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December 9, 1921     The Palouse Republic
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December 9, 1921

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THE MBER {HAS LIVE'S' S N ,cA~IISS:ED. VV~ Chnnber(~f-;onm~r r l~ ~iMeresting session last Saturday )~' iflair regular weekly luncheon. z z~. t~lssioner ~llt and A. L. Maxwell wa~ addressed the chamber, W)hich he expressed his apprecia- , t,f the hearty support given him ,d.["ellew to, nsn,0n He,nade _u~that he-ex ected to serve the ;~ WOuld get '~t fair deal alolng '~ ether communities. r~L~. Boone hrought np the sub- -~the piano that is owned by the ik:M association, saving that the u si~r (lid not purchase it, as star- "" epnbIic s,,,n,, ,,'eels ag,. ee u~l:.~t N. v. Hunsperger and Harry ,~g, members of the nttls~caI ,qs- ~lor~, had at varions limes use4 lhil)ersona] funds in promoting ({' t~rests of the association and: !it he trustees of the chamber of ~p. ~et% had agreed to reimhurse J ~h)r the amount so expended, Lhe.understanding that the~e ~.~en should turn over to the ~ all musical instruments for- ~111 the custody of the musical . .$L~lien, the trustees of the cham- ~ety acting as custodians of .... ~?laerty nntil such time as the .-~'iTM association should fnnction ~i~~ an organization. ~ Seeretary of lhe chamber was ."~to draw checks and pay Mr. ...~ger,~,t and Mr. Loosing to reim- ~m?seal for all personal expendi- "~.~'y ha,, n, ade, ,~nd the m,,- '' J~i~ara'Unlents~-- are now looked af- ~e trustees of the chamber ,if ~,. of the observance ,if week was introduced by R. W. Elder, princt- grade schools, said that the prefer to postpone the later in the year, Christmas tree was and the sujbect wa~ te- a committee. 0hnson spoke at length on the welfare committee had ~l What It expected to do in I~. IS LAID TO REST. and Moved to in 1854, of J. B Espey, held in of the Irwin undertaking afternoon, was well The body was laid away i.~'od cemetery. The ~'ood- he World had charge of the l%v. W. M. Martin of the R Church officiated at the l~OWman Espey was born Pa., in 1847. and at the years moved with his ~alifornia. In 1869 he was Carolyn Bills. He moved country in 1882, where resided. away at Sacred Heart on November 30, of 73 years. He leaves be- two foster daughtern, Severance of Pullman Espey, who is teacl~- school at Endicott. in South Dakota. Greene received word that her sister, Mrs. had died at Water- and Mrs. Greene de- that point at once Mrs. the mother of Miss Gen- who. until a few had been visiting with 8he made many friends ladles, who regret to bereavement. PALO USE REPUB.LIC PALOUSE. WHITMAN COUNTY. WASHINOTON. , o, CiVlC WELFARE BIG CHRISTMAS 0o,. EE PLANNED WORK ORGANIZED TR That it is hazardous |o carry on ! " illicit tralfic in liquors in \Vhitmani~i:i~?=R ;:ii: A~--D~~:0~L~~ c(mntv is 1)roven by the fact that i .... lured live moonshiners in as many CHRIST- days. b~ollowing is ~t list of arres[~ made in that lime. with the tines a~- AND NUTS :~esse4: Nig-ht of [}ec.elnber ;I, 2a~ gallons :it l~H)Ol*~hill*~ near XVinona. Cap-' ..... lured Conrad Stranb, fined $150 and! In tile past foxy nlonths resi(hynts .~' q'he civic welfare organization at a costs of .~;13.60; George Straub, fine,l'of this city have been solicited for meeting hehl Monday night perfected $150 and costs of $9.60, and given funds to relieve the wants of thelplans and appointed a comnlittee for 60 (lays in Jail; Henry Slranb fineSi poor until it has become a nnisance carrying out the idea of a hid ccmn- $::00 and $1":.60 co.