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November 18, 1921     The Palouse Republic
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November 18, 1921

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THANKSGIVING SPECIALS The approach of the great National Holiday, Thanksgiving, at which time all of us observe as a to the wonderful opportunities there are in this country of ours, finds everyone planning occasions that de getting many personal and home needs. This Store is more than ever ready: to supply every requirement the family plans for the day will bring forth. VALUES TO BE THANKFUL FOR i| i ~~~. Featuring big ass()rtnlents ~]~'~ of Damask. Table Cloths, l~~~ Lunch Cloths and Napkins. ~~'~+~ Qualities and Values that will appeal to particular.housewives.. 72 inch good quality all linen table Damasks, many pretty designs at $2.00 to $3.25 the yard, 72 inch haavy Satin Damask at $1.50 a yard, This is a specially fine quality. 72 inch Lunch Cloths, Japanese design, with Napkins to match. Lunch Cloths, the set .............. $2.45 to $3.50. Napkins, the set ............................. $1.25 i t The Store That DUDLEY'S CASH GROCER-Y SPECIALS SEEDED RhISINS--15-ounce Package .................... 22c SEEDLESS RAISINS--15-ounce Package .................. 25s WALNUTS--No. 1 Soft shell--2 pounds .................. 75c CRANBERRIES--the pound ........................... 20c MINCE MEAT--Bulk--the p~und ........................ 29c GRAPE FRUIT--2 for ................................. 25c 0RANGES--the dozen ................................. 50c GREEN VEGETABLES OF ,aLL KINDS You 36 inch Corduro $1.23 the yard 36-Inch-Navy Blue Dress Corduroy, Very good quality. Thanksgiving Price, yard ........................... Special 15 Per Ce off o B lanHets Including All-Wool, Wool-Mixed, Wool-Nap and Pure Blankets. The former price was very low, but this Offer of 15 PER CENT OFF makes every one a special big NO ARGUMENT probably knoCv the story of the two men d~cus ~ng" a question; one said: "Look here; I'm not arguin' with you, l'm telling you." That's the way we feel about our values in Men's Suits and Overcoats. We're not arguing with ~-ou, we're just telling you they are the greatest values you ever saw. If you come in we'll prove it. Special Thanksgiving offer of 20 per cent price on any Men's Suits or Overeoats. off the regular BOYS' SUITS Boys' All-Wool and Wool-Mixed Suits, with two pair of Pants. Specially priced at .................. $6.85, $8.85 and $9.75 Saves You Money This Store Will be Closed all Day November 24, Thanksgiving Da~ THE MOTION PICTURE REALM William Russell in "The Iron Rider." Vtlliam Russell's latest and best picture, "The Iron Rider," will be at the Bell threatre Sunday. Patrons of the Bell will remember the star for his work tn "The Challenge of the Law" and "The Man Who Dared," two productions which pleased and delighted them at this theatre not so long ago. Russell is the kind of man whom the American public like to see on the screen. He Is handsome without being effeminate. His virile personality and the darrng he dis-' plays in all his pictures nave won him many friends. "The Iron Rider~ Is a picture well suited to his abili- ties. It is a story of the west, replete with thrilling moments and action. The romance is not .neglected and pretty Vola Vale plays the leading feminine role opposite the star, Harry Carey's Latest Picture. Harry Carey is coming to the Bell theatre on November 25 and 26 and will be seen in his latest picture, "Freeze Out." "Over the Hill' for Thanksgiving, The black sheep of many a family has been in reality its most lovable member. This is certainly true of the black sheep in the William Fox pro- duction "Over the Hill." the start- ling photoplay exposition of all hu- man kind's faults and virtues, vls- ualized with the living prototypu of EXTENSION WORK AT HARVARD. ! WHITMAN TO CELEBRATE BIRTH, liss El~vin Tells of Interesting Day Also Outlines Her Work. Miss Add B. Erwin of the exten- inn division of the University of daho. together with O. S, Fletcher, : ::n~ty agricultural agent, was in 'ahmsc last Thursday on her way rein Harwtrd Idaho, where she had held a class in dress form making. ',he stated she had a very Interesting [;-/)' and several forms were com-. plated. I Miss Erwin is assistant home dem- onstration leader of the extension work and is in charge of the worn- cn's work in northern Idaho. The program for extension serviee In- 'eludes nutrition and clothing. Nu- Itri t ion consists of rural school hi. :hes and lessons on food selec- ti ~, including food planning, feed- iT children and the sick "_ he clothing program includes dl ~s forms, garment construction ]and millinery. ' Miss Erwin stated that requests I for help should be made to O. S. l~tetcher, count agent for hatah county. Eden