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November 25, 1921     The Palouse Republic
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November 25, 1921

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HOUSE IGNORES HARDING'S PLEA Expressed Wish in Tax Re- vision Disregarded and Amendment Passed. Washington, D. ('.--The tax revision bill conference report was presented to the house Monday. Only five of the 10 conferees have signed the report. The democrats re- fused to sign, and Senator Smoot of Utah, republican, proponent of tile sales tax, wittlheld his signature. He said it was his intentionto study tile bill to see whether it is any improve- ment over the existing law. In closing their work the conferees fixed the corporation income tax rate at 12 per cent, the figure in the original house hill. This increases the present rate by 2V~ per cent. The house, disregarding the ex- pressed ~ish of President t[arding voted 201 to 173, to accept the senat( amendment to the tax revision t)il fixing the maxilnunl income surtax rate at 50 per cellt on incomes of $200,000 or more. Ninety-four republicans, most of them from the middle and far w~,st, Joined with the practically solid dem oaratlc minority in supporting the amendment. The President in a let- ter which was read in the house said he still believed the original house rate of 32 per cent was "nearer to a Just levy and the more promising one in returns to the public treasury," but that in ~iew of the legislative situa- tion he thought it "wholly desirable" that there be a compromise at 40 per cent. The rollcall for tl~e amendment in- cluded 94 republicans, including Sin- nott, Oregon, and Summers, Washing- ton. The .democrats against totaled 106 and included Lee, California. Lon- don, socialist, New York, voted for the amendment Against the amendment were 170 republicans, including French, Idaho; Hadley, Washington; Hawley and Me- Arthur, Oregon; Miller. Washington; Rlddiek, Montana; Johnson, Washing- ton; Smith, Idaho, and Webster Washington, SENATE PASSES ANTI-BEER BILL Washington, D. C.--The brief days of "medical" beer were considered numbered when the senate, by a vote of 56 to 22, finally adopted the con- ference report on the anti-beer bill With legislative action concluded, the bill, fought over for months, goes to the president, who is expected to give it his approval within the ten- day period in which he can act. The bill will set aside the ruling by ex-Attorney-General Palmer, who. two days before he retired, advised the prohibition enforcement officials that there was nothing in the Volstead act to prohibit the prescription of beer and light wines for medicinal pur- poses. The bill limits physiciaus to 100 prescriptions for liquor each three months, and specifies that not more than a quart of spirituous or vinous liquors, containing in the aggregate not more than one-half pint of alcohol. may be prescribed for one pertain in ten days. Importation of liquors is barred by the bill until the supply on hand in the United States shall no longer be sufficient to meet the current need for non-beverage uses. PORTLAND INDORSES FAIR JAPAN DENIES DESIRE TO EXPLOIT CHINA Washington, D. C.--Japan joim'd th~~ other powers ill HI! exllression of S~ In pathy fur the national asi'irations of China. but added a postscript regret- ting any tendency toward a detailed examination by the conference into "innumerable minor matters" in the far east. In a statement omittiug mention of specific points of controversy between the countries, the Japanese delegation informed the delegates that their gov- ernment claimed no "prior rights or privileges" in the procurement of raw materials from China. harbored no "policy of territorial aggrandizement" at China's eXl)em~o, and was ready tn join in any readjustment of extra ter- ritorial rigiHs which appeared "fair and satisfactory." Great Britain. Pran(.e, Italy. }tel- land, Belgium and Porlugal expressed in broad terms their desire for the ema.ncipation of China through com- mercial liberty and preserw'd terri- torial integrity, a ge:teral position al- ready having the adherence of the United States. BRIEF GiNEFAL NEWS Luther \.Veedis wa~ eonfirnled t)y the sell;|te as (,Oll!:tli,~SiOlier of immi- gratiun, port ef S(,:~ttle. The United States senate llas con- limned tt~e nominati(m of Ellis Loring I)resel as charge d'affaires at Bovlin. Marshal Verdinand Foch and his party of distinguished Vrench military men will visit the Pacific Coast earl) in De(:ember. Peace between the United States and Austria was declar-d formally in a proclamation signed by l)tesideul Harding on Saturday. A sweeping in,'rease in all commodi- ty freight rates In the Mississippi val- ley from the Ohio river south to New Orleans was ordered by the interstate commerce commission. The United States railroad labor board announced that new working rules for the six shot) crafts probably will be completed and issued In time [o become effective December 1. Attorney-General Daugherty wrote Representative Imce, republican, Mas- sachusetts, that decision of supreme court in Newberry case invalidates virtually all of the corrupt practices ~tct, Public utilities of Oregon will pay !axes the coining year on a total ap- portioned property valuation in the ~tate of $12.2,:Hl,472.13, according to '.t statement made public by the state tax (~onl ulission, Washington Convict Work Proposed, Olympia, Wash.---As tile result of a ?,O-day trip to eastern and middle west- wn penitentiaries, Johu ~,V. Pace, su- )ervisor of industrial management of ~:he Washington department of buM- ,~ess control, will recommend that Washington convicts manufacture mo- tor vehicle license plates. Gardner t.o Have Trial in Phoenix. Tucson, Ariz.