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October 28, 1921     The Palouse Republic
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October 28, 1921

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T YOUR NEiStlSORS AND FRIENDS ARE DOINGrkane a"dLawreneeH ttr['''''''''''''''''''*** ney of the company, were in Palouse~ AMONG THE CHURCKES ';' this week. . [4. 4, 4, ~ 4. ,P .P 4. Ruth \Vitmer spent Sunday In weds a ride on the depot truck t.:~ Jess Conlstoek, agent for the Nortil-[ Baptist Church. Bill's Place. where Mr. llolland t~eat- ern Life Insurance company,~was up The aerolflane race ;s on a! ibe Edna Goddard Was in Moscow ed the crowd, the river on business Monday. :Baptist' Sunday ~cimo;. Yhe inler- i Mrs. Wilson of .lohn~on spent the, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Sharp and Alr. lmediate boys are yet in lhe lead, buc j MeMael(en visited in Moscow week-end with her sister. Mrs. R. L. aud Mrs. Huffnlan of Steptoe v site, the guqs are giving tllem a gooaI Smith. I at tile James Thl;oop home reeentl., chase. The juniors aredo:ng well and | D, Baum of Pulhnan was in Pa- ),lr. und Mrs. S. b'. De, an have Mrs. George Hyde went to Spokane th?i~u::l r,l:~:PolJt'l{et'l:l:;nin e~i,.e Tuesday. ~ moved out to O. A. Turnbow'~ for the Friday, where she visitea a~ the hone " '" ~ ,~iI " ," , g s,' .... ] i wlllter. {will be on "Fne Secona Coming o~ R. I,. Smith i~ visiting in Sp:>i of her daughter. Mrs. Shirley Dickey. i this week. - i Allan Lemphere of the Security Bert Itwell of Avon was in Ij-IChrist/' At night ~he B. Y. 1' U will me-:t State bank was a Garfieht visitor last louse Sunday and Monda:- Ile is boy-j with the other young peoples -.;~;cte- and ),Ira. C. it. Knapp was In!Sunday Saturday. ing a ranch adjoining sis home place, lies at the Christian church. Mrs. I.ester Wolbeter froul near .\It,,.,; b:itlie Van lqtten :tn(l Miqs There will be m~ion services :it the and Mrs. J..I Lyncll wore In Freeze was shopping in Paluse on \Vilw~, l,"reelv teachers in tile Pat- Christian church. Instead of a 5er- Sattll'dav, Tuesday. " lotlse schools, were in Moscow .qalur- illit a sp[end~J Juo\'ing l}:Cftlre of tile its. L. L. Tureotte was shoppin!~, George Fairehihl of Pulhuan is m day. "Stream of IAfe" will be/4iven. This Saturday. Paluse caring for his father, who is Rev. \V. M. Martin and 17;.tll ilv is a high class film, a.,, good its [he Smith made a business trill t(. very siek. Wellt [O ]a'arluillg'tnn ]asl week lo at- .best. ('Oll!e alHt silst~lill trtls eflorI [o Wednesday. Bert Oderliil of the (!Dye distric! tend the-funeral of .7. 2. Green. an reach the heart lhrough tile eyes. L. Barns of Spt,~.ane was in Pa- was transacting business in Pal.,mse uncle. Pr,o'er meeting on ii'hursday. This: MOnday evening. \Vednesday Mrs. Charles Mecklem went ~o Pull- will be tile last prayer meetitlg of the E. Wolfe was transacting btlsi- Miss Viviau Dartt attended the man Friday to witness the \VashinR- present pastorate. in Moscow Monday Idaho-Pulhnan football ~anle at Pull- tou-ldaho football game and see Roll- lisa Mary Alien visited in Pullman man Friday. in Hood. Holy TrinitY ChurciL Priday and Saturday. Miss Thehna Johnson, who is at- Four ladies from Portland were Sundqy school at 10. Morning se:'- Linden shil)petl a carload of tending college at Pulhnan. was nmae denlonsirating Kerns' breakfasi foods vees at 11. l~'.vening se'~'vices at 5. to Michig HI recently, over Sunday. and lwl ('.ake~ at the ~roeeries in [O~,VII ]'], \V. BI:I{ELSON, Vicar. Susannah llarl)er silent Sun- E. (I. Nnrthrul) is back in I)al,m:-e this week. at her Itme in St. John. after having spent the summer at L. l). tte(lriek of Creston arrive,t Adair, a lllerchrt,l at Prillce- Mizpah nline. Tiles(t&y with his stock and ttousehol~ Was in t'ah)use Saturday Mrs. Emma Christenson of Gel, esee effects. He will live on 1he Slm~ley Uatherine Andrew :eft for i.os is the guest of her cousin. Mrs. \Vii- All(lerson place. California. Tuesday. liam Holway. . A(wor(lin.g to rel)(U'ls tile Iltlnle of ira. Anna \Viley was a passenger -Mrs. C. S. Corwhl left Tuesday for Nolle! Ash appeared in the Slmk;a,e Tnosd'O- morniug, l)in)lba. Calif()rnia, where she will llal)ers among those who were li- J. Jollllson was hi Sl)okane ,'ri- visit her daughter. ('ense(t to marry. George l~au-ll)here tllld family ofI Mr. and Mrs. Virgil l-:erns were Saturday of last week. Moscow were visitors at the H. IC [over from Cheney Saturday and Suit- and Mrs. R. I'. Elrod of Seattle ',\'ells home Sunday. Mrs .'4 T. S(x)II Moltda\'. t(tay. Mr. Kerns is attending the n,)r- " " " " Mrs. Anna \Vilev returned from [ real sehoot at (?honey. (lriitmau i.~ imt,r0ving hi~ End~o|t Friduv, where she had beenI "i~e, rl Sorensou, who was operated Proberty :siJ 31,)lit street, visiting her son. Irving. on last ,luly. does net make as rapid Xem)tl!cau club will meet wilh Leon l,'lansburg has rented th~ improvement as he might. He is still i families. Come and enjoy yourselves.! II. j .Smith Friday or this weeR. Heitzman property aud will move h ullder the doctor's care. f)ancill;4 frollI ~ p. 111. until you get ! Neibellel; nf Moscow viMted [hzhmse for the winter. 3, hn C~ie county (.()mmlssi mer ot tired. CO*IMITTEE. aml Mr.~. II..I. Smith over Sun- Asa Hill is building a new barn on Latah e0unty, aceomtla~md by Dell] ,-, . ..... . --~ ~ ~ ~ .... the prnperty he recently purehasel Davis/'passed through ~'alo,,se AUV a[la,,,b J' Abbott froln Ilear Cott'ax was froln the Security State bank, d v .(;n theh" way to Mostw. /~------~-- ' " 17(~ sAI.7--,G:~e; --= ~ === MOUse Maa(lay hmklng for dairy Miss Golda Wilson returned from ,fi~h's. Sarall tteitzman wii! ]~ ~, milk. 10e quart. Spokane last Friday, Where she had next week for St)okane. whcr~ ,'he G.G. I)asch. 33-2-p Crowd of I)ov~ and gislr chariva-il)een visiting for ;t few daYs. wilt make her home. 5frs. i-]eit;,nh~:l LOST----A tire chaiu for truck, :',.ixI ,~lr. alHl Mrs. Joe Hollanq R.R. Rogers. president of the Ver- is moving to Spokane t,/ be near her 4 Y2. l~'inder leave at this offh!e i night. They gave the newly m(mt 1,Dan & Trust coral, any of Spo- son, 1,'rank. lter two sons, Robart i~n,l :;:~-l-p i John, are attending school at the 1:nl a LOST-. From Miller's barn, a~a" P~- versify of ~,Vashington at Seattle louse high st:hold, October 24, gm~v. / :'? ...................... mare, weight abo'ut 1000 pOUl).(If;,~!la(l~ Resolution of Condolence. on lealher l~alter. Please notify H. A. ! Princeton Lodge No. 11,'1, I. O. O. F'., Ilanson, Phone 18-10-15. Palouse, l ..~ / Jurisdiction of hlaho, Oct. 25. 