Valley Meetings Postponed. In last week's,issue of The Repub- lic an account of meetings to begin Pioneer Editor Will Speak--Dinner Served to Pioneers. close of the program delicious re- Fifty years ago, on November 29, freshments were served. The club Governor Edwaxd S. Saloman of guests were Mrs. J. H. Hollen, Mrs. \Vashlngton territory, took official j. E. Davis, Mrs. N. G. Davis, Mrs. O. uotice of the action of a previous leg- .l. Hill and Mrs D. A. Athorton. Islature and ordered this formation of Whitman county. The Whitman County Pioneers. Williamson Store Rem0d#led. association has decided to celebrate The interior of the Williamson the fiftieth anniversary of that im- store has undergone a process or re- portant event with a program at the modeling. Drasslng rooms for both', Community building in Colfax Tues- men and women have been built. The day evening, November ~.9. The pro- balcony in the rear of the store Is gram will start at 7 o'clock, follow- now undergoing a thorough over- ins a dinner served to pioneers. :.,,::liz~ and a toy dep~rtment will be There will be an address by Wll- i ~ . ,~.i in time for the hollday~ liam Goodyear, pioneer newspaper ~rade and will be known as "The man of W'httman county, music ~y Wonderland." "We expect to have the community male quartet and oth- ~ full line of toys in a few days,"1 er interesting features. B. F. Man-..:aid the ?a, ager: } ring, Mrs. IvanChase and Ray Wal- ~ .... terter are the local committee in: WA~ 0~ SC[:~W W0~M FL[E~l charge of arrangements and the Col- Traps Have Proved E -flectiv fax commercial club will provide th(: Methods dinner for members of the Pioneers" association living outside Colfax. of Getting Rid of Human and J Animal Pe|t~. COVE. "the use of flytraps fro' catching scl'ew-worn| flies is a new idea as a Miss Edith Webster of Garfield nH~ans of ,-ombatlng tllose abominable spent a few days last week ht the insects, and has already proved de- home of Mr. and Mrs. T A. Soniville. .hiedl:, effective. They are a first- Mrs. Weak. who spent the past :la.~s pest in some L~,arts of this country, three months at the Bert Crooks and especially in southwest Texas. home, left recently for her home In Cattle and other livestock suffer Spokane. lnuch from tllelr attacks, their habit -.h~g to lay eggs l,i any sort of wound. Miss Proctor and Huffert Proctor The larvae hatched from the eggs of Palouse were guests of Ooldie Bet- bore Into the tlssnes, feeding upon Will Carleton's imaginative genius a't the Eden Valley church was pub- World's War. Mrs. George Gregory PEDAGOGUES MEET AT COLFAX. read a paper on "Camp Life." Mrs. Allen Southworth gave a reading en- Stone Says Inability to Read Respon- titled "Whispering Bill." At the sible for Failure at College. The school superintendents .and )rineipals of Whitman county held a ;heeling at Colfax - Saturday. The meeting was well attended. A report of the ~Vashtngton Educational asso- ,qation was given by J. O. Mattoon, who was a delegate from Whitman county to the convention. Dr. Stone of W. S. C. made an ad- dress in which he laid special empha- sis on the fact that a large per cent of failures of the students in college was because of their inability to read qlently and comprehensively. Dr. Douglas, also from ~V. S. C., ~,ave an address on intelligence tests. J. C. Lazenby ~;as made chairman in his remarkable "Farm Ballads," lished in the Turnbow Flat items, rY Sunday. h.m and doing Inost destructive niis- froln which the film was made. t Notice came over the telephone on Mr. and Mrs. Ray Southworth and ,:hie!'. \\hel~ ready to transfornl line "Over the Hill" will be shown at the', Thursday of this week that these faintly of Palouse were guests at the imlme, they (rome oUt. drop to the Bell theatre Wednesday and Thurs-! meetings had been postponed indef- home of W. M. Wilson Sunday. ;;round and bury themselw~.s ~o await nvtamorphosls into flies Tim screw- day, November 23 and 24. inltely. George Sanders of Colfax spent the worm files are typical meat flies, and week end with his sister, Mrs. W. E. llte rarcass of any desd animal quickly Mrs. $ohnaon Kogte~ Aid Meets With Mrs. ])avi~. McCauley. becomes a hatchery for them. Hence. The ladies of the M. E. Aid society The ladies Aid of the ChrieUan Charles Berry of Asotin is visiting In the region afflicted by them. It met atthe home of Hrs. J, J. Johnson church met this week with Mrs. J. at the home of his brother, M. L. is very important that all carcasses shall be promptly destroyed, preferably on Wednesday afternoon, where they H. Davis. The afternoon was given Berry, this week. by burning. Occasl,mally It happens entertained all the memt)ers and In- over to a discussion of plans for a Mr. and Mrs. Ed Anaerson and that human beings are attacked. vited guests who took part in the bazaar. Refreshments