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The Palouse Republic
Palouse, Washington
December 23, 1921     The Palouse Republic
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December 23, 1921

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L "/~? Palouse ~:~, epuLi~c I'AL ")L'SE REPUBLIC COMPAN Y, Publishers. C. F. BROWN .... Editor. ill The best so(iety 13,.)y,q are expelled ~+ ......... gntero,l ....... at the l)ostothce at ~ a}()use ;;frm school and go their merry way ,>~, 5u-:day. an0~ ~,on:lay, December 25 and 26 Washington. as Second-e.h~s:-" ma*ter, iwilh as~ mtP:,h 1)o:~l1) as lh(nlg.~t l~(~th- @:~ SUBSCRIPT~~s~otfices i~ China on J:~uu:lr~" ~ [~. There is not in any literature a I92:. Agrem~en( has I)(-m reaehel! ..... ,~ Wednesday and Thursday, December 28 and 29 clearer expression of religious rever- between Nippou and l.i~.~ I n~edI g t " " " '~" guishedence for afromGOd afGodcharacterof poweraS distin-tl~an s .ates m the Iour-power agreement.:.[ *;~ WILLIA~ :FOX PRESENTS the one hundred and third Psahn. practically includes the other matters/#~# To the Hebrews we are largely in-i i~t issue. *:* ~[arold Goodwin debted for our religious ideals. Now will come a brief i)rt,.~,v be- ;~ ;'c'- ~b(. (.urlain is rung Ul; ,m .t -v,;-- --IN-- There is not in all literature a life ~# more worthy of our knowing or a , '.: act of the drama, dttrh; : which eharactermoreworthyofourrever-thvparliamentarystruggleovei filc.'~" "M~ARTS OF YOUTH" ent admiration than Jesus of Naza- four-power treaty will !v.~-u~.ue/l If :: r~th. Pagan, Jew and Christian unite anything, this affair shouhl be more ,~ ALS0 "II~UTT AND JEFF" AN]) FOX NEWS in tribute to Him. .~pectacular than 'he other, a, least ~:~ There is no other collection of ;n the United Slates. English literature which gives to the Opposition of ;t formiciable (:har:~c- pupil so many illustrations of clear ter has developed to tht treaty, whieb and ~levated' English as the King must be ratified by the s,n:t;a The Jalnes edition of the Bible, none ;n fight on the instrument ,rill ira, !e which references are so frequent in partisan ill character. 'Pho~,.~ wqo all literature since the seventeenth have annunced their intenth)" 'd ':~ 50 PRIZE~ century, taking the floor in oppositiou to it ~@ The books of this unique collection are recruited from both ti~e great #:~ v. ere written in different epochs b7 parlies. Perhaps the mosl able of .:. these critics will come from the Re- authors of different intellectual abil- #:) ity and of widely different temper~- publican party" Given Away nients, from the moralist to the rays- On the other hand, the support *:~ tic, but all of them inspired oy a t'e- giveu the treaty will not be partisan, tie ligious spirit---that Is, a spirit of jus- Senator Hitchcock, oue of the Delno- t: cratic leaders, Ires indica, ed that he.:. 2"~D l t l-- -- s o "u -e "y Free tice, mercy, reverence and hmnlllty, will vote for it. All the powerful in- For this reason the collection is right- ly classed as religious literature, fl,ence of the president, of Secretary $:~ Why shouhl the state forbid its }iughes and of Senator Lodge. ma- ~:~ youth from becoming acquainted with ority leader, will b(. thrown in the #:~ . __ this ancient literature in the only balance in favor of aflirmalive action, [ #:~, .... ~-- Unless lhere is a prenounced hostile #:# schools which the majority of its December 24, 1921 youth will ever attend, the schools r~.atction throughout the country ap- #: established, supported and controlled prewfi logically may be anticipated. hy the state? An overwhelming ms- The linal and most dralnatic act of *:# jority of the states encourage this the drama will come after the ex- ~: "' , larger liberty. The few who deny it change of ratifications. With the Far ~:~ say to their teachers, You ,nay teach Eastern qnesthin out of the way, par-::. 