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November 4, 1921     The Palouse Republic
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November 4, 1921

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THE MO11ON PICTUREREALM ic°uNlx...... AGENT ~__ACTIVITIES ', ' l! • - ..... I Farm Bureau to Secure Implements .... "Beautifully Trimmed." | at Reduced Prices. Miss Carmel Myers will be seen l The Whitman (!ounty Farm Bn- . I at the Bell theatre next Fmday and ireau is ab(mt to (dose a (;eal with the Saturday ill "Beautifully Trimmed,"i Moline l)low company wnerel)y i~ a story of gamblers in which they!will be possible for all Farm Bureau pay more attention to landing their members to purchase any farm imple- prospects than the legality of their men( at gactory price, l)lUs the schemes, lireight and 7~.Q per cent for distrib. t ator's charges. i J.R. Whalen, sales manager of the "The Husband Hunter" Coming. , Eileen Perry, in a breezy society i Oregon Moline Plow company, who is comedy, "The tlusband Hunter,"i. naking tir, al arraffgemen(s for tile adapted from F. Scott lvitzgerald.sldeal, says that nearly 50 per cent of popular Saturday Evening Post sto-] ,he retail price of farm implements ry, "Myra Meets Hsi Family," is an-I has been rhargeable to poor methods nounced for presentation at the Beltlt(,f marketing. Every big implement theatre next \Vednesday and Thurs-I concern keeps aliorce of high salaried day. Farnum in "The Scuttlers.,' A thrilling story of the sea, "The Scuttlers.'" a big William Fox pro- the star, will come to the Bell thea- tre Sunday and Monday. RED CROSS AIDS EX-SERVICE MEN Has Filed Seven Thousands Claims for] Compensation During Lust Year. Ever)- month during the Iast yearI the American Red Cross has heen inI touch with an average of 129.215 ex- service men and their families. For these veterans of the world war the Red Cross is providing service costing $10,000,000 a year. This js more than all the membership fees paid to the Red Cross during the last roll call. The Spokane chapter alone, Whose jurisdiction covers the seven counties of Whitman, Garfield, Ferry, Pend Oreille, Stevens, Lincoln ann Spokane, assisted ex-service men to the extent of filing 790 claims for compensation, necessitating therefor the writing of over 7000 letters. Two thousand, three hundred and thirty-four affida- vits were made regarding bonuses. travel pay, compensation and allot- merit claims. The chapter cared for and gave assistance to 1179 ex-service men's families. All this work demands workers con. tinuosly on the job at chapter head- quarters and is paid for in part b~ funds raised in the seven surrounding counties, from many o~ which a good percentage of the men come. The annual roll call this year from November 11 (Armistice Day) to No- vember" 24 (Thanksgiving Day) in- elusive, is the time when the counties have an opportunity to contribute in this way to the good work for the ex- service man. Attacked by Coyote. Glenn Huff, a nine-year-ohi boy residing at Albion, five miles from Pullman, was attacked by a coyote Wednesday evening and was brought to Pulhnan for medical attention The boy, who is the son of W. F'. Huff of Albion, was setting muskrat traps about a quarter of a mile from home, on the Palouse river. As he was bending over tc~ see about one of his traps the coyote jumped from the brush and attacked him. The boy put up a plucky fight in an effrot to heat off the animal, but was Severely blt- ten on the hand before the coyote took to its heels. The wounds are not considered serious unless complica- tions arise, but the pasteur treatment was administered to prevent the de- velopment of rables.