1921 Wash. 33~tf -. Jurlsdicthm of ,daho, October 25, ~I.A~bou~doz~'ii~urei 1921. bh)(;d Barred Rock ehiekens. St;m- Vehereas. The Great Supreme Rule icy An(lerson. '33-If i of the ITniverse has in his inlinite i S-iqch Rustic, ~1.20 per 100 feet. ' wisdom removed from us Due of o~lr 12-inch Boards, surfaced two sides worthy and esteemed neighbors. Mrs. ~1.4t) Fer her 10t) feet. . I We Glad to Do It GeorgeCoehrane, n,otherofourbe- : .......... ~rc loved brothers in Odd F'ellowshi:~, .... o,, I tOTLAFCH LI,MI)ER CO. [ Clyde, James, Homer and Eugene We have i,t lransit a car of RoslynI (1oehrane, and Coal, the coal you need: tot yoHr fur- Whereas, The long- and intimate na(:e, l'riee at the car $10.50 a ton. -~ relation hehl wilh her in the faithful 3~,]-1 POTI,ATCH LUMBEI~ CO. ;~ When you conic to this bank we let you know discharge of her duties in this eom- b'()R SAlAd--Toulouse Geese. Arch .; munity makes it eminently befitting "Boone. Phone 22-F-3 ;~3-tf by our cordial greeting, and by courteous atten- that we reeord our appreeiation of tion to your needs that we are glad to serve you. her; therefore, t,'()lt SALE-~--Iteating .~tove almosl /tald when yon bank by mail--file care that is Resolved, That the sudden removal my, v; will sell cheap. J. A. Miller. of sueh a life from among our m,dst laOlt S:\I,E -One 4-year-old colt, given the proper handling of every detail is our leaves a vacancy and a shadoy that light sorrel; weight 155u pounds. way of saying: "We're glad to do it." \\'ill be deeply raelized by all the One Durhan~ eow, one Red l)urham We like to have you come in--but when you meml)ers and friends of this organiza- heifer; one roan cow. Stanley Ander- tion alad will prove a serious loss to son. l'hone :,~-F:'. 32-If can't your business will be taken care of just the eonununty and the public. I,'OR SALE---One Duroc Jersey and as satisfactorily by mail. Resolved, That with deep synlpathy two C,l~ester Vfhite boars; eligible with the bereaved relatives of the de- to registry; cheap if taken now; ,{ ceased we express o~lr hope that even lui]es i}ortll of .Moscow. Phone. 911x3 so great a loss to us all may be over- or write R. Kiewel, Moscow, Ida. ?,2-2 ruled for good by Him who doeth all Farmers National Bank P I,OL~E. WASHINGTON FRDERAL RE$~VE FKED FEED FEED Have It--All Kinds FEED, 0IL MEAL, SCRATCH CORN~WHOLE OR CRACKED FF, ED OR ROLLED 0ATS WHOLE OR GROUND BARLEY AND ALL KINDS OF POULTRY FEEDS TIMOTHY AND ALFALFA HAY AND SOME GOOD FORTY-FOLD STRAW OUR PRICES ARE RIGHT ~E DELIVER. IF NOT RIGHT SEND IT BACK. A.j. Webster Company Grain, Feed, Flour. P&LOUSE POTLATCH things well. Be it further ,, lq)H. SAi,E The ti. A. ~.aeslng resI- Resolved, That a copy of these res-[ donee.; will sell cheal) for $1550 olutions be spread upon the records c,sh. Apply ,~t he se :v_'-tr of this organization, a copy prhtted WANTED--To b~o or rent a ilouso in the local paper and a copy for- in oF near fo\vn; with barll pre- warded to the bereaved family. (er,'e(l. Stanley Anderson. 3'2-~f Praternally submltt'ed, i;;i)it S-ALE/--:(ihi(; quarter section of H. L. HAWKINS, land lying close to Pah)ues; all til- B. F. THOMAS, h~l)le. Address box 34, Paluse. ;;1-3p SAM LACKNER, b'OR SALE-Good fresh cow, half " Mrs. Ernestine Rolf will hold a ba- Jersey. Joe Minnette. 32-2p zaar Saturday, December 10. Cooked WANTED -Practical nursing; nm- food and fancy work will be for sale. ternity cases preferred. Mrs. Henry Your patronage will be appreciated. Sinclair, Mohr and Beach s~s. 32-2p 33-1t " sPiRELLA CoRsETS:Mrs~ Ji M. Ris- ...................... icy, Spirella corseteer. Phone 126J t Sheep ~a Lzwn Mowers. I)I{ESSMAKING--.\Irs. B.. Thoml,son, Ill ('ell[r31 ].,:il'ic He\\ Yol'k. and In Phone 163-IL 31-tf Ihe [)urk.