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December 16, 1921     The Palouse Republic
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December 16, 1921

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, ,,,,, ,,a .................. m WE PAY A PREMIUM In cash, too, for your Crea1~l. Bring us your cream and get this fancy price of 2 cents above the market. I Christmas Store of Palouse Is Dressed in Its Best CHRISTMAS TREES FREE If you have not received a Tree already there's one here for you. WILLIAMSON'S Many thousands of dollars' worth added during the past 10 days, now marking this store surely in a class by itself in the Palouse Country. These goods are bought on the best markets there has been in the last three years, The advantage of filling your every Christmas want is yours from these great stancis of crisp, new merchandise at a saving you'll instantly recognize and appreciate. Then too you'll find shopping a pleasure, here, well displayed, plainly marked on a one price cash basis to all. A saving everywhere you turn. You'll notice within the four walls of this store the fastest growing store in the state. Steamer and Auto Robes Sale of Imported Hdlifs. Tons of Christmas Can- / Make one of the most practical as well as the most appropriate Worth to 75c each, at ......................... Three for,t0o dies and Nuts I Christmas gifts you can abuost think of or give, another Big Dainty hand embroidered Swiss Handkerchiefs by the hundreds• Will be offeied and sold here during the next few days at prices I freight shipment of these handsome Robes just received. Priced as Embroidered Jap Handkerchiefs in Silk Crepes and Linen. Sterling 1!-at will laugh at all quotations. Committees from schools and I churches will be offered assortments and prices that are sure to I low as, each ............................................ $5•00 products from the Ulster looms and thousands of dainty, serviceable please. ' I o , ASK TO SEE THESE Handkerchiefs from this country's foremost factories--all assembled I here at your unrestricted choice of, each .................... 35e Big Los(Flour,$i,75 sactt .,, .,-~ OR THREE__:FOR $1.00 1Kany Men'Sspecial purchases,WOOlal! thrown together,~OclRSmake this a goodII In several colors and many weights ....... 350 eaca or 3 for $1G0 I Good news, indeed. Back to the 1913 and 1914 price, for this is the lowest quotation since 1903 on this one of the worId's best 25 to ~'~.~C Peaberry Coffee time to buy Socks. I Flour, "bar none.' This brand of Hard Wheat Flour is nationally The universal satisfaction this Coffee is giving has prompted the I management to contract for a half car. The price is to remain ,+~t known as a strictly, high gwade first-class-Flour. At $1.75 per sack Free Boxes I it s the best buy in Flour yet offered. We have but half a car on hand. We suggest you buy ahead right now. 19 cents to our customers only. Merchants, jobbers and whole. We have great piles of empty Card Board Boxes, many sizes. I salers who intend to sell again we refuse to sell. The general public fre% fm the asking--No matter whether you buy goods 0.r not. ] Buy Pure Bred Cattle, from far altd near we'll supply all they want now and for many il months ahead for, perpound. ........................ 19 CENTS Who Wants a Real Bu ] Williamson !ms at Emfis Fallon Stock Farm, near Moscow, sev- ! Hogs and Horses Children's Slippers $1.OO the greatest Short Horn sire ever brought into this country, out of I The Palouse country must diversify sooner or later. Buy the oral Straight Scoteh Young Bulls, siro:l by a son of hap. ˘illager, | best in Short Horn Cattle. Williamson can give you a start for A table full of snappy warm, comfortable Slippers. All sizes, Imported Scotch Cows. Priced at $100 to $200 for these young I little money, or no money if your note is good. many colors. See these, only, per pair .................... $1.00 Pure Breds, I I Store Will Be Open [venia(js lhursdav, Friday and Saturday Dec. 22, 23, 2.4. Closed All Day Monday, December 26 WILLIAMSON'S Your Store and Ours Palouse, Washington E. M. FULLINGTON DISPUTE OVER YAp!S SETTLED Washington. D. C.