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November 11, 1921     The Palouse Republic
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November 11, 1921

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Will HEIP, PRENER gNAND lares Upon Arrival at New That Nation Is Ready to Avert War. York.---France is ready to join llaOvement to avert i~ew world and will approach ti~e toith- Conference at Washington in favorable spirit for tile plain of peace, according to Aris Briand, premier of i,'r~uee and tile French armament limita- delegation, arriving here. France al]d the United there is no room l'or any dif- er sligilt," Briand s::id to tile American people. OUr connt]'ies el]doavtir o],]y tO Inen and peoples of good will and fruitful work and to IllOre and more tile risks of Briand was Rene VI- also a member of the French to \Vashington and a for- of France. brought with hinl French for use at Washington, to- records of tile Versailles Conference. Passengers of the French said Briand and Viviani made of the fact tilat the delega- probably prove to be radi- the armalnent COl]ft~Fellee, i)e- 15"ance I/elieves her wounds are while other countries part ill the war are rapidly Y COMMITTEE JAPAN C 81 ET UITS Viscount Uchida. Acti:7~t Pre- mier. Says Policy ?,itl Not t~e Changr-~d. Tokio. -- Tlte ,labelling','. (ai,it!',.t rl~ s}aJi('d of;J(.'( ::} :t ,....., ; : , ~ ~ : :~: a~stas::iI~atioh ~I ~':'_-:::i i tl t ~ : : ~l will apt cau*e ~]~:. i:; ;:',,,: ,:.:'~ ~,:. in th~ g~,ver;,m.:~i. '1}::'~, ~. :i !~ ;:o ('}lltllge ill the l.,Jicy, "ii'~ , , . :c or d m~sth" ~'t-p eially \x~:,h i!!, "::'-il- i!l~atl)]l ('Ollf(i Pli(!O ell ]ii!i t : {;, O[ [4]'ll]H]II~?]IIS Slid t';ir-&Jbl;tF:i !' ";:.. Z:, acting i)r~:m9 :" V(}:'.,i;, .~k::t ,i. ])I'('irtiI~r H:~F,, it ii~ v :'~11 . [';';A; d~+- r r. tails of tile tF'.i:l!e e',:J!i, !::'. '' ::!,,~\( aflec tile t'ir~:t .~s',t or rE,, :::. :-sin. Tile l)ren]ier ttl':i~ed at I]:, -[~;~i 1l, ,ahcreile was to take a tl'ai:~ itr i41:,z~, toll lllillules }q' H'e th(; t.l':iill V*', :~ til2t~ 1.o leave, and the station ill:tel, F i]I- vited tile pz'emier and his Ilar~y to rest in tile station offi(,e for a tnomexlt. Between thi:~ o!l'i(.,,~ i~:d t'~' ,'~,/e through which passengers reach the platforms b; lh~, ,e ill~qlodiately into c(nl t!a:t with t~;~ vi(qim and thrum llis i .(., knif~ iltto th,' [)r~mi,,r's .,t .f,t. (.lt,sg to Ihe t]eart. \Vashinglt~. ]) t' -l}~\csli>'tti~a~ by | .............. II I ~" I| .... II|ll III IIIII ...... .... ; ,, I , , ,, __ i will sell without reservation at Public Auction on the old Joe Woodman place 4 1-2 miles North of Potlatch and 3 miles East of Freeze, 14 miles Northeast of Palouse at the upper Crane Creek school house, on | WEDNESDAY | t! | | | | O | | | | | | | | | Rig UUI~ rl::nr.I1 ur. ...... ,- - - i . - ...... . . France were i]ttl]~,('(l witllout trial a])d ;ton, D. C.~Tne aavisory ...... " . ...... shot oy pincers' or(mrs, was assures =2 ....... I~ I II Illll i Illll I ' or 21~selecte/, ny ,-resident .... ]~ llowin ape r | n . ~'. when the St!lisLe after three llours' "' *"" s m act with the American big . t uiscussion, nl]i]nill]Ol,sly re-ordered tile ae armament conference will . . ' lnqUlry. 