*ts and given 6~i to the bnsiness men on the streets.: munity Christmas tree to be placed ,lays in jail. } First a lame man comes ahmg asking~ on Main street and decorated an.t 1)ecember 4. near Oakesdale. cap-I for financial assistance, and hc Isilighted on Christmas eve. tured big still in possession of Paul$ scarcely gone until another unfortu- A program is belay arranged which Bohan, ex-convict, and C. M. Christ-I nate appears on the scene begging for will consist of conununity singing of afferson, and 25 galtous corn whiskyihelp, and oftentimes the.~upplicant h~! Christmas stags. A two-reel feature and ahout 700 gallons of mash. Be-'a gross frond i !ilm will be one of the attraction~, han fined $500 and costs of $15.30i To do away with promiscuous giv-i showing a ChrMn~as picture which nnd given four months in jail; C. M. ing and at the same time to give aid will be screened on the street. The t?hristofferson fined $300 and costs! to the worthy, a civic welfare organ-i program is to be an out-of-doors at- if $14.80 and given 60 days in jMl. I ization l~as been perfected wbose duty' fair, Decemher 5. George and Marx It is to investigate cases where help Santa Claus is invite, d and it is ex- V,mS(,lmonhovon given $25 and costsI ii'~ solicited and contribute to the re-} Decied tl~at he will bring sacks filled af $5.05 in each case; 3V, galhms orI lief of such person.~ according to hls witl~ candy for boys and girls under moonshine; near Elberton. ', worthiness. 1'2 yc, ars of age. The tree is lo be~ l)ecember 6, near Garfiehl. tlenryi 'riffs organization has been etli.-! lia'hted hy the \Vashingtml Water Eckhart, with quantity of corn mash ciently worked out and funds con-i P,wer company. and one Dillon of loganberry wine; trilmted whereby worthy people shall* The Chris'tress festivities are to he liven 30 days and $250 :lnd costs of not be allowed to suffer, and shouldi financed by selling Christmas tags. 6.6n aud given (;0 duys in jail. ,ny one apepar on the streets of thel The sale of these tags ~,~ to be car- Total lines in live days. $190n. ex- city asking for help they should lieI ricd on by children 12 years of age elu:,ive of costs. ."ef(~rred at once to this orgamzatlon,.l or under and they will be distributed .............. ~ which will envestigate, and if the among the school children of tile Relatives Attend Funeral. .~UDplie nt is f(mnd worthy he will be city to sell. The relatives from out of town helt~ed according to the ~'gantza- The distribution of candy Is to De cap :,tlendcd the funeral of the late~ lion's ability to do so and the worthi- Parried on in a systematic manner. I. B. Espe" wer~ J. H. Gookin ofI hess of the one askin~oid. * Each child in lhe community who is Clarkston. L. C. Kerns and family ell This seems to be the aim anti pnr-! ~mtbver 12 years of age will be given Pekoe, Harry Espey and family ofilmse of the organization, and it will v tag and on the evening of the pro- ( , endeavor to relieve distress a~id want gram thoy are to present the tags and :,!MU~ and Will E~pey of ~,ragemont,~ idaho. }v:ilhin the borders of the, city with-~roceive their apportionment of candy. ........................ ]ou bestowing alms upon unworthyIThis prevents unequal distribution Mi~ Margaxet Webster Entertains.l persdns, i so that each child will receive a pack- / Many worthy people have I)een~ age t~nfl none will get more than his ~/'Misa Margaret Webster entertained found in the city who are in want l share. 