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The Palouse Republic
Palouse, Washington
December 2, 1921     The Palouse Republic
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December 2, 1921

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...... "" i~lT , ~i F ""' ......... ii u 11 ii i POSTOFFICES BE RELINQUISHED of Nine Powers on Date of Aband- onment, D. C--A resolution de ~or l'eiiliqltishineL!t ()~ ~cH'ei}4Ll privileges in China, was by the uin,, powers siiting u~ on Pacific and Far Ea~t- !date of January 1, 1923, ua,..s set abandonment of foreign post tills was ~tgreed to by all represented oxe(,pt ,]apall, asked for lime froln their g()'erllulel]t. representatives at Momlay's broughl up the domestic COlt- rail \va.vs. (~hillese railway qil,.sl hln, tic' to Chines,' rt'l)l'esell I ttl i \ cs. ilIVO1VO I|U! IDa;tPF which i~ regarded a'~ ml- big problems wiih ~hich lht COil f(r(~llL(~ lllay llav~. !t) far as Far East(,rn affairs are reports allegin~ use of WOrds by Premier Briand af While in \\:ashington against 8chanzor, h,,ad of tin, If allan c()llfol'(~iict, doli,gatil)n. \v(,rt, dellied in a sta|,!lnt,lll IIHI([I. llugiws al a moeiing ol COIlllllilt(~e (Ill i~'ar Easl- }Pacific qll(,sl iolls. which barb led to murh ill Elll.Opt~ illI(l IO d~qllOll,slFa- Ihe [,'l't,lJ(ql ill Italy wero .Mr llughes Io be .absohltely l'011iidalion[ lie also was un- to haw, deciarvd Ihal lhe re- the I,'|'eneh and Ilatian within Ihe c(~nfol'OllCi ]lad friendly. DECREASE IS Y A BILLION lhlgton, D. C.--G~ ve'nnont tax (lUring ill(:, fiscal y~'ar 1,')21 Ilearly a billion dollars as With last year, while 1 h, COllection increased ~;2 (!ellis $100. aceordin~ lo the annual 0t the buroatl ef iaterllal rev- Publir. durin~ the past talod $4,595,0011,765. ag, ( i sl for the fiscal year omh,d , 19'20, a decrease of $812,579,- 15 Per cent. Cost of administering the in- r~Venue laws for the year, the "was $40,203,716, or 87 c,,nts Ill00 collected, against 55 eenls However, the report added. the expenditures was $(;,- [0r the a(hninistration of Ihe and narcotic laws and for the enforcenlent o-f file tax law. which, deducud lO total, leaves $?,3,174,309, or of 72 cents for each $10(t Collected. and profits taxes aggregated compared with $3,056,- a 1920, and miscellaneous col- totaled $1,366,863,091, against #4.248 in 1920. HEARING SET Fle~ations With Alien Com- Panics to Be Probed. higton, D. C.--tiepresentatives ~ading American raih-oads will the committee on inter- of the shipping board regarding their contractual With foreign shipping lines. is designed to ascertain extent existing preferential contracts operate to the of An]eriean shipping. announced that the fol- ~ontraets wouhl be among up: Northern railway, with Yusen Kaisha, and the Milwankee & St. Paul rail- OSaka Shosen Kaisha. In Erin Opposed By Press. chorus of vigorous pro- renewal of warfare ill the event the present peace collapse was raised ,v newspapers after the of Premier IAoyd George and Craig, Ulster premier. WORK AWAY YOUR TIIOU3LES Man at His Best, and Happiest, \,Vhc~ Physically and M:nta;ly Buay, Say:; \*,/i;ter. YI,II i';ll}'t i~\('l'\\Nl'](. (~,r~l .'