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December 23, 1921     The Palouse Republic
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December 23, 1921

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( !il/ THE PAI,OUSE REPUBLIC - - ..................... 2"-, VOLUME XXV, NO, 41. PALOUSE Wt:IT1KAN COUNTY. WASHINGTON. . 5~` ............. INCOME TAX LIST IS SU, r Player h Declared ineligible by CATCHES MANY :\cc()rd 1!g 1o all ~tl'li(:)e appearillf, it: tile Spokalle ('hronic]e rile ath- Ia~T INCLUDES OVER ONE HUN- lotto eOmlniftee or the Whitman (! l':'inip~,!:,' :!s;!~ocia,~i:!, i~ar ])RED NA~{ES--DIMINISHED IN-d.~"l~:red ('h~:r}()s Swpol, tile St~H" SET PALOUSE MILL FOI glt! lSNhS: IS BUSY PLACE TLEE IIAS BEEN SECURED AND ~AKES FARINA, BESIDES SEV- ERECTED 0N FARMERS NA- ERAL GRADES OF FLOUR-- }l::tfbp~ci( ,H' i'.'llHic:~'.t ii~,.!h ~.'oh(a)I I~1.):. "~*,'I " d,! C01VIES EXPECTED TO MAKE~ },all aq'aad, ineligible. TIv_'.._L BANK C9PMER---PR, MAXIMUM CAPACITY IS 120 HIs conversation wtll drift from the ' practical to the ideal and if you will 921 LIST SHORTER. ;;',~,>'~ }'. ..... : ,~il~l,.,.~ ,,: .~,'. .- f;EAS: IS ARRANGED ~ ' BARRELS PER DAY. ~kill{tt!ly draw him out he will tell ,, - ............ , 1,ui I;]I}3iCDIr el)!lt(,i;dod Ihal :;oi!Ic {,: -- .... ;ou i"~tlftll story of how wheat 125 patrons ot the Palouse! the c,'e,lils y, ive~ him b:; th~ \\*iw.mal 'Fhe c,mamuuil?.' t?hristmas ~r'ee has! fill' lhe statement were made th'~t m grown from the time the farmer were (d)liged to pay an ill-! hi"h >,'ho~fl were I'~1:~]1,. This trait-I [)Cell s(!('ed z(tl(l ereclel a~, tho l'ahmse was the seat of a manufae- plants it until it is converted into tax last year. A nunlber ()fir {('1;:}!)1i ~,'~':!s i]FrOVll (P, tl })V. lile c{, -t,-i' } .... (~IID"''I~, N"t~'1 )U' 1 })" 1' k COFllel~ ~ " aut.;J- t:lrillg in(lllsll'y t]lat sends its prod- human flesh. He can tell vou. a great inehlde(I in last year's list will i mlttee. .vt "v o- t ,~ ee ~ rr mg d for t . . , deal of food values and the chemical ' :~ ~ "~=UetS IO tile tour corners of the earth changes necessary to convert lnanl- be inchlded in lhe 1'321 list (mi This nleans Iha! ;dl the vicl(,ciesl c,N'br:iiicn which is I:~ bc given S;I~;~ ,, of diminished prolits, won by Endicotl (lm-i~:g lhe 1)a.~t m'( ~y night. ~ , would be flatly contradicted hy the mate wheat into living flesh, or i~ Following is a list of those in this ,',~ s(m will n(~! i),,r (,):)n~vd in (le,q,I- (h:;'.dy |i;is ]~t~el! i)ut into paekag~.~! majority of people living In and you wish to turn the course of the who paid ;,n incolne tax last ins {llc (!:HIIIIy ('h.!lltDit!Hs]ii) :111 I }* t "!)d ~a]ita (TlatlS is /lOVe on his way t0! :'~rmnd Palouse, conversation into lighter channels " Mr. Hunsperger is ready to appreel- 'l'h'.~ lint i'a sui)jec~ to change gives Pnllm~u the, ehampionshi/) ,~rI I':,!~mse. According 1o reports he b~' \Vhilman county. I~aded his reindeer for an automobirl~I I~ut th.e siatemeht in H'ue. never- ate a joke and you will find him full E. Abernathv ('. j. Kriebel .................... ;rod will make the trip this year ii~i'theless' and if any are inclined to of wit and humor. But when it comes H. Ames, Jr." Augusta Ladwig doubt it they will be enlightened oni to business he is all method and sy,a- ~llk Anderson kllan Lamphere ~'rielKts Surprise Her. l)is, A short program has been arranged! the subject by making a visit to the tenl. F~IDAY, DECE]ffBER 3, 19'21. ..... : ........ .