0|~][a Prize Winning Contest closes December24 Vedie hymns, but nm the Hebrew ti-d naval disarmament on thei%*, ,..,~., t~o O,eo~ m~t~, ~, oo~ t,o ~'-~-:'" "~" w., ,o.ow ~.~r,, "-e. at 3:00 p. m. Please be on hand and receive your Hebrew stories, the proverbs of Roch- ductions iu Em'opean armies also may #IS be anticipated as an intvitable eonse-! .% efoueauld, but not the proverbs of -~ .hence i*:" prize. These valuable prizes that we are giving ~o,omon. the laws o..~tini.n, but Sh~,uld .l,s ~onc~udin~ ~et t,.'.:, away have created so much interest that really the:i:;!; not the laws of Moses, the fables or staged early in 1922, we also shalli#:# A~sop, but not the parables or Jesus.~.t, as o~,rto~ t.e n,o~in~ dr~:i.:, ... results have fiir exceeded our ex~ecea~ons.~ ~. Don't ...:*: VChY?taughtUnwillingBeeause ~ few ecclesiastiCSas otherthat thecollectionsBible shoUldof lltera-~re a tradebe wideThein armsSCpe'and busineSSconferencereViValpraeticallywOrhl- ! ~:~,i~,,:fail to come to Potlatch on December 24. You will *'$ ture are taught andafewreligious has concludeditswork. The issuers ~ have fifty chances to win. Bring your numbers :!: enthusiasts fear that their children now before the peoples and parila-I ~o .'ill be contaminated by the public menls .....Seattle Times. !~.~;e withyou. ;.*. reading in the schools of the Book ......... X ......... {~4~ f i e ;~; which was' an inspiration to George, The armer who weathers this lasti ,~ Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abra- year is some farmer; he n,eans a class! . -- ,y-- -Dunlicatenumbers will be put in a box and drawn ;*" ham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt. of better farmers for the future The'~~ . ;~; --Lyman Abbott. aT# merchant who gets through thislast, O outone at a time by some disinterested party. ;-*; year is some merchant, aud typifies a!~ ;i; CRIME IS CRIME higher standard of merchandisiug in. #:0 ..... That there has been an increase in the future. Similarly the banker, the ~#o crime in the United States in the past manufacturer and 6thers that win'~i~ FOR THE ~IRST TEN NUMBERS DRAWN WE WILL GIVE AWAY ~['EN SACKS 0F SUGAR decade ts beyond dispute. Where at through these trying times, in so do- ~O ~ condition exists some cause lies ut[ ip.g, demonstrate their courage, faith, #;~ ~0~ THE SECOND TEN NUI~iBERS DRAWN WE WILL GIVE AWAY TEN SACKS OF FLOUR " ~" the bottom of it. Philosophers are efficiency and worth, and they are o:~ trying to solve the problem of the in-] all destined to be all the better work-%$. FOR THE THIRD TEN NUMBERS DRAWN WE WILL GIVE AWAY TEN 5-LB. PKG, C0~YEE creasing crime of the country and ers in the future. Therefore. let's % FOR THE FOURTH TEN NffMBERS DRAWN WE WILL GIVE AWAY TEN 3-I~. PKG. COFFEE *~* they are advocating sterner mea-I kick out the agitators all those who#!o sures in applying the law But it~appea] to class interests or class prej-,~o FOR THE FIFTH TEN NUMBERS DRAWN WE WILL GIVE AWAY TE]I I-LB. PCK. COFFEE *~* would seem that the remedy is deeper udices. One class is as honest earn- "?" than thls. We need better homes in est. intelligent and essential as an-*~ ~.'