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December 2, 1921     The Palouse Republic
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December 2, 1921

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Pdou R public PALOUSE REPUBLIC COMPANY, Publishers. C. F. BROWN - Editor, guter$.! at the" postoflice at Patou Washin~on, .as second-class matter. SUBSCRIPTIONS : One Year ................... $?~00 8ix months ................ $1.00 Telephone Main 67 FRIDAY, DECEMBER 2, 1,921 THE PESSIMIST IS WRONG, There seems to be an inclinatio,t in some quorters to believe that the arms conference, in spite of its aus- picious opening, has really accom- plished little and has reached the slowing-down stage that means an end practically to further accomplish- ment. But the view is pessimistic and is not held by those political ant industrial leaders who are watching the progress of events In Washington and are best able to read clearly the meanings containe4, in the diplomatic utterances and written pronounce-i merits that have been made by the delegates• As a matter of fact, Secretary Hughes' handling of the conference has worked wonders In dispelling some of the world's distrust that lsl the germ of war, ann even with Japan protesting the naval ratio, with France insisting on a great army and with China still struggling for her bill of rights, tremendous strides towards the ultimate goal have been made. It should be remembered in con- nection with the whole arms program that notice was early served ou the world that too much should not be l~xpected of the sessions, that at best they could only be considered prelim- inary. This notice was written ne- tween the lines of the statements is- sued soon after the conference call went out. Particular pains were taken to make it clear that the meet- lng should not be consraered a dis- armament conference, but a confer- once on limitation of arms, and later the Far East problem was added to the program, a problem that by its very complicated nature hardly could be expected to be cleared up at a single sitting. But this much has been accom- Plished already, Japan has a better understanding of AmerTca and this understanding-has wiped out some of the distrust that existed, there is a surety that China will be given re- lief, and while France insists on a big army program, the seeds of thought have been implanted in the French mind that must grow into a conviction that real safety and se- curity for the future ~o not lie along the path she is now determined to travel alone. Nor has the conference slowed down• Tremendously important de- tails are being worked out, and while there is not the blare of trumpets that attended the opening sessions the !arogram of peace ts moving for- ward and we can still expect devel- opments of large consequence. Perhaps better than all else the nations have met together, become acquainted, developed an understand- lug of each other's hopes and fears A step has been taken In the direc- tion of ultimate peace. Driven by a stern necessity, the nations are try- ing with seeming honescy of purpose to find a way back onto their busi- ness legs, and proof that they will find a way is in evidence. Certainly the pessimist can find YtttIe to feed upon at W:ashington.--Seattle Times. DISLOYAL PROPAGANDA. Propaganda is being sent broad- east over the country in an effort to, create sentiment for the release of Persons held in federal prisons for obstructing the government of the United States in "the conduct of the war. This propaganda classes all such convicted persons as "political prisoners" and ever attempts to Jus- tify their, acts. No segregation is made and the campaign is on behalf of all of the seditionists, anarchists :and revolutionists convicted by the government without regard to the nature of the crime. This movement was instituted and is being carried on largely by radical labor forces and it is backed by many who were under suspicion of disloyalty auring the war. The argmnent is made that these persons were sent to prison for ex- pressing' an opinion averse to war ~d a great hue and cdy is raised over the violation of the rights of "free speech." Every American had the right to oppose this country en- tering the war if the opposition was made from an honest and sincere purpose, but after the declaration of war no American had tRe right to op- pose the action of his government. When the American army went overseas it was entitled to have the undivided s,upport of this nation be- hind it. Every person who opposed the war activities of America from that time on made it just that much more difficult for the American sol- dier to return home. There is no g'reater crime than disloyalty to the government in time of great need. The real truth of the matter is that the agitators who are now seek- ink the release of "political prison- ers" are just as disloyal tu tile gov- ernment as those who are in prison. America is a just nation. It will always temper justice with mercy tion. Among subjects taugh~ will lie - soils, grain crops, irrigations, larm ti,(Hors, tractor repair and o!:(:t'tltitHI, h~,rI iculture, vegetable R:~rflening, p,˘,~l'.try 1)reduction, mitk prodiletiOll. l!