~ : ~ --. .,~ ,o ,..o 0. BANTEBA [I FUN possibly :ndla. You will also see tn this room sev- ro, ,r oo. o, ,,ou AT LUNCHEON the manager will show you and ex- t~ plain why one grade la more costly than another, if you return to the ~ manager's office and sit down and CHAMBER MEETING IS CHARAG talk to him you will find him to be somewhat of an idealist. TERIZED BY GOOD NATURED REPARTEE -- OUT OF TOWN GUESTS ARE PRESENT. A large crowd attended the cham- ber of commerce nleeting Saturday a.nd, while some important business ~:,.s transacted, it seemed that the ('hristmas spirit had gotten Into the systems of the inen~bers t)resent, for, after the business had been in pro- gress for a few minutes, all the busi- ness transacted was flavored with willy remarks from wtrions members present. : The repartee started when Senator R. C. McCroskey of Garfield, who was 1. Anderson Chas. Lebold A. Anderson Chas. Lee Ander~,m A. L. IAwvis H. Ankcorn Gust Linden Archibald Harry t, inden It. Bailey hla J. Long ,M. Batlen O.E. lntcas E. Beach Riley Lucas Behrens l, I. McChu'e ~.. Beiwul R.A. MeCullough Biegert M. i). McPhers;n Blair 1~. Boone ~. Boone L Boone " H .L. Miller Bowers J.A. Miller 0. Broyles WUL Milton Burton \V. P, Morrison Carroll E.V. Parker Chase E. ,l. Paulsou ~, I. Comstock W. T. Peek 8. Cox I.N. Peters(m Coy B. VV. Powers ~arwford I,. F. Powers Crooks C.F. Redman L. Curtis XV. S. Redman Dailev (?. ,I. Rehwalt g. Dar{t Jos. Ringo ip W. Dasch XV. tl, Robertson nan Davis B. \V. Schell Davis B.M. Sehiek Dudley S.T. Scott P. Duke J.J. Shanks !( locke(1 ()tit lh'~ lasl Tnesday "A::~; ),il'.% ["Z't!(l kllder~,oil'S birthday :!lid ;, })art', of }~er friends surprised her at noon wilh a little sl)rea(l. The. bi],~l~(h,y cake. with all the lixi:xre:,. \V 7(>; 1}){ ~{)I'~' ()~ { (~ll. .~1 VS. Z~ I1 ('[('PSO Y! SaVS bat' C:~llliOt iilt;igJ Ile how he!' friends found out lh-H il W:~); hop I bit hday A. P. Meekling ! Chas. M. Me(!klenll ......... - ................... Geo. S. Miller i Club l:{cets With Nrs. Gcddis. The last meeting of ihe Round q'::- ble ehtb was hehl at the h(;'.ae of Mrs. A(hiie Geddis. The i'o}l call was ~ "Translation of (~oln 1!10, ll T?ren ~il Phrase.q.'" Mrs. C. I,. l'eml~erton real a paper on "'Who I> \Vh~) in Modern lAieratur:~." ('Iub ,q'uests were Ylr< P th)uey. Mrs. Fl.'~rence Belvail an(li ,Mrs. ,I. A. Bloonl. Refreshments wer,, served P. E. O. Me~s at Ankcorns. The P. E. O. met Monday eveuin;~ at lhe home ,ff Mrs. 1,'. ti. Ankcorn. The house was l)reltil.v dec(~rc.ted in Ewing est. Roy Smith T. Fagat~ R. L. Smith l~agan ~V. F. Smith Farnham A. J. Sorenson ,Farnsworth Ray Southworth J. Field O.P. Stephens Franzen Nels M. Swanse~ Qleiser A. Teekenburg Greene l~l'a n k Tempero Grimes H.B. Thompson Hechtner Joseph Tuft T. Hein Martha A. Turn- Heltzman bow Itill F. W. Twitmeyer l-Iill D. "W. Twitmeve,' Hill A.T. Twitmeye" Hites ,f. A. Twitmeyer and Mrs. VV. T. C. W'aller Holwav Frank \Veber Horrocks Mrs. F. We;mr Hunsperger A. 3r. \Vebster Ickes Win. XVerv l(ayser S.I. West A. S. KeeneyW. \Volheter ' I(eeney W.K. Whi~d(ar ~" Kincaid Dr. E. K. Wolfe l~noll I.F. ~,Volheter SUBMITS TO OPERATION. in Serious Condition--Family I,~ Pleased With Result. ~rry Boone left for Spokane last to be operated upon for l'~n~oval of a tumor. The opera- Was of a very delie.'.