--Pullman Her- ald. Should Not Be Citizens. Seattle Post. No. 18 of the Ameri- can Legion passed a resolution at its last business meeting recommending that any alien who claimed exempt- tton from military service during the war, on the ground of alienage, be! automatically barred from American citizenship. The resolution was sent to Washington, D. C., by John Speed Smith, chief United States naturaliza- tion examiner for the northwestern states, now in conference with gov- ernment officials on a revision of im- migration and naturalization regula- tions. Miu Wolfe Pledged. Miam~ A communication fro rathe university at Oxford, Ohio, states fhat the Alpha Alpha chapter of thbl Alpha Sigma sorority ha~ announc- ed the formal pledging of Miss Juan- ita Wolfe, of Palouse. Miss Welt will be remembered here as a mem- ber of the 1921 class of the Palouse high school and daughter of Dr. ~. K. Wolfe. GRINNELL. Frank Madison is in Texas this week seeing about the oil fields. George Ickes, Jr., enjoyed a wica- tion in the mountains a few days last week. Elmer Kreibel is slowly getting over an attack of penumonia, t The Halloween socail at the Grin-t nell school house last Friday night[ was a great success and was much l enjoyed by the large crowd. SeveralI young folks from Palouse attended. Mrs. P. Routzhan of Garfield, vis-I ited lafit week with her sister, Mrs. l / M. S. Kriebel. . ] i Roy Timm lost a horse last week. J .~alesnmll on. lhe road and must have i~ correspondingly large office force to handle the many details of their sell- ing system, The Farm Bureau meth- .t will abolish these expensive de- ~aiis. The re(luclion in price amount- ing to abont 12 per cent is made up ~.,s R)llows. using all S-I'S disc grain drill as an example: Old method---F. O. B. Spokane price, $152; freight to local dealer. $6; dealer's regular percen!age, $14; ;'osl to farme~. $172. New method, F. O. B. Whitman county., distributors, $132; distribu- tor's charge of 71/~ per cent, $2.90; (.ost to farmer. $141.90. Saving by Varm Bureau method, SqO.lO. \Vhitman (~ounty Farm Bureau members who will need farm imple- ments shouhl get in touch with the Varm Bureau .~ecrelary at C, olfax. Farm Bureau Distributing C0al. The \Vhtiman County Parm Bu- reau has COllll)let ed arrangements whereby they are supplying coal tt~ Farm Bureau members at a cost of bout $8.50 f. o. b. county points. Several cars havd already beeu or- dered and more will be ordered as ~he members place their orders with the county secretary. This coal is the Canadian Rock Springs egg and has given great satisfaction anmng Spo- kane county farmers, who have al- ready used 25 cars this fail. Minister Visits in Moscow. Rev. W. M. Martin and his uncle, Itobert Martin, of Palouse, arrived in Moscow Tuesday afternoon on a busi- ~e,~s trip.---Idaho Post. 'The Three Inseparables One [or mildness,VIRGINIA One fin" mdlowne~. BURLEY One for aroma. TURKISH The finest tobaxcos perfectll, a~ed and blended 20for15’ * III ,.,Rr~. ~x* Su L nday Night hl LEGION HALL ECTURE "The Nineteenth Gentury Prophet." BY J. A. BRONSON Of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Cream of Palouse Flour, the sack ................ $1.50 A /cod local blend. Poinsetta Flour, tim sack.S1.80 A good hard wheat blend i i Morris Supreme Mince Meat, made of the best meats, fruits and brandy You can't make better mince meat; per lb 35c It is encouraging'--greatly so--to have many who elect to trade here, tell us how pleasant it is to be relieved of the doubt of quality when they buy--to know in advance that they will find their purchase often more than they expect--never less--to know the price is as loa', "anti often lower--never more. We believe you will find it pleasant to trade here' We know we will be pleased to have you. Shoes for Men Shoes especially made for every purpose; good Shoes, too, every pair built of solid leather, built to withstand hard wear and give comfort. MEN'S WORK SHOES, priced .................... $3.00 AND UP MEN'S DRESS SHOES, priced .................... $3.75 AND UP You'll be surprised to see such good Shoes prieea so reasonably. New Wool Knit Scarts Very useful on cool evenings. Knit fl'om the best quality wool yarns; in cape and coat styles; prices $4.15 and up i i i ii Style a Gateway Flour, the sack.S1,90 :4Iriclty Mullialla hard wl~eat. .\s ~.o,I .s ~he best. A Good Broom A 5-tie good grade corn strOW -t9 ce.nrs Easy to Find Your Favorite ~n this Group of Blot:ses ?4 ~i:' & (l- a - ~i .: , , ' E: Y," ' ~ K ,"~d / ';~ :?,£ ;, Men's All Wool Overcoats The make and style of your Overcoat means as much to the material of which it is made. We pride ourselves on the tion of models and figures we are showing this %'all. Not the@ 0verceats at high prices, but GOOD All-Wool Overcoats at prices, in a big variety of fabrics and models. ONE GROUP OF VOILE AND DIMITY BLOUSES, each ....... $1.00 ONE GROUP OF VOILE AND ORGANDY BLOUSES, each..