---The controversy between Japan and the United .grates over the island of Yap has been ~et- tied, Secretary Hughos told the far eastern committee of the Washington conference. The agreement is in the form of a treaty which includes all the islands over which Japan has the mandate in addition to Yap. The pact has bern approved by the government heads. It was understood the convention gives the United States certain def. inite rights as to tile island of Yap. including cable rights. AGREE ON KIAO CHOW LEASE Tokioflo Retain Such Institutions as Sch.oohl, Shrines and Cemeteries, Washington, D. (L--An agreemm~t wan reached by Chinese and Japanese delegates for the return to China of all public properties in the Kind Chow leasehold, subject to confirmation by ,Tokio of one feature of tile agreement. Japan will be allowed to retain sucil institutions as schools, shrines and cemeteries which are exclosiv,ly Jap- anese In character. China on her part agrees to refund all moneys spent on publit: prop,erti~,s developed during Japanese occupation. A proposal by the Japanese that China compensate Japan for tile develop- ment of the leasehold under the Gr, r- mall regime was rejected by the (:hi+ nese delegates, and the proposal was withdrawn by the Japanese, subject to apDroval by tile Tokio government. ........ + ..... [ :-:-:~ F,.,m., : TOOK REINDEER TO ENGLAND I Fire-fighting m•ganizatlons of men ....... ' are known to have existed in th~ HOLIDAY Attempt to Colonize the Animal Wasi Second century before Christ. Heron Not a Success--Marked tntelli- of Alexandria. 200 years before the genre Shown by Them. Christian era, in an old manuscript which has escaped destruction, de- • A hundred years :=go it was tlmught serihed an hydraulic raachlne used that tile nlountain t',,resls-f ,;rear in Egypt during the time of tlm Ptol~ SALES Brltahl nlight be eol,mlzed by reindeer mles. It was eolaposed of two brass from I~aphmd, and an ucc,unl ~xu~ cylinders resting on a wooden base given lu 1821 In an issue .f the Oh- with Dlstons fitted into them--in Its server, London, ,if Ihe extra-rdimu•y principles practically like our present sagaelty disl)layed by them when a engine. number were brought to England at The.dreads h,d s.,,a,,+ of ,sen to The rn ~g ~o"ow'n - is List of A the Instigation of an emlnenl natural-carry water In "hamne," or light vases, a 1st, Mr. l'~ullot'k. The I|vrd was ac- to tile scene of an outbreak• where it eompanied I, y a l.aphmde,', to wh,,nl Which Will Be Sold • was projected on to the tire by those anc{~s the anilllals w(,re attqehed :IIHi to In charge of tile "slphones" or hand who,se wishes fl,,.y ,,'ere us, ully ,mdi- pumps. The precise nature of this In- inGroups With ent. All weal well till tiu,y arrived strument has not been deternfined, but at the place of embarkatiolL when tile from specimens found in excavations it hel'dslnfln Invited the deer t. folh,w him to tile boat. ,,:hell the let/d,'r of lonednlust have been much like tile old-fash-syrlnge used by gardeners. Tiles. THE "CII--I I˘'~",Jl l.~., the herd pul Iris foot upon the lhmt large organlzatlons of men gave the leading to the vessel he started Im('k Ronlan authorities tronble by tilelr Carpet Sweeper ground he had ever trod. Fresh invb tatlons to follow tile hel•dsntan and Mention is made of the luedleval fresh investigations followed, the use.of forcing pumps as tire engines at whole herd looking on and watching Augsburg in 1518. the proceedings, plae'ng entire coufi- D i g th Ch i H lid ys at Edward M. Fullington, Columbus, denee in the(.aptain, not attempting The ~on.,. Pia.e*re. ur n e r stmas o a Ohio, banker, recently appointed in. to move till lie gave them a signal that Citizens of London have reason to V ry Low Pr" sular aud,tor of the Philippines. all was well. After a time he seemed be grateful to tile plaue tree. which a ~ C,C ,, to be reassured and In a majestic baautlties their city more than any manner entered the vessel, where lm otller English tree. It is called the 1--~0. 4 Ohio Sweeper ........... AMERICAN BIRTH , o .ooo +.o,, London plane. With lofty dignity, 1--Universal C-Till 45 examined everything. When he imd clothed in pleasant green, it stands ................ ,,l'll~|Oi~O,[Ir~orOl satisfied himself ti,st it was perfemly qnietly in the parks and squares, a 1--Westinghouse Toaster .......... RATE INC safe, heutteredakhldofsnart, wh,-n eheerlng sight to many hurrylng work- the hitherto Imssive herd bounded into ers. Sometimes it is stunted, but 1--No. 4 Ohio Sweeper ............ .......... ] the boat and in three minutes all had when It is free to expand it becomes 1--Universal Curling Iron ......... [~ "~ "Washington, D. C.