~{o, nalure Was perh)rmed last Friday, .E. father of Harry "J,,one, ill terview, said : is under the care of- a doctor rises radium in removing tumor- or Cancerous growl]Is, and they some wonderful fea.s It. If snrgeons can accomplishl is claimed for it, radium Is thing and the pub1~c yellov c h rysa n t ]lenlll lll~q. The evell- n~g was spent in work on the chari~y ~box. Roll call was "'The Gift of In- heritance." A delicious tWo-co,u-so lur, cheon w;is served. Xenodican Club to Meet. The Xenodican club will meet with Mrs. N. P. Hun~perger on Friday,, I)eceml)er 30. IIHARLES L, CLEVEL D ! BURIED HERE WEONESD, Y i....... Was Pioneer Barber in Palouse~ Lived Here %~. ever Twenty Yem-~--Buried Wednesday. 4. ..... 4' Churles L. Cleveland died at his home in Palouse 1)ecember 17. Mr. (Hew,lend up until 10 years qgo had been engaged in lhe barber t)~lsil~ess and had aCCIlnl/llilted consi(lorp.1)le property. He was b~rn at Cleveland. ()hit). in 1854. afterward moving to lips(on. t4e moved into Pahmse in 1891 and era\dueled his business t:ere until last spring, when he sold out and re- tired, lie was married Io Margare~ Parker in lgB0. ile. united with the Presbyterian elulrch 27 year~ ago and remained a nlelnbeF fl lllellll)~.r o{ this church until hi:~ death, tie was a meml)er of the I. O, O. F.. the Workmen and the Macabee lodges. kIlow of it. It is yet too early He was buried \Vednesday in the what the outcome of Har-I Greenwood cemetery. The Odd FeN (~I)eration will be, but I have} h)ws lodge conducted the services. "~opes for its success." I ~ast | reports Harry was recvej-I Farm Bureau Annual ~Seeting. id y and it is hoped that ,.el at home iu a few days. 1 The annual meeting of the VVhit- man Connty Farm Burqau will be Y e lt~ i held at Colfax on \~ ednesday, D~e m- ,,ten I~Iake Raid on Darling. J ber :?,q. at the court house. The um~t- ~t 20 R.ed Men, with theirtin,,, will be ealle,1 t~ or,ler ;~l i: Slid sweethearts, n|ade :t :aiqto'cloek for the l(lorlliUg session. The Darling Tuescay nlght,[officers and executive .committee ,"ill tooked for a time as lit(nlgitI be elected at lhls meeting and (~her Darling family was ic bel bush~es,~ of iml)ortanee will I)e l,,ke~ 1)lit once i|~si(le ti~e np 'it this time. l)efinile ar ':'. ~ge- the Red Men proved then|solver:t menls for pooling ,)z'ders for t,,.ir:,, i hlost amial)le fellows. The e;q;n-{sacks, co:d etc., will I)e mad., A J SPent in vi:qting and d:....,~-}strong |'epresenta ire fro|: e:(,h c::> i feast was spread before ;he] reunify is urged le 1)e t)re*e>t lo l~(,I)) Was over a]ld all rel)ort a{ wore out the Farm Bur( (1 1)I n~ i'~).,', ~hJoyable evening i the next ye,r The Farm Bureau h.~si t |'n~.'(le arru~]gel'nel/Is to })~1) ;~:'~; :|~,-! icsity at Secunty Bank. i l)ile tires a.nd farm machinery ~t '_, M. Cook of Priueetor~ scn:[ big savin?,' to ils memhers. ou.s looking object to 51. l).l l'Sn, cashier of the Securilv/ Skater 3.Ieets With hc, cident. )ai|k. It appears to be a pieceI \\hile skating rm the, P:'bmse |'iv- IIllllense tooth and is prob.~MVt~er lasl week Joe IA|llgdoll brokv ot a tooth of some prehis~or,et through the ice a, ml fell'neck dee:) Dr. Cool( t)icked it up at!into the water..fte sueeeedea In get- Alaska, where he was en-1 ting out and ~suffered no ill effects the government service, 'except a chilly trip home. for the coon.siGn which will e.onslst]I)lant operated l)y the Pa]ouse Milling 5f a re:,ding by Mtss Fae Shiplev. a]tempany. talk t)y i{ev. \V. M. Martin and com-I There he will hear the hum of ma- mmdty singing~lchinery that to the trained mechan- A large ero:a'd is expected and :m]- iCs ear wouhl bespeak a well organ- lie provisions have been |naiVe forlized and well conducted plant. There ~h,qr entertainment. It ~,as plav,P, dthe will find every workman intently t~, b:,ve a fihn for the co(resiGn but/at work without the loud talk which I l.