1~ The fo g describe rsonaljprope ty: t three days in advance of the 1 " } Another speech by lhe Ga-rgia sen- ~e opening to give its opinion . . . . . ." , ' . .... ,latrmsupprt'niscnarges'wran- . LivestocR ! mtzative steps of poliey to be I .... ty -, / glmg oetween senators d'ver tile word- 'a:~:ng:'::cZ~'en;as tile wayling of the inquiry resolution aud par- uPlnion_.n'~"-re,tree ..... Circles-' .it,re 'that "will the to was some oil g function conference illustrate, tile aescrioed .y questions problems "n the . ref " ill It .extent e/miaht nign " tb'R twas la : " .rim ryes !'l] lianlentary ' tin, /lists order . . . ,eer,~tarv ~ . tar. " wiHlout for a,amst nd "the . . mix ." all ,ged invesligation courtmartial Weeks :i)s arnlv . preceded .... exo ut]on " _ _nurses referring _ to in tile proceed general ill ot filial par- ~of to ,"J~ [~ THREE ONE 0NI~. 1W0 MILCH YEARLING HEIFEIIS YEARLING COW, BULL 6 YEARS STEERS OLD, FRESH rl~ ~RI~ ONE ONE ONE ROAN SPAN GRAY BLACK BLACK M~RE, ~,~R 1;'., MARES, M-~x~ES, 57 Y~_/kRS YEARS69 OLD, ~-~I"D */OLD, ~I~ARS WEIeHT ~EIGHT YEARS, OLD, W]~GHT 144)01500 W~IGHT {30002500 ~| ~l ' I]lHll(! 1!] the sonate W,' sel at(r Wat- ONE BROWN MARE, 4 YEARS OLD, WEIGHT 1000 directly to it for study son of Georgia, made the following k -Sing considered at all by tile Willie ill other (: ~sOs sill)- or advisers wonhl be asked Principal delegates to render On details. the Committee nlemb.,rs, the four principals, will tmve standing, a special corn- for each was signed by Presi- authorizing them to "ad- assist" in shal)ip.g the Amer- Tiley are, however, given negotiation like that wilich the rank of ambassador con- the president on Secretary tile ()tiler members of tile STATES fiET LIQUOR to Others Prohibited By "Bone Dry" Law. D. C.--Pernlits for the of liquor, except into will be denied by state PrOhibition directors under in- Sent out by Director Haines. excepted are California, Massachusetts, Maryland Islaud. attention to the fact that the dry" amendment prolfibits of liquors into a the commissioner said except five states have laws them within that rate- Taxes Are Highest. Yerk.~The National Security hi its campaign to educate the the cost of government, made showing that of the 11 a population between 300,- 500,000, Seattle, with $62.18, greatest per capita municipal Fire Causes $i50,000 Loss Or.--Fire, belieyed to started by defective elee- early Sunday morn- three of the main bust- in Grass Valley, a Sher- town south of The Dalles, ~Stimated loss in excess of t.Oans of $1,500,000 Made. D. C. -- Advances for and livestock loans aggre- $1,500,000, were an- the war finance corpora- Marks Reach Low Level. ,n marks Satur- lowest level in history, I~t;I t,'f]/(' I] t : ":NO (leeent n]an would ]]lake such (, and- I nle,Ttsure lily words when i say that." A bilter attack on General Pershing a(ld S: (.vetary \V~ek~ was made in the se!:ate by Senator \Va[sOlL \VLI*~SO]I repeated his eha~ge that ill "too nlany ('iD-(-'g ~t]'llly lll!rses had b(-'~el] made the ~('ollrtesaus of officers." [0ND INVESTORS WARNED _= Care in Buying Foreign Securities in ONE GRAY MARE, 4 YEARS OLD, WEIGHT 1200 ONE SORREL MARE, 9 YEARS OLD, WEIGHT 900 ONE BAY MARE, 10 YEARS 0LD, WEIGHT 1300 ONE SORREL GELDING, 6 YEARS OLD, WEIQHT 900 ONE GRAY MARE, l0 YEARS OLD, WEIGHT 1300 rd ONE BROWN