4 of her little friends Saturday af-*{and theh" cases have been taken carej The commltiee is busy making the ~ernoon from 2 to 4 at a birthday[ 0arty,:, it I)eing her seventh b~rthda)' "I~ mannert/f with dispatch and in an efficient i arrangements ! ~r~ying on of thefrfestivitles.the successfUlA leaderCar- ,,ames were played and refreshmeni.s/ Several lodges and organizationsi for the stngng will be arranged for ~erved. " i have contributel liberally to the fundI and no detail will be overlooked that t ....................... ~for relieving distress, and any one f STUDENTS WIN HONORS tO contribute to charity may d,) so through this organization, with ~the knowledge that such donations iFruit, vegetables and food of all Ikinds will be gl.adly accepted. Cast:.,~, Edythe Fitt Carries Six Subjects in(off" clothing and bedding are ~so, Ir.eeded. High School and Secures Position Beggars who solicit fund's~ from on Honor Roll. buslness men should he referred t~ lids organization arid promiscnous ! donations to snch people should be frowned upon, As I)erviously stated in the columns (~1 The Repuhl!', :l! students who have shown such proficiency in schol- arship that the grades in all the work ~;:,rried hy theut in school are l's or 2's, that is 90 per cent or above, are e.ntitled to a place on the scholarship lmnor roll [)f the .~chool. Below are: ::i'~e~] by grades the n,'tmes of those students who have attained! 'tuner for ~he six weeks ending No- ~ember 26: Grade 12~lIale Ickes. Grade ll-----Edythe Pitt, Harold Dixon and Will)urn Kayser. Grade 10--Verlin Rust Grade S--Nora ~Viley, 95 per cent; Harriet Hohnes, 97, per cent. and! Earl Webster, 93 per cent. Grade 7--Vivian Stepheus, 95 l/or cent, and Alice Wiley, 94 per cent. Grade 6--Marjorie Jones, 95 per cent, and Eilene Couehman, 95 l)Cr cent Grade 5--James Jaekman, 95 p,.r cent, and Russel Fisher, 93 per cent. Grade 2--Katie Hansen, l,ooise Christmas Seals Delayed. The Palouse allot!neat of Christ* Inns seals have been delayed in the moils and have not yet arrived. How- ever. the committee is expectillg them any time now and ihey will be onI sale in i'~I(nsc. The co}nmittee that~ hf~s ('h~tr:.,e (if the scala is colnposed' of Mrs. (~harles Meeklem, Mrs. Addla Geddis arid Mrs. J. M. Risley. Good Time Club ~ives Dance. A dance was given by the Good Time club Wc, dnesday evening. About 30 couple were present, Music was fm'nished hy Art's jazz syncol)ators Mr. and Mrs. Pred ~Valker arid Mr. and Mrs. Roy Clark aeted as patron~ and patronesses. Mrs. Heehtner Hostess to Club. The Xenodican club met last I~'ri- ~d~y afternoon with Mrs. H. R. Hecht-! ~ill ntake the affair a success, F0SS RAISES PECULIAR DUCKS. Get gpon Perch to Roo~t--Weigh /~ Eight to Sitxeen Pounds. That a duck will fly upon a roost at night or perch itself on a post to preen itself would probably be dis- t~uted by those In the Palouse coun- try who ,',re supposed to be versed in duckology. Yet Henry Foss of Pot- latch, conductor on the ~V., I. & M. railroad, has several ducks that be- have in this nla~p~e:" The ducks owned by Mr. Fo~,~are/-~known as ~us- copy ducks and originated in South Anlerica. Here are some of the peculiarities of these ducks: They do not quack. They have web feet, yet will nse wa- ter for drinking purposes only. The female weighs from eight to twelve ponnds and the male from ten to sixteen pounds when fully developed. Most ch*eks e(insunle four weeks' time in h'*tching, but the mother of thes~ ducks must undergo the Inconven- ience of sitting five weeks. The te- rn'de when not sitting is somewhat of a. gadabout. She will rise ~lp out of the pen and fly, taking a circle oi' several blocks and light in the pen again. At night they wilt fly up onto a roost like a chicken to roost and will perch