$2.00 ONE GROUP OF GEORGETTE AND CREPE DE CHINE BLOUSES, each .................................... $4.75 The beauty of the Blouses~the wealth of variety--the fine han- diwork and the phenomenally low prices commend these Blouses to every woman. COMING Cash Or()ccry Specials Whit~ (:()rr~ me,}.'~ 9 lb ~ack," ' tt~ree sacks - - $1.00 Yetl()w corn meal, 9 lb sack, t:hree sacks - - - 1.00 Swe(,~ pickles, 1 gal. jar. - 1.75 A fir~e tie broom, each - 49c . ~ ~ ~ o, . !4 lbs, -1.00 Ptll'e (CatJC ~,tle, al, i)*XO gorden's milk, two cans - ~,~ Argo Crown gloss starch, per package, - - 12e The -~ Store That DUDLEY' @ @ • @ ~ • • • @ • • @ ~. • • • ,~ ~ @ • %* %* %*%•%" %'%'%'%* %• %• %• %* %* %• %~ %* %•%*%* ’o S~ V • ~a es You Money TO PALOUSE UNITED DOCTORS SpeoAalis___ts DO NOT USE SURGERY Will Be At • :" 5"h B 11 Th .:. o e eatre .*i*~ W~DNESDAY AND THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 9-10 Sunday and Monday, Nov. 6-7 .... IN-- "fi'he HUSBAND HOTEL PALOUSE •?t SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 19 *;* Office Hours: 9a.m. to 3p.m. %% ONE DAY ONLY ..% NO CHARGE IoOR I~XAMINATION "l•l~e doct(w in charge is a graduate in medicine and surger.v, and is li- censed by the state of Washington..:e He visits professionally the more int-1*~’,, portent towns and cities and offers to ~,_4'e all who call on this trip, cousulta- 4 Lion and examination free except theI expense of treatment wh'ei1 desired. 4":* According to his method of treat- nlent he does not operate for chro, nir, appendicitis, gall stones, ulcers of ~. slomach, tonsils or adenoids. k tie has to his credit many wonder. "~• ful results ill diseases of stomach. ~:• liver, bowels, blood, skin. .nerves. •:• heart, kidney, bladder, bed wetting, e:• catarrh, weak lungs, rheumatism, •:. sciatica, leg ulcers and rectal all- @:, ments. If you have been ailing for any •~* length of time and do not get belter •:* HUNTER" A ROLLICKING SCREEN COMEDY A])APTED FROM "MYRA MEETS HIS FAMILY" ALSO FOX LATEST NEWS AND MUTT AND JEFF IN "ON THE HIP" COMEDY SHOW AT 7:30 P.M. AI)MISSION 20c-30c FRIDAY AND SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 4-5 It's here at last! The 1)hotoplay that has stirred more com- ment than any other l)icture of the year and which has set a new mark for t)roducers of Allleri('.an lllelodraln;1 to shoot HI, This great masterpiece of desl)erate (leeds atler (lark is ju.~t closing lnany weeks of sensational Sllccess ill New "~'()rk, H1HI with the whole country talking of its wonderful interesl----its wholesome thrill and rugged excitement, it is v’ith real plea- re,re that we now present AMERICA'S MOST MAGNIFICENT ACTRESS ";" Priscilla Dean do not fail to call, as improper measures rather than disease are ,,&- )f~en the cause of your long stand- ing trouble. SUPPORTED BY L0N CHANEY IN . Renlemher al)ove date, that exlnai- A~'~ nation on this trill will be free, aud -.- "Outsid th Law" that his treatment is different. ~:• e e Address: 336 Boston Block, Min- neapolis. Minn. Mutinee Saturdu at 2 P, K--Admission 15c-25c ~THE. 5CtRTTLE KS’< ~ILLIA~4 FOX ra~OOi, LCTIO~ A Stirring Story of the Sea WILLIAM FOX PRESENTS" William FarnuVa --IN--- '' ~'~ --ALS0-- :~: "THE WOOD SIMP" COMEDY Show 7:30 P. M. I~. Night Shows 7:30-9:30 Admission 25e-35c ADMISSION 20c and 30c~ 4 C-O-M-I-N-G .... {e.~**~* FRIDAY AND SATURDAY,NOVEMBER 11-12 ,;!; fill Ill BEAUTIFULLY TRIMMED i;:ii She led a liltlc group of swindlers ill oils----the oil that oozes from l)ainlers' tubes an(l tile' UNIVERSAL SPECIAL ATTRACTION e#@ that gushes from wells---and she took a fiendish delight in trlmming the smug pirates who • ~@ ruined her good old dad--until one came to be fleeced(aud stayed to he loved--then the little "~" of Washington Square stopped heing bad and tried her little best to be good. Was it too late? had belter come and see. Good girl or bad girl. Caarmei M3ers makes you love 'era both. [. STARRING CARMEL MYERS