-i SO ( olnlucql in poorly conducted in !}!',' !;~illllli[[(~C ~\rf:S llIlablo t() secure~ 's ,~ : . - one. dustries. Nobody hurries, yet the Everybody in Palouse and sur- workmen move with a precision that rmmding counlry is invited, accomplishes the maximum amouut The Palouse Milling company composed of stockholders, most whom live in Palouse or the sur- rounding country, and while some- times one is apt to forget that such! i an important industry is in our midst it contributes largely to the prosper- ity of Palouse. Helen Dasch Given Farewell. The senior class of the high schooi were entertained at the home of Olen ~s present, ill a very droll speech twit- of ted the highway committee about its lassitude in securing signatures for the surfacing of the new highway and informed it tam ir it found itself unequal to the task to turn it over to the Garfield chamber or emnmerce and they wouhl do it /or them, sa~'- ing thhat the signatures for the Gar- field end had hmg since been secured and that the Garfield men would take care of this end in case it waa CHRISTMAS AT THE CHURCHES. 3h:i~.'~ian, Netho;iist, Catholic an~ Episcopal Will Observe Day. (qn'istmas will be duly observed by lhe ci|urches of this city. The Chris- tian church will be the first to put ou a l)rograln. They expect to give a pa- ge'tnt on Friday night. The ('atholic church will have a lI't~O and tile llsUal Catholie Chrlst- nlas services on S'tturday night. The Episcopal ehdrc, h will have a !)rogra|n at 3 o'eh)ck Saturday after- noon, followed by a Christmas tre~ of work in the minin]um amount of Andrew Friday night at a farewolI time. The workmen are courteous party for Miss Helen Dasch. who and civil and are always ready to finished tAG high school course in the pass a pleasant word with a visitor mid-year and will go to Cheney to Lo the mill. contiue her studtes. Go into the business office and you will find the manaser. N. P. Huns- perger, busily at work, but always Engineer CoMes Is a Father. W. M. Cowles, wha has been engi- ready to exchange civilities with a ~:tranger. Busy as he is he will find seer on the Palouse-Garfield high- time to show one h,.terested through ,vay, received word from Mrs. Cowles the mill. In showing one through the that a haby girl had been born to plant Mr. Hunsperger begins In his ~he:u at Seattlte. Mr. Cowles left characteristic methodical manner l'hursday for Seattle. and shows first the lower floor, where the machinery in located that drives ~[r~. Throop Seriously Ill. the mill. The mill is run by a 75- Mrs. James Throop was taken rio- horse power turbine wheel, with a lently ill after eating" some fresh :,pd p;,rty a[ the l);Irisll hollse, .............. { 35-horse power auxiliary and you: meat Monday evening and for a time '['Jt0 Ale[|IO(llS~ "WIlJ giVe a pogeant 'o ), )e Sun a~ ; will be shown how the same force her condition was such a~ to give the at the ehur(h at. 7': ('~h ,k S d" " . " ']that canses you humiliation and family great alarm. By good care oxen [ n g * - I physical discomfort when you slip on she waa enabled to maater her ~ck- The Baptisi )eople will l)ut ou r, . . . , ., _ ,a ~rosty trapuoor on the sidewalk, uess and is nov," considered out of: l)ageant Monday evening enlit)e(tl " .... t when l)roperlv harnessed wtll con- dangor. "When the ~tar Shone." I..