I~IARE, 2 YEARS OLD ONE GRAY GELDING, 11 YEARS OLD, WEIGHT 1400 kI ONE SORREL MARE, 8 YEARS OLD, WEIGHT 1400 ONE GRAY MARE, 9 YEARS OLD, WEIGHT 1600' ~] TWO MILCH COWS ONE BAY ~jkRX, 9 YEARS OLD, WEIGHT 1200 ELEVEN HEAD OF TWO-YEAR-OLD HEIFERS ONE BAY GF~LDING, 10 YEARS OLD, WEIGHT 1100 ~'~ ONE YEARLING HEIYER " ONE SPAN BAY MARF~S, {3 YE&RS OLD, WEIGHT 44)0 il FOUR BROOD SOWS, 2 YEARS OLD, DUROC IEI~EY REDS ONE ROAN GELDING, 4 YEARS OLD, WEIGHT 1100 EIGtITEEN SHOATS, WEIGHT 120 POUNDS ONE MARE, FOUR YEARS OLD TWENTY-0NE SMALL PIGS, WEIGHT 50 POUNDS .... ONE MARE, TWO YEARS OLD f~ Depreciated Currency Advised. [[~ \Vashington, D. C.--Ameri(,an in-I r| vestol's Vtere wlti']l(;(l ])y tile COltlnlerce department to exercise care in pur; I chasing foreign bonds' payable in de'lit preei'lted (.urrency in the expectation of realizing enormous profits when ex- change values return to nornlal. Cer- , tain eoneerus, the departmeut said, ~I are offering for s~le national, munici- p'd ah'd it~dustriai is,~nes, oxpressed in dei)reciated currency which represents F4 only a small fragtion of their normal i exchallge vahle. This, tile department.l added, applies to the currencies of Ger- many, Austria, Poland Czecho-Slova- Ida, Roumania, Jugo-Slavia and Hun- gary. I| l)rices at wtlich these securities are offered are unduly high. U. S, Births Beating Death Rate. Washington, D. Cc--Births recorded in the "birth registration area" in 1920 totaled 1,508,874, the public health selvice announced, exceeding' deaths by 672,720. The birth rate showed a relatixe in(:rease of 7.6 per cent over 1919. The registration area now in- cludes 23 states, comprising 59 per | | | ONE BOAR, 2 YEARS OLD, DUROC JERSEY ONE MARE, SMOOTH MOUTH Farm Machinery, etc. ONE 8-F00T McCORMICK BINDER ONE 8-F00T DEERING BINDER THREE GRAIN DRILLS, NEARLY NEW THREE GANG PLOWS TWO HARROWS 0NE'DISC TWO WALKING PLOWS THREE MOWERS TWO HAY RAKES TWO HACKS ONE FANNING MILL SIX WAGONS AND RACKS _ i i FREE II1~111 I I I I I I/ IIII i i ONE BUGGY ONE ROLLER ONE PACKER SINGLE AND DOUBLE TREES FOUR SETS BUTT CHAIN HARNESS FOUR SETS LONG TUG HARNESS 0N]~ DOUBLE SHOYEL CULTIVATOR TW0 BOBSLEDS ONE GRINDSTONE ONE HUNDRED SACKS OF OATS SOM~ HAY ONE SULKY PL0W I IIIII I1~'11 .... ii LUNCH AT NOON I1 I II I I I I I I illll i iii ~ , iii i | | I cent of the national popn[atiou. .Mrs. Southard Found Guilty. Twin Falls, Idah.o.--Lyda Meyer Soul}mr(l, charged with the murder of her fourth husband, Edward F. Meyer, by poisoning, was found guilty of mur- der in the second degree by a Jury in db;trict (:ourt, and was sentenced to lrom 10 )'ears to life imprisonment. Road Bill Passed By Congress. Washington, D. C.--The $75,000,000 good roads bill forfederal aid in high- way construction was enacted finally and sent to President Harding Satur- day for approval. Armistice Day Made Legal Holiday. Wasiungton, D. (!. ~The resolution of congress declaring Arnlistice day, November 11, a lega~ holiday, was si~aed t~y l'resident Harding, | Terms of Sale: All sums of $20 and under, cash; sums over $20, bankable note, bearing 8 per cent interest, due October 1, 1922, will be accepted. Two per centdiscount for cash on sums over. $20. | ,,, ..... I AAP00L,' : 0whet,,,, ,, i,, J. J. LYNCH, Auctioneer J. tl. BO[TJ[R, Clerk | |