~l,~ tock nlDYla.i4eulent, far|l} Hl;llloge- 11', en t lind farlll records, '1' lie wort( will start ,lanuary 4. Farm Bureau to Keep County Agent. Tile Farm Bureau membership campaign in Whitman county has advanced far enough so that it Is as- ~;ured that tile county agent work when occasion and circumstances' will he maintained• at leasl until ~f- warrant mercy, but no circumstances ter the squirrel campaign llext ep.n w'trrant mercy in the case of any spring. County support for the work mrson convicted of r, edltion of trea- ends with January ! and the Farm son. When all of thl~ agitation Is Bureau takes il up ar that time. traced to its real source it will be There are now over 700 members in found that men of foreign birth are lhe Whitman Couny Farm Bureau.---- behind it and that most of them were Gazette. entirely out of sympathy with the purposes and objects ~f this country ,, durhlg the war. Stone of the men now serving terms ill federal prisons who came under the category of "'po- qitical prisoners" were foreign born who had declared their intention of becoming citizens of the United States an~l sacrificed their citizen- ship to escape ihe draft. The demand for the wholesale re- lease of so-called "political prisoners" is absurd. All persons convicted of disloyalty---where no possible shad- ow of donbt of their guilt exlsts~ ~hould be required to-serve the full time of their sentence. No official of the United States government should be swayed by maudlin ~entlment or influenced by disloyal propaganda hi considering such an appeal.--Wash- ington State Weekly. MAKE THE HOME BRIGHT. Make your home the brightest spot on earth. In it lead your children in the path of virtue. Do not turn the blinds the wrong way. Let the lighti that brings color and life to flower, field and tree shiue into your home• (if warmth and love and[[ Let the light || .respect give strength to the charac-[[ tel' of all who dwell therein, and the[] stranger who may be your guest. [] A tired mother with a houseful of I| her own once asked an orphan boy to gather around the tame with her own merry group of eleven. A little thin/. .~oo'a forgotten by her, but] when in af',er ye:~rs lhat boy, grown to manhood, told that the brightest memory of his life was that dinner, and the mother spirit shown had been a beacon light to him t~rough many a clark day, that one act gave more )leasurc than all the frivolities of life. The word wife means weaver. As the wife wove the raiment for phys- Ical" warmth and comfort, so she also weaves the web of life. Character and reputation are the warp and woof which produces the finished web of life. The home is the factory, life the lomn, and the wif% and mother the weaver. How cereful she must be that there are no broken threads in the warp to mar the quality of the product. America needs 500,000 old-fash- ioned mothers to bring back to the home the real meaning of not only the word but the place itself. In the fast pace we are living home is losing its power, becoming only the lodging place and not always a pl,ace to eat•' The word wife is losing Its sanctity. Mistress and cmnmon law wife is all to often heard. Diverge courts are crowded. Betrothals made without consulting parents, in an auto de- busch or midnight stroll results in unwelcome children inheriting traits which develop in outlaws and harlots. A word to fathers: Happy is he who is happy in his children, and it is his duty to help his wife to make a home, so as to keep his children from seeking pleasures elsewhere. A child should not be trained like a horse, by anger and punishment. If yon do you induce two bad habits. Firsi, the boy regards his parent with dread; next, and wortst, the boy learns nto to fear sin, but the punish-: ment, and thus he learns to lie. Fathers should be spoken of by their sons thus: " 'Perfect love~cast- eth out fear' was the motto of my father. From this and the Interest he took in our pursuits, pleasures ~[nd trials and the details of every- flay life sprang up a friendship that Increased in depth wit.~ years. He was the best friend I ever had, the only true friend. He was the most fatherly and tbe most unfatherly; fatherly hecause he was our most in- timate friend and adviser; unfatherly that our feeling for him lacked that geeling" and restraint that makes boys speak of their father as 'the governor.' In the broadest sense of the word he was our father. When- ever we step out of the honle in ~earch of comfort and pleasure we :come baek again." Boys to Study Farm Work. 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