~ of ~dher ~'Ili(,~. Mwep aI'~~ WASTE IlO |e;ll's ut)ol, [o~4t years, btlt ilsed iIi Sllbqtlllll]Oh fOl' lawn [|lO~,vel'fi. tlirn a ]ear alld Slllile and econt)- *l'bem~ s]|eep are per,llilled io Vealldr over the grass, In vt|arge, of course, nlize and get back to pre-war basis, of a she|~ll*erd, ?rod the nibblll|g of and use hleal wheat flour at $1.50 p0.r Ille~e crea~llres ~ervos Io keep the sac.k, $5.80 per barrel at mill. Pa- ~rn,:,.; nl(,el~ !rimmed. Tlw edit of enl- louse Milling Co. 21-tf ployh~g men to ten(l the sheep is not " We-have in iransit Owl C.roek mor,, ih'|n Ibat t|f hh'hlg men lO rub IAm|t) and Egg Coal. Phone your or- [l|e IUOV-JePs slid the tlllsHll'ai eft'eel (lers for delivery from ear. ,,f a flock of st|eep grl:lZillg eli II|e :13-1 POTLATCH LUMBER CO. Inwlly; is et,l']all 3' IiIOl'e pleasil]g to ,'ity fiM.k. \Ve have installed new screens in ll h:t~ bee]~ dolnonstrated by expend- our seed eteaning separator a.lld we! enee tt|'~I sheop will ulatlltaill a lawii are iu position tn do a better job of l h, flrsl-elass eel|dittos; and ltmt the elealiin~4 than ever. grnss tiros trll[ll|lPd is aS ileal {I; a])- pearah, ce as any lawn over whh'h the t"A],()USE M,LIANG- CO. meehazd(.al |||Diver has pus,~od. By N. t3. Hunsperger. Baking Powder Deals on Hand Widow of W. E. Cody Is Dead, (?odv, Wvo.--Mrs. William F. Codv, Pit(tiling Pans, Wash Pans, Bl'e~d " " Pans, Ilean Jars, Dusters, Cotton i widow of Buffalo Bill, died at her Pearl Stew Pans Kettle Cleaners ] honle here after a long illness. ~' r. f " [ One ca(tit with uOc can o Baking, Powder. Exchange on Dollar 105,000 Rubles. Mescew.--The official exchange nn GRAND UNION TEA C01VLPANY the dollar ha~ reached 105,000 rubles. C. C, GLIEL~EX, ~Ianager. A Business Man's Error A merchan~ in another city thought he would i,!prove his credit by opening new checking ao- eo~p~ts with three banks instead of giv~g one bank all his bttsiness, Wheat this w.a~i wanted to borrow more money he fouP.d that none of these banks considered them- selves under obiigation to take care or Mm. This man had seriously hurt his credit because ncne of the banks could know all about his busi- ness affairs when he scattered his business among ,:evcra! banks. The man who is in trouble often tries to deceive his bankers by having more than one bank account~but it is a plan that seldom pays. Perfect cooperation from your bank- er comes when he fully understands your problems. Security State Bank PALOLiSE, \VASHINGTON REMEMBER, ~oinf~ through the moult is like going through a long spell of sickness. To force out the old quills and ~,'ow new feathers saps a hen'~ vitality, I;' you expect your hens to be fall producers and winter layers, ii',e',_t %wl !h~:,m Poult:'y Pm~-a-ce-a during and after the moult. ,~vZll start ~'our D~llets and moulted bext.s to lat~g [~ ccw tains TonDs tlmt put your moulted hens in fine con- d;i~on--Tonies that tone up the dormant egg organs~Iron : t: ~ive~ ~l moulted, run-down hen rich, red blood and a red ,~ .,-,b. ~.~ contains internal antiseptics that .destroy disease :~:~ ra~s ~ hat may be lurking in the system. No disease where Fan-a-cc-a is fed. It pays to feed.Pan-a-ce-a regularly. :i i :~ k"ngs back the singing--it brings back the :::~ --it brings back the cackle. That's when you get ...... ' ~,.ad it's eggs you wast--fall egg~, wiater eggs--when e~gs are eggs. Palouse Pharmacy Tell us how many hens you have. We'll tell you how much Pan-a-ce-a to buy. " f~ .............. r .................................. =----- .i Gem Nut Margarine is made from Cocoanut Oil, Peanut 0il, Milk and Salt. irl iii - i ii iiii i i WELLS BYRON Phone 48: m