--The American ] embarked. The account continues one of the finest trees in th~ country. 1--Universal Toaster .............. birth rate advanced 1.4 per cent ini that the vessel was overloaded arm Some of them In Kew Gardens, "oh! 1--Universal No. E-9436 Persolator @ 1920 as compared with 1919, the eeu-i the intelligent beast lndicat#d this to so near to London," are magnificent. sus bureau announced. "1 he birttl rate his followers. "Were we not assured Many London children, who know little 1--No, 4 Ohio Sweeper ............ was 23.7 pet' cent per 1000 l)opulationI of thefaet, wet:ouid imr,lly,'re(iit iI," of thebeauties of nature In the coun- ~B' last year as coral)areal witll 22.3 per, the reporter qt)ntinues. '•As he had try, are familiar with t2,e London 1--,Electri6 Semi-Indirect White intimated other ihings, he also inti- plane. It is such a hard), tree thal it Bow]. Fixture ................. ~O cent in 1919, according to the bureau's mated this to Ills folh)wers. No soon- flourishes In many strange corners of 1--No. E-9676 Universal Percolator figures. The rate last year, however, ~ er was this done than the individual the city. ]t Is strange io thl141k was 1.3 pe~ cent below the rate of l deer he appe:ded W leal,ed into an- that its origin is unknown• It is 1--No. 4 Ohio Sweeper ............ ~,-'~ 1916, which the bureau declared may~ other boat." pleasant to know that it came to Lon- 1--No. 315 Portable Lamp ........ be looked lll)On ~t,s a more normal< The exl)~'iment did not prove a stir- don as an outcast from the great 1--No. 6 Westinghouse Electric Iron @ ~\ ; tess, bat tile marked ntelllgence of family of trees, and, In return for the year. The lowest birth rate for the white l the reindeer made a deep impression sanctuary afforded, has given the for ! upon the l)ublic, great city of Its best. 1--No. 4 0h~o Sweeper ............ ,~ population last year WaS reported . 1--No.E-9901 Universal Curling Iron California with 18.3 per cent. Th, i Lloyd George Refuses Ulster Changes. 1--1.quart American Water Heater. "ll',J highest rates for the "colored" popu-! W~TCH F0R MOLDY SILAGE Belfast--Sir James Craig, the Ulster lation, which includes negroes, In-+ premier, presided over a meeting of ~ ]jilt dlans. Chinese and Japanese, were i AII Stuff Found Decayed Should Be 1--No. 4 Ohio Sweeper. 39.5 and 3.3 pe.r cent for Washington Placed Where Live Stock Can the Ulster party here, informing his ........... and California, respectively. Not Reach It. supporters of his recent conversation 1--Hamilton Beach So-E-Z Motor.. ....... with Premier Lloyd George in London. Towns Are Flooded. 1 In opening ti~e silo it is ~, g(,-d plan It is unofficially reported the proceed- Bellingham, Wash.--The Nooksack towatch out for mohl wt~ieh m~,ght be lngs g.rew stormy when SirJames "'" --W~˘h,n.trm Water and Skagit rivers, as well as numer- there. These mohls are very poison- informed the meeting that Mr. IAoyd ous smaller streams, were out of their death ous to of horses cattle and a.~ well. often ,',,use the George attitude had toward maintained Ulster. an It~"~'+'~'"+,va~ y r'om--an- - banks in places Monday as a result Be snre that the de(.ayed silage lg tlmated that except for a few trifling of recent rains. The water was a fool all scraped off the top and put where deep in the streets of Everson an( the livestock canno! ge! to it. changes, the Brititsh premier had de- Phone 120 Palouse had entered some of the stores. Ma It is poor economy to try and feed clined to make any concessions, his rietta, at the mouth of the Nooksack the top silage and take a chance on attitude being "there is the treaty and was partly under water. _ IDling valuable ,st0ek. It stands." , Oregon Drug Probe Is Asked. Salem, Or.--A complete investiga- tion with relation to the distribution of narcotic drugs in Oregon and the attending results of the illicit traffic is sought tn a letter by Governor Oi- cott addressed to Dr. Frederick Striek- er, secretary of the state board of health, and Frank S. Waril, secretary of the state board of pharmacy, who are trrged to co.operate in making the Investigation.. Tariff on Canadian Shingles Urged. Seattle.--A tariff on Canadian shin- gles that are brought into !he United States in competition wittl American shingles was recommended by dele-~ gates to the fifth annual Red Cedar Bhingle congress here.