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Palouse, Washington
December 16, 1921     The Palouse Republic
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December 16, 1921

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65 AMERICAN LITERATURE DECENT Teaches Practical Business Sense, Says Professor Lincoln. Tlio delnoeracy and decency of Jl:/erie(in liic-rail/l'& \vas ellll)ha.~iz~d l)y Professor Elliot C. Li:qcolll nf the Ei!glish departnient of the Stale coI-I lege of ~V;lshingioll ill big address to the "FortniK.blly t, htb. He said that I MADAME MAJER iivde Bldg. ,",imkanc '(,'ash Accordian.Knife-Side-~ox Pleating aemestitchmg, 8raidhLq. Buttons Buttonholes. Hal, and Feather Work. MAll ORDERS 61VEN PROMPI ~irf~iio~ sessed to you and of which you ar,~I all persons having claims against proof of service thereof, within tbe owner, or reputed owner, situated said deceased or his estate are re- six (6) months after the date of the in said County and particularly quired to serve them on said adminis- tir~t publication of this notice, to- bottnded and described aM follows, to-itrator at Palouse, Was,-lIngton, or wit, within Mix (6) mouths from the wit: Lots 3 and 4, Block 6, Beach's upon ~Veldon & LaFollette, his attor- 2nd day of Deeen:ber, 1921, and any+ addition to Palouse, and upon whlchlneys, at their office in the Lippftt and all claims not so served witMn have paid taxes assessed against ihuilding at Colfax said prol)erty as follows: . file said claims with Year's Tax Re- Tax. Date Paid ceipt No, 1904 ,Iuly 28, 1905 4180 $ 4.25; 1905 NOV. 17, 1906 6505 4.49, 1906 Dec. 10, 1907 7641 2.50! 1907 March 26, 1909 8501 3.16 1908 June 13, 1911 9444 3.67 i9d9 3une 13, 1911 9224 3.87 191u June 13, 1911 9077 3.47 ]9] i Oct. 19, 19t2 6786 4.19 1912 Nov. 19, 1913 7900 16.08 191k J lille 12, t914 58:t4 8.7'.) 191!]-. 1914 March 3, 1916 2041 30.53 191% ! 18-17- 18-19 ~ept. 14, 1921 6035 139.0'5 1920 C:.ept, 14, 1921 6384 29.60 "]'ota] anl|. [axes paid since date i (,f Cert. o I)ellnquency..$253.64 All of said amount bearing interest ,.'l lhe r',~ ptlidi,?tty, a forni of; }a 4' ~ "~ *~ ~ "~ ~ ~" i ,t, ,~ hnlilOf ec, liibiliillg ai)l)arel-,i geriolls-} NOTICE TO CREDITORS, liess; with absttrd exaggeralion, a ten-!i!1 tilt} Stlperior COurt of tile State of delH'y to (In y;lllall r:lthar than ]are, e: \t,+3shingtOll. for ~,Vllitnlali Connty. ill: lhe nla[[er of the e~:tate of Jellies work, practical ilisitiess sense and~, f/. Fairchihi, deceased. Koo | hulnor. SI)eat,:ing of its lnordl)-l,~ :ill persons baying eiailns against deCtli("y, he sa/d: r the above tl:llit;~;(l aS[ale: '"i'o a grea((,r ((agree (hall nl;,ty 1~5 ~.'Otl are hereby n(itilied ttnd re- . . q ire 1 t(i ltl'tke Otll "alt(i verifv yoo.r fOUlld elsewhere 111 lhe world ton v " elaiins autl serve the :-;filliP, with the Ollr wriliil~s ar- laekhlg in the nlor- necessary vouchers upon the under- :,lly offensive. It italy lie ~ cOntribu- .dgned admhli.~tratrix al her aft- lion front l~tll'ilaliisni; ii hilly lie 1be d1'u->~. Palouse, \~'asiliilglnn, or upon resull of geograptiical eonditiont; it \V. hi. Mc('roskey, attorney iff reeorzl for said eslate, at his address, Col- ll/,'!V ;it th(ie~ degenerate into nanll)y- r~i('llibyisni. Foreign critics often .le- clwe us of thai. l{ul it is a natio:i,(I el,.araet eristic which cannot escaDe i)llr iiltelllion alld is, at its best, a ,.:ollrce of ,~trellg'tll to otlr literature. "\Vhy are there so few great Amer- ican wrilers?" he asked. "Have we olle ntllne w]lieh c.~lll be, t)]acg(] hesi(10 ~hal of KiplinK or Hard.y, Noyes or fax, \VashhlglOli, and file the sanle, with l)rotlf or slle]l service, wiih th0 (',leril of the above entitled (.~ouI't al (,olfax, \Vashingtoli, within ~ix Jllonths frolll the lirst lmb]icatioli el this noih!e, to-wil, witbili Slx n(onibs froln tile 9th day of I)ecenlber, 192], 'u I ' \a! fail so l(i (o vollr eliltll v,'ill be foreveP bt;rred. NANCY A. FAIRCIIllA), Administralri of said estate, ),,hh'ess. ]'alotlse, \Vashi'tigton. :{9-4 .Ma~efiehl? The reas,m al least is that the ('ouininn sehool edU(mtion deter- SUN510!S FOR PUBLICATION IN h:quener taxe~, llellalty, interest and eost~, agaills[ lhe lands an,l n:ines the standard. Another is, if we YORECL9SURE OF TAX LIEN. preniises hereinl)eforo nlentioncd. I!1 [h(' Slllieri(;r ('otli'l of llle State ,v: ~P;!)" jlld~,e fronl history. (hilt a tie- above entitled Court, together wlth Amt. Washington and the time aforesaid shall be forever the Clerk of the barred. 37-5 LOUIS J. I)EI~, EE~E. A Nice Line of Holiday Presents \\':lshingiol!, for \Vhitinan C)tlnt,,' Date of first p(iblicat[olt. Dee. ~ ] (hJ(!rge E. Ash. plaintiff, vs. 1). b]. tl. 1921. . ...... , ......................................... _.__.f Ash t~lid all pel'sons ilnknown, if Any pleading or process atay be1 a,,v, hay ,,g or clai,,,lng to bare an served npo,, the underslg~led at the WasliinElon laaho &Moniana Railway Gompany ~ni-eresi in and io the real property address hereafter ntentioned, i heroin:(fter described, defendants.I G.A. VIELDON, " Wells-Fargo& Co. Express. General Ollices, t'o;iatch, htatio. q'lte State of Washington to D. E.B.i I,V. l,. LaFOLLETTE, Jr., I ----,~o.~4-- ...... N%.-2------~ii:- ............... gI:ATI-0Ns-- .... Ni,~-{ ..... ....",qo.-g ...... Ash slid all persons unknown, If: Plaintiff's Attorneys. q'lyexSun D,lyexSun ......................................................... Dqy ex ,'qtln : D'I t~X Slill 4:40pm 10:56am 0 ......... PAI,()USE_ __1 .... 8:05 a m 3:45,) m 4:5! p m 11:07 a m 4, ......... x Wellesley ........ 7:5t a m 3:34 p m 4:58 pm 11:14 a m ~ ...... .. Kennedy Ford_ 7:47 a m 3 9,7 p m 5:o5 p m 11:25 a m Ill ........ POTLATCH .... 7:.w a m 3:20 p m 11:35 a m 14 .......... Pri,neeton ........... 3:01 p m 11:52 p m 20! .......... Harvard ........... 2:48 p m 12:06 p m 2.6'; .......... x Yale .............. 2:q4 p m 12:12 p m 2,0