themselves on a post in daytime and preen themseh, es. It seems as though they are ready to ~mash every ~reeendent in duckdom. They are pure white in color and the males have a more highly colored bill titan the females. ~r. Foss, the owner of these birds, resides at Potlatch, and it would be safe to say that he owns the only ducks of this species in Latah connty. Class Meeting at Christian Church. FRIDAY, DECEMBER 9, 1921., " ORANOERS AT KF./NEDY FORD. I Officers Axe Elected for the Ensuing. Year. The Grange meet at Keanedy Ford h!st week was an interesting one and the following officers were elected: Master, James Milton; Overseer. C. B. Fausler; lecturer, L. E. Kegley; steward, A. A. Anderson. Jr.; assist- 'an[ steward, M. A. Anderson; chap-~ lain. Augusta M. Kegley: treasurer. Mrs. Mabel Anderson; seerelary, Mrs. L. E. Kegley; gatekeeper. James Bro)]es; ('eres, Thehna l:auslcr; I)o- litt)na, Mrs. Fay Anderson ; Flora. Mrs. Joseph Ho!!gen; lad)' assistant stewar(l, Mrs. Anna Fausler; execu- live eonlnHItee, M, A. Anderson, cue "e:~r; C. B t:ausler, two years; L. E. Kegh~y. three years. Meckiem Goes to Palouse City. "('. M. Mecklem lefl Monday- fl~r[ Pah)use City, where he will engage in] the drug business, having formed a[ partnershill 'with E. E. Elsworth." This article appeared in last week's[ issue of the Colfax Gazette, tt havingf ! been taken froln ;t Colfax pauer{ 1)rinted November 29, 1889, or, to bel exact, 32 years ago. Mr. Mecklem~ [ has seen lnanv ehanges since tha[ ti~e. Child Meets With l~isfm~ne. Max, the small son of George lckes Jr., lost the ends of two fingers hy ah :~c(:iden~ last Thursday. The little fel- low was playing with his father's fod- der entter and put his hand into the ll~outh of the machine. The machine started and before he cou~ wtthdraw his hand it severed the ring and mtd- dle fingers on the hand at {:he first ;,int:. IIo received nzedieal atteution and he in reported to be doing nicely Heehtner, George Morrison, Gladine ner. After the 1)usiness meeting the: Peterson, Genevieve Stephen~ andl hostess served refreshments. Thel Marg:tret Webster. i club adjourned to meet December 9 Grade 1--Roger Belvait. Billy lwiih Mrs. Redmond ~tt Mrs. C. H, Hohnes and Robert Pemberton ] Farnsworth's hon~e. Those students whose worl. was not ~ _. all above 90 per ecnt, but'the aver ~ge! of whose work was 90 per cent or I)et-t Methodists Have Dinner. Itome coming day was observed at ter are entitled to a place on the hou- oral)le mention list which fo!lcwvn: the Methodist chnrch last Sunday. A Grade 12--Wtnifred Jone~ and \Val-Isumtltuus dinner was spread in the ,~ire Department Met Monday Night. The meeting of the fire department la~'t Monday night was well attended v, nd mueh enthusiasm and interest was shown. The use of the siren was dr!,l)pcd, as the other equipment was in good working eondition and an- swered all purposes very satisfactor- ily. The fire chief was ordered to make necessary repairs in the water system. AMERICAN LEGION WILL MEET IN PALOUSE [IEO, 17 Efforts Will Be Made to Revive Hay- ton Post~Supper to Be Served Commander Coming. -An entertainlnent and ;~|ipper for the ex-service men of this community is planned by the American Legion, (, be held at tIotel Palouse next Tuesday evening, I)ecember 13. Every world-war veteran is invited and, a- this is tile first gathering of thin '.ind to he i~eld here for nearly two years it is expected that they will oil take the opportunity to attoud and talk ()vet' old times. In the fall of 1919 the ex-service {lien in and around Palouse organized [tayton Po~,~ No. 55 and practically every