .~ur:,ciu~ ,,f th(` r,~adl I I ~t em)u~h had a!rea,l)" >qr,~n .',Io> I ~tlvitie,, in lids ae',artmei,t. ring. ~ \\ ll I I~hitt',ker ',,,d .I,t,,e,, " ~Were iniro(/uced by .W. i;'. -- ~Whl) staled ihai the;e mr':) ~Us Of h(}colll,'llg' lli(fiil},C;'b ~her ()f colllnl~Fce. " ~'~tallls,-)l-i F(~Sl),)lltlr'!~, S:~ .'ill:= tl been c:)l rte )us v reccivc,l ~ &ll(l he stood reu(ly ai :d, i[ h OOS[ for llt(~ ~)t~{[l~I'l[:Ollr Ol "E~ltaker nlude a very go()d)a(l. (~tlng that he (ti ~ t 'vis ) t( ~--~" ~I~~i~-'t~* e~lll,er be(:uuse of an5 bep- 7/I 2 ,:e ,,, tl,e ,,,,t,.,'. ~hea t( h~ ~,, It \~ t ~-Y) ;~h1 " ati~liate "! .'t' " "ii" ~ber for . the a~si~l:ln(:c i( ':~b~O tiiln l[,\ urged .,,,~;n ;t], ~ uel, s l)r(`SCllt tile iI(:c(>~si('~ ~)i :Itara lllelnl)ershi1) il~ ()rd~r t(> ;Etlle t'ield of activities of tl'~,~' '11 He sugge~;ted theft: lhe '~ ~ncolll.~lge '[al'lllors l (I t)l!- ~lh~rs Mr W" i'iker ,v.).~ .)-.. l~leznb ,/ (>f ttu: agric Iltura [~tl![~MUrray replied t)5' sayillg Ii':Lll~,eetin g'~ of t)l(' :',l.'.,It, ])er ~BL"h Satltr(luv i'()F lie oilier ~iil~t~ to eu'lble ~" r ers to :t- :,.e,. :,:l,,ts :~EDS RAILROAD MAN. IW~ 1~ Of l~ono,ed Citizer_ Is Mar- ~] ~,tied in Svoxane. "* ,o~ 12~lo,, Scot: :,:,,!., .,. ,t,,l- " to ,o,;,a,,,. ,aturd ,,'. Rl :l~'~y Were (/ui,qlv )narrie,? ~,~ ]~1~] ~ Of Our l,ourdes catlle.dra: lllarrllt(,e cereni(/nv ,,"t ..... "': ~!~|.tl Young tout>re ,,,+,-e ~,~,er- !~lhllaer by the groom'.? ,)0v ;'~'~ Mrs l I~' 7ioilui '1 ', I t~, fl~en(ls of tile g;o(nn ~ a:'i it: tt is the datlghter (:f ~,l,. __~':~T. SCott of this eit,'. Eh,, ~"~-~hi~tPleted a co'arse ;tt 'ile school a.d at ~lSt i~]~g in the Dail,/ d:.'st,;el :~iN." ~)f to- '~1, w a. i$~t[~'ufi is ill the eml)l ..... d !t';q_. rallw~.y ~'ompany. H'., (~[ lA;tit!F Ih~\',~till-.~ I~I lhe [.o;~iOll ~1 l'0:ti ~LIUCC'~S. The :([]elldahdce hits t)t,oN5,.i)()d ;llilt" lho ill[tq'os[ [}1(, VCF:. })e:+t. }~]l~!el'-; l~l'()l]:'l) al/([ t!rll)ll \~il| Cl)ll- I![}i~l* [h(" l/t(t~'titl~S i'LIF 3{ L(!agt ttll- ,>~h~ !" w~ek. :~tll)jo('ts l'oF lleXl \\ceil V,t!l ]>e: 'i[)e Ib)(d.:. of Mori)l~)ll. \\'h'il I) I< ~,~l(I \Vhy We i'vlieve 1[.' .... l';m ( ",: I .>, ;,~,>l: c\. ..... l'hu tLef()rnlatil)n," "l'he li~'-~i)z'~*ii()ll." "\Vho Ar,: Mor-. H G!I :~ ',' "" "'IllS'.], \Vhttl !5~ It'}" :.t H (I ' "h('r! ,\I(, lilt ])e:~(l?" \i) ~r(, i)~vil,-d I(> ('())l!e and bri)]g ~,'. il t ::~ q,P.+>Li,)|IS. ;r,~s~icnary Society to Meet. The \V()n]an's Vorei~n MJ~h(, .died a to/'pl:~ or hours l;lt- Jr. Sil(, lit|([ )'i(hi'!il frolo lleI" holilo "till !'l[:,iit[:~ (() ]tll, ht;tllc el l)ou EI- ~t)rc :(1](I the (ar s,opl)e(i out in frollt !)1 1}l~! lie LI~ t.! I() ]ei h0r out. Siic '.i~'!li~d ~ill~[ wuikvd arouud bcllill~l '.]](! CHF. il['Jd, il~. lli~} Cli.k~i)le ill the car i;,~ h;t,] ills! le[l was rllnlling, she id IiOI ~le;il" Ill(! (:aF Conllng /FOnl tile ?t)i!~ ~Ili(I sIu])t)cd [yOlll behind the 'dst (:~tI' jl/s| ia [iilt~f It) t)e st['uck I)y 1lie a l)i)l'()tlc |1 i ILg ('. al'. ];t'. ,l. \V. l'honi]!slll el lq)[]accl" wus called, but ' L}lill,~ (!,ol, Itlra~ ql l~,r cent Zelv.t Biz and cookery a "" c- t t != ~: ('''' ' "~ '; " ~ "- vreek, clothing and textiles e!x hoursI 1.~.y. 9 ; 1)(:r ~:ent: Berni(,e Bittick, 93 and home sanitation and, furuishin;~s per cent. Lwo hours a week. Daen Flo:'e:h:eI Gra'e 7-.-.~.{.ahIGl;d Nortl,rut). 93 Harrison of the home eCO:IOP,17CS ,ie-] per cent; V~vian S, tdphel~L 92 per partment will be glad to have w(nneu cert; Glen [,eFors, 90 Dr~r cent; I~ay- intending to enter flzese classes write nl.?:dd Talhet, 90 per cent; C~?()I Wit- to her. liner. 90 per cPnt; IAllP.m Sonivill,~i Loyal Be~cans Have P~/rty. The ,~()yi:l '2;(I'~'HIIS C'lt,~r!a,Ild(1 the oh}e:' ladies" Cla'~s alid officers of the of ~h+ (q~rist,an church in the base- ineni el ill,. t]~/ir('h Vfednes() ~y egen~ il!g tt lli)lch \\';tN Sel'V~,I (O .t[?'JU[ 100 people. Pe~ry Everelt in =oils. i.!,~'~,., Lehold :;wore ont a ,vm'ra-,~ V,'~0uesAuy (!hargine; Perry Everett \\'it? seIl'rg mortgaged prolmrty. The court dismissed the case w|theut prejudice. Social at Glillne].1. } night from a five-days trip to Grand-! Tuition Is free ill the winter slm:'t'. 90 per cent. The flinchers and pupils of the~-