- ~ . " - . { trzoute to your com~ort. .................. ' Mr. Hunpserger will show you how Juuiors Repay Seniors. the potential force of gravity is con-~ILOUSE WILL HIV[ 1 A very delig]ltful time was en-/ verted to kinetic e}lergy and how man joyed at the Episcop'H parish hou3eihas learned to use it to add to hlaTWENTY FIVE PIECE BAND Sat: rd.~v, evening wh~n~ the. juniors[eolnfort. He will then begin at the " entertained the seniors. Earlier in storing bins for the wheat and take the season the scpiors enlertained the you from machine to machine and juniors and Ibis event was given in folh)w the course of the grain unttI It I~ Sponsored by the Woodmen of the :q)preeiation of the senior party. The ,:runes out a fintshed product. World--Enthusiastic Meeting s:eniors all rel)ort lhe juniors to be It is a little hard to follow Mr. excellent entertainers. The party Hunsperger's conversation, for he : Tuesday Night. was chaperoned by Mrs. Eddy, the speaks in the miller's vernacular, but ,/ se:~ior class advisor. The evening was should you become confused at any w/Art Itunsperger, chairman of thei spent in songs and games. Refresl~- point in his couversation a question band committee, called a meeting of ments were served. ,or two on certain points causes him:the musicians of the city last Tues- ~to realize that the layman is tenor- day night in A. J. V/ebster's office. ,, Willcox Buys Property, i ant of scientific terms and he will ira- The meeting was a very enthusiastic ,I. I). Willcox. who lives on the ! mediately reduce them to terms that one and phms were formulated for or- smith hill, 'has purcha.~ed the pro*)-' eny child could understand. Such ganiztng and conducting a band in erty of George I['~rl)er, on ('hurehllerm~ as export, patent, this city. nliddllngs :-:treet. Mr. \Villcox expects to m,)ve~ and shorts ho will explain and show Twenty-threo pieces were account- into the house in the near future, you at what stage in the manufac- ed for at this meeting and the num- Mr. Harl)er has purchased a tract of ture of flour these products are so- ber will no doubt be tncreasod, as a hmd in Spok:me valley cud will move] cured. the first of the year. High School Students Entertained. About seven couples of the high school studeuts were delightfully en- tertaiped at the home of Miss Helen llughes V'(ednesday night at a dinner[ which wa~ served at 7:30 o'clock.I After dinner the 0vetli|lg wa~ spentI it: I)ltisic and gai, lte.L [ PALOUSE ~ILLING COMPANY PLANT. number of musicians who will take I The work of the mill is carried on part in the band were unable to be Ion three floors and so well trained is present. Mr. Hunsperger's ear that he can tell The band will be ~ponsored by the i by the soundeof the running inachin- Woodmen of the World and negotia-~ cry if any part of it is not funetion- tions are being made to obtain the ing properly in any part of the mill. services of G. B. Joslin as leader. After you have completed the Band practice will he held next rounds Mr. Hunsperger will take you Tuesday evening and the promoters to the storeroom and show you great of this enterprise hope to have a well piles nf 140-pound bags that contain trained band by the opentng of the flour for export. This flour Is spring~ The musical instruments are now in the custody of the' trustees of the ' : " chamber of eommeree, but will be turned over to the band upon its or- ganization. Palouse had an excellent band be- fore the war, l|ut during that time al- mo?t the entire band entered the ser- vice. Since the war no movement has 1leon started to reorganize unttl last Tnesday night. P3 L01J SE HOSPITAL LOSES NURSE I Leaves After Seven Years of Work-- ~ Mrs. Campbell Succeeds Her. -~!