eligible man became a member. Through their own efforts and by the rid of a donation by the citizens el the vicinity of something over $30(!, ,. hall was obtaine~l and remodeled as a meeting place. However, since then activities have heen on the decline and the greater part of tim membe',-s have a/h)wed their n]en!bership te lapse. At this reunion an effort will be made to revive the post. If this is successful Palouse will have the third largest post in the county. Whitman eonnty has a very strong organization of the Ameriean Legion. it being the first organization of its kind in the state and one of the first in the United States. Coltnty Comntander W. L. McClure. elected to thai office by virtue of hi., great success as eomnlander ~)f the post at Oakesdale, will be 1)resent tc inject enthusiasm into the meeting tie will also l)ring information re hasenlent of the church at noon. Ser- Tl~e ladies of the Christian ehurch ter Kayser. vices were hehl in the afternoon. ~ were entertained by Mrs. E. E. Holt Grade ll--BIanche Farnh,,)n and i~nd Mrs. George Harper Tuesday at~g~rding organizing qn American Le Ahna Bedient. i " ~ a class rattling in the parlors of the gim,~ auxiliary post here, plans fm Grade 10---Hazel Soniville, Sigfreii Christian Ladies to Qive Dinner. Itansen and Bernice Gregory ! The ladies of the Christian ehurchl chnreh. Refreshments were served ~ which are already, under wt.v. Grade 9---Ulah Cochrane and ~raee will give a chieken dinner on Deeem-! and an excellent time is reported. The American Levies as a national ..m'~anization h~{s been of great assisb Roath. i bcr 17, at 11:30 a. m. In eonneelion' , Grade 8--Don Wolfe, 91 per eenl; with the dinner Christmas articles of! Befiefit Dance to Be Held, price to the government in curhtg fop Gerald Kincaid, 90 per cenL. and practical use anti cooked food will l)el The dancing clnb of Palouse isI the disabled voter;ms a~d in aiding, Juanita Risley, 90 per cent. ! offered for sale. i pla.rming a charity dance t.o be glven in other similar duties. It is to(la~ ." ~on December 17. Hunsperger's jazz I syncopators will furnish the mustc Ladies' Aid Will Oive Dinner. !free and the Wtlliamson store will The Ladies' Aid of the Methodis!~' donte the hall. The funds procured church will serve a chicken dinner' at this event are to be turned over to in the basement of the chnrch De-i the Civic Welfare organization to b~ comber 31 at 6 o'clock. Everybody used for charitable purposes. Liberal Invited. ' " !t patronage is expected. ! ey" Dills, 'pastor of the :~t~rches at Oakesdale, was :~ l~iday visiting J. W, ~;, D/e spent Friday night at Grade 7~Lilian Soniville, 93 per l~'~tMrs" A~h"rv cent; Raymond Tatbott, 93 per eent: 1 .~ _. w___ . Raymond Northrup, 93 per eent: ~ xr~,~. . a~ of ....... Richard Harden, 93 per cent; Dono,- 0o~ Wllll alTl t~ysegger :~ , ...... van Southworth, 93 per cent; Ehna ~ t ,,, ~'a{ouse {ast Fm~ay 2 er c nt Ed the il - -~ la .... Fethertngill, 9 p e ; y M - , .,r~ ~ae ~Teeze cemetery ........................... the most powerful influence in Amer- ica in promoting trne Americanism and in stamping out radicalism. I. i-~I hoped that the attempt of the local[ post to again become active will be{ successful so that it. may carry pull locally the principles the Legion/ adopted for the Nation. } FORMER PALOUSE MAN IN WRECK MR. AND MRS. LLOYD MILLER PASSENGERS ON THE 0.-W, R. & N. WHEN IT CRASHED INT0 NO. 12 AT CELILO. { ~A letter front Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd ;Jiller to their parents here relates b. ,',v they ~larrowly escaped death In .! wrocL= Wh(ll train No, 17 on the O.