~# which a due respect for the law is other. 0#" 0 r-Chv as a ~e "Yea :':x fostered ................ * ........... :~: Wishi Yo Me ist and Happy "i" Prominent citizens openly violate Ga~ Tax Satisfactory, %. A U ~ r f [][] W f the speed law~ or the Volsted law. If .~.OTO For the first five months of its opera- o:o ...... they are fined It is treated as a huge. ation the new tax on gasoline has pro- Joke. Ladies that stand high in the duced more than $400.000. indtcat-'#~O :~: community announce to their friends: ing that by April 1. 1923. the full,"" Potlatch Mercantile Co. .:. "I got pinched the other day for ex- $1,500,000 expecte,~ by the tegisla- #~0 ceeding the speed limit " and the ture to be realized for road construe- oo whole matter Is made a joke of. Be-[ tion will be pald. I ;~; 0"0~ ing arrested by an officer of the law[ ;~; POTLATCH * no longer brings the blush of shame[ Get~ N~ Lio~se_ , IDA[tO ;.. to the offender, but rather the incl-[ Only the 1922 motor vehicle li-[ O~O d~nt la tr~at~l aaa thrUllng exper-] cense will be legal after January I. i ,-.. :,-'::'*,~##~*#~o*~oo~#o:~:#o:a-%a##~o~*#~o*:oo~ ~O0:##:O0:##:~,:a,#:~:o#:oo~:,~:~:~##~:~:~:OOiO ience in which the offender is the'l*~ # * * # # # # # # o . @ # ~ @ @ ~ '@ ~ O ~ ~ @ nero of the episode. I" " " ~" v ,, ,, ,, ,, ~, ,, ,, ,, ,, ~, o ~ ~ ~ , ,~ ~ .-~ -o-----..---o-.0----o--o--o.-o,- There is an ](1 sayinv' "The crane ~: Ti~ ~ ~" ~ ,%'~ ;U ' 5 3Ii([ :ire | ll(!tl, "'or, lhey (.lPC]l];/{e ! "~2" , -~ ~iay and Saturday, December 23 and 24 ~o Gladys Walton "'All Dolled .:. Up"...':" a Century Comedy :;: Also "HIS TEARFUL BRIDE" ..% Matinee Saturday, 2 P M.. *!* Admission 15c and 25c ,.% Night Show 7:30 and 9:15 *$ Admission 20c and 30c *!~ | DR. Vv'.S. D PHYSICIAN AND PHONE 15 I-R. 0ARi W F. Morriscn Attorney at Law Practice ~:~ A!, Cm~rts. Office over Security .q~ate Pa/ouse, ;Vashi:uZton -L. " , Dr. Walter Farnham Physician and Surg~0~ Residen(.~, P!-:-ne 162-R r)/] c(, t'h qto I62-Y ()t!iee In Nat ?(m~] !;~(ut: b!d Dr. E. K Wolfe phy,~ ( m ar!d :'h:)'~ ~cn ()tSce in Secm.i;v State i!i bui)din~. Office and rosidenc(~ i)ho), N0.~ Dr. J. M. Ris~ey, De.tist cU!i~'~ ov-r Nal/,mal l~ank "l'eleDh(me 55 )':'.i ,use, L DR. C. N. BUNCE Graduate Optician In the Shields Block Opposite Dudley's Eva Novak :i: Picturing Some Inside Stuff ~n How to Make People Very ~, Nice to You ..% There are two kinds of society o:0 secrets--the secrets of success and the whispered kind that every body knows but your. Both are hard to learn but you can't get along without 'em. When you see this delightful and amusing pho- toplay you'll have some new ideas as to the diffirent ways people take to make themselves impor- tant figures in the social whirl. It concerns not one couple but three and wherever three women are together you can be sure of something good--and secret. Office Phone 42. Farnswortl~ H. A. "MALSED REAL ESTATE---FARM Palouse Farm Lands a MADAME MAJEfl Hyde Bldg. Spokan' Accordian-Knile-Side-Box Hemestitching, Braiding Buttonholes. Hat. and Work. MAIL ORDERS GIVEN ATTENTION i)oes light and hea~ hauling Sells wood aud coal. o " rO l]andles freight, ta~ga~ expresh Auto :service to and jr001 Lrains. Large store ro,)m [or goods. Teams f'"l i)y day (Jr" week. ()ffice m Farn..:worth l.iverY I)av phone :IS Night phone Telephone 65 Glass and Picture Allan F and A M Pal ..... Lodg' , 0~0 " ..... "" ''~" and A. M., In and fourth Wednesday i/lgs of .... ,