were served Mrs. Ida Briggs of Clarltston visited A fly crawls up the nostrils of a sleep- "Old Maids' Convention," some thirty a~ the close of the meeting, friends in the COVi~ Sunday'. ~ ing person and lays Its eggs. The ladies being present. After a pro- A pie social wtll be given at the larvae hatched from Hlenl Invade the gram of music and ,reading a three- Guild Entertained at Moscow. west Cove school house Wednesday sinuses, and death is likely to result, course luncheon was served by Mrs, Fourteen members of the Holy night, November 23, Everybody is --Milwaukee Sentinel. Grady and Mrs. Johnson. The ladies Trinity guild of this city were pleas- invited. Ice Cream for China. will meet again in two weeks with ~ antly entertained at the home of Mrs. The Woman's Rural club was en- ~'lmusands of gallons of ice crams Mrs. Keeney, when plans Will be Frank Bettls of Moscow last Satttr- tertained last Wednesday afternoon sre being shipped e~tery month from perfected for a dinner at the church day at a four-course luncheon, by M,rs. E. P. Ball at her home, with Vnnconver to China. the fl'ozen dainty on New Year's day, when the corn- a good attendance. The meeting day being forwarded In specially coustruct. munity will be invited. Reservations Attends {h~ndfather's Funeral. coming so near Armistice day a pa- ed containers hohling about 500 gal- ma be made by parties desiring prI- I Mrs Clive Gwinn went to Albion triotic program was given. The spa- ~ons each. This fact was brouglR out vote tables. The price of 50 eent~ to, Tuesday to be present at the funeral cious home was attractively decorat- In the course of an lavestlgation to all over 15 years and 35 cents to all of her grandfather, Henry O. Kerns, ed for the occasion. Mrs. E. P. Ball discover whether tbe proIHbltton era -u~der 10 years will be charged, which was held Thurs{tay. ~read an interesting paDer on "Our cre|tmhad anyandeffectsoft drlgks.n ~l~e sale of ice PALOUSE SCHOOLS TAY~ MONROE (Continued from page of a committee on silent reading. A committee was appointed to draw up a basket ball schedule. Su- perintendent Charles Henry of Pull- man and County Superintendent Ellis were made ex-officio officers of this committee. Dorothy Askins. Elea~Or- Verle Barnes and Luclle The variation in the fact that some who rate went down in and vice versa. Only who ranked high in c(:m prehension. The test was given three to eight. No one Cg school made a perfect Dasch. Helen Wiley and sen. of the seventh grade, Murray and Alice fifth grade, each made in the grades. This is worthy of special test is supposed to be long t:.,keup tbe allotted timv utes. In the above not only read all the ~s -.lso answered every rectly. PASTOR CALLED TO Weathe= Affects Watch Springs. Did you ever haw th*, maln.~prlng "of a watch bl't,a]; ".' I1 ) ~,il ~|'tl, Ihv' )'hance,~ ave Ill:It []ti,', l~'('lll'l'q'(l ill IIHln- derstorm weather, writes t:. A. Ih'lg~ in Popuhlr 5[tcPhallit,s M;t,.1,+lzlil,+!. It |HIS beell tile OXI)(?I':+t-II('O ,+i" llHlllff jeW- elers that hi [bnll(Ii~rN[oi'lll ~a,'lYl(tllN [11(' mind+or of broken watch i.m tt-l)t'ilt~ increases greatly. Thl.~ ha~ I,t,,ll ~.rt'~+- t ~eoll.~l) ascribed, t hough ~(llm,,', h:tt vaguely, to the effect ill ele(.tricity, rusgnetlsnl, end +if tile ntlJst, l'V+d/I the thtlnder, but all altalysis ,,~ t,it. OX+ planations sttempte~ fails to develop an)' reasonable relath+n in accord u'itb ~hese ideas. This matter h-is ret:entJy beeu made the subject o1' sClelltiflc stmly. It was finally found to arise fl-~ml tbe fac~ that at this time of lha year tile air was both warn~ and moisl, au(l that both of these eondithms facilitated rusting. A snlall spot Oir rusI often starts on the spring or In a crack, and the spring soon weakens and lets go. . 1 11,228 Veterans Apply For Bonus. Rev. Maynard Congregation Rev. Maynard R. louse. Washington. is the ~ of the Christian church The congregation of that so pleased with the |)r(;'~ (~3~(l there and evening that at the l:,tter service the L, nanimously extended hi~ take up the work. As this desire, the terday as the time for to begin. Mr. Thompseg ins accepted the call. Through the Christian church in cal congregation Thompson was open t, ment, and he was invited the servibes Sunday. signed as pastor of church at Palouse. time he was ever in wife and two children ' from Palouse to Join hiffl Salem. Or.--A total of 11.228. appll- ~ future. cations have been filed by ex-serviceI Rev. Mr. Thompson men entitled to benefits under the so-~ of Amherst college, called bonus law enacted at the last;setts He has been sessio1~ of the legislature and apprc~;ed I ' "' about 25 years. He by the voters at a subsequent election. ! C. Zimmerman, who Ieft- Of the total, 6179 men request cashI 1 for Los Angeles to bonuses, while 5049 prefer loans. ~ pastorate.~Red Bluff