-W. & R. N. crasited lute train No. i:~ ~l ('e!ih* .Decemb..,r 1. ~\!r. anti Mrs. :\iiIler rehtte that ,thev were sitting in a coach on the [I'UiU abmlt i1 ,.:,:hick on the eveni~ng ,)1' 1)ecember 1, when the traill collid- ell with "lr, in No. 12. When the Cli;Sil ('till, it' lilt!y were ihro~,vll in op- ~;(~site directi,ms As soon as Mr. Mil- ler -olll(l retorter frolll the shock he 3~,:Qq /1!3 his S1Bal[ SOU Iliad ran out of the ear aP, d a horibte sight met his eyes. Wre( k *ge lay piled in heaps ~tll(l the (:ries of' tilo:~e pinioned be- beneath the debris was sickening. As so(in as Mr. Miller could get his ~v[f{2 ;(t}-(I child to a l/lace of safety he returned and worked the remainder oi the night, a:~aist:ing in takiug the "{~otlllded, ~{(y;~,l ;llld d3 iug fl';)t/,l the, wreckage *~'~()Ii0 Of tile Miller fanlily ware tn- im'ed, but at the time of writing" Mr. ),tiller was laid up in I'ortlan(t recov- ering from the effect.*: of the exnosure irom his night's work. To nlake the situatiou v,'orse it raised and snowed all ~ight and the F(*r;(!liei's were ot)liged to wnr: in the 't~rm :~11 night. Ten l)egp',e, were killed in the wreck anti 60 were in- jured. Mr. and Mrs. Miller left i)aio~se Noveml)er 27 in their car for th(,ir ~lcw hoille ;tt Los Arlgele.% WlL the roads were so bad that "tll)t)D. reaching ,\l'lil/gton, Oregt)ll, they were com- ,)(qh,(l Io ship their ear "lndg(} tile remainder of the jollrney on tl, e train. They had not been on the traia long when the wreck occurred. Franzen Host to Athletes. 1,:,1 Fr,nzen, coach of the high ~:'hool football team, was host to the :quad and th~dr ladies last teriday evening at Legion hail. The guests were seated at a h)ng table running lengtlhwise of the hall. Over the table was aean()t)5" of red and black stream- ers and high school colors. Each mere- her of the team responded to aenll from the host wtth an appropriate t;tlk. Music was furnished through- :mi the eve:)ing by Hunsperger's or- chestra. The gnests were Mr. Crum, Mi.~s Adena Franzen and Miss Steven- ';,n, all of \V. S, C. Mrs. Jaw. Throop, Mrs. Harve l,ebold and Mrs. Add';e (~ed(liu served. Sir. Sheppard was eleeted eaptain for next year. KONOR HIGH SCH00L'ATHLETES ;~ourteen Men Receive Letters~Shep- pard ~ives Talk. Co~,eh t"ranzen ealled 14 men who particii)ated in football during the .~:~ason before an assemblage of the student hody and faculty and, with ~n appropriate talk, presented each one with his letter. Shepl)ard, captain of the football teanl, was the last man to receive hi~ letter and replied to Mr. Franzen'~ talk. thanking him for his services during the ~eason and predicted suc- ee,~ for lhe high school team nex~ year. The men receiving lettows were lihtell Throop, Perry Pitt, Edward Ja, ckn)an, Marvel Olson, Olen Andrew, floraee Keeney, Glenn 1)ellnhlg, Har- phi Dixon, Raleigh Fulton, Dale [.kea. ,l~c!.'. irwin, Chris Lebohl. Ver- in Rust "l:ld Thee Sheppard. Nrs. Leboll Entertains Team. The memhors and coach of the high ~ehool l'ootb;dl team were eutertained Tuesday eveninK by Mrs. Har\,.; !.~--" bold. The hmlse was tastily decorated ':; ~he high ~"l}o(,) co],:cs and a ban- ';~!e~ w:~ served l)~t!'ing the evenlng Thee Sheppard, Cal)lain of the teanl, acting for the footbail boys, presented Mr. ieranz,,n with ~ silk neck scarf Music wa:~ furnislled I)y HunsDorger's orchestra. Holds Cooked Food Sale. :Hrs. l~(~l~lf will ltold a cooked food '-wl fa~cv work sale at the Batten sit,re Saturday. 1)eeember 10. Table runners, luncheon cloths handker- chiefs and many "bther arttcles for sale. Your patronage is solieit~d, :!