~ ,-,fter having been engage(i ;,{ thc {Palouse G6neral hospital lor seven years, Miss Belle Thontpson ;ln(ls il necessary to take ;| )n~teh needed re:at. It is with regret lhat she had to abandon her poMiion for an ill- definite period. / Mrs. M. J. /;fampbell, a nurse with years of experience ill the variou~ duties of hospital work and respon~ aibilities, has assumed charge. too much for the Palouse chamber. A. J. Webster made a talk in which he stated that away back about 1901 the chamber had begun a publicity campaign and had appointed a pub- licity commHtee to compile a list of :'acts concerning the opportunities this locality offered and stated he would like to hear from this commit- Lee, He was informed I)y the chair- man of the committee that thls work would be compiled t)y the first of Jan- uary. Mr. Webster then wanted to km)w in what year that was expeete~l to be accomplished. The chamber passed a resolutiou condemning the practice of allowing the use of jitney service and truck service on the highways in eompe!i- tion with the railroads, which had helped to build the highways. This i resolut~on was highly praised by Sen- ator McCroskey. The resolution fol- lows: "Resolved, That our existing steam and electric railroads are an asset of great value to our COnlmunity and should be afforded every reasonable opportunity to serve the public to the fullest advantage; that wherever the existing ~fiilroad's service to or fr:)m a certain point is adequate or, were ~t ~not for attto hus competition, would he adequate, then and in that event we believe certificates of ueces~ity should not be granted for addition,d auto bus competition. Our uuderstanding of the term "ad. equate" is: That where the distance traveled, the frequence of train set-- vice, the time cousumed en route, the accommodations and the rates of fare compare favorably with existing auto bus competition, then the ~'atlrnad mrvice is adequate, but vthere the railroad offers a much greater mild;- age, with consequent slower time, :t nlueh less frequent train service, a;)- preclably higher fare, a poor accom-- modation than furnished by existing auto bus competition, then the rail- road service is not "adequate." R. L. SMITH, A. P. MURRAY, H. R. HECHTNER, The out of town guests were Sen:t- tor R. J. MeCroskey of Garflold an4 L. R. Anderson of Tyler. SON OF FARMER VISITS EAST Is Blade and Scabbard Delegate--- Goes to New York and Washington. Harlan Burgess, son of F. F. Bur- ge~s of Eden Valley was recently ap- circled ;~ delegate lo the Blade and Seal)bard convention at Lansin.o,, Michig-|n. From there he went ~,) New York to visit his brot:her, E. fl. Burgess, who is attorney for the l.e- dgh Vallev Railroad con|pany. He ;'~ now in \Vashington, D. C., visiting another brother, who is a tirst lie||- tenant al Buling aviation field. Mr. Burgess ia one ot the Pahmse !country's bright young ulen and i~ ll',il, killg his nlark. ]-ie is colonel ~! the cadet corps at Pulhnan and grad- uated last sl)ring in military tactics. Dead in California. News. ('aw, e to l';t[ouse Monday tha| A. A. ttughes bad died that day at ('hieo, California, Mr. Hughea was the son of I. I. Itughes and was one of the original settlers of the Pc- louse countryN