--Roy Gardner, es- caped convict who was captured at Phoenix while attempting to hold up a railway mail clerk, will be tried in Phoenix,. it was announced by C. R. McFalI, clerk of the United States district court here. Charles and Zita Begin Exile. Funchal, Madeira.- Ex-Emperor C~ :rids of Austria-Hungary and his w.~, Zita, arrived here on board the B. ~ish battle cruiser Cardiff to begin tl !r life or exile recently decreed by t., allied council of ambassadors. "Black" Smallpox Takes 69 Live= Kansas City. Mo.--Thc toll of the "black" smallpox in Kansas City has a sumber of Chinese, and their nat- ural acting has been commented on at ~ tribute to the director. Au interesting sidelight on the: Chinatown of every big city is the fact that there are very few Chinese laundries within its precincts; the h)cat Chinese evidently preferring to devote their energies to more lofty: or remunerative callings ihan the alcansing of soiled linen. "Wing Toy" will be seen at the Bell theatre Wednesday and Thurs-~ dab', November 30 and December 1. "The Virgin of Stamboul" Coming, Sort, a beggar girl on the streets of Constantinople, enters the Aya So- phia mosque, where women are for-! biddeu, to cleanse her soul. She has attracted the attention of Captain l'emberton, an American soldier of fortune commanding the Black Horse troop, who has been warned to be- ware of her because her soul is as the filth in the street The mosque also is the secret trysting place of a young American and tl~e favorite wife of Achmet Harold, a powerful shtek. He.mid suspects his wife and waits for her at the mosque, and seeing Sari enter, disguised by a veil and followed by tile American, tile shiek! plunges a dagger in his boeR. Sari is unal)le to ~enounce the because she has c~nmit-I nurderer. ted a crinle in entering the mosquo, i but fearing her possible revelationl the shiek sends an emissary to Sort'si mother offering marriage to the heg- gar girl. In the meanwhile (~aptaln Pemh~r, ton has gone to lhe desert to quell a h)cal upriMng and ell his return learns th,qt Sari is to ularry a wealthyI shiek that night. Bribing the emis- sary, who Is to act as proxy in the civil ceremony, Pember~on has his name substituted for that of Hamld and marries her himself, The sheik discovers the trick kid- naps both Sarl and Pemberton and takes them to his desert stronghold. Sari escapes, rides through the sands to the camp of the Black Horse i troop and summons the dusky war- riors to the rescue of their comman- der. The wild ride across the d'esert, the battle at the city's gates and the final triumph of justice and love are told in a series of the most stirring ~wenes in "The Virgin of Stamboul," starring Priscilla Dean, to be shown at the Bell theatre Friday and Satur- day, December 2 and 3. I NOTICE We have secured ground for a woo~ yard and are ready to deliver woos anywhere. PALOUSE TRANSFER. Final Oeclsion on Exposition Now reached 69 deaths. Rests With State at Large. Will Sell Food. *;* DIRECTED BY T02D BROWNING Portland, Ore.--Portland went on The ladies of the Holy Trinity ;~; ST~LRRI:~(~ @=@ record for Oregon's 1925 exposition guihi will hold a food sale and bazaar :~ rrt t;tttn-:--'t a Dean by an affirmative majority of more in the old Luesing shoe store Satur- ~e than 4 to 1 at the special city election (lay, December 3_ ~io Satrday. - ............ _ ...... The question determined was the THE MOIION PICTURE REALM :!: ' levying of a $2,000,000 tax for the sup- ......... ,,, port of the exposition in tlle enmling "Number 17" Comizlg to Bell. ~ Harry tardy three years. This levy is conditioned h r #: - "Number 17" is coming. Whet e upon the approval by the voters of you have read Louis Tracy's famous ~ reen to the state at large of a $3,000,000 tax novel or not, you should see the pho- ~~ The realest western chara.cte player on the c - also, to be spread over three years, replay. It lays bare the underside of **.. day--that's human HARRY CAltEY--and here he is in and the raising of $1,000,000 for the New York life. Handsome, debonairI *~ picture that will give you one I)usy hour of laughs and exposition fund by private subscrip- George Walsh is the star. His role let ~ thrills--not counting his interesting love aft-air with the tion. that of a young author, who, for thel:i: little school-marm of Broken Buckle. Come and see hhn Before a statewide vote can be had sake of the girl he loves, penetrates[-~- in his newest galloping romance-- ' on the $3,000,000 state tax a special to the depths of Chinatown and flndat :i: THE IFI~EE, ZF_., Session of the legislature must be eou- himself surrounded by malevolentI e~ {$~ vened by proclamation of the gover- enemies. "Number 17" will be at the ~o nor, at which session the necessary [;~: oUT steps wtll be taken for the submission Bell t'.leatre Sunday and Monday, No- $~ vember 27 and 28. ] ~ of the question to the voters at a ape- [ v;~: cial election to b~ held concurrently ~ , * ---ALSO-- . Chinese Atmosphere in "Wing Toy. 'I ..... "" O W th th Show" with the general primary election on The scenes of Wzng Toy, Wll-] ~ ~ May 17, 1922. It ls probable that the llam Fox production in which Shlr-I *~e n I e special session will be called for Jan- 'ev, .. ,Mason, will open at the Bell thea-[ ~:o~ " A CENTURY COMEDY tmry. _ ire next Wednesday and Thursday, l ~% Maternity Bill Passed by House. are actual scenes taken In Chlna-1 :~ Matillee Saturday 2 P.M. Admiui0n 150-26C town and in many instances with ~ Washington.--Tbe house passed the the actual denizens of the district ap-I ~;~ Night, 7:30 and 9:15. Admission 20o-30c Sheppard-Towner maternity bill, un- [ pearing as actors. For this detail it ~ der which $6,000,000 will be spent in was necessary to engage and tral~ ,~$~@~@'-e-'@" @ ~" ~ ~ . - - - ~.~rnlt~ aid in the various starer. Three hundred years ago, the stur- dy colonists w'ho were the father~ of this mighty nation, named a day Thanksgiving. They gathere,i to- gether and praised their Lor(t f()r his kindnes