\!~'.it-!tl3' Jilt eli(Jell [ iti:- V, Oh(l('l'i Ill li}('(']ll:il -A' calh,d lhe hlllil;lll t..I.v I. 'a.rk. 11 i-~ Will'i;ill: all liB! liilitL It;,I ,~,~ll t,\('l" think ,d" th:ll'.' Think ,,l il ~mi'v Hlo"e[ Thi- }ie.!'t ,q ytli.ll's ]lilllt[.lx t)l "f~ tilm'~ :I llJillllli? fl'(HIt It]t [IU~!L/~ hl thai iI ral:ps ll~ !b'q be;V. !DitiI ii dies, ;-tI |]fl,v'4Jx v~:ll'5 (,1' Hixiy >*",It ~. OI' OIIP hlllli}['t'ii II [iLl;/lll5 !%['~11 liiM'S till h(,lil', liF~ ;q,tl Ill'ill'< H (la\ lo'.\~.ryl hiNat ill II-; is cttl~sfr/icte(t tO ~,~tq'k. I.',vl,ryliiil]g ill IIS i'; clHiSll'/ICI- ed lli ,.; FI% t,i~ ll,ads. Idg IHIl'llellS. 'l'hJ~ h/llllHII lilt Iill--J ~ "~-: It ltiastt,l'- ],il,UO ~lf lll('c]ltlllic:% This r.ilillai ('l)[ Illllli---il''4 i'!~lt~,l l'll('l t~(] to h,lhl v~ illl" I,(.ly IIIL alill liq.llllS llf ]li~]'ses lJtllli_ll~e ill I1]lllltsill, tiil'qq.liOltS c~Hlld ~41'IIVC{'Iy DIlll il nlmrl. God inteli(h,d IIS TO work. lie llllllle it [tt'CI~SSlII'y fiir li:~llli \VNI'IC. \Vh~,llil.r %1111 klli)\v il iir ]llil. %lilll. day',- @ill'i,: li~hls till llie 7hid M~h. (if ytlllr h,d-,,,r. Anlt hllelics~ is ll,~-& The lilllqdesl tiiOlill~lllS hi ~lw Iil't, el S Illllll tire Ihilse in whicli lit, is :il ii~,s be~l, illlt'l h,,.l llally ;llld ldi3 sic;illy. workhi; ill hivli sl~l.,d wilh lilt! ~'l'i,:l[- psi Ii(,l'essil,,, for 71itld ,i!ldaltit'lil :ilid qllicl.: acibili. Thell. It' he hlls llq~ll- hh,s. lie for;D.Fs Ilieqll hi lilt, i,xhil;lr- ;tlltlll of iht, holil'. \Vhlqhi,r he I,~lillws it or iil11, his :lClllllI. t,VOl'y-ila.v ~.,l/i- llltiyiiltqil is his lti~t,.q Ilfnlli tll hlip- pilit,ss l'hal'll,< I,]. l;l',t,,t,i, ill l,'orb~s M:i a';i ziiil-. This Life, and Beyond. ber 12th to Remain en ::" .... :;" I"lll' '~\h;lt i< life IhHI wt, sllollld ~1 Ilitil.;e stl,'h H!l*> :lh,,lll it. ;llil hllg it i~l,O ~ ~ i~l.t '" '"'"': "'"' ""'" '" " '""" '"" Days Only At The :;: Easy l-'avments :i: Ile;il'l~,'? \\'lilil is ;ill eilrllJy iil'*.. \\ilh .. :ill i,- i,ml :,l,,i : ..... I I,i,.l< i,. ,'i,.i,e- ] 7~ i $ ,,,,d i,s ,...,,.,., .,.,, ,. ,:,,,~i**;**;**~**;**;**7**;**;*;**;~;* ~l,i,~,il~,~l~l~t fering which he iuay not relieve, and tt flltllily, s,, il!lii if 1 ,lie " "'If y,lll +lit'.'" ilil, ;'rtIDiml his ]llP.)lq'; "Sll\ wln'll Yoih, Itit ; theri, b. Ilil 'if" It b(illl Ilyilig." Tllel't. i~ food ~,,r 'hem,:hl hi tl'i- ineidenl. We ill'l, all lilllll~, h, h.>k ;l' t|ie nl:itii,r :is dh! !h!~ "~tl'all]i% lit;lit ~,Vl) think -f tlle fuliii'~, wilh llw m)n dillonal q!iDiilali.,ti "if f die." :iil,] rl'aliie t,\ o1"~ I hill2 :1 r~,/lilll lh:ii "i I'," ,I,~i ;I ill;l!li'l' ~ll facl. I]it'l'~' i~ I!~P, lil l.: illtH'e ci,,l'fllili Ihal, ilO;lih. II i~ ,.~,llel, ~llid liitt II~. Remarkable Cacti. 'IY|I(' ntg, vt'~i a('